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  1. [​IMG]

    [​IMG]Ariella, the Crybaby
    Ariella awoke to the sound of her alarm clock ringing. It wasn't the same alarm as it often was, but she didn't think twice. Sleepily, she reached out of the covers to slam her palm over the top of the clock, but it continued buzzing. With a sigh, she rose from the bed, covers falling. She was surprised to look around, groggily coming to realize that this was not her room.

    With a startled cry, the pink haired girl bolted out of the bed, in a frantic hurry to figure out where she was. Dressed in her pajamas, a light blue colored tank top and a heart-printed pair of short-shorts, she suddenly felt incredibly vulnerable. Grabbing the top of the bedsheet, she wrapped it around herself like a Greek and crept out of the room.

    She stood at the end of a long hallway, filled with doors on either ends. Each door had a name and a small painting on the outside. As she exited, she noticed that the painting on her door was that of a smiling pink-haired girl, a girl that seemed to eerily reflect her own appearance.

    With a shudder, Ariella moved on, dragging along the white sheet behind her as she found the stairs leading to the next floor, full of doors with the faces of boys on them. So the top floor was females, the second was males, so the third was..

    She found herself following the smell of eggs coming from a kitchen on the first floor, down a majestic spiraling staircase. Was this some kind of boarding house? Had she been kidnapped? Had her parents ditched her? Her step-dad must have!

    She felt the tears threatening to spill, heading to the kitchen ahead of her.

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  2. Cross Vaalhen, The Fleeting Artist
    Cross awakens early as he normally does. Being that he has insomnia he gets up at about 3 am. Opening his nightstand drawer he pulls out some Jack Daniels and a shot glass. After taking a shot he begins his day with doing some push ups and sit ups. Following after the one hour work out he pulls out a book from his book case and starts to read while heading out of the room to the shower. On his where there he notices new pictures on doors. Thinking to himself well there seems to more people here today guess i should make a special breakfast. Finishing his shower he heads downstairs to start making food.

    Apart from him being one of the first up he is one of the few who takes pride in crating a spectacular cuisine. Making pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, omelets, eggs of all sorts (scrambled, sunny side up, ect) muffins, cinnamon rolls, and even making a apple pie. While most the stuff is cooking he makes a sign saying "Enjoy the food then I will tell everyone what is going on." while also pulling out a welcome sign and hanging it up.

    Hearing foots on the stairs he starts to set out a stack of plates for people to get food. He turns a page in his book he has on the counter beside him and flips some pancakes. Taking another shot of something he had in the fridge he finishes up most of the food and placing it out. He pulls out a electronic cigarette and leans on the counter reading while waiting for everyone to awaken.
  3. [​IMG]The False Princess

    When Ellis woke up, he didn't hear the usual "Good morning," from one of his maids. His silky sheets felt more rough than usual. And though this room looked like it could be owned by Ellis, it wasn't: it was far to cramped and empty to be his room. Curious as to what had happened, Ellis pushed away the duvet, swung his legs over the edge of the bed, then pushed himself up onto his feet. For a second Ellis considered putting something other than his thin, blue pajamas on, but since Ellis didn't trust anything in this strange room, he decided against it. So, he continued with his adventure out of his room.

    After stepping outside of the room, Ellis realized the door had his name and a picture of somebody exactly like him on it. Creepy. What was creepier was that along the corridor Ellis could see more doors just like this along the corridor, just with different names and pictures. Perhaps they all contained others like him. But... why? Had they been kidnapped, so their captors could blackmail their parents into giving them money? Or maybe this was just a dream, and there were no others? But Ellis had too much freedom for it to be a kidnapping, and it felt too realistic to be a dream. What else it could be, Ellis had to clue, but there was a way to find out for sure.

    Ellis continued his adventure, down the stairs, towards the promising smell eggs and bacon.
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  4. The Hawk

    Julian smiled as he sat by the fountain letting his fingers trail in the water as he titled his head so that his golden eyes were shielded from the morning sun by his silver hair. It was not the water the held his attention, rather it was what he saw in the water. There had been new arrivals last night.

