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    [BCOLOR=#008000]Episode One[/BCOLOR]
    |Seminar Weekend|

    To all Leagues, Green Grand Headmaster was in his office when his secretary Cassandra walked in. Cassandra was wearing your typical secretary uniform, A red striped blouse buttoned leaving cleavage, a black skirt that stopped just above her knees, and black hills to compliment. Cassandra's soft voice escaped her lips as she addressed the Headmaster, "Sire, I have sent the letters of invitation to the seminar to all of the graduates. 120 letters were written, enveloped, licked, and shipped. They also contained an itinerary for the event." Headmaster Cleirigh growled at Cassandra, "Itinerary? What Itinerary? I haven't approved such a thing." Cassandra without even looking up from the clipboard she was staring at waved her hand as if she was ignoring his growl. "Oh, that's fine I already took care of that. No problem at all." The Headmaster opened his mouth again, "Now what did we talk about Cassandra? You can't just go making decisions without me."

    She threw the clipboard to her side, slapping it against her thigh. "If I'm the rightful heir to the league, why do I need your approval on everything daddy? Anyways," She lifted her clipboard back up and finished speaking, "Seminar weekend starts tomorrow, with your speech at 9:30 until 10:30. Then the graduates will have free time to roam around Central Delia from 10:30 till 2:30, whilst the festival is being set up. Between the hours of 2:30 and 4:00, the graduates will report back for their wardrobe change, provided by the League of Assasins, will be the traditional festival garb. At 4:00 the festival will begin, during which the assassins will be able to join in the festivities while announcements of their names will be called over the intercom. At the time their name is called, they will report to center stage to receive a special gift. The festival will end approximately at midnight, the graduates will then report to their docking areas. The Socio at West Central, The Komenco at North Central, and the Unio in South Central. From the hours of Midnight to 1 they will be transitioning to their league base. between the hours of 1 am and 4am, they will receive an announcement, new member packages, as well as room assignments. After 4am will be lights out until 9am. After 9.........well I don't have anything after 9 so we'll just leave that to their 13 seats." By the time she finished, the headmaster was snoring. She looked at the clock it was 11:30 pm. She angrily yelled, "Daddy wake up! There is more for us to go over and you need to memorize your speech."

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  2. Kehinde Akachi
    It's close to midnight and the moon is at the top of the sky. The wind is in a light breeze. The sky stands behind the moon with all of its stars twinkling in the background. One thing about the moon tonight is that it uncovers things that are being done in the dark. The moonlight shines into the window of a room, revealing a shadowy like figure gliding throughout the room. The moonlight shifts positions dimly showing a person wearing a black and white mask and a long coat. The mysterious person sits down at the desk and begins opening drawers looking through them. When he doesn't see what he is looking for he moves toward the closet looking. As he was looking something fell to the floor, making a slight noise. This caught his attention, so he went down to pick it up. Once he looked at it, he realized it was the item he was looking for.He quickly shoved it into his pocket and walked out of the closet, closing the door behind him. He looked around the dark room once more before he headed out. Something didn't seem right to him because he felt it was a little too easy. He forced the thought to the back of his head and continued on toward the door. He opened the door not thinking to look around. He quietly closed the door, trying not to disturb the men downstairs. Still not looking up he started for the exit.

    "Hold it........" A voice blurted out from behind him. He froze at the sound of the voice, his heart lightly starting to race. "Take another step I dare you." The voice threatened. "You sure talk a big game." He followed up in response to the voice. "Turn around boy...." The voice demanded to him. He could feel his heart inside of his throat as he was quickly trying to come up with something. Before he turned around he reached into his pack and grabbed two flash bangs. He turned around slowly only to realize he was outnumbered. He looked around at everyone, sizing them up. Well, looks like I'm not so quiet, after all. He thought to himself. " would seem you have realized your odds boy. Tell me, what is your name masked one." The man asked standing just about 7 feet from him. He chuckled then responded, "If you must know then its Kehinde....Kehinde Akachi." The man's eyes grew as he heard the name. "An Akachi huh? I think you have something that belongs to me. Go ahead let's see your hands." Kehinde slowly put up his hands for the man like he was told. The man signaled his men to retrieve the item. The men began to approach Kehinde. He looked at the men and quickly dropped the flash bangs, creating an explosion then a blinding light. Kehinde then used the opportunity to make an escape. The man then angrily yelled, "After him!" His men took off after him, The man stopped a few of his remaining men to tell them, "Kill him." They nodded and went an opposite direction alerting other men. Kehinde ran down the hall passing door after door. He turned the corner looking both ways trying to figure his bet way out. Kehinde then saw a few men notice him and sprint toward him. "There he is!" One yelled. Kehinde quickly started in the opposite direction only to realize there were men coming from that direction also. He looked in both directions and saw the were closing in. He then opened the door to his left and walked in. The men approached the door weapons drawn. They reached out and opened the door saying, "It's over" only to realize it was just a small storage closet. The looked at each other at a loss for words. The began to blame the one who opened the door, "Way to open the wrong door." One said. "Yeah idiot." Kehinde played their intelligence and was now closer to the exit. He came out of another door connected to the "storage closet." To them, it looked like a regular closet but it was actually a room leading to the stairs. He ran down the stairs as quick as possible. He was almost to the back door. When he arrived at the door, he took a deep breath and went through it only to be met by a group of men from earlier standing outside waiting for him.

    *Press Play* He looked at his watch and noticed it was 12:26. It was getting late. The wind danced across both parties, Kehinde's hair followed the light wind. His coat brushed along in obedience. The trees swayed creating an eerie atmosphere. "So close but just to slow." One of the men taunted as he approached Kehinde unsheathing his long steel sword, that reflected the light of the moon. The other men followed suit unveiling their weapons, following the leader. "Y'all are quick and to the point huh? How about we talk about this like men." Kehinde begged as the men approached him. "I don't believe in holding a conversation with someone who is about to die. Accept your fate and prepare yourself thief. People like you don't deserve a spot in this world." The man stated, raring his sword back. "Well, I guess people like me have to educate those of the ignorant." Kehinde avowed in response to the man, preparing himself for the first blow. He took a glance at the sword only for it to strike a certain fear in him. A fear of potential death. "Here I come." The man then quickly sped off toward Kehinde with the steel sword, going into his fore swing then back swing. Kehinde caught off guard by the speed of the individual. He quickly bounced back and dodged the first swing but met the second one with his own blade. Clank! the meeting of the two weapon made a noise that rang throughout the forest. Kehinde was a wielder of dual blades. His blades had two steel medium length black swords on the heath that splits down the middle. The man started to almost over power Kehinde, but he quickly thrusted upwards to throw the enemy back. Kehinde jumped back to create space between them. The man then stuck his hand out to the others letting them know to stay back. "He's mine." He said to them. The others nodded and stepped back to watch. The man charged once again, this time quicker than before, Kehinde is appalled by the speed of this individual once again. Swing. the swiftness of the blade chipped Kehinde's mask, causing his chin to bleed. It caused a crack to run up the mask.

