Stuck on an island…in your underwear!

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    1. No Godmodding

    2. Introduce your character in your first post: describe them, add pictures, give those sorts of details.

    3. Your character is stuck on a deserted island. They must wear some form of clothing, like swimwear, underwear, leotards etc. Ask me about character clothing for more details and whether or not you can use something for a character.


    And now it's time for a romantic comedy you'll never forget...

    You have been trapped on an abandoned island after your boat was attacked by something, and forced to use a lifeboat to escape. Following this, they met a powerful wave in the midst of a storm, and were washed up on an island...

    Now you must survive while most likely being half naked, or wearing something tight and capable of showing off your body's details because….




  2. Nash was laying in the shade of some trees not far from the sandy shore, where he was left in nothing but his black terry cloth wristbands, and dark blue pants, held up by a leather belt. Otherwise, he was shirtless, and didn't have any shoes or sandals. As for his body, he stood at approximately 6,0ft, at his age of 16, with caucasian skin and spiky black hair, possessing some muscle to his build, as he climbed to his feet and looked around...

  3. The rocks where she lay were hard, cold and jagged. Carefully Anna pulled herself up to sit, trying not to catch her bare skin on a particularly sharp piece of stone. She checked herself, making sure there weren't any major injuries. After finding only a few scratches and bruises, she breathed a sigh of relief. Pushing a few damp curls of hair away from her face, she took in her surroundings. It was clear she was on an Island, from the rock she sat on she could see just how long the shore went on for - and right now she wasn't seeing an end to it. Shakily, she stood, hand providing shade for her eyes as she looked at the beach carefully. "Have the others made it?" She murmured, remembering those who had joined her on the lifeboat.
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    Coughing what felt like salt water, Emerald rolled on her back and opened her eyes. The cloud-less sky was blue and the sun shone brightly at the top. Her hand touched the wet sand while her body stretched 5'5 feet, her foot in the water. "Ugh, w-what happened?" she asked herself slowly as she started to get up. Looking around, she spotted a figure but did not know if it was a male of a female since it was far away. Emerald was only 18 and something like this has never happened to her. Her hazel eyes stayed glued on the figure and she began to walk towards it. The more closer she got, the more it was sure that the figure was male. The direction toward the trees instead of the shoreline.
  5. The waters currents were gentle as the waves splashed the water hit James face, he opeed his eyes slowly scanning his surrounds james sat up slowly his hazel like eyes squinting as he looked around, his 6'1 tall frame he was prettly tall for 17,he looked at his body relizing he only had ripped pair of swimming trunks, no shoes and no shirt showing his chesiled chest and abs being well fit, he looked over and spotted a figure, he decided to approach the fiqure slowly.
  6. Anna remained where she stood, frowning against the harsh rays of the sun as she scanned the beach. She hardly noticed a few of figures, they looked like ants from where she stood, but the way they moved she knew they were human. Dropping her hand she looked around her. She'd have to swim to get to shore, for some reason she'd ended up on a small island of rock, about a quarter of a mile away from the shore. She was a good, strong swimmer thankfully. Pushing her hair back she cautiously took two steps forward examining the water before nodding to herself and slipping in. It was cold, ice cold, and she was made much more aware of the scratches and bruises on her knees and thighs. Wincing, she began to swim, keeping her eyes open for any warning signs around her - there was definitely more than four in the boat, if anyone needed help, she needed to be on alert.
  7. Yuri sighed, and tried to sit up, only to find a sharp rock poking her in the thigh. Grimacing, she pushed it away, and heaved herself delicately to her feet. Twenty-four year old Yuriye Kozuki blinked the bright sunlight out of her eyes, and searched around her for some clue as to what had happened. The last thing she remembered was a horrid storm that had capsized their cruise ship, and taking refuge in a lifeboat among some other passengers. Where were they now? Had anyone else survived? Looking down, she blanched, and tried to cover herself. She had been left in only her bathing suit, skimpy as it was,baring all her skin for the world to see... or what little of the world was around to see it.
  8. James continued to walk treading his feet against the warm sand he looked around still squinting his eyes as the sun's rays beemed in his face he glacede over and spotted a woman, he hesitated looing around then decided to aproach her for he needed to know exactly what was going on and he wasn't going to figure it out alone

    " um hello miss?"

