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    • Hey everyone. I'm really wanting to get out there and create my own work to sell. I've actually sold a few stickers since originally opening my shop and I'm looking to sell prints and soon charms! This will be both a commission thread as well as an actual shop of my own work. Please keep in mind I am also a full time college student and I do have a job and they take up an annoying amount of time so know that any commission will take a few weeks to complete. I hope you guys enjoy my stuff!

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    • Hi there,

      You can call me Sheepy or Black-Sheep, I don't really mind. I'm a current college student and aspiring artist. I am opening up paid commissions to support my love of art so I can keep creating and crafting what I love. I've been drawing ever since I was young, recently deciding to make my passion a business. This shop is not only for commission, but also for purchasing stickers and prints of my own work! I hand-make all of these myself so I do hope you enjoy them! This being said, stickers are customizable with a slight upcharge. For further pricing please check the pricing tab!

      Art is my passion and I'm here to share it with you.

      Tumblr: A Mess of Creativity
      Follow me to stay up to date on my latest pieces, commissions and stickers.

      • Question: How long does it usually take for you to do art?
        Answer: Depends on the day/week, but it can be anywhere from 12 hours up to 3 weeks. This does not include the time it takes to ship.
        If you attempt to rush me, I am allowed to bump your commission to the bottom of the list OR drop your commission all together.
        Please be polite and I'll get to you as soon as possible

      • Starting at $10 commissions have a few things that effect price. Color, framing, shipping, as well as type (bust, half body, full body) are all examples of things that would affect the cost. For pricing of commissions please see the last tab.

        Examples of My Work

        Vamp Chibi-mark.jpg
        Terrance OC.jpg

        Half Body
        Blue hair girl.jpg

        Full Body
        Navu char.jpg

        Full Body with Background

      • Stickers are $3 a piece.
        -custom stickers start at $8 a piece.

        See tabs below for current sticker designs.


        VVitch.jpg Mourning.jpg Ram.jpg Moon Crown Sticker.jpg

      • Commissions

          • – Basic (Monotone/Duotone/No Background)– Basic prices listed below, +50% of base price for every additional character, +$3 for complexity.
            • – Chibi – $5

            • – Bust – $15

            • – Half body -$20

            • – Full body – $30
          • – Full Color (No Background)– Basic prices listed below, +50% of base price for every additional character, +$5 for complexity.
            • – Chibi – $10

            • – Bust – $20

            • – Half body -$25

            • – Full body – $35
          • – Full Color (With Background)– Basic prices listed below, +50% of base price for every additional character, +$10 for complexity.
            • – Chibi – $15

            • – Bust – $25

            • – Half body -$30

            • – Full body – $40
        The price guide above is to help give an idea of how I price commissions. Feel free to contact me and inquire about other art types that fall outside of these categories.

        Possible Add ons that may be requested:

        + framing +$15

        - traditional or digital print in frame and shipped.
        +print +$5
        -traditional or digital copy printed on photo matte paper shipped to you.
        +original piece +$10
        - if your piece is done traditionally I can send you the original rather than a scanned version.
        +shipping varies on country

      • Cashapp

        Partial Payments

        Before I begin work on a commissioned piece, I do require a partial payment. This makes sure that, in case of cancelation, I get compensated for what work I have completed up until that point. This can be done through one of the payment methods mentioned above.

        Stickers and Prints will be processed and shipped upon FULL payment for the piece(s). Thank you.


        If you would like to cancel a commissioned piece, the partial payment will be refunded as long as I haven't begun work on your piece. Please cancel within one week of the partial payment, if you fail to do so, I reserve the right to charge you the full commission price. Please keep in mind I am a full time student, work 4 days a week and am juggling an internship as well, I need to know if you're canceling please. I don't want to invest time and money into a piece that isn't wanted.

        If you would like to cancel a shipment of a sticker or print, please do so within one week. If you fail to do so, no refund will be issued. I know this is an inconvenience but one the product is shipped, it cannot be canceled.
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  2. Officially up and running!
  3. What size are the stickers once they are printed?

    I just realized that some people might be hesitant to check on that because of the price, lol. (Like a 1 inch square trimmed in to be smaller isn't worth $3, lol)

    Hopefully, I'll be able to eventually get a job and actually commission you...
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  4. $3 stickers are about 2.5 x 1in but it depends on the design really. I try to keep them around 2.5 in tho for the height.
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