    His smirk widened as he watched them wake one by one and realize they were no longer in their homes, or anywhere familiar. Soon enough they would be brave enough to venture down to the kitchen where the Fleeting Artist, or the unlucky artist as Julian liked to think of him for the man truly was unlucky, was waiting to explain what was happening, yet again. He shook his head as he watched, He half hoped this new batch would understand, yet at the same time hoped they didn't. It made he job a great deal easier when they didn't know what they were doing. But then he always felt just a little bit guilty afterwards. When they did understand at least they could grasp that there were consequences for failure.

    The Red Fox

    Adele yawned and stretched, book in one hand, as she sat on the edge of her bed, as the early morning light finally began pouring through the lace curtains covering her window. Adele had been up for several hours by this time deeply absorbed in one of her favorite novels. She was usually an early riser, preferring to spend every moment she could relaxing and doing what she wished before it was time to open the bakery. It was her parent's bakery actually, and it was her mother who opened it, but Adele was expected to be there for the morning shift to help prep and bake everything needed well before the first customer walked through the front door when it was unlocked two hours later.

    Truth be told she enjoyed the work and the people she got to work with. And the morning shift wasn't bad either. Not only did it mean she got a great deal of credit when any of the customers complimented the goods, but she got the majority of the afternoon off as well. Adele was happy with her life.

    The alarm on her oak dresser sounded and Adele hastily turned it off before marking her book and rising to her feet. It was not a waking alarm, it had only been set to remind her that it was time to leave. Checking her appearance in her mirror, Adele grabbed her bag and apron and headed out of her room, out of her house, and began the short walk to the bakery where her mother had probably just finished putting together the list of things they needed to make that day.
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  5. [​IMG] The Infinite Harvester

    "And so, we begin again." William murmured against the porcelain mug that hovered just from his lips. His nearly luminescent eyes fixed entirely on the image reflected from his drink. The purple irises seemed to turn like a great storm, with a light or spark appearing at random moments. The Infinite Harvester contemplating if his hand would hold the scythe again, of if the hand of a Dreamer who decided to return to their home.

    "Futile as it seems... it will be interesting to test the mettle of their souls." Taking a heavy drink from his mug, the patio he was sat on, seemed to shimmer, and then violently raced towards him as if being pulled by a black hole. The wrought iron fences groaned as they twisted, and snapped. Amongst the creaking, crumbling, and dying landscape, the Harvester simply sipped at his drink.

    In an instant, everything around him slammed together, and bursted outwards revealing a cobblestone road leading to a large boarding house with a large canopy of trees guarding the path to the front door. William rubbed his forehead with a gloved hand, and sighed. "Perhaps they will be of an unselfish mind for once." He mused silently, and then turned to lean against a large brick column next to the path leading to the house's door.
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  6. Jame and Noah,

    James and Noah
    As everyone was awaking there was a dark room full of teddies, toys, and dolls. There was a pile of teddies in the far right corner of the room. In the middle of the room was a mirror. A voice came from in front of the mirror. “Space. It’s huge. So huge that if you lost your car key you would never find it again.” Another voice came from inside the teddy pile. “Dummy come on this is fantasy” the voice giggled. “Oh yeah your right ok here i go again.” The first voice said with a frown. “Fantasy. It’s big. So big that if you get bitten by a vampire you would be turned yourself or just die. Either way you can be happy” the second voiced laughed so hard the he couldn’t breathe. “Dummy...*giggles* come here to big brother” the first voice smiled and came over to him. “Now wh-” the first voice didn’t get to finish because all of a sudden the second voice grabbed hold of him by the waist. They both fell back into the pile and lied down to cuddle. “I love you Noah.” The second voice said “I love you too. James” The first voice, Noah, said. And after a while they both fell into Deep sleep till they were told what to do.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ some where in a world ~~~~~~~~~~~~~​

    to be writen
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  7. Golden, solar fingers pried open the sleepy eyes of the wolf. A grumble rumbled the her throat as she pulled the blankets up over her head in protest, the fact that the bed, pillow, blankets, and sheets werent hers not processing in her half asleep mind. The wolf curled under those blankets for a few moments before her hands ran over the fabric of the sheets she laid upon, and then realized that things were not the same as her old, twin sized bed in her one room shack at home. Her cerulean eyes popped open, and her slim body shot upright in that oddly comfortable bed, and though she knew it wasnt hers, and that the room she was in now was nicer than her actual home, she didnt want to move. She did anyway. Akali kicked her feet over the edge of the bed, and then stood, those lovely sheets slipping from her body. She was still in her very own pajamas; a black tank top, and black, and white checkered pajama bottoms.