    At this point, Kehinde realized his opponent was no joke and was serious. Kehinde made the next move. Kehinde swung with moderate speed. His blade connected with the man's midsection though not enough to cause any real damage. The man chuckled, this threw Kehinde for a loop. He though his blade connected. Kehinde had to give the man props, but this time Kehinde knew he had to end this quickly. Kehinde quickly kicked the man in his midsection and followed up with a swift swing, slicing the man across his chest. The man flew back rolling in the dirt. Kehinde took the opportunity to capatilized on the moment and with lightning speed he reached his opponent, standing over him. The opponent's men quickly came out to assist him and stop Kehinde. One man caught Kehinde off guard, the other threw the first blow striking Kehinde in the arm, severing his flesh. Blood splattered in the air. Kehinde was injured badly. His blade fell to the ground. The bigger individual picked him up by his throat and threw him back. The man finnally got to his feet. "See I told you young man, this world does not have a spot he for you." The man grabbed his sword and started for Kehinde's body, thunder rang out through the sky night sky. "Is this it for me? Is this what I've worked so hard for? It all ends here? No, I won't let it. Kehinde thought to himself. The wind blew once again, this time Kehinde faded away with the wind, disappearing. The man gasped at the sight. He quickly barked out, "Watch yourself men......." He was interrupted by the sight of his men lying on the ground dead. Kehinde reappears with his back to the man, his coat flowing in the wind, "It must be scary knowing your all alone in this world. Nobody to back you up, No one to come save you. That is atleast one of the bigger fears of someone." He affirmed. The man's eyes grew big, " couldn't have you have only one arm!" The man yelled. Kehinde looked over his shoulder and smirked, "As it appears I do, but to you I killed everyone with one arm." Kehinde started to slowly walk away, disappearing into the woods. Lighting began to crackle and thunder began to roar. The man became enraged and began to rush after him, but the cut on his chest spoke otherwise. The man started to yell a loud scream of despair before falling to the ground in pain. Kehinde chuckled a bit but knew his victory would be short lived as the pain started to return with a vengeance. "Damn it," he said to himself. He took off his coat to reveal the wound, only to see blood flowing freely from it. With his teeth and left arm, he ripped the sleeve of the coat and try to tie his arm to stop the bleeding. It was no use he couldn't do it. "I've got to get back to the barracks." He cried to himself.

    "He can't be far, the cut is still fresh, He just went crazy and passed out and the guy disappeared." One of the men said as they ran in the direction of Kehinde. Kehinde heard the footsteps. He began to curse himself because the pain was immobilizing him. Rain began to fall, first light then hard. Kehinde finally gathered the strength to keep moving. "There he is! Make sure he doesn't get away." A girl said as she led the pack of men. Kehinde was doing the best he could. He knew he had to escape because he was in no shape to fight. As he was running, the rain began to pour and his vision was becoming faint. Before he knew it, he tripped over a rock and fell to the muddy ground. "Damn it!" He yelled out. His vision started to fade away as he tried to get himself up. He finnally black out. His layed there in the rain.

    The time was around 0840, Kehinde opens his eyes only to find himself lying on a table. He notices his arm is not in as much pain as before. He looked over and saw the stitches to his arm and finally sat up to see where he was. He looked around the hospital like room. It had everything that would be in a hospital. A tv, a window, and a bathroom. To his surprise, everyone was dead. He looked down and saw the blood on his hands. He paniced. Kehinde looked around at the mess and began to violently shiver. "Am I responsible for this? If they link this to me I'm as good as dead. They would throw me out of the assassins seminar and revoke my contract, I won't even graduate." Kehinde stood there for a minute to gather his thoughts. "They can't find out about this." He then realized he was half naked and ran over to retrieve his belongings. He used the facilities to freshen himself up and borrowed a few of their clothing. After he put on his clothes, he sprayed himself with lavender then looked at his watch. He knew he was late for graduation. He grabbed his bloody coat and quickly left. He then remembered the item he had taken back and checked his coat to make sure it was still there. He searched and noticed a piece of it was missing. But how? it was intact when he first retrieved it. Kehinde was furious but had no time to look for it so he closed the door behind him and locked it. He made sure no one would be able to see what happend. Kehinde dashed acrossed the yard and finally made it to the seminar. He glanced at his watch and noticed it was 9:46, he was 16 min late. He slowly opened the door. To his luck it created a loud rusty noise interrupting the head master. Kehinde sighed, and made way to his seat. "Excuse me." "Pardon me." "I'm so sorry," Kehinde whispered, feeling the eyes of his superiors on him. "Nice of you to join us young man. Your late. What's the meaning of this?" The King barked. Kehinde eyes grew a little, knowing he was just called out. He slowly turns around and clears his throat. "My sincerest apologies sir I uhhm overslept." Everyone around him giggled softly at the answer. His captain then retorted, "We will dock that in your final point Kehinde." Kehinde nodded and took a seat awaiting the next step in his life.
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  3. Kimirou Asura, Purple
    Kimirou backed out of his doorway closing and locking the door behind him. His ears were greeted by the sound of crickets chirping. The moon illuminated the village perfectly to display has attire. He was sporting a pair of black slack like jeans with a black belt reflecting an image of a rose, a khaki color three quarter sleeve casual dress jacket with a white tank top underneath, and a pair of black boyfriend style fashion boots. As he rose his left arm to greet the grandmotherly like figure that was perched next to her front door in a rocking chair, the wind caressed his skin that was still revealed. With the ambiance of the village and the wind's caress, he could tell it was almost his favorite time of night, midnight. The woman then responded to him with not only a wave but also a whisper,

    *Press play* "What a sweet boy." This made Kimirou smile and giggle a bit as he began his nightly stroll around the village.

    He was his most calm at night, for it allowed him to ponder on the problems of his life and that of Delia as well. This was the time Kimirou could be one with nature and be at peace, so he took advantage whenever he could. He walked down the long narrow road ahead of him without any interruption. Kimirou was coming up upon at T-shaped split in the road. He decided to walk the right path instead of continuing forward. Kimirou stops suddenly in the middle of the road. He turns his head to the left to a castle-like manor. This manor was the largest of the village and was owned by his three older brothers. Kimirou used to call this home until he procured a place of his own. Just being this close to the estate brought up memories of the tragic night his parents died. That night was the turning point Kimirou's life.

    His thoughts were interrupted by the wind's caress again. "I guess everyone is asleep." he whispered to himself returning his head to its forward position. He began walking again and soon came up to a four-way intersection but kept forward along his path. His stroll was once again interrupted, but this time by his older brothers who are standing in front of the village hospital."Hey, little bro. Why are you walking around at such a time of night? Nelto, the oldest brother asked. He stood at about 6" 4', towering over his younger siblings at the wonderful age of 41. He wasn't very thick, however, so the others would call him Pil being short for pillar but also meaning strong and stern. Obviously he was like the father figure of the family. Before Kimirou could answer, one of the twins bombarded him with another question. "Yeah Miru, You come to finally let me run some tests." Bolen was the twin to ask this question. He and Talon, being the same height of Kimirou, and Bolen being the hefty brother out of the bunch. He weighs in easily at 275 pounds. The others call him Pop for pot belly pig. Kimirou quickly answered, "Pop I told you I'm not letting you run any tests on me so I can grow a third arm or anything like that." He then turned to Pil and responded to him, "For some reason I feel closer to the night. It's peaceful and calm." The last brother finally spoke after taking a puff from his cigarette, "Well that is true Pil. I mean it is, and why are you just asking this? He does this every night." The last brother being Talon, but he goes by Tal for short. He and Kimirou could actually pass for twins, looking almost exactly the same. The only exception is that Tal is 20 years older than Miru and it shows. Kimirou chuckled at his brothers going back and forth. Tal stopped and reached into his pocket, pulled out a pair of all black shades, and shoved them at Kimirou. "Here, I had these made for you. Now will you stop walking around with you eyes closed?" Kimirou snatched the shades and put them on. He thanked his brother with a nod one for Tal to respond with a farewell. "Miru, it's almost 2 o'clock and it's about to rain, so you better make your way home quick." The others waved as they began to enter their hospital.

