The Fourth Lament

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  1. On the bones of the dead, we feast and dwell. Spires both umber and emerald surge from its nigh impenetrable derma, cerulean liquor flows from the highest peaks to the lowest depths, fields above flit between the antipode phases of bright day and ceaseless night, a heart still but wholesome rests at its center, constructs of stone and steel marking the progress of desire and the forbearance of those that came before; this is Terros, home to many a man and his cohorts, a relic of an age survived only by memories. Many ages fell and rose just as men and beast do with the rhythm of the skies. The very will of the world allows its existence, and the will of those that would call it home threaten to change their ways of life. Regardless, a home is a home, regardless of the turmoil it faces. Be it a war of devotion, a hunt for the ancient, or even a sight unlike any other, Terros finds itself host to many a life, and you are no different.

    Though it was not always this way, and that, is another story for another time.


    Greetings, and welcome to the (Placeholder Name) OOC thread. (Placeholder Name) is a roleplay all about exploration, worldbuilding, and character development. This roleplay features a main story arc that is considered canon, and is a continuation of the pre-established story that flows through the veins of the lore. However, that does not limit your options to just that. Smaller threads may be made to promote tightly knit communities within the roleplay itself, and 1x1 roleplays are also encouraged, as long as they don't get out of hand. Though, they would have to be moderated by a GM such as myself, or someone who has been appointed the position.

    As for more details on the world, this is a fantasy to dark fantasy universe- some places are darker than others, in the literal and figurative sense. There are also different races, from the mundane man all the way up to the memorable echoes- each of which having an interesting take on the world. Creatures of all kinds roam the lands; wars of blood, steel, belief, and desire ravage the land. Powerful entities vie for control of the primordial forces of Terros and beyond, champions ages old and new rise to face the world, and desire runs rampant.

    For rules, I have prepared the following, and they may be added upon as time unfurls.


    • Please follow the rules of this forum, as well as the rules of common decency.
    • The Iwaku rules supersede any rules posted here, and should there ever be a conflict of rules, the rules of the Iwaku as a whole will always take precedence over these rules.
    • Avoid godmoding or metagaming. Those both will get you removed from the RP if it happens more than thrice, or if you are accused of such by a majority of the other players.
      • If there is confusion about whether an action taken is metagaming or godmoding, consult your peers and then the GM.
    • Try to keep things at a T for teen rating. There may be kids here darnit!
      • More mature themes may be explored, but please do not indulge others in excess of these themes. These themes include: sexual actions, torture, abuse of persons or animals, or anything else that could be deemed offensive to the general populace.
      • If you feel the need to do this, take it to a convo.
    • Maturity and respect are what we have here. Except for when people post when they're inebriated.
      • Please be as mature as possible and show some respect for the other players when speaking in OOC at all times. If any disputes occur that cannot be calmly solved with maturity and respect, instead of fighting, please instead report it to a GM, and watch the magic happen.
      • The magic being moderation.
    • TPN. Third person narration is the true form of that acronym.
      • You must roleplay in third person. First and second person are acceptable within dialogue only. I apologize for this, but it is what I am used to.
      • You may break this rule, and only this rule, but only if you ask nicely before the RP starts. After that you must do so for the entirety of that character's lifespan.
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      • Characters may be subject to: blunt force trauma, sharp force trauma, the force trauma, emotional trauma, mental trauma, T for Teen torture, other injuries, disease, bankruptcy, job termination, illness, identity theft, name-calling, death threats and various forms of strenuous activity.
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  2. Below are pieces of in-universe short texts known as Laments. These laments tell the tale of the world's history and its most important events. The First Lament, the Lament of Gods is focused on an era known as the Age of Gods. The Second Lament, known as the Lament of Dragons focuses on the Age of Dragons and the foundations of humanity. The Third Lament, also known as the Great Lament or Lament of Man focuses on the recent history of the world.

    The Lament of Gods

    Upon the conception of the universe, only a deep void had held all things. Then, from the dark, a drop of desire had began to spread across the unformed firmament. With that desire came the Old Gods- beings that had held both the potential to create and destroy. Due to this duality, two sects of Gods had formed. The Divines, and Those of the Old Vault- the former and their leader, Etreo, had wished to nurture their powers for what they had deemed as a righteous cause. The latter, led by Gallus, had sworn that he and all of his kind were abominable, and that the only solution would be their destruction.

    Those differing ideals led to the War of Eternity's Past, where the Gods would clash for aeons until neither side had emerged victorious. With each God felled, it was learned that with desire came a curdling known as turpitude, a force that would turn those that had wielded it into terrible and twisted versions of their former selves. With the former leaders dead, their children- Chroa for Etreo, and Abeo for Gallus- had stepped forward and agreed that turpitude was more cause for concern than disagreement on their purpose. The two had married to stop the war, and worked together to create a geas that would seal turpitude away forevermore.

    The Titan's Curse.

