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    Sil's Little Art Shop.​

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    • Hey everyone. This shop is something easy, fun, and laid-back to share art for an easy and affordable price. Nothing higher then ten dollars here, I know not everyone in rolling in money. I am not a professional artist, although I hope to be one day, so I will not charge you an arm and a leg. I am largely self-taught but art is my passion. To see what I offer, examples of my work, and the prices for each, please check out the thread!

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    • Hi there,

      You can call me Sheepy or Black-Sheep, I don't really mind. I'm a current college student and aspiring artist. I am opening up paid commissions to support my love of art so I can keep creating and crafting what I love. I've been drawing ever since I was young, recently deciding to make my passion a business. This shop is not only for commission, but also for purchasing stickers, charms, and buttons! I hand-make all of these myself so I do hope you enjoy them! This being said, stickers, charms, and buttons are customizable with a slight upcharge. For further pricing please check the pricing tab!

      Art is my passion and I'm here to share it with you.

      • Question: How long does it usually take for you to do art?
        Answer: Depends on the day/week, but it can be anywhere from 12 hours up to 2 weeks
        If you attempt to rush me, I am allowed to bump your commission to the bottom of the list OR drop your commission all together.
        Please be polite and I'll get to you as soon as possible

      • Starting at $10 commissions have a few things that effect price. Color, framing, shipping, as well as type (bust, half body, full body) all effect type. Attached will be a full copy of what all goes into pricing and how much it will cost in the end.

        Stickers, Buttons and Charm are all customizable as well and can be ordered in bulk.

      • Stickers are $3 a piece.
        -custom stickers start at #5 a piece.

        See tabs below for current sticker designs.


        Add photos here​

      • Buttons start at $5 a piece.

        Custom buttons start at $10 a piece.

        For button designs please check the tab below.


        Add photos here.

      • Charms start at $10 a piece.
        Custom Charms start at $15 a piece.
        For current designs please check the tab below! :)


        Add Photos here

      • Cashapp

        Partial Payments

        Before I begin work on a commissioned piece, I do require a partial payment. This makes sure that, in case of cancelation, I get compensated for what work I have completed up until that point. This can be done through one of the payment methods mentioned above.


        If you would like to cancel a commissioned piece, the partial payment will not be refunded. Please cancel within one week of the partial payment, if you fail to do so, a half of the full price will be charged as a cancelation fee.

        If you would like to cancel a shipment of a sticker, charm, or button, please do so within one week. If you fail to do so, no refund will be issued. I know this is an inconvenience but one the product is shipped, it cannot be canceled.
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  2. To see more of my art check out my DA account: Black-Sheep-Art
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