    Kimirou looked up into the sky as the first drops of rain began to fall only to be interrupted by the commotion taking place on the other side of the building to his right. He quickly sprinted to the alley on the side if the buildings, hugging it in a sneaky like fashion. He could hear the voice of a woman, "He's out cold. This is the perfect opportunity to kill him and take the treasure back to the boss." At that moment, he took the shades of and placed them in his pant pocket. He then pulled out a long black scarf and tied it around his eyes. Afterward, he took off his jacket and threw it on the ground next to his feet. His revealed skin was a canvas of black roses and vines intertwining themselves upon a bed of caramel silk. They lovely flowers and vines also slithered along his arms like snakes on the desert sand. His long silvery white hair blew in the wind in perfect harmony with the tails of the scarf as he stepped from the alley. One of the men greeted him, "Well, who the hell are you?" "So rude in nature, but you can quickly find the answer to your question," Kimirou answered the ill-mannered man. Another man quickly assisted with the interrogation. "Where did you even come from, bastard?" Kimirou lifted up his left hand to punt at the alley, "Uhm, did you not just see me walk from over there?" Before that man could respond the third man interrupted, "And what's with that damn blindfold?" Kimirou became quickly infuriated by the question. "Do you have a problem with my scarf and the placement thereof? Why don't you just come find out?" He responded. The woman finally spoke again, "Why aren't you a live one? I hope you didn't come to save this little brat, because you can do right along with him." She then pointed at Kimirou and command, "Boys, get that little shit!"

    The three men raced towards Kimirou with their swords drawn with the intent to cut him into little pieces. Once they surrounded him, they began slicing vigorously. The sound of their blades clashing rang through the village. Kimirou danced around the slashes as if he was a beautiful rose petal dancing in the wind, the only thing touching him being the rain that fell from the heavens above. The sound of the blades stopped when Kimirou kicked one man and caught the other two men's hands in mid swing all at once. The man Kimirou kicked landed with a thud, a splash, and an ugh being released from his lips. Kimirou pulled the other two men closer then tossed them on their asses. "Easy enough" raced past his lips and he raise his right arm into the air. He then spoke once Konservi Mu Tu Mavro Fidi." After uttering those words, he pointed out his index and middle fingers. A black chain then left his fingers and split into three. The three chains then wrapped themselves around the three men like rope. The woman then once again spoke, "You three dumbasses are worthless. I guess I will have to take care of the bastard myself, but don't think I am as easy as these imbeciles." She then drew her sword and charged at Kimirou. He quickly grabbed his daggers from their sheaths that were attached to his belt under his back, just in time to parry her blade. Sparks began to fly as their blades began grinding against each other. Miru was finally able to throw the woman's blade in the opposite direction. He took this opportunity to slice one of the wrists. She giggled at him, "You must have thought that would hurt? Sorry, hunny pain just makes me stronger." She then charged past him. Once she stopped, the scarf around Kimirou's eyes fell to the ground.

    Anger began to fill and burst from Kimirou's ears. He turned around and faced the woman, opened his eyes, and yelled, "You cut off my scarf. How dare you? My niece made that for me." The woman saw his eyes and began to scream as the assassin did when he was seven, "You aren't even human. What the hell are you?" Kimirou interrupted her. "Don't you dare say it!" She then continued "ONI!!!" The sound made him extremely pissed off. He rose his right fist towards the woman and began to chant, "Thrive in darkness," a black snakehead appeared upon his shoulder, "grind the gears of hell," the sound of chains rattling filled the air, "stricken thy enemy," it began to slither around his arm its body made of a black chain, "under venoms spell," its fangs hung down on the side of Kimirou's fingers once they were pointed out, "Konservi Mu, To Mavro Fidi. Don't call me that you bitch." The snake launched at the woman and wrapped its chain body around her. "Sink your teeth into her and don't let her go until she feels as much pain as that weird causes me." The snake sank its fangs into her and she let out a loud scream. "Now that you are out of the way, I have something to take care of."

    Kimirou turned and ran to his brothers' hospital. One there he explained what happened and ran to the fight area. Quickly surrounding the guy on the ground, Pil yelled out, "He is it cold, he needs attention immediately, let's get him inside." They quickly grabbed the boy and carried into the hospital, Tal stayed outside with Kimirou. "Do you know him? He looks about your same age." Tal asked. "Unfortunately not, but I do sense his soul essence so he has to either be an assassin or an academy member. I wonder why those people were chasing him." He answered. Tal replied, "I don't know, but they were gone by the time we got there." Kimirou then explained, "Well I will sit out here and guard to make sure they don't come back." Tal reassured, "That's fine but get some rest. I mean you do have a big day tomorrow." Kimirou nodded in approval as Tal returned to the inside. Next thing Kimirou knew Tal waking him up, "Kimirou it's almost 8 you better wake up and go get ready." Kimirou jumped up and inquired about the boy. Tal responded, "Don't worry he is fine. Although last night while we were running tests, someone went into his room and killed several if the temporary nurses and doctors from the north. But don't worry we will clean up the mess after he wakes up. With us being so full, we had to put him back in there." Relieved Kimirou rushed off to get ready and make it to the seminar on time. He arrived at the seminar about 5 minutes early. The king began to speak. About 15 minutes later after the seminar started, Kimirou heard the rusted metal clang of the doors slamming and without turning his head stated, "There is always one." He then recognized the soul essence was that if the boy from the night before and began to smile.
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  4. Azami Ito, red Azami was sitting in the kitchen nibbling on some pink candy, "Nummy nummy strawberry." She was waiting for her... friends, surrounded by buckets of gore from when she last went to town, "I want some of Reila's cooking, I even brought stuff for her to use!" She sighed and lay down on the picnic bench, "Bored bored bored, I need more playtime, but Re wanted to see me." She yawned and unintentionally fell asleep.

    -earlier (play song now)-​
    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Azami started giggling after she kicked in the door and found herself in a birthday party, "Wow I that actually made sense for once." She kept giggling and leaned on her bat like a cane as she pulled a note out of her pocket, "I'm looking for a fat balding man with a white beard that goes by the name... OH COME ON, SERIOUSLY, YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!"
    "Can I help you?" A fat, balding man with a white beard came into the room.
    It took Azami a moment to register what she was seeing, "Your name Nick?"
    "Yes," The man responded.
    Azami started to laugh uncontrollably and lifted her bat, "I want a pony, and pretty dresses, and a dolly, and your insides in a bucket." She charged at him only to be blocked by a guy in a suit who punched her in the gut. "Oh, son of a- that hurts," Azami doubled over and continued to laugh, "Well at least it looks like it does." The man in the suit had punched a framed picture that was hanging on the wall. She heard the sound of fighting and looked over to see all the party goers fighting each-other, "Oh, did I do that?"
    She charged at her target again and this time made contact with his head. She started wailing away at him when somebody came up behind her and put her in a headlock. "Ooh do you want to play?" She slammed her heel into his groin and spun around with her bat in her hand. She slammed his head into the wall and blood splattered all over the place. She had just freed herself from one attacker when the rest of the party freed itself from their madness. Some ran away, and others came at her.
    Azami easily dodged her inexperienced attackers and started to smash them to pieces bit by bit. Eventually she looked around and found herself surrounded by blood and guts everywhere. "Well better take some stuff for Reila and go home."
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  5. Marcus LeeRroy, Blue
    Tonight was just like every night at the LeeRroy Mansion. It was said to be celebration for Marcus's graduation from school, but he knew that his father was really using this to make deals. Marcus hated being here, everything gave off the scent of evil and lies, and he hated that.

    Marcus was adorned in a simple black silk dress shirt with a white bow tie, and white slacks with black loafers. He milled around the room with champagne in one hand and the other ready to shake the hands of the guests. He constantly listened to there congratulations and there mondain small talk. He hates this, he was forced to do this for his father because this was the perfect cover for is operation. As much as Marcus wanted to find out about it, he knew he had no other choice but to say here.

    Marcus sighed as he walked over to the buffet table and grabbed a plate. Before he could grab his food, he bumped into another girl. She was beautiful, he had to admit it. She was adorned in beautiful black knee length dress with white heals. It was simple but that's what made her all the better, Marcus smiled and held his hand out for her to take.
    "Good Evening, mi lady" He said grabbing her hand and bowling slightly.
    "Hello, looks like your tonight's center of attention." she chuckled, allowing his to take her hand without protest.
    "I am, but that does not mean I like it." He said casually with a smile, he let go of her arm and he took a sip of his drink. He had not idea who this woman was, but he was enjoying his conversation with her already.
    "Oh my, is there any way that I can change that." she said flirtatiously. Lights in Marcus's head flashed in and off, there was plenty of ways for her to help him.