    With the blood and desire of their fallen predecessors, Chroa and Abeo had created a twin shackles for the Gods- from Chroa a soul, and from Abeo the curse that would utilize the soul to lull them into a near unbreakable curse and trap those afflicted in a new form; a Titan. These Titans, with their souls trapped within their own bodies, would be unable to harm any other soul or God for all of eternity forwards. With the invention of the soul, countless gods became bound by it and had succumbed to titanhood, leaving the void peaceful once again with only two Gods to call it home.

    Chroa and Abeo had come to form a family and settled near the remains of their once close friend Omne, who had been renamed Terros when he became the first Titan. With their family came their triptych of children: Turman the Firstborn, Mora the Midborn, and Sera the Lastborn. However, their clutch was all but wholesome. Chroa's soul- the seedbed of the curse that Abeo used to lull Titans- had seeped into the soul of her firstborn, and had filled him with turpitude. Fearing for their other children, Chroa and Abeo sent both Mora and Sera to lie upon the surface of Terros, and Turman found himself wrapped in chains as even a babe.

    Left alone as babes, Mora and Sera had invested their untamed powers as gods in one another, and created the art of investment, which had allowed them to become powerful enough to create something anew- life on the surface of Terros. Their power was short lived, as Mora's soul could not survive investment, and the elder of the twins had soon relinquished her soul to her sister. Shouldering this weight, Sera had matured and created a form of life that she could invest a portion of her soul within. Mora, however, had silently disappeared after her investment with Sera, ashamed of her weakness.

    After a deal of time, Sera had used the power vested within her bosom to create a form that could hold a portion of her power. That form was Alma, her beloved child. Born from the will to create a form, she was the first god to hold a physical form without becoming a Titan. In short, she was a remarkable creation. With time, Alma grew from a babe and took a suitable form- the Beloved Child, and the progenitor of the First Faith.

    Despite her age and inexperience, Alma invested a great deal of admiration within her mother, and sought to create just as she did. Gathering her desires, and using herself as a schema, she had produced numerous forms similar to that of herself. The first of them, Cade, came to be just like her, with the same umber hair, and golden eyes- the marks of those humans that were the firstborn of Alma's grand scheme. Next, in a fit of passion, she had let her power become rampant, leading to the creation of beasts both benign and fearsome.

    First came the Dragons, her grand and staunch protectors, were given the form a great and powerful lizards with wings large enough to carry the burdens of duty. The firstborn of the Dragons, Sios, held himself as the Beloved Child's personal guardian, and was never far from her side. However, Sios had beseeched Alma to keep he and his brethren free of the desires that had coursed through the veins of both gods and humans alike, and thus dragons were left as forms with only souls- devoid of desire. With that boon, Sios had safeguarded his goddess and humanity from the less benevolent creations that would come to bear tooth and claw upon their maker and her children- until the fateful day that Turman had descended upon Terros, a heart cloaked in turpitude.

    Yes, the Daybreak of Sin, the day that had marked the invention of Sin, for every god of Chroa and Abeo's lineage would come to create things both terrible and lovely. Turman had created the concept of a true death alongside sin, though both were fitting gifts for those with desire coursing through them. With his arrival, death took root within men, women, and children, snaking its way to their hearts and silencing their souls- and left them vulnerable to the ire of Turman.

    Next came the slaughter.

    From his own twisted desire he had freed himself from the chains he was bound in upon birth, and from them, forged the weapons he would deal death with. His pendant, as round as it was deep, would reap the sundered souls of the fallen. His axe, crude and rugged, would deal the blow to free a soul from its form. His Scythe, honed to an endlessly sharp edge, found itself able to rend a formless soul just as vulnerable as one entrapped within a form- for his target was not simply humanity, but Sera and Alma as well.

    Those transgressions did not go unchecked.

    Chroa and Abeo beseeched him to cease his erring, to no avail- they had not only feared the turpitude within him, but what that turpitude had allowed him to become. An echo of his former self, a child no more, their child no longer. Mora resurfaced to rally humans to impose their desires upon Turman, but failed when her devout followers were rent from their bodies and made prey to Turman. Dragons were the only true force to hold back Turman. Without desire, they never knew the will to live, and thus, they would never know fear of death. Alma, Cade, and Sios held fast to that knowledge and rallied the dragons in an offensive on Turman in spite of Mora and Sera's wishes, and set forth the events that would lead to the First Tragedy.

    Turman's axe cracked their scales and left them reeling, where his scythe would find itself shattered upon the face of Sios's scales. Alma, advised by her mother, used the same desires she had been created with to force a physical form upon her corrupted kin, and allowed Sios to consume that virginal form in an attempt to seal away his turpitude. Moments later, their hypothesis was proven wrong. Turman tore free from within Sios, addling the dragon and advancing upon his true target- the Beloved Child.

    No match in combat, the Beloved Child pled Sios to rise once more, but it was too late, and the First Tragedy had been enacted. Without his scythe, he could not truly impose a true death upon one of his own blood, and so Turman afflicted the Beloved Child with such corrosive turpitude that her soul would devour itself. In doing this, Turman rendered himself feeble, and joined her in comatose. Sera, too late to save her child herself, gathered the remainder of humanity, Mora, Chroa, and Abeo to invest their souls within her beloved and most sacred child.

