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  1. Live to Skate


    OOC Thread

    IC Thread


    This is Santa Cruz, one of the vacationing hot-spots of the sunny state of California.

    This little town has a wide variety of residents, each with their own story and life. Some are well off, some are barely scraping by; but in any case, the residents are all pretty familiar with one another. Sure, tourists come and go, but the kids who lived here since their diaper days and made this place their hometown know one another by name.

    Though there are lots of closely-knit people, we turn our attention to a group of young weirdos that happen to share a hobby - skateboarding. Yep, these losers all love to skate; hell, some even grew up skating, in fact. Some were just stragglers that picked up the groups' ways and decided to stick around.

    This little gathering consists of a bunch of young adults - or that's the fancy way of putting it. They're really just a bunch of rowdy teenage punks who have nothing better to do than skateboard. Despite their differences in lifestyle and personality, they've managed to somehow get along with one another, and eventually, they even started to have one another's backs, no matter what part of the group they were. They're so protective of one another, you'd think it's some type of cult. It's odd, but it connects the kids in ways not even they could have imagined to connect.

    As time has passed, the group has stayed strong in the face of drama and danger. They spit in the eyes of the people who try to pull them apart and laugh. They're a representation of the pristine definition of independence, and most of all, they are bound together by their love for skating. They'll fly along wheel-worn asphalt, without a fuck to give.

    And they'll love every second of it.



    Welcome to Live to Skate.

    Live to Skate is a purely original role-play created by yours truly. I attempted this role-play on another site, but complications in both time and availability caused it to die before it could begin. So, I'm giving it a shot on this site.

    The focus of this role-play is around a group of kids fresh out of high school who share a certain passion for skateboarding. Though they all love to skate, they will certainly have their differences in character and personality to overcome and adjust to. They'll explore the sites of Santa Cruz, relax under the stars, and just generally goof off while also attempting to get a start on life.

    This role-play is meant to be a free-roam role-play, meaning there is no certain plot-line to follow or mission to accomplish. The characters simply get to do what they like and bring up events to their whim (to be approved by me if it's something major, of course). The setting is the town of Santa Cruz, a place in California that is ranked as one of the top skateboarding towns in the U.S.

    Most importantly, this role-play is meant to be a relaxed, fun experience for the players. Though drama may turn up and complications or conflict might arise, there will be very little action or fighting in this role-play. The story is meant to allow players to unwind a little from more intensive and strenuous role-plays, or maybe just for the romance and silliness that's sure to arise.

    I hope that you choose to join me in this little adventure of misfit kids, and if so, I hope you enjoy your time doing so.


    Gʀᴏᴜɴᴅ Rᴜʟᴇs
    This is where I can get aggressive.

    All Iwaku rules apply at all times. We write on this site, we follow it's regs. No exceptions.

    I am the GM here, not you. You're not accepted until I say you are. You do not have the authority to give warnings to any players, and you absolutely do not have the power to banish anybody from this role-play. I am the leader here. Deal with it.

    Absolutely no god-modding, bunnying, power-playing, etc. This is obvious, man. Don't be that one asshole that I'll end up having to deal with.

    Posts should be at least two paragraphs {6+ sentences each} or more, no less. You can leave my fucking thread if you think that you can get away with one-liners.

    Do not overtake the IC with your personal interaction with someone else. I've seen role-plays be filled with one conversation between only two characters, while everyone else just fades away. Don't do that. That's what drives people away from posting at all. If that happens, I will give the two writers a warning and if it happens again, they're fucking out of there. If you want a 1/1, don't do one here.

    Keep grammar decent and understandable. Text speak, number speak, or any other form of English will not be accepted, unless you are specifically talking in an email/text in-character. Typos are fine, but do your best to keep them minimal.

    No perfect characters. Flaws and quirks are fun. You know what isn't fun? When someone is perfect at everything and never has a problem. That's stupid, and we both know it, so don't do that to your character.

    Swearing is a-okay with me, but don't overuse it. Using a curse word in every other sentence is annoying. Keep it moderated to some little extent.

    Romance is absolutely 410% encouraged, but sex is off-limits. When the pants and undies come off, you fade to black, time-skip, or, if you're determined to play it AND YOU ARE BOTH IN EITHER THE TEEN OR ADULT RANGE, take it to PMs. I don't want the site admins and mods getting on my case because of an adult member doing some sex scene with a teen member, so just follow this and you'll be fine.

    This is realism. This role-play is focused around a modern, entirely realistic setting. If I see any voodoo magical girl bullshit happen in this role-play, you'll be sorry.

    Keep OOC chat in the OOC section. I hate it when people do OOC in IC posts, so keep it where it belongs. The link to the OOC thread is above.

    Be cool with your fellow role-players. Take any drama or fighting out of this proximity, to PMs or wherever isn't here. I will not tolerate the OOC being filled with a petty back-and-forth fight. Don't force your drama into other peoples' faces, because that's just rude.