    Marcus smiled as he spoke. "What about a dance." He said to her as he grabbed her and pulled her onto the ball room dance floor. The girl shrieked but did not protest as she let him drag her to the center of the ball room. Marcus held grabbed her waist and she her hand onto his back, she then grabbed his hand and he grabbed hers.
    They began to twirl around and around and around. They lost themselves in the music and no longer bound themselves to time. By the time they actually came out of there daze it was already 5 in the morning. Marcus watched as he left for her manor and sighed.
    "Last Night was a good night." He mumbled to himself as he left for his old room.
    Marcus awoke a bit earlier than usual. It was 7 a.m, it gave him enough time to shower, eat and get to the seminar on time. He notice. The that some of the other students got to the seminar late. He was surprised, he had not slept till 5 and he still for here on time.
    "What is this world coming to." He mumbled as he enjoyed the kings speech. Marcus realized that this was the first day of his life
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  6. Jexxai Koustem, blue
    "Uhm sir, if you could just please hurry, I'm going-" This was the fourth time in the last ten minutes she had voiced her concerns to the old man behind the counter and once again the elder behind the counter did not bother to raise his head to rebuke the young girl.

    "For the last time dear! You must not rush art, it shall be done in just a few more minutes." There Jexxai was, standing like an idiot in the middle of the street as she waited for an old man to work. She silently cursed herself for even picking a time like this to finally get this done. Her Tomahawk had been broken for quite some time, the wooden handle cracked from one of her last battles. Yet she only chose now, 30 minutes before she was suppose to be at the seminar to finally get it fixed. She stood, tugging at the end of her dress, self conscious of the fact that she looked strange in a black dress that went down to her knees, with knee high boots, and a small backpack that held all of her things. Her long blond hair was done up in a tight bun, though passing glanced tended not to notice that when they see a Tomahawk strapped to the young ladies back. The weapon whose handle was decorated with eagle feathers, tended to be the first thing people see when she is walking around town. It was her own fault of course, she could of chosen any weapon to learn to use, like a knife or a bow, something less noticeable, but she had found these axes and had fallen in love. Not like it would matter much if she couldn't get to the seminar in time.

    She slowly moved her hand to her temple, rubbing it angerly as she barked at teh man once again. "Sir, I swear to what ever god you think is holey, if I don't get my weapon back in the next 30-" She was cut off mid tirade once again by the loud cry of a overly excited elderly man. A sight that also turned a few heads. The man stood up quickly from his work bench and hurried over to the young lady on the other side of his counter. "has your friends ever told you miss that you kinda a bitch?" He asked smiling as if he gave her a compliment before extending the weapon toward her. Jexxai glared trying with all her might to hold back the string of curses she wished to express as she picked her weapon out of the mans hands and examined it. "Better then it was before. " he asserted as she turned it around in her hands. The wood was completely new, a darker colour then the handle of its twin. "Iron wood." He said as she looked up with a questioning eyebrow raise. "Its stronger then any wood out there, no chance of breaking this handle any time soon." She nodded mumbling something under her breath as she felt the weight of the weapon. It was slightly heavier then before, a problem that could mean her death later down the road. Testing it quickly she tossed the weapon in the air, allowing it to revolve once before catching it mid flight by the handle. She brought her arm back before slamming the head down against the hard wood of the mans counter. It sunk deep, causing more damage then she expected in fact.

    Jexxai nodded in satisfaction, pulling the weapon free with practiced ease, she looked up to smile at the obviously shocked shop owner. "Oh yes your money!" She exclaimed as she realized the time. Quickly fishing into her pack she pulled out a bag of coins and threw it at the man before turning to run down the street. "Thank you sir, you did a great job!" She called out behind her as she ran down the street, waving with one hand and securing her Tomahawk behind her back with the other. The man just half heartily waved back as he looked from the fleeing girl to the damage to his counter slightly confused. Then to the bag of money that made the event WELL worth it. Jexxai as always was lucky, arriving with a pack of other graduates only 5 minutes before the ceremony started. Taking her seat with the others she watched with growing excitement for the speech to begin.

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  7. Reila Solari, red
    - Somewhere far far away in a distant cave but still close to home for some reason -
    "You want me to let you go right?" Reila asked happily as she walked over to one of her many captives. This particular captive had one of their legs caught in a make shift bear trap. "Umm..umm..yes!" The captive responded slowly out of fear. The captive was a middle aged man with dark brown hair and a well built athletic body type. Yet despite all that muscle, the man's face was drenched in tears.

    "Then tell me where Mr. snuggie wuggles is at and you're free to go. Actually, you're free to go now so why are yooouuu still here?" She questioned while blatantly ignoring the bear - trap the man was caught in. "I don't no where this "Snuggie Wuggle" is at so please release me. I'll help you find it if you do." The middle aged captive pleaded, causing Reila to sigh before pulling out a bottle of alcohol.

    "Fine. You win but at least let me clean your wounds first." She took off the capsule before preparing to pour it down on his leg. "No thanks, I'll just get it tr-ahhhhhhhhh!!!" The man screamed in agony as the alcohol seeped into his wounds. After nearly half the bottle was depleted, the woman closed it and put it away. "You're a sick person, you know that? Now get me out of this wretched contraption before you cause anymore problems." The captive ordered which made her stare plainly at him for a second or two.

    After all the stuff I put him through, he still manages to regain his tough person act. This person could make an excellent treat or possibly poison my friends taste buds with this attitude of his. Hmmm...what to do with him? Reila stood idle for awhile as the man attempted to open the bear - trap himself which soon caught her attention. "You know you'll need my he-w..with...that." She dropped to the ground suddenly after being struck with a blunt object from behind.

    "What took you so long Ariyo!!? This girl almost killed us!! But help get this thing off of me before it's too late!!" The man shouted as the heroic Ariyo who took care of Reila rushed over to the bear - trapped man's side and placed both of their hands on the bear trap. Ariyo had slightly spiky blue hair and was somewhat short in comparison to the other man. "We'll began on three. One...two...three!!!" The two pulled back both jaws long enough for the brown haired man to get his leg from out of the dangerous contraption.

    "Ahh, thanks Ariyo but now you need to release everyone else. We don't have much time until she wakes up." The middle aged man noted as he began massaging his badly damaged leg. Ariyo turned to what appeared to be a gate holding dozens of captive within it before attempting to open it. "Damn, it's no use! It seems we need a key to release them!!" Ariyo yelled in desperation.

    "The girl most likely has the key so check her." The injured man proposed while attempting to patch up his leg. "I'm sorry Beck..." Ariyo said shamely as Reila rose from the ground. "Owww!!! That really really really hurt!!! And you should be apologizing for hitting me too hard!! Now you must be crushed and mixed with cookie dough!!" She yelled while trying to force a smile on her face.

    "Wait!!! I'm sorry! But isn't that what you told me to do!!?" Ariyo asked as the middle aged man turned to Ariyo with a betrayed look. "You backstabbing piece of crap!! I thought you were with us!! But I guess I was wrong now wasn't I!!?" The man responded angrily as Reila nonchalantly pulled out a dark blue short sword. "I don't expect you to understand my reasons but it doesn't matter anyway. However, I can attempt to correct them by trying my hand at killing her!!" The spiky haired man charged off in Reila's direction with no sense of hesitation to be found.

    She watched curiously as Ariyo rushed towards her. Once he reached a certain distance, the woman ducked down and horizontally sliced off his legs effortlessly, causing the man to to fall onto the ground. "Fortunately for you, I only got rid of those pesky little legs of yours hehe. Unfortunately for you..." Reila began relentlessly slicing Ariyo up into dozens of pieces. "You!! Get!! To!! Become!!! Part!! Of!! My!! Cookie dough!!!" Her vicious rampage eventually stopped after the spiked haired man was no more.