    But alas, the First Tragedy was complete.

    The Beloved Child laid limp and in agony, their soul reduced to a smouldering light befitting that of a titan. Stricken with grief, Sera could not bear the thought of her child meeting the concept of death, and stripped her of her form. Cade was entrusted with the child's soul, for she was the most like her, and was her dearest friend. However, grief took an immeasurable toll upon Sera, and she soon faded until she was placed as a titan to watch over humanity as they held the soul of her child. She became Auctor Luna, the first teacher of humility and grief, and with her sorrow came an unwieldy lament that would hold the surface of Terros for time to come.

    The Lament of Dragons

    The Age of the Gods concluded with the death of the Beloved Child. Sera let herself succumb to the pain within her and became known as Auctor Luna. Sios recovered from his failure, but was marred by the turpitude and desires of Turman that had seeped into his flesh. Mora became known as the Goddess of Change, and was worshipped by a select few. The wretched Turman had awoke from his comatose state, and was forced to atone for his actions by Chroa and Abeo. And the soul of the Beloved Child smouldered within her dearest friend as an age of glory and prosperity came to an end.

    Thus began the Age of Dragons.

    Cade wished not to mock the rule of the late Alma and Sera, and disappeared with Mora to ensure that Turman had repented for his actions. This left Sios as the heir of Terros, as Chroa and Abeo had pledged to find a way to wake their daughter from the Titan's Curse. However, Sios's rule was heavily disputed. Without the guidance of Alma, Sera, or Cade, searched for a figure to blame for the deaths of both the many and the few. It had been decided that the dragons were to blame, namely Sios for delaying his attack on Turman. Though, they begrudgingly accepted he and his dragons as the protectors and rulers of Terros, only, Sios now feared death.

    Understanding the Humans' plight, Sios pledged to rid humanity of the vile concept of death. With the power of his newfound desire, Sios used his soul as a schema, and gave the lot of humanity a new portion to their soul, a portion with the power to stave off death if one desired so. This led to a new age of prosperity for humanity, as they were ageless, and would only fall if death was imposed upon them. The same was of Sios. As long as turpitude never was to rise within the hearts of men, fear too would never rise. Sios, the dragons, and humanity were set upon the path to rebuild the Age of the Gods, only now, a dragon would lead them.

    Elsewhere, Mora and Cade set Turman to work.

    "You have committed to great sin, brother, and thus you must work to create a Terros better than the one you destroyed. Sister Sera lays in wait, judging you for your actions, and she weeps- not tears of sadness, but tears of joy knowing that the world will be brought to right terms at the hands of those that did it wrong. This shall be done by your service to the land and its peoples, through erecting this place of healing for those of the First Faith- The Protectorate. Shoulder the weight of your actions as well as the fate of mankind, brother." Mora said. Her words carried not malice, but resolve as Cade and her late sister watched over her. When he was done, he was tasked with returning to Sios with Cade to release the souls of the fallen upon a new creation: the Kingdom of Glass.

    Within that kingdom was erected a monument to both the moon and daughter, and within that monument were etched the words of the First Prayer: "O' Daughterless Moon and Motherless Daughter, let thy gaze pierce mine heart, if to free me from turpitude. O' free me from the turmoil left in tragedy, if only I may see thy faces once more. Upon thy return, I shall weep in joy, for the flames of life have returned." Turman was the first to utter these words, and offered up the souls of the fallen in his prayer, only to see that they had swarmed into Cade. Thought to be an attack of some sort, Sios confronted Turman, and was stopped from destroying him when Cade uttered truth.

    "It is Alma. The investment is not complete. She slumbers inside me, for I am her Titan. She wishes for flowers- for her mother, and I shall partake of this quest." From within, Cade called upon the powers of the Beloved Child and created the Blooming Aurum, a small golden flower that when in bloom created a small fruit in the shape of a teardrop. "Please, partake of the Aurum's Delight, Turman. With this, she will forgive you."

    With a heavy heart and heavy conscience, Turman partook of the Aurum's Delight, and was forgiven of all transgressions. That did not change the view of those that knew of the First Tragedy, however. Complete in his journey, Turman returned with Cade to the Protectorate, where he, she, and Mora would begin to breathe life into the First Faith once more.

    Though, with every blessing, there always came a curse, for those bound to the bloodlines of Chroa and Abeo would always create things both terrible and lovely. Certain humans sought to claim the glory of creating life, just as Alma and Sera did before them. Thus, the first Homunculus was made at the cost of a human life. This Homonculus, a creature with a form and desire, would not know the effects of death, but was spurned by both Sios and the founding trio of the Protectorate, for man was never meant to create life in such an unnatural way. To punish the folly of humanity, Sios stripped them of their ageless nature, and revoked his own rule over the cur that was humanity, leaving them to their own fates.

    The follies of man did not stop there. They had learned to pervert the powers of desire that rested within them, and created what they had called the art of magic. Others settled around the Kingdom of Glass and began to use it as a hub of commerce and community rather than respect and lament. The First Faith was all but forgotten, save for those that heeded Cade's call for salvation. Homonculi, respected, yet still seen as unnatural creatures, began to grow in numbers and capability, with the greatest of them taking the forms of humans- and rarely, dragons or gods. Creatures that once never knew desire embraced it and ascended in terms of power, calling themselves gods and commanding droves of worshippers.