    Akali walked over to the door of the room she was sleeping in, grasped the handle, and peeked her head out to see the many other doors with pictures that she assumed were the inhabitants of the other room. Beautiful girls...much prettier than she. The wolf stalked out of her respective room, and turned to see her own portrait. Whoever painted this picture made her look exceptionally more beautiful than she was. But they really worked on her eyes, odd eyes that were bright, an unnatural shade of blue. The artist really seemed to like that...it was odd. Shaking her head, her black mass of hair moving with her, she sighed, and turned toward the only flight of stairs she saw. Akali moved downstairs, stopping only for a second to notice the male's floor. She wasnt entirely interested in that, the promise of food wafted up from what she assumed would be the kitchen, or dining room. She found she was hungry, her slim stomach growling, begging for the sausage, eggs, and possibly biscuits.

    The raven haired wolf stepped into the kitchen, and eyed the food being made, she didnt even care to acknowledge the rest of the people who'd seemed to gather here, they must be the other people in the rooms beside, and below her own. No....the wolf was on the hunt, and a sausage link was soon to be her victim.

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  8. image.jpg The Realist

    The irritating buzz of the alarm clock reverberated through the small room. Evie groaned as she shifted under the large, plush comforter that blanketed the bed. She moved the pillow so that it covered her head, in an effort to stop the sound from reaching her ears. A single arm slithered out from under the covers and groped blindly, trying to find the source of the noise. Finally giving up on sleep, she pushed the pillow off of her head and stared at the ceiling. Her tired eyes grew wide as she realized that she wasn't in her apartment. Startled, she sat up quickly and surveyed the strange room.

    Once she realized that she was alone, she relaxed slightly. She examined the new room carefully. It actually did remind her a little of her room in her apartment, though it was a lot nicer. Locating the still blaring alarm clock, she turned it off. Her eyes then fell on the only door in the room. After a moment of hesitation, her curiosity became too much for her, and she walked up to it. She placed her hand on the door knob and began to turn it but stopped once she realized that she was still in her pajamas. She looked down at the oversized T-shirt that covered her body. It was about the length of a short dress, but maybe it would be better to put on some pants. She went to the dresser and found a pair of shorts that were surprisingly her size. She slipped them on and went back to the door. She opened it and cautiously stuck her head out into the hallway. Seeing that no one was there, she slowly stepped out of the room.

    She gazed at the strange hallway in awe. All of the doors were adorned with a beautiful painting of a girl, each one different. Although it was a strange sight, she couldn't help but admire how pretty the paintings were. When her eyes reached her door, she was shocked to see a picture of herself painted on it. Even her name was inscribed on the door. She stared at it for a while before shaking her head and moving on down the hallway. This was just too strange. Maybe it was a dream? Even as she considered this, she knew that it wasn't the case; it was far too realistic to be a dream. At the end of the hallway she found a flight of stairs. The young girl walked down them silently in her bare feet with her messy brown hair following behind her.

    As she came to the floor under her own, she looked out into the hallway and saw that the doors were covered with pictures of boys instead of girls. As she stood their debating whether to go into this hallway or not, the tempting smell of food reached her nose. Her stomach rumbled and she turned her head to the direction that the smell was coming from. Following her nose, she continued down the stairs until she reached a kitchen where a few people were already gathered. She looked around at all of the food and smiled. Usually she had to cook her own breakfast in the morning and this food definitely looked better than anything she could make. Forgetting about her confusion for the moment, she walked into the room and waited patiently for the food to finish cooking.
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  9. The Sightless Bull

    The alarm goes of and he immediately wakes up and looks around as is he was hit in the face to get up. He looks over and turns the alarm of and surveys the room. At first, it reminds him of the barracks that he was in when he was an officer in the army. But he notices that its not what he remembers before went to sleep. So he gets up looks for some cloths to wear. He finds some in a dresser the surprisingly are his size. He locates the door and opens it as if he is used to being there (knowing that hes not).