    Once the girl stored all of Ariyo that was suitable for her dough, she faced the injured middle aged man who watched in awe. "Umm, I'm out of space so I'll have to come back for you another time. See ya!!" Reila acknowledged cheerfully as she took her leave from the cave along with the body parts acquired. The man began crawling towards the exit as well before noticing a big boulder slowly beginning to block all of the light from within the cave.

    Eventually, the boulder blocked all of the light that entered the cave, trapping the injured man and the captives in it for what could very well be forever. "Dee da lee da lee da lee." Reila happily strolled back home as muffled sounds could be heard coming from the opposite direction that she was heading in. The sounds coming from the opposite direction sounded a lot like a person screaming for help but one can never tell for sure. Especially after a couple of days when those sounds would fade for good.

    Upon reaching her destination, she entered the house and noticed Azami sleeping on the picnic bench. Reila walked over toward the bench before sitting beside her friend. "I see you brought home some fresh produce Aza Aza. Now me and Mr. Snuggie Wuggles will have plenty of resources to work with...unlike that last time." The girl whispered to her unconscious friend before standing up. Immediately afterwards, she began making all of the various limbs and organs that Azami brought home ready for the oven, while the chopped up pieces of Ariyo were intentionally excluded from the current batch of food she was making. Reila had a ton of crafty creations on her mind and with the amount of human produce she had, all of her mental food ideas could pour out into.

    Yet, Reila still felt as though she was forgetting something. "...isn't that little get together happens today?" She stopped what she was doing before running towards Azami while covered in blood. As soon as she reached Aza Aza, the girl proceeded to shake her crazily with a somewhat serious face on. "Aza Aza!!! Mr. Snuggie Wuggles think it's time to go to...that party graduation thingy I soooo don't fully remember!!!"
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  8. Azami Ito, red Azami woke up and looked at the time. "Wha-" She quickly sat up, "The thing! Let's go!" She picked up her bat, grabbed Relia's hand and ran for the location of the seminar. They weren't late, but Azami wanted to avoid it. Being an assassin was the only thing she cared about at this point. They came across a group of people all going in the same direction and joined it. "Made it!" She turned to her friend and started to laugh, "I'm excited, are you excited? Oooh I wonder who I'm going to be with? I hope it's Sango, I hope you're there too.
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  9. Reila Solari, red
    After shaking Aza Aza up for awhile, it seemed as though she would never wake up. However as she prepared to give up and attempt to pick up her friend instead, Azami suddenly woke up and grabbed her bat before taking Reila to the seminar at full speed. Once they finally stopped the girl looked like she was going to vomit. Of course she didn't because of how slow Azami and Reila were going in comparison to how Reili imagined them to be moving in her head but it still felt like it.

    Azami seemed real thrilled and exhilarated which in return made Reila feel the same. "Yup yup!!! I heard from various sources that they allow you to express your creative side in anyway you want to over various sources were actually Snuggie Wuggle. And I know that we'll both make the cut because we're the two best artists that the whoooolllleee wide world has to offer. Plus, we're pretty and happy and stuff." Reila responded with a bright smile as they tagged along with the group to the seminar.
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  10. Elijah Randolph, red
    (Press Play Now.)

    Elijah was in his own world right now. He was outside of his families' estate. It was the turning time of the day (midnight), the best time to regain energy, when the world was shifting. He was meditating in the garden. The darkness transitioning to light, it gave him vigor and empowerment. No one but Elijah would be able to see the energy flowing in the world. "Energy is everything, energy is everyone, energy is life, it's death and it's rebirth." Elijah felt the world consume him, he could feel the earth bringing him back to life, a new life. The energy was so enlightening, that he needed gain more energy. "You waste energy to gain more!"

    Elijah started to do some shadow boxing, punching and kicking, in the air. Sparks of energy bursting from him like fireworks. He could feel the power in him, he didn't need a man made weapon, he was a weapon. A weapon made by Gaia. His body was his armor and his protection. He could feel everything in him he needed to get it out. Elijah started to practice his Martial Arts. As he did so, he could feel the energy in him. He ran up the estate, jumping off the wall. He landed on the roof with one foot. He smiled, procession at it's best. Elijah was beauty and ferocity in one, he was the ultimate human weapon. He needed to burn off more, so he started to run towards the woods.

    It started at a light sprint, then he started to pick up. He could feel the earth beneath his bare feet, the wind, the world's life energy. He ran through the wooden areas, finding the branches of the trees, the world's life bringers. The more he exhaust the more he gained. He ran fast and precised, jumping from branch to branch. He could feel the power gaining in him, he could feel Gaia protecting him. If anyone could see it, Elijah had golden spheres of energy surrounding him. He was a golden light spirit. The world was caressing his body, he was consuming the wasted energy. He jumped, flipped, punched, kicked, every witch way. Releasing the built up energy, regaining new energy. The feeling was invigorating. He sprinted across an open lake, he splashed the little fishes and critters. He ran and spun around a giant oak tree, the sun started to rise. The transition was completing, Elijah could feel the difference of energy. The sun's energy was more powerful and deadlier then the moon's. He felt...he felt...ALIVE! His eyes went wild as he ran through the tree bushes, the energy in his body needed to explode, it needed a giant release. Elijah ran back to the giant oak tree, with all the built up energy, he centered his mind. He transferred all the energy into his palms. Elijah shot outwards towards the tree..."Ahhhh!" Releasing all the energy. The oak tree was obliterated. "If a tree explodes, does it make a sound? Ha!" Elijah made his way back home, running the whole time. It was time to get dressed for the Assassins Graduation.

    Elijah was always on time for everything. He knew when things were ready, he followed the energy of the world not the time of man. When the Earth told him to go he would go, never when someone else did. As he made it to his families' estate, Elijah picked up his house shoes. Making it to his room, not seeing any of his siblings. Figuring they had all left for regular school or whatever. The sun had fully arose, Elijah had enough time to take a shower and get dressed. Elijah may seem like a wild one but he does love to get dressed up. He didn't know which clan of assassin he would be grouped in, as long as he could do his own style he would be ok. As he finished getting dressed, Elijah put on his hand made necklace and his ring and earrings.

    He may his way to the graduation, running on stored energy. He didn't want to consume more or he would have to release again. As he made his way, he was on time as usual. He bowed to the King. Elijah then watched as everyone took their seats. Elijah took his seat as he waited for the festivities to start.

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  11. Silverwolf, Blue The warmth and aroma of the coffee shop was as pleasant a welcome for Silverwolf as the serving girl's warming smile. His motivation for an evening stroll was rapidly diminishing with the deterioration of the weather outside, and the fact that his ceremony was in the morning helped quell the thought of a late night even more.

    "Hey Cheryl" he greeted the serving girl with a slight smile as he shook the rain droplets from his skin.
    she leveled her gaze on him with a smile "Well hello Silverwolf! let me guess you were in the neighborhood and decided to pop in right?"
    "You know me so well Cheryl!" hey responded with a wry smile.
    The striking red head shook her head in reply "Honestly Silver, how you enjoy walks in this village at these awful hours I'll never understand."
    "Well you're no better! How you work these awful shifts in this village I'll never understand."
    She fixed him with a stern yet playful look "Something about the people of this village needing coffee and snacks at this time of night I suppose. Besides you come in here practically every night! I'm sure I could rely on you to be my knight in shining armor should ever an unruly crowd of riffraff pass through those doors!" She flashed him a wicked smile to which he threw up his arms and shrugged before speaking, an innocent grin plastered on his face.
    "Well something about the night and the secrets it holds leaves me with this gnawing urge to roam these streets at this ungodly hour I suppose."
    Cheryl pursed her lips and giggled "What'll you have?"
    "Surprise me!" came his reply as she turned to face the coffee bar.
    There was something musical to Cheryls laugh, and something about their pleasant conversations that always enticed him to return to the shop. Silver had always been a creature of the night, and he supposed most creatures of the night were drawn to other creatures of the night; but in any case, the coffee was always tasty and the company was always enjoyable at Cheryl's shop.