    Thus, the Age of Dragons ended, with each dragon slowly developing desire just as their eldest of brothers did. With that desire came corruption, and with that corruption came turpitude and betrayal, leaving Sios and a handful of others to be the last of their kind, allied with the Protectorate. Those under the banner of the First Faith knew of the truth.

    The Beloved Child would awaken soon.

    The Lament of Man

    The Age of Man was a time of immense strife.

    The First Faith had taken root at the heart of society, and had slowly began to crop up in the minds of those that sought to know the true nature of humanity. False Gods lorded over swathes of land, unknowing of the true ire they had drawn to them. Mages and Homunculi became commonplace within human society, and were treated as equals or betters.

    And to crown it all, two forces of immeasurable desire were about to awaken.

    The first was a Homunculus by the name of Lana of Havenhald. She was created to be the first of her kind- a Homunculus and a Mage at once. This goal came to be due to the fact that the more Homunculi of that era were made with a purpose in mind, and required more than just a human life to be created. So, this Lana of Havenhald was created with choice ingredients: the scale of Sios from his battle with Turman, a dozen Blooming Aurum in bloom and bearing fruit, the life of a virgin, and the willing love of a doomed surrogate mother. However, the results were more than her creator had expected. She had come into the world with skin and hair near the color of fresh snow, and had their irises stained the color of blood.

    Though, she was not alone.

    Another Homunculus came alongside her, as a fine mass of flesh that gained color and substance where she would not. Vaughn, the younger twin of Lana, would come to mature faster than his predecessor, and was raised as the older brother of the infantile and underdeveloped Lana. With the duality of perceived failure in Lana and perceived success in the form of Vaughn, their creator sent them to a colleague by the name of Altur Iren in Havenhald, and asked the two to be raised as his children and protégés. Iren accepted, and the growth and testing of Lana and Vaughn began.

    As time passed, Vaughn proved to be more mentally sound than his twin, where Lana proved to be youthful in both appearance and thought. Vaughn understood and could explain the magic he wielded, where Lana would simply wield it to astonishing effect. As more time passed, it soon came to be observed that despite biologically being the older of the pair, Lana instinctively flocked to Vaughn not unlike a duckling to an imprinted mother. On occasion, the two would receive frightful images of their conception. Vaughn, when confident in his abilities, set out without his sister in search of answers. Lana too, had left, but only years later when her body had fully gained the strength of an adolescent.

    The path Vaughn trotted was years old upon the time Lana clapped eyes upon it, and she had simply followed her instinct to guide her to her twin. Along this journey, she met many a man and woman, including a woman not unlike Cade. This woman, Jenna Ambrosgie, had heard of Vaughn and directed Lana to the north where she would meet a creature most grand. Upon reaching this junction, she had met her eyes with the sight of Sios overseeing the Kingdom of Glass. If the girl had been any other Homunculus, she would have been devoured upon being seen. However, Lana bared a scent similar to that of the Beloved Child, just like her brother, and was granted her life as a reward.

    Lost after her confrontation with the dragon, Lana simply followed her intuition until she found herself wandering into what she called the Blood Dream. Within that dream, she sought out and found the location of her brother, but when she had arrived, she was too late. Vaughn laid dead at the hands of his very creator, a man by the name of Monius. Driven mad by the loss of her brother, the young Homunculus used her magic to reduce Monius to nothing but a burnt splatter on the wall, and proceeded to learn the full truth of her creation. Following such heavy revelation, Lana returned to Ambrosgie and pledged to serve her as the first and only Court Wizard of the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Glass. Sure enough, the two became fast friends as they grew in political power, with Ambrosgie becoming known as Lady Abrosgie, and Lana becoming a house figure for the kingdom.

    However, as one story came to a momentary close, another had began to tread the world anew. One that sat within the hearts of the faithful, the minds of even the unknowing, and even the blood of the undeserving.

    The Beloved Child had returned to see the world changed to a sorry state.

    She awoke in the presence of Turman, viewing the form Mora granted herself, and smothered within Cade. They had provided the rueful answers that the Beloved Child Alma sought, and felt as the child's soul weeping at the retelling of such tragedy. Her mother laid dead as the moon, her peoples laid scattered and abandoned her cause, and the world embraced new and false deities that claimed to be of the old blood.

    Sullied in her ways, Alma's heart grew heavy at this, and that weight had soon turned to wrath. Cade, sensing her distraught, thought it to be due to her lack of body. As such, the Beloved Child and Cade would take turns controlling her form, with Cade using it to tend to the gardens of the Beloved Child's flowers, and the Beloved Child using her voice to rally the faithful in the Protectorate to find enemies within the heretics to the south. This marked the beginnings of the Beloved Crusades, a campaign that would last for two decades under the Beloved Child's rule, and each founder of the Protectorate did what they could to lend aid to their young mistress.