    He tapped her sholder trying not to scare her
  9. Sita's eyes fluttered open, only to close at the bright light of the sun. She vaguely remembered being on a ship and something about an island, and not much more. She lifted her aching, protesting head to gaze around the island. Her eyes gazed around, seeing a few people. She was propped herself up on her arm, before making a pained, whimper like sound, her arm giving out. She guessed it was broken. Using her other, uninjured arm she struggled to stand up. As she got to feet, finally, she glanced down at her clothing. "Gah! What the hell!" She found that she was wearing her Pajamas, which might not have been so bad, had they not been these pajamas. They where black and pink, and VERY lacy. The top had thin straps, with tight, pink silk decorated with black lace covering her breasts, Sadly, she had chosen not to wear a bra, so her top left little to the imagination. Her shorts weren't much better. The thin material barely went past her butt, and was also pretty tight. Thankfully, she had a pretty good figure, so she didn't have to be very ashamed. She stood roughly 5'11". She had always been pretty tall. She was 15 years old, and had long, wavy blonde hair with a red streak in it. She leaned against a tree, assessing her injured arm, which she now could see was bent at somewhat of an odd angle. She groaned, knowing her arm had to broken.
  10. Nash peeked off in the distance to find a form off in the distance. He put a hand over his forehead as if to salute, looking at the shape's color consistency with the sand, a slight difference, especially in two areas. Those two areas would turn out to later be a rather interesting style of bathing suit, one Nash figured was from some girly catalog. The purple color gave her body and facial appearance a new feel: Like something…regal.

    "Hello?!" He called out. "You from the cruise too?!"
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    "Yes!" she called back out, now running toward the figure until she reached the boy. "I...can't believe I found someone alive" she said more to herself than him. He was tall and might have look Spanish if it weren't for the color of his skin. "Have you heard or seen the others?" she asked eager to know. The last time she remember was being washed away in a life boat with a small group of people. Emerald hoped they were still alive and well.
  12. So far so good, she'd not met anyone with injuries. As she swam closer to the shore she began to notice a few other figures moving. It came to question how on earth she'd ended up on the rocks, whilst everyone else got a nice cushioned welcome. She winced, the saltwater making the scratches itch. When it became shallow enough to stand, she took to walking - slowly, observing those she could see. A few women she recognized and a couple of gents who were also on the boat. Survivors. Subconsciously, she picked at her bikini, navy blue, it had escaped without a rip it seemed. Moving the long, brown hair away from her eyes - letting it cling to her back instead - she finally reached the sand, it's hotness striking compared to the cold of the water. She winced, trying to get used to it. She raised a hand to the people she'd seen, a bit casual, considering their situation. "Anyone need help?" She looked behind her, noting two more figures heading up her way. They'd have to scour the island for the rest of them it seemed.
  13. Sita frowned, and decided to go over to the other 3 figures, as she was getting tired of just standing there. One of them, she could easily tell was male and was wearing dark blue pants, the other two were obviously female, one was wearing purple bikini, the other wearing a navy blue one. She began to walk towards them, cradling her arm with her hand. "H-hey! Are you guys the only survivors?" She called out to them, momentarily wincing at the pain in her arm.
  14. "Before, or after we got downed? Because either way I doubt I was paying much attention myself!"

    Nash stopped waving to give Emerald a better look-see. After confirming that he had her image perfect in his mind should the two ever separate, and have to meet up again. He looked over and waved towards the others who had noticed them, including yet another young lady in a rather fine bikini, this time only Navy blue. This was followed by another girl with a rather strange choice of wardrobe…But more importantly, her arm happened to be…out of place.