    Cheryl's latest concoction went down smooth and warmed Silver’s insides while simultaneously relaxing his muscles and he bid her farewell with a smile and a wave then set out into the rain once again to make his way home.

    Now, In a town such as this, on nights much like these; thievery, muggings, murder, inebriated hobos and screams in the night were most definitely not an uncommon thing by anyone’s standards, so when two hooded figures emerged from an alleyway it was all Silverwolf could do but sigh with disinterest.
    They had most likely been lurking in that alleyway since he passed the first time to enter the shop. Simple amateurs that had nothing better to do with their time.
    “You guys really wanna do this tonight?”
    “Shut up and give us your wallet Pun…”The tallest of the two men had approached first and before he could even finish the sentence Silver stepped into him, took a hold of his arm and forced it behind his back while stepping to the side of him. The man’s words turned to a muffled grunt as Silver forced the arm back and produced two of his concealed needles, driving one into the side of his neck and in one fluent movement he parried the other assailant’s blow and spun away before sinking a needle into the center of his lower back.

    Sudden Stillness as he came to a stop with his back to the two men. Silver narrowed his eyes and glanced skyward grumbling at the storm clouds for a few moments as the rain grew harder. A side long glance over his shoulder and a few seconds later, the two would be thieves crumbled to the ground unconscious and immobile. Silver shook the rain from his hair before retrieving his needles with a violent twist and tucking them away.
    “Fucking street trash motley thieves.” He grumbled to himself as he fished around in their pockets for any cash they might have. He produced a sizable wad from each of them, most likely their entire haul for that night and as he stepped off, he remembered that he had forgotten to top Cheryl.

    He jogged back to the coffee shop and set some cash in her tip jar with a smile then resumed his journey home stepping past the two crumpled heaps at the mouth of the alley. They would both awaken several hours later. One would have a hell of a migraine and the other a terrible back ache for a few days but they would recover eventually. The violent twisting during the extraction of the needles would ensure they felt the pain later in any case. The assassin's needles could be removed gently with no long term effects, but there were several methods of extraction that would cause a variety of side effects.

    At home out of the rain, a hot shower later and after a few moments to clear his mind Silver drifted off to sleep.
    Thankfully it was a restful sleep for a change and when his alarm sounded in the morning he got himself going and proceeded to the ceremonies. The streets around central Delia were already bustling with the news of the graduates and the upcoming festival as people scurried from here to there. Servants or loved ones for the more fortunate families would handle all the errands this morning as the graduates prepared for their big day. Tears would fall from the cheeks of family members later that day for this would be a day of celebration and of great loss. Those graduates with siblings and relatives not in the academy would be saying their final goodbyes to their family ties and heading down their chosen paths as fledgling Assassins. His eyes scanned the gathering graduates as he made his way to a seat and exchanged a few head nods and smiles to those that he passed who offered greetings. Hopefully The old man's address wouldn't take a month and a day because Silver was convinced he would never be able to stay seated for that long a duration of time!
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  12. Arria Calvus, red
    "To not going to deal with classes and pointless morality bull-" a man ran into her, stumbling into Arria's back and knocking the drink in her hand away. It clattered to the floor next to her and the bar fell silent.

    Arria stood slowly, taking a moment to look at the beer on the floor and then at the man who had knocked it out of her hand. "Well. It seems that you've started a bar brawl." Arria stepped forward and the people in the bar started to run out of said bar, running as fast as they could. Some of them had knew Arria's work very well, and tonight was the worst time for any of them to start a fight. Not only was it the night before her graduation but the moon was almost full. "I don't think you'll be able to get away tonight though... maybe you should call your family to say your goodbyes."
    The man grabbed a chair and tried to hit Arria with it. She saw it coming just in time to duck out of the way. "Bitch!" The man yelled as he pulled the chair back towards himself.
    He was too late, because by the time he'd pulled his only weapon close to him, Arria had closed the small gap and punched him into the wall. She laughed heartily, as though this fight was just some joke a stranger told her. The man was dazed but conscious, still attempting to try and fight he tried to put his fists up. Arria reached down and grabbed the man's face, dragging it up to meet her eyes. "Hehe. Still wanna make that call to your family? I promise not to find them next."
    Thump. Arria pulled her arm back and hit the man's skull against the wall once, then twice, then until the blood around his head made it too slippery to hold onto. "Well. Now you've gone and made a mess, sir. You didn't even try did you?" She spoke with a sneer, wiping her bloody hand on her pants. She reached over for the man's wallet, pulling out the cash and throwing it at the barkeep, who was wiping down the bar. "For the damages," she said as she walked out.
    "Always good to be paid, I suppose." He said, taking the cash and continuing his work.
    Arria was clenching her fist and unclenching it as she walked to her home on the other side of time. That guy had the gall to interrupt her joy? He had the stones to call her a bitch without even a sorry towards the end. It made Arria sick to see him not even try to fight back effectively. She needed something to settle her blood, something to make her resort to berserk mode. It felt good to give in to those instincts, to move reflexively instead of with thought.
    "Hey you!" a man from the bar called behind her. From the sounds of it he had a bat that he was hitting against his hand.
    There were five extra footsteps in total and Arria could sense so much killing intent that it made her heart flutter a bit. All that hate, just for her? "YES. Finally someone who wants to put up a fight for the last few moments of his life. That last guy was so damn boring. A few hits against the wall and he dies." Arria drew her blades and turned to face the group. "Promise me not to scream too much, heheh. I can't wait to feel the high I'll get after you die..." Arria blinked and revealed red eyes, which caused the group to rethink their purpose.

    Sluck, sluck...
    "They screamed too much. Eww. Maybe someone will have a use for the dead bodies later." Arria said, finishing up stabbing the leader with her dagger over and over. "I don't wanna haul them back home though." Arria was talking out loud to herself, it was a common thing for her to do, espcially when she was certain no one was watching. "Someone's going to call the police. I should probably go and wash up for the Assassin thing in the morning."
    Arria stood and walked away, humming a tune that she'd heard this morning. Something about a hanging tree and people who didn't want to deal with reality or something like that. She liked the tune, mostly, not the words.

    True to her train of thought Arria cleaned her clothes and washed up and slept before the meeting for graduation from the Assassin Academy, sliding into the room just as the Headmaster began speaking. Relia and Azami were there too, and Arria felt somewhat disappointed she hadn't grabbed anything for Relia to use in her weird cooking experiments. Ah well, Arria would grab something next time maybe. She wasn't sure she liked those two or that Elijah kid either, but they were likely going into Sango too, so she should at least try to make friends. Some kid was late and the headmaster also made a comment about it. Arria just couldn't wait until she was free to go celebrate again about graduation being over.
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  13. Kismet Lachance, blue Kismet sighed and swung her legs back and forth from her place on a wall, the sun was just setting and she had far too much time on her hands and had little in way of killing it. What was she supposed to do? Sleep? Wander around? Scam some poor soul out of money? Clean house? There were far too many options and yet none of them sounded remotely fun. Tired of swinging her legs, she rearranged herself till she was comfortably laying down, or as comfortable as one can get when one was on a wall. Maybe she'll just doze for a bit and then decide on something fun. Not far away she could hear the bustle of people going about their daily chores and heading home for the night.

    The moon was high in the sky when her eyes snapped open. With a yawn and stretching like a cat, Kismet rolled over and off the wall. With a soft thump and a slight jarring in her knees she landed in a crouch. Now that she had a nice nap, it was time for some fun, at this time of night there were all sorts of unsavory people that she could encounter. And she might even run across some of the other assassin graduates! That would be fun, to meet them outside of lessons and such.