    Sios lent his strength and knowledge of the human kingdoms to the Beloved Child, who would use them to target the settlements of heretics. Turman offered his vestiges of turpitude and intimate knowledge of hatred and violence, creating an order known as the Death Knights to march upon the lands of heretics and purge them from their lands. Mora turned her efforts to the attempts at contacting Chroa and Abeo to gain knowledge of the Titan's Curse so Sera may have walked upon them once more. And finally Cade, so easily forgotten, offered full control of her body to the Beloved Child, so that she may join her crusaders in such holy retribution.

    These actions gathered peoples from across the continent they called Orian, and either led them to their doom or to their salvation. The child's true goal was to drain the worshipping pools of those that called themselves gods, so her mother would once again walk the surface of Terros without rival. However, these actions were not without the Beloved Child's enemies gaining a form of recourse, and her allies becoming interested in their own views on Terros. Mora and Turman simply wished to reform their broken family, and vied with the Beloved Child to focus her efforts on reviving Sera. Sios's desires had turned to tinges of turpitude, and he had gone mad in consuming the desire from the false gods he and the death knights had felled, and wished to consume the sins of the world, and left the First Faith. Lastly, Cade wished for no more death, and fought against the Beloved Child's influence, eventually forcing Alma to have her body recreated as an empty Homunculus for her personal use.

    That grand betrayal attracted the ire of Turman, who had grown to see Cade as a daughter of sorts. Abandoning his post as Auctor, Turman took up his ancient axe and brought together the shards of his scythe and prepared to set out on a hunt for the Beloved Child, for he was to correct his failure from eons past. His hunt was not long, nor was his attempt at combat. Alma's Homunculus held nigh impossible desire to survive and complete Alma's quest, and would not fall to Turman's blades. Her desire to survive was greater than his desire to fell the beast he had helped create, and with Turman's destruction, the Beloved Child's heart soon fell into turpitude. This turpitude was not fueled by her desire to survive, but instead latched to her desire to revive her mother, for her turpitude would never dissipate if her goal was near impossible.

    With the rise of that Homunculus possessed by a turpitude-laced soul, another Homunculus rose to strike down the armies of the faithful.

    Lana of Halevhald, Court Wizard of the Kingdom of Glass, had been tasked with the forceful removal of the crusaders of the First Faith by any means necessary. Tensions between the north and the south of Orian were high, and she was the one to set things straight- be it with magic or words. Seeking learn of her enemy, Lana set out in search of Sios for answers, only to find that the dragon's heart and mind had fallen to a thick turpitude. The two fought, one with the stored wrath of thousands of years of bitterness, and the other with a solemn duty in mind. However, Sios held more desire than even she, and swiftly forced her to the end of her life. From within, a spell was called forth and she found herself somewhere familiar.

    The Blood Dream.

    There she wandered, making her the first of her kind to physically enter the dream. When she wandered, she had came across something different in the landscape of red and white- a small golden flower that the world knew as Blooming Aurum. She picked this flower, and watched as it began to boil with tar black liquid, spreading the formerly golden sheen to the rest of the sward. A path of gold had formed, and without any other form of goal, Lana followed it. At its end, she came to a crimson tree on a lone hill, where a woman sat beneath it reading a tome. This woman, unbeknownst to Lana, was none other than the goddess Mora.

    One questioned the other, and this query soon became a plea for aid- Mora had wished for a champion that would bring her the Beloved Child. Seeing this as the next step of her quest, Lana set off from the Blood Dream, only being stopped to receive a boon from Mora, for just like Lana, Mora was a form with desire, but no soul. Mora's boon allowed Lana to return to the Blood Dream if she were to ever die, granting her a loose form of immortality as long as she had desired it. With that power, and the preparation of her focus- a lens made from the shards of Turman's scythe and parts of the Kingdom of Glass granted from Mora- Lana set out in search of the Beloved Child, who was unaware that she was being hunted.

    The Beloved Child in question found herself in the beginnings of a plan to take back the Kingdom of Glass. The only issue of note was the stark lack of allies. Turman laid dead by her own volition, Sios had grown sick with turpitude, Mora simply vanished, and Cade would no longer be of any help or hindrance. Lonesome, she offered solemn confessions and prayers in the dead of night.

    "O' Mother Moon, it is I, your daughter. Pierce my heart with thine gaze, and free me from turpitude. I have committed a tragedy, and I only wish to see your face once more. I sob at the thought of meeting you again, but I fear I cannot. I have committed both tragedy and sin, and have become worse than even the blackest depths of the void. I cannot take the Aurum's Delight, and cannot be forgiven. I only wish to see your face once more, and to make the world just like it was before all of this. O' Mother, I miss you so."

    In some sort, her prayers were answered in the form of Lana breaching into the Protectorate and trapping her within her crystal mirror while in a weakened state. There, she was transported to the Blood Dream, where Mora laid ready to impose just punishment upon her kin. The Beloved Child thought her wish to be true, laying eyes upon the form that her mother would often create to cradle her, only, she did not know that Mora was Sera's exact twin. The child embraced her false mother, only understanding the true horrors of her circumstances when they occurred. With the last of her power, Mora disintegrated both she and the Beloved Child, and brought herself to embrace the Titan's Curse trapping the child not only within the Blood Dream, but within her new form- Lanthald. This world, overseen by not a god, but Lana herself, would serve as a world without desire, a true prison for a creature driven by desire such as Alma.