    Include people. I cannot stress this enough. If someone is stuck without interaction, find a way to weave your character over and talk to them. Everyone's a part of the story; don't be the shithook RPers that gather into your own little clique and push out another individual.

    Be active. I've seen lots of good role-plays die because people are inconsiderate enough to disappear without a word of warning. If something's happening that may make you go for a while, tell me. I will understand and we can work out something. If you disappear for longer than maybe five days without a word, I will remove your character.

    I have the right to change, edit, or remove any rules that I see fit.


    Tʜᴇ Gʀᴏᴜᴘ

    The Pro - Taken- Elemental*Stars
    This kid has been skating all their lives. They know the lay of the land in a number of different things, from the best skate park to the most difficult stunt technique. They're not completely pro, of course, but more pro than the rest of the kids, so they were dubbed that. The Amateur tends to go to the Pro the most when they need some skating advice. They are practically the leader of the group, and are the ones that started it up in the first place.

    The Stunt Junkie - Taken - Finny14
    This skater loves to do dangerous things with their boards. They're happy to get injured if they do something spectacular or adrenaline-inducing in the process. They're often the one who gets injured on their own accord the most, and they love to improvise on stunts and techniques. They like teaching the Amateur about cool skateboarding things, and they have good vibes with the Stoner. They are usually the ones to orchestrate trips and fun shit to take everyone to go do.

    The Rebel - Taken - Axy
    This is the no-bullshit anarchist of the group. They skate where they want, they do what they want, regardless of the consequences. They hate rules and they honestly love to break any that cross their path. They're the most independent and they love to skate where people say they shouldn't be skating. They're relatively compatible with the Stunt Junkie, and they have a sort of yin-yang relationship with the Sweetheart. They don't have much of a role in the group - they just like to cause chaos to anyone outside of the group, and the group usually has to get them out of BS that they've brewed.

    The Sweetheart - Taken - Simple
    They are by far the most friendly with all the people in the group. They're tied with the Stoner when it comes to tranquility in skating, not really big on huge tricks and all, even if they're pretty capable of them. They enjoy the little things about skating, and love to just surf the sidewalks. They have a lot of experience in maneuvering and direction control on their skateboards. They're the peacemaker and problem-solver of the group when they start to fight among one another, and to tell truth, they're damn good at it too.

    The Stoner - Taken - Pyro
    They bring the fun outside of skating. This kid is very mellow, and loves to just have fun rather than get a thrill or prove themselves. They keep the group stocked in pot, and occasionally they'll bring tabs of acid for a trip - how they obtain the stuff is a mystery. They're chill with the people of the group, and they're not nearly as intense about skateboarding as the Pro or the Stunt Junkie are. The Sweetheart is very compatible with them and they're pretty cool with the Stunt Junkie. They, predictably, are the comic relief of the group when things get too tense or quiet, and they're great at lifting the mood.

    The Amateur - Taken - Enjolras
    This kid is the one who is the klutziest in skating. Even so, they're always seeking to learn more about it and they practice constantly. They have mutual vibes with all of the kids in the group, maybe a bit closer to the Pro than most, considering they're always hunting for help from them. Surprisingly, the Amateur has been in the group for a pretty long time; they've always had an interest in skating, and they've been practicing and learning ever since they joined the group. They haven't made much of a role for themselves yet, but that could change.



    Skater Gals
    1 -
    2 - Pyro
    3 - Elemental*Stars

    Skater Dudes
    1 - Simple
    2 - Enjolras
    3 - Axy


    Cʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ Iɴғᴏ


    Please go to the OOC thread (link above) and reserve one of the spots (Rebel, Pro, etc.) there. I'd rather we keep OOC in it's own place and character sheets in their own place. Plus, it helps me organize a little better.

    Reminder that there are limited spots. I will accept reserves, but will only keep them for 72 hours before they are given away to someone else.

    We are using real people for the appearances. I would prefer that we use celebrities as pictures and use the method of faceclaims for the characters. Do not use anime/semi-realistic/anything in that range as an appearance. It will not be accepted and will be asked to be changed. Please, please, if you use a faceclaim, make the fucking person that you use in the age range of your character. I see people who use grown men as faceclaims and make them, like, 17. That's fucking dumb. Be reasonable.

    Oh, also - make your character sheet pretty! Decorate it, color it, add little symbols to your heart's content! It's a cute aesthetic addition to the party.

    As a forewarning, I may decline a character sheet for lack of detail or for other reasons (that I will make sure to let you know about). Or, I might just give you some critique suggestions, or I may just accept you right-out - it all depends on the quality of the character and the effort on the sheet. If it looks like you just threw it together, I'm less inclined to accept you; if it looks like you took time on it, I'm more inclined to accept you. Simple as that.

    Cʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ Tᴇᴍᴘʟᴀᴛᴇ

    { A phrase that your character lives by }

    { A GIF of your character }

    Faceclaim -

    Name | Age {18-21} | Gender | Sexuality | Role

    Personality Traits

    ___, ___, ___, ___
    {At least four, add as many more as you see fit}

    ___, ___, ___, ___
    {At least four, add as many more as you see fit}

    Personality Description -

    History - {Optional}

    ___, ___, ___, ___
    {Add as many as you see fit}

    ___, ___, ___, ___
    {Add as many as you see fit}

    Other -

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  2. Live to Skate

    Sign-Ups Thread

    IC Thread


    Welcome to the OOC thread.

    Here, you can:

    Reserve character spots.
    Discuss events in the story.
    Share thoughts with other members of the RP.
    Fuck around and be weird.

    Play nice!
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  3. "If you won't love yourself, then I'll just have to do that for you."


    Hunter Kovven | 20 | Male | Bisexual | The Sweetheart

    Cody Simpson

    Personality Traits

    { + }

    [ - ]
    Easily flustered

    Personality Description -
    Hunter has a heart of gold. He's that friend that you can go to when you need to vent your troubles. He's the friend who will happily wait up for the one in the group lagging behind. He's a very kind-natured person in general, who is the first to offer his aid to an aching heart. He has an endless amount of patience, and it's very natural and easy to talk with him. And let me tell you, when you bring up something he likes, he simply glows with exuberance; he's very passionate about the things he loves.
    However, this good nature comes with severe downsides. Time has made him very submissive. He's no leader; in fact, he's quite content with being a follower in a group situation. He gets bashful easily from compliments and such, and though some call it cute, it's not very 'cute' for Hunter to be embarrassed about something. He doesn't call much attention to himself, and mostly, people will need to come to him if they want to chat. He's worried by small things a little too easily for his own good, and often times he'll have a lot of trouble making a decision about certain things. He's very unbiased, and seeing the upsides and the downsides equally from both choices is not as great as it sounds.

    History -
    That's not something he'd like to disclose at the moment. Sorry.

    Soft colors
    A wide variety of sweets
    Chillstep/soft techno music
    Creepy things
    Horror movies
    Braiding long hair {don't you dare laugh}
    The occasional joint

    Being late
    Belittling people
    Passion fruit
    Animal abuse
    Talking/thinking about death
    Sad friends

    Other -
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  4. can i reserve the pro?
  5. Please refrain from posting reserves in this thread. Go to the OOC thread [linked] for any further information.

    But yes, you may.
  6. Hello!

    Could I reserve the spot of Rebel, if it isn't taken?
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  7. Yes, you absolutely may, Axy. I'll go reserve a spot for you now.
  8. Could I reserve the stoner?
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  9. Sure thing, Pyro. I'll go reserve it for you.
  10. Can I reserve the amateur?
  11. Please do not post here to reserve characters. This thread is for character sheets only.

    Go to this thread to reserve characters.
  12. I'm sorry about that! May I reserve the amateur?
  13. it's fine, Enjolras. ツ

    yes, i'll go reserve it for you.
  14. Hey Simple!
    Could I reserve the spot for the stunt junkie?
    This sounds like a great role play. :)
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  15. sure, Finny14! i'll go place your reserve.

    and thank you. i tried to make it sound interesting.

    ^ ^;
  16. alright, all spots have been reserved.

    Everybody who has reserved their spots have 72 hours (or three days) to post and complete a character sheet. If not done by that time, I will open the spot again.
  17. The Amateur
    "Eagles come in all shapes and sizes, but you will recognize them chiefly by their attitudes."

    *Caius Churchill* | *18*| *Male* | *Undecided* | *The Amateur*

    Luke Newberry

    Personality Traits

    { + }

    [ - ]

    Personality Description -
    Caius is trying, okay? He's just... Not too good at much. Jack-of-all-trades. Master of none. A solid-C student. He loves his American history but all those variables and graphs and numbers in algebra... Well, he just can't handle it. Too skinny for football. Too slow for soccer. Too weak for baseball. So when his older brother suggested skateboarding, he thought, why the hell not?

    His over-zealousness to have a friend results in people staying clear of him. But he's determined to find one, whether it takes twenty years of poking or one passionate plea.

    Caius is simply just trying to get by.

    History -
    Caius isn't a big fan of thinking about that

    That rad red and black skateboard at the shop down the street
    The White Stripes
    Classic novels (but don't tell anyone)
    Sweat shorts
    Whatever's on the History Channel at the moment
    Hair flipping
    Golden Retrievers

    People with a stick up their ass
    Pop music
    Public Transportation
    People avoiding him
    Not having friends

    Other -
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  18. Enjolras

    Your sheet looks pretty good. The one detail I'd like to ask you to change is the 'Role' section. We're listing the characters by the archetypes that I listed at the top, so you'd classify him to be the Amateur (even though The Silent Leader is a very interesting title).

    Otherwise, he's accepted. Welcome to Live to Skate.
  19. Oh, another note for Enjolras - he has to be 18-24 in age. Please make sure to edit that for Caius.
  20. Thank you! And I'll change both! When do we start?
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