    "Hey, Hey!" Exclaimed Nash. "Anybody know first aid or something?…Cos' somebody here needs it much more than we do…"
  15. Anna didn't have much time to say anything, noting the injured girl approaching. "I'm a nurse." She stated simply, waving the girl towards her as she also did the same. Honestly, she'd expected far worst than this. "What's your name, miss?" She asked, a small smile on her lips. Although this was hardly a time for smiling. She moved towards her, indicating the girls arm. "May I?" She didn't wait for permission, she carefully took the arm in her hands and raised it slightly, watching the girls expression for any change. "Tell me where your pain is localized." She moved it again, lower this time.
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    Natalia's body ached. Her head spun and the metallic scent of blood wafted in and out of her nostrils. Her body was wrapped around the base of a palm tree, the dense bark itching against her tanned skin. Natalia managed to push herself over, letting her long black hair fan out over the mixture of sand and grass that surrounded her. Through her pain, memories flooded back, playing volleyball with her boyfriend Jesse on deck of the vacation cruise liner they had frequented for a couple years. Natalia's sport-shapen arms searched for Jesse, her eyes going in and out of focus as she tried to stand. She stood at five foot seven, black hair and a lithe frame.

    "Jesse?" She rested her weight against the palm tree, the soreness in her abs not giving out. grains of sand fell from her toned body as she wiped herself down, running her painted nails over a cut on her side, were a small trickle of blood trailed down her ribs. It must have happened when she was knocked out. She covered the injury with her hand and called out again to her boyfriend of two years.

    "Jesse? Where are you?!"
  17. Sita winced as the girl moved her arm, gritting her teeth together at the pain. Somehow, she had never broken anything before, so she didn't know much about broken bones. "I'm Sita." Sita motioned toward a spot just a bit below her wrist, where her arm was bent slightly at an odd angle.
  18. "It's Cold..."

    In depths of the black void that were Kain's eyelids, slowly...he began to gain conciousness. He increasingly felt the cold water, climbing up his skin, ganging up on him with the soft breeze that sent a chill down his body. Sound slowly entered his conciousness, as the roaring waves crashed against the rocks.
    For just a moment, Kain lay there; regaining any memory of where he was.

    That's right...I was on a boat. We were attacked...I took a life boat, but the waves; they were rough. We fell overboard. Am I dead?

    The thoughts began to race around his mind as he slowly began to open his eyelids. No... turning his face to the left he saw he was on a beach with soft white sand and harshly jagged edges of forboding rocks. Turning back to look at a bright blue sky with the occasional soft fluffy clouds and a bright warm sun, the ocean water still climbing up and down his body. Regaining his stength, Kain pushed himself off of the wet sand.

    As he did, a slight pang of pain burst through him, looking down he noticed he'd recieved some small wounds. That he figured most likely came from being tumbled about in the ocean, he was lucky to be alive.

    Arising from his position, the warmth of the sun encased his cold, tanned skin; looking down toward the sea, Kain stood starring at the clear water that teased him so and it starred back, as he looked at himself. He wore nothing but a pair of swimming shorts; his strong muscular body was exposed, short black hair soaked, complexion dirtied and deep ocean blues hues, drained.
  19. Natalia Pursed her lips in frustration as she limped along the beach, her bare feet hot on the sand/ Her muscles twitched in exhaustion, feeling the terrible pain throbbing from her ribs from being bent around the tree.
    Jesse had been right next to her when she was knocked unconscious ,so, where could he be now? There were bits and pieces of metal and plastic that had washed ashore, none of which reminded Natalia of what happened. She ran her hands over her white strapless bikini, glad only that her clothing was intact and she hadn't ended up completely naked.

    "is anyone there?" She called out into the tropical wind, the feelings of desperation and loneliness finally setting in. She was terribly afraid, but above all else, she was curious.
  20. "Okay Sita, I'm Anna." She smiled, speaking calmly. "It looks to me as if you've dislocated it, see the swelling here?" She grazed her thumb across the girls wrist gently. "You're lucky it isn't broken." She paused and looked up at the girl, a wince in her frown. "I can fix it for you, but it's going to be quite painful." Another pause. "But the pain will only be for a few seconds, then it should just be a little achy afterwards." She looked around, noting one of the other people stood close by - she pointed to the gentleman. She hadn't had a chance to introduce herself. "Sir do you mind?" She waved him over.