    Thus ended the forefront of the crusades headed by the Beloved Child. All of the founders had either been eradicated or abandoned the First Faith, leaving new and less capable leaders to rise in their place. Soon the Protectorate and the First Faith came to be abandoned once more, leaving all traces of their existence less than a passing thought. The false gods laid dead in pools of either the blood of their followers or their very own, as the Kingdom of Glass and Havenhald launched missions of their own to rid the continent of Orian of all creatures with unnatural zeal or desire, including Homunculi. A holocaust soon began, tearing all fantasies of peace asunder. Mage turned on mage, homunculus turned on homunculus, man turned on woman, child turned on parent, leaving the Kingdom of Glass and the surrounding provinces to fall into disarray. Elsewhere, a creature thought cast away emerged anew in another world.

    There was once child in Lanthald by the name of Almanie Rossein Lawlinde, a half-elfish girl that also held the title of a Seer- a child of Lanthald that had held some tie to the realm of Terros. She was born into the world with the power of a seer, and like many others of her kind, she was situated in a coterie of like-gifted individuals. There she was taught of her gift and the Pale Lady, both fueled by figments of the other world. She met another seer by the name of Caddie Lawlinde, and the two became fast friends at the similarity of their surnames. However, this was quickly put to the test in the coterie, when soldiers from the neighboring province had stormed the school and began to purge the seers from existence with gunfire and hatred.

    Almanie had been a victim of this, but as her body fell to the ground, something deep within had began to awaken. A burning desire to deny death, and continue her life. As if she had never been shot, Almanie rose from the ground and fled with her friend, unaware of the power that had awoken within her. As time passed, this power became more pressing, and it was only within a frightful dream that the entity's true nature and name was revealed.

    It was Alma, the Beloved Child.

    Addled by the lack of desire on Lanthald, Alma's turpitude subsided, and left her little more than the soul and desire of a child in mourning. She did not attempt to control Almanie, for she saw no point in doing so. The Beloved Child was thrice trapped- once in the Blood Dream, another in Lanthald, and third inside of Almanie. Without ambient desire, she was the only font of her own power within Lanthald, and would only amount to being slightly more than mortal.

    In spite of her lack of understanding, Almanie came to an agreement with the formerly beloved Alma. She would provide her freedom if she wished it, and in return, Alma was to come to her aid when deemed necessary. The Beloved Child pondered the terms, but instead chose to stay within Almanie and only emerge when she required aid. Almaine reluctantly accepted these terms, and had a mixture of pity and sorrow in her heart for the creature she could never truly understand.

    A year later, and Alma's contract would have to be fulfilled. The night sky, once filled with stars, found itself set ablaze as the very stars that once paved the path to the heavens fell to the earth with impossible speed. Almanie, who had been taken in by her royal kin, watched as the kingdom of Ostpine fell into disarray due to the stars, but was not prepared for one of the stars to strike the castle and nearly claim her life. Sensing the danger near her vessel, Alma filled Almanie with the raw desire to survive, and found that the stars themselves were little more than burning fragments of desire. In that discovery, her desire faltered, and a spark from the star had branded Almanie as something new.

    A Herald, a creature of Lanthald that bore the Star Mark, and granted incredible powers at the cost of something dear to them. Almanie, like other soon-to-be Heralds, had little choice in what she would sacrifice. From that day forth, Almanie Lawlinde never saw the light of day again, and was replaced by the Beloved Child, who had once again allowed tinges of turpitude to speckle her heart. This time, her desire was simple- escape Lanthald and return to Terros where she would pursue a facsimile of a peaceful life.

    First, she would have to rise to power and somehow affect the world around her. The process took longer than expected, lading Alma to invest a portion of her soul within Almanie's body, letting it retain her youth so she may keep a familiar form. Next came the stipulations and challenges of masquerading as Almanie, a great challenge due to their differing mannerisms. However, due to her aptitude carried over from leading the First Faith, Alma had done more than well in acting as a child of royalty, and the only marring feature to interrupt her eventual rule of Ostpine was her childish stature and appearance. This earned her the title of the Pygmy Queen, a name that was soon revered across the remaining nations of Lanthald.

    As the days turned to years, the Beloved Child gained insight from her own musings on Lanthald, and came to the conclusion that the fragments of desire would be the key to her escape. They belonged to the late Mora, and the Beloved Child had learned that unlike Terros, she was inside of her kin. The desire that oft fell from the sky was the last of Mora's desire when she was a god, and the Beloved Child simply had to ensure that all of that would dwindle to allow her escape. However, these fonts of dwindling desire would serve as an unknowing ally to both the Beloved Child and new creatures known as Egos and Echoes, and due to those creatures, a former ally would rise in due time.