    He looks down both sides of the hallway and notices that there are pictures on the door and turns to looks at his. Its a picture of a bull running towards a light with a red line on the ground in a dark room . As if the bull was following it. He stands and stares at the picture as he was trying to figure out why his photo was the way it is. He notices that the photo only relates to his past self. Not wanting to know why it relates to the past he starts walking away. Walking down the hall he notice other photo that are all unique in their own way, mostly related to males. He gets to the stares and walks up thinking there roof access, so that he can see if he can find out where he is.

    He gets to the roof and open the door to something that left him speechless. He sees a world like no other, he could not place it in any file, book, of maps he had ever seen. Having see where hes at, he decides to go back down stairs to find someone and ask them "Where am I?" and "Why am i here?".

    On his way down he walk down what seems to be the female floor. He looks at the photos as if he was in an art gallery. Trying to deduce who made the photos and why. Some look so interesting to him that he would most certainly burn the image into his skull. Just as hes about to turn towards the stairs he sees a man dressed in, what looks to be a loosely worn tux. Hes decides to find out what he knows about this place.

    He to the end of the hall to the stairs to see that hes disappeared. He goes down to the bottom floor to see him walk through a set of double door with a sign saying cafeteria. He follows the man to see him cooking as if its was a celebration. It smells so good that his stomach growls loudly enough that the man turns and looks and says "Go ahead and have a seat. It will be all done soon". Seeing no one else beside himself and the man, he sits down at a table, waiting patiently to eat.

    As soon as the hunger would be the death of him. He walks over and asks "Hey, can i have a shot of that Jack Daniels?"

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  10. Once Ellis had found the source of the smell, he noticed a small crowd had gathered. Not surprising, with such inviting food beckoning to be eaten. And now they were all here, in their pajamas. Ellis wondered if anybody else here had any clue what was going on, and if they'd also been drawn out of their rooms by curiosity, before being enchanted to come here by the food. A good way of finding out would be to ask, Ellis knew, but he was too nervous to ask. He didn't want to turn out to be the only clueless one, thus made a fool. For now Ellis would wait to see if somebody else asked what was going on, while dreaming of fried breakfast.
  11. [​IMG]Shien, the Erratic.

    It was yet another sunny morning in Mvenia, sunlight seeping through curtains to wake those who still tried to catch some minutes of sleep and they already spread some warmth promising a warm day. Shien was awoken by his alarm clock like always, his bedroom window faced to the south and so he didn't have to be blinded by the sun that always found some opening in the curtains. Yawing he turned over to the side, snuggling down underneath the covers again, the plus with his apartment was as stated that no annoying morning light could disturb him. Fifteen minutes later Shien's second alarm screamed where it stood on top of the bureau, the safe guard that ensure he had to go up to turn off the alarm and not just fall asleep again. Throwing his covers off Shien stumbled across the room and turned it off, leaving a peaceful calm behind, rubbing his blue eyes and pushing back his hair that had been doing its own thing during the night and now pointed every which way, shuffling into his small kitchen he prepared some coffee before he continued to the bathroom.

    Returning the the kitchen more alert he poured some coffee in a mug and brought it and a bowl of cereal to the small table, pulling a hand through his still damp, teal coloured hair, flipping through the paper as he ate. After the first hot, heavenly sip Shien felt ready to face another day, he was not a morning person but could still pull himself together if he had some coffee. When he was done he dumped the mug and bowl in the sink, rinsing them quickly but not bothering to wash them properly now before he fetched his things.

    Locking the apartment door behind him Shien headed for the large library close to the center of Mvenia, a job at the largest library in Elsador fitted him perfectly with his neverending curiosity, back in his home town Aurnia his family owned a florist shop and while he liked it there creating bouquets and arranging flowers all day wasn't exactly for him. Then the access to a myriad of ancient tomes and interesting books was much more tempting and one of the biggest reasons of why Shien