    With a furtive look around, she darted out of the alleyway and into another one across the road. She did this till she reached a street that was far livelier than the one she lived off of. She stopped at a corner and watched the passerby's, observing them to see who would be the best targets and who she would have to avoid. That is a good group, I might be able to pocket several wallets! She grinned and began her act.

    It was a nervous and scared child that ran through the group of drunk men and slammed into the center most one, the small body bounced back from the impact and backed into the legs of a man behind her. Startled eyes darted from one male to another, noting that they were now surrounding her. "I'm sorry sirs! I didn't mean to run into you, but I'm late you see and I have to get home!" She said sniffling with tears starting to well up. The men laughed and jeered, two of them weren't laughing though and were looking upset. With a last scared glance at the men around her, she tried to dart between them and escape, as she did, she bumped into two others before making good her escape.

    Behind her she could hear sounds of pursuit of at least one male, but she had little interest in fighting drunks who wouldn't even remember the fight. She paused for a second then took off in a different direction, taking one of her many routes back to her home, and losing any pursuers she had. Closer to home, she slowed down to a light walk and shoved her hands in her pockets and fingered the three nicely stuffed wallets she had stashed in her baggy clothes. Kismet stopped just outside a derelict building, thinking over the night's activities and if she had missed anything. Nope, I think I did a job well done. Time to clean up and count the spoils of war. She gave a small nod then squeezed through a crack with ease that came from practice.

    Inside was a small room that was fairly clean, despite the general run down look that many of the items inside had. To one side was a doorway covered with a blanket and it was that doorway she went through and where she paused by a table. Pulling her loot out she tossed it on the table and sat down in a chair. Casually eager, she began rummaging through them and sorting what was useful and what she could get rid of. "Hmph, barely enough for several meals...I suppose they spent most of their cash on drinks already." She let out a puff of air in disappointment then shrugged it off like it wasn't worth any emotion. "Ah well, I had best get cleaned up. I'm supposed to be somewhere soon." She murmured to herself.

    It didn't take her long, merely a change of clothes into something a little nicer than her usual attire, and a bit of washing up, then she was leaving her little home through another of her exits and making her way to the seminar thingamajig that she was supposed to be at soon. Except that it took her far longer than she anticipated to get there! So it was that when she finally made an appearance, she was slightly irked and far from content.
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  14. To all leagues, green Grand Master Cleirigh walked on the stage. One he got in the middle he turned to face the room full of anticipated guests. "Welcome my assassin children. From this point on.........." He was interrupted by the metal clang of the doors and the arrival of a late graduate. His eyes squinted in disapproval. He couldn't quite make out who it was, but the anger still filled his face like a pimple that was about to burst, "Nice of you to join us young man. You're late. What's the meaning of this?.......You know what it doesn't even matter. Please take your seat you will be dealt with later." The Headmaster looks off, forgetting his speech for a moment and mutters to himself, I can't stand tardiness.

    *Press Play* The King came back to his senses and continued on, "you will no longer be academy students. You are assassins, and, of course, your starting as apprentice rank. Once again congratulations on being graduates. Unfortunately, only you will know. I hope you heed my warning, yes you are an assassin, however, your family will not know your an assassin, your neighbor will not know, and definitely not your entire hometown. If they do, there are extreme consequences. This does not just apply to you being an assassin, but also to the league you are accepted into. No league should know who is of another league. Enough about the bad stuff, this is a celebration. We have plenty of festivities for you to partake in. I hope you have read over your itinerary. If you have, you will notice a large gap to freely roam and get to know the area. We will start off with a little gift," He clears his throat and grabs the glass of water on his podium, "If you would all please look under your seats, you will all find an envelope. This envelope will contain, 20,000 urd (money) for spending in your free time. I know this isn't a lot, but there is more to come. 2,000 tokens for the festival this evening that is being thrown in your honor and a color coded message. This message is for your eyes and your eyes only. Once you decode the message, it will tell you exactly where you are supposed to go when the lights of the festival flash three times." He then looks over to his secretary, Cassandra, She waves her hands in a hurry like motion. He then clears his throat and continues, "Well it looks like I'm rambling on too much, it's time for you guys to enjoy yourselves. Please try not to kill anyone. We will see you at the festival." The Kings walks in the direction of where Cassandra was as the graduates exited the building.
  15. Orion Lotus, Purple
    Orion rose earlier as he had hoped but he blamed it on the anxiety of the days events. He rolled over several times hoping to fall back asleep until he quit and sat up. Dawn was breaking through his window and small rays of light illuminated his room. The small room didn’t have much, a bed a closet and a desk. On the windows ledge were several flowers, directly across from the window was a potted lemon tree within his arms reach. He reached over touching one of the small lemons causing it to grow before he plucked from the branch and rolled it between his hands. Letting out a yawn he rose from his bed and crossed the room in three paces. Laying the lemon on top of his dresser he continued to roll it on the top of the dresser as he searched for something to wear. It was supposed to be a splendid day for him, one to be filled with ceremony and presentations and festivities and all that so he should wear something nice. But at the same time it would be a long day, so he figured he should where something comfortable. “it should be inconspicuous, its an assassination league after all. He knelt down and opened the second to last drawer and pulled out a dark pair of jeans. He let go of the lemon and pulled on the pants, and grabbed a belt off the floor stringing it through the loops and buckling it. His green hair fell over his face “right, inconspicuous” he mumbled to himself.

    His green hair always drew attention but at least it didn’t glow in the dark. He moved to his closet and pulled out a sweater with a high neck line. He scooped up his lemon and rolled it between hands some more as he looked himself over in the mirror. He scooped up his bracelets and slid himself on out of his room with his lemon in hand. By now the sun had broken over the horizon but was blocked by clouds and it smelled like rain to him. The wet ground under his bare feet were cool to touch but reminded him the brighter days in his life but the memories didn’t last. As he strolled through the brightening environment he passed the time by simply wandering and rolling his lemon until he bit into it. He sucked out the juice that he had squeezed without breaking the peel. The tart liquid was a lovely taste on his tongue as he lounged around. Slowly he made his way back to his living quarters to receive his shoes. Even though he knew bare feet were better for stealth the league instructors often got on his case about him walking around bare foot.

    He tossed the lemon in the trash outside the seminar hall as he arrived and rushed in, somehow he had almost been late. Correction, he had been late. He cursed himself for not wearing a watch. He had planned to slip in quietly when he heard someone being yelled at for being late so he stayed outside and leaned against the door to listen. He strained to make out what the speaker was saying and got most of it. He literally had to kick himself when he heard about the envelopes but he stayed outside. He stepped away from the door as the graduates began to exit and he leaned against the wall as they passed. He hoped no one took his money and token, that would really make the rest of the day a complete failure. He pulled the collar up on his shirt so it covered his mouth and took serious thought about buying a hat to hide his hair in for moments like this when being inconspicuous was an actual requirement. But then again, he thought, I would have been on time if I didn’t need my shoes. When most of the graduates had passed he went into the seminar hall and looked for his folder. But he really had no idea how the seating arrangements were set up. Assuming alphabetical order he guessed where L might be for his last name and started in the middle rows. He stayed low, trying to stay below the line of sight of anyone that might have remained but also to see under the chairs. Technically he had a couple hours to find it, if it was in fact still there.
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  16. Liam Eirnheart, purple Overall it was an odd day, or afternoon really depending on how you looked at it for he didn't awake until later in the day anyway! To start off the day his alarm clock didn't go off, then again his alarm clocks never went off. Yet, one might counter-argue that none of his electronics ever work, and for good reason. Anywho, one might also say that Liam lived a timeless lifestyle, rarely caring for events, disregard how important they were and today was no different. His sense of justice held no rule about being on time, and thus he slept until he suddenly jolted awake, his hands clenched fierce as he gasped for air. One of his many nightmares had come across him in his sleep; continually he would be running in a forest, partially aware of a dark shadow that would constantly follow him, yet whenever he would turn around the shadow would disappear into thin air as if it had never existed. This time however, it seems as if the nightmare was a grateful omen instead of a desolate foreshadowing.