    To weaken the ambient desire within Lanthald, Alma exerted her own overwhelming desires upon the world, falling in and out of turpitude as she did so. This led to more "stars" falling, creating more heralds, who themselves held control over a small amount of desire. This process continued until the lands of Lanthald were all but destroyed, leaving only what were to be called the Sable Kingdoms standing: Ostpine, Mirafel, and Roche- with Queen Almanie and Ostpine at the helm of it all.

    In time, the world of Lanthald began to crumble at the very fabrics of its existence, revealing to them the interior of the Blood Dream, where the Beloved Child would deliver the body of Almanie unto Terros and leave Lanthald behind as a fair memory. However, this did not go unchecked, as when she arrived in Terros, she was met with two familiar souls. One belonged to a child of Lanthald, who had graciously offered release in exchange for aid. The other belonged to the bearer of a world, and it found itself alien within a new body. The former of the two resounded within the Beloved Child's head, where the latter turned puzzled to see the figure before them.

    The only requisite between the Beloved Child and the stranger from dueling was the fact that they did not recognize one another. Alma had never seen Lana, and Lana never saw the form of Almanie, so the two became quick allies due to their shared views on the world. The mage from Havenhald had become quite mellow in the two decades that had passed since her entrapping of the Beloved Child, a juxtaposition to the state of Terros.

    Kin turned on kin, man turned on homunculus, mage turned on man, and civilization tore itself asunder from within. Politics from the Kingdom of Glass came to a halt as the vestiges of the First Faith sought to reclaim their holy land. Homunculi ran from the very peoples that sought to create them, as the holocaust on their kind had not yet ended. The occasional creature from Lanthald crept out long before the Beloved Child had, and began to integrate into the outside world. New false gods began to rise from the ranks of all kinds of creatures, and desire ran rampant and even began to generate its own forms. Havenhald had become more than a mere island, but host to chain upon chain of islands. Perhaps the most startling to both Alma and Lana was that Sios returned with a new army of the faithful to cleanse the lands of Terros, calling himself Demon King Sios; offering his turpitude-stained blood he created creatures he called Demons.

    With that in mind, and an uneasy trust, Alma revealed herself as the Beloved Child, and offered the homunculus a truce. Lana, wary of her former adversary's claim, accepted in spite of her gut feeling, and set out with her to attempt peace between the warring factions. Lana and Alma then set out only to be interrupted by the state of Almanie's body being drawn back into Lanthald. Like all creatures from Lanthald, she did not belong on Terros, and without a tie to that world, she would be drawn back into Lanthald. Even pooling their knowledge, Lana and the Beloved Child could not find any other way to keep Almanie's body anchored other than bringing a piece of Lanthald to Terros for a more permanent option.

    To receive this portion of Lanthald, Alma was sent back to the Blood Dream to bring something of decent pull back to Terros. Upon entering, she had learned that time came to a standstill in Lanthald, the peoples and places she left behind untouched by the fingers of time. As she returned, her subjects greeted her in expectation of an answer for what the outside world held, and as an answer, she had told them that she would deliver Lanthald to the outside world. To do so, she gathered the most powerful heralds in the lands and ordered them to impose their desire upon the vestiges of Lanthald, mimicking the technique she used to willingly exit the Blood Dream.

    In short order, bits and pieces of Lanthald began to become anchored within the real world, starting with the forms of those that had dwelled before the Beloved Child. Ultimately, the remaining kingdoms and laws of Lanthald were drawn to Terros and were put into place on an isle to the southeast of Orian, and kept the name of the world as the name of the province. What came next was lost to perception, and unfolds in the throes of yesteryear.
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  3. Races of Terros

    Over the course of history, Terros has come to be host to many a form of life. From the formless Old Gods to the desire driven Homunculi, many a life has come to rest on Terros. Only a select few of those exist in prosperous amounts in the current day, and each one has a history embroiled in the words of the Laments. Out of all of those, only five exist in a state that can be addressed as prosperous. The others do yet exist, but in pockets that are beyond secluded, and lead to them being seen as rarities even among those that have seen them all.


    Gods are the eldest beings in the universe, and the reason any of it exists in its entirety. Their birth led to desire, which in turn led to disparity and war. Made of solely a soul and desire, they lacked forms in their battles and simply drained one another of their desire, leaving them little more than a formless and lifeless spirit. This gave way to a rise in turpitude, a corruption of desire, and that led to the Titan's curse to be created, and upon death, all gods become Titans. Gods are also allowed to create temporary or illusory forms that are used to interact with the world in its physicality, but that too allows for them to be affected in turn. They also may use the art of investment to join with another soul and become all the more powerful for it, but the art has been lost to time due to the lackluster amount of their kind.

    Notable gods include: Almasera, Turman, Chroa, and Abeo.

    Not playable.