    Carelessly he turned onto his side, his hands now relaxing as he became fully aware of his surroundings. "Shoot." He murmured beneath his breath, rather aware of his predicament. Carelessly Liam threw the sheets from off of the bed. He glanced at the analog clock that sat across from him, neatly placed directly atop his oak dresser. 12:00AM, the wrong time yet again. He audibly groaned and glanced over to his alarm clock radio. The big red bolg numbers constantly blinked on and off, as if chiding Liam to reset it for the 42nd time this week. He raised a single finger and pointed at the radio, suddenly the numbers flickered before going out completely. "If I still get money for being late I'm spending it on a factory of alarm clocks.." He joked quietly to himself as he forced himself out of bed. He threw on a nice looking suit and turned to look at himself in the mirror. His blue eyes contrasted well with both the suit and his Einstein-hair that made him look like he had just been shocked a hundred times over.. The only thing that was missing from this was.. What was he missing again? He looked back over himself, adjusting his cuffs and hair before suddenly realizing what was off. "My goggles.." He bit his lower lip and glanced around his room, half-wanting to haphazardly toss everything in the room upside down and half wishing to leave without them. I mean, on one side of the coin he was already late, but what did he have to lose besides money and a token? Then on the flip-side he never leaves without his goggles and without them he likely wouldn't be focused.

    Completely oblivious of the time he decided to waste another twenty minutes looking for his goggles, upon finding them he rushed out the door and and headed to the hall. If it hadn't been for the slightly creaked open door one might've though the place was a ghost town, most of the graduates had already received their gift, or so it had seemed. Liam wasted no time and rushed inside, caring little for pride or dignity as he scanned through the seats looking for his folder, rather unaware of his surroundings.
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  17. Have you ever seen a ghost?, blue

    *Cough Press Play*

    It began with a chill on the back of Jexxais neck. One moment she sat with growing excitement as the last few people began filtering into the large room, all waiting for the kings speech. Some call it intuition, others their 6th sense, no matter the term most people had a sense like any other animal when danger was coming. it was the stutter in the conversation behind her that tipped her off, a slight shift of her head allowing her to eye the entrance with her peripherals. Out of all people it could of been, it had to be them.

    The job of assassin did bring in people of varying views on humanity, Jexxai herself didn't find the fault of taking a life when someone deserved it. Nothing appalled her more however then senseless killing. The thing the two monsters that had stepped through the door were famous for. Azami and Relia, two girls that were graduating same as Jexxai herself. Easy going smiles and joy filled eyes that hid a primal evil that resided in both of them. As they made their way into the room, holding hands like sisters, the atmosphere around them shifted. The room was full of trained assassins, so it was with ease that most could spot the signs of death on them. The flecks of dried blood that coated their cloths and the dull sent of decay that hung on them like perfume, it made anyone around them falter for just a moment before returning to their conversations.

    They left a trail of tense people in their wake as they unfortunately walked directly towards the open seats next to her own. Jexxai quickly shifted her eyes back to the main stage, closing her eyelids or just a moment, praying that they would change her minds. Fate seemed to be cruel today for she could easily pick up the soft footsteps of the duo claiming the seats next to her.

    Jexxai, openly scared for her life with the pair seated beside her, quickly looked around for a way to escape, being a head taller then the people next to her made it slightly easier. Several frantic seconds of her eyes jumping from one group of people to the next trying to find a familiar face passed before she finally say Silver slip past a group of chatting girls and take a seat 3 rows ahead of her own. However as if things couldn't get worse, the king took to the stage just as she was about to run out of her seat. With a soft sigh of frustration, she swallowed her frustration and fear as she shifted more comfortably in her seat and prepared for the long haul. All the excitement she felt not moments before gone with the wind.

    The mere presence of these two pulled Jexxais stomach to the floor, she kept her eyes glued to anything but them as they softly conversed beside her. They made her sick in the worst of ways. Jex could barley stop herself from jumping out of her seat, marching to the front stage with the pair in tow and doing the world a favor and taking their lives in front of this crowd. Or simply throwing up, which was just as likely a possibility at this point. With her stomach rumbling menacingly she could only pray that she didn't do the latter....

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  18. Harbinger Thomas, Orange As all the graduates proceeded out of the room, a few of the higher ranking people stayed back to talk about the days events, the speech, and other stuff as well. Whilst discussing among the others, one of them saw some lingering assassins looking around. He decided to head over, "Hey hold that thought I'll be right back" Thomas said leaving his colleague with the others. Thomas was no bigger than a stick, he was slender, was about medium height, Blonde hair, and grayish blue eyes. Seemed like he wasn't much of anything. Wrong, he was a Harbinger rank. He probably could kill you in his sleep. He approached the the lingering assassins with ease, he cleared his throat and lightly spoke. "Hey, you guys lost? Need help finding something?" He looked around the room to see if he could figure out what they were looking for. "Nobody usually hangs around here if they are allowed free time. I don't think I even remember seeing you guys during the speech." He reached in to his pocket and pulled out two envelops. He placed a smile on his face and continued, "If it's these you looking for I'm pretty sure you won't be able to find them. I picked them up after everyone left hoping you'd come for them. I'm not going to fuss about it, I just want you to know that we don't just tell you to be on time for no reason. We say that because we may have something in store you know what I'm sayin'?" He lays the envelops down on the chair and puts his hands back in his pockets. He turned around and started back toward the others, he stop just to say one more thing, "Oh, and your welcome. Congratulations on your achievement. Now go have you some fun its your free time. See you soon" He added, walking back up toward the stage join the others.

    *This was before Liam Arrived by the way*

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  19. Marcus LeeRroy, Blue
    Marcus's world was both great and bad at the same time. He had finally done what he had wanted to do. Unfortunately, he was no longer his father's son, he was now his enemy although he himself did not know that. Marcus was going to take his father down, even if it meant all of his families wealth is taken from them. But Marcus felt no remorse for lying to his parents. At this moment they though he was supposed to be graduating from Boarding school. He had to beg them not to come, it would have taken his days to do so if his father did not have a business venture today.

    Marcus's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the student filing our of the room around him. He was surprised, he had just daydreamed his way throughout the whole speech. He noticed white envelopes in everyone's hands as they left the room. "Crap." Marcus mumbled to himself frantically searching for his own envelope. He luckily found his under his own seat, untouched by anyone. Marcus sighed in relief and quickly grabbed the white envelope. He then noticed another student practically crawling under the seat searching for something. "Weird." He mumbled to himself and he opened up the envelope to finally figure out what he missed. Marcus whistled as raised an eyebrow at the money in which was in side. 20,000 urds was a lovely sum of money. Although it was chump change to his father and his brother, Marcus was not high enough to accept the money. He knew that he would be a bit poor for know, and he would have to make up another excuse for his absence from home.

    Marcus sighed and exited the building. He walked by the guy on the ground and smiled kindly as he walked by. He then noticed another graduate running into the room looking for something. "Do you guys need help?" he asked with concern written all over his face. But there envelopes was already given to them by what appered to be a teacher. Marcus sighed and smiled at the 2 boys, "Nice meeting you guys." holding his hand out of them to shake.
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  20. Kimirou Asura, purple Kimirou would stand as everyone began exiting the building. He quickly searched for the familiar soul essence of the boy from the night before. Once he found it he latched on and traced it back to its owner. "Hello, I am Kimirou Asura" He stated as he reached out his hand towards the boy. "I thought I would check to make sure you were ok after last night. I mean Tal told me you were, and I know you are here now, but it is always good to check." Kimirou shut his mouth instantly in fear of talking to much. He then adjusted his shades on his face and stuck his hands in his pockets waiting on the boy to speak.
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