    Titans are gods afflicted by the Titan's Curse and forced to live out eternity as spheres representing the amount of resistance they had to the curse. Due to this fact, the largest titans were also the most bound to their desires and turpitude- for example, Terros, who once was a god by the name of Omne, was a secondary seedbed for the curse, and did not seek her fate to be sealed in that way. As such, she is rather large as a titan, where others that went peacefully, such as Sera, form smaller titans such as Auctor Luna. Titans are formed of a nigh impenetrable form, desire, and turpitude. Their outsides function differently than the insides, as the outside of most Titans reflect the state of the soul when they transformed. Terros was calm when she turned, as was Auctor Luna. Others, such as the sun, Amasol, found himself enraged at the thought of bearing the curse, and was set aflame. The interior of a titan reflects the inclinations of the creations of such a god. For example, Mora's interior as Lanthald was as such due to her soul being part of Alma and Sera's, leading to subtle perversions of what they had created being placed within her. Titans are also capable of dying a second time if their desire fades, leading them to crumble to dust. They also can be forcefully invested upon if one bears a strong enough desire.

    Notable titans are: Terros, Auctor Luna, Lanthald, and Amasol.

    Not playable.


    Highborn are the first humans created by Alma the Beloved Child. These humans take after her original form, bearing brown hair, golden irises, and the inability to age. However, they are susceptible to the curse that is the concept of death, and will succumb to it if their body is broken. Like other humans, they are formed of a form, a soul, and desire in equal parts. Unlike them, they cannot become mages or heralds due to the purity of their stature. They are rare on Terros, even making Elves look a commonplace in comparison.

    Notable Highborn are: High Queen Jenna Ambrosgie and Cade


    Humans are the descendants of the Highborn and highborn that lost their luster. They were the first to feel the sting of death and age at the hands of Turman. They have survived through all three ages, and are known to be hardy and adaptive under extreme circumstances. Such is this nature that allows them to become both mages and heralds, though the latter is exclusive to those that bear a bloodline that can be traced to Lanthald. Like Highborn, they bear a form, soul, and desire in equal proportions, but over time their desire can swell, letting them become mages or even Paragons in their own right. Those that are by all means "normal" live in the countryside or in the Kingdom of Glass. Others such as mages either live in Havenhald, or roam the land. Those that once held a home in Lanthald often turn back to the island that has become Lanthald.

    Notable Humans: Altur Iren and many more


    Homunculi are creatures formed from a body and desire, and bear no soul. They are created by human mages via sacrifice of another life and several other ingredients. As the Age of Man encroached, Homunculi became more sophisticated in their creation, and often required a purpose to be assigned to them. For some, this purpose is to complete a task, and for others that are made to perform impossible feats, their purpose is to simply live. Such was the task of Lana and subsequently Vaughn of Havenhald due to the stark inability for Homunculi to be mages under normal circumstances. However, there are exceptions if the correct ingredients are chosen.

    When a Homunculus has almost failed or completed their purpose, they enter a trance and land known as the Blood Dream. To most, this dream signals the end of their existence, as most Homunculi exist to only complete their purpose. To others, it serves as a reassurance that they are almost complete with their task, and will likely be free to do as they please in the near future. In truth, it simply means that their desire is slowly dwindling either way. The only way to recover this desire is to enter the dream physically or to be remade- the former being difficult and the latter being undesirable and painful to most. When a Homunculus dies, it is said that their desire finds a new home as a flower in the Blood Dream, and is given the purpose to lead the way for others of their kind for all eternity.

    Notable Homunculi: Lana of Havenhald, Alma's second body, Vaughn of Havenhald


    Paragons, also known as False Gods to those that follow the First Faith, are creatures that bear incredible amounts of desire, desire befitting the soul of even the weakest of gods. As such, they bear the power to create and impose with their desire, but are always teetering at the edge of turpitude. Due to this, they are almost always at one extreme. They are often manic due to this state, but some are known to be sane enough to harbor a hint of humility. Most paragons were slain in the crusades from both the Kingdom of Glass and the First Faith, but recently more have risen from their ashes. Any creature that bears desire can become a Paragon if their desire swells enough.

    Notable Paragons: Iommol, High Kraklathen, Jute, and Cholra


    Elves are creatures that owe their existence to the existence of Lanthald, and as such are simply perversions of humans. They bear pointed ears, horns like a ram's, and often bear fangs. Other than that, they are near perfect mimics of Humans, bearing the same schema to their form, soul, and desire. Most live in Lanthald, but some roam from place to place picking up jobs and coin to support their life on Terros. They are capable of reproducing with Humans and Homunculi to create offspring known as Half-Elves, and their language, Elfish, is simply the human tongue with enunciation on different syllables.

    Notable Elves: Queen Almanie Rossein Lawlinde

    Echoes and Egos

    Echoes are the living and livid memories of places, peoples, or things that bear such heavy imprints on them that they become physical parts of the world. Egos are specifically living things that have come into physicality. Egos bear an illusory form and a soul, and bear no desire of their own, living off of the memory of the thing they mimic. As such, they bear all of their similarities, down to their personality, voice, and quirks. Not all Egos become physical, and may even seep into the minds of those passerby that bear similar thoughts.

    Notable Egos: Queen Almanie Rossein Lawlinde, Auctor Turman, Vaughn of Lanthald
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  4. Homes, Holds, Kingdoms, and Gold
  5. Spellcasting and Heraldry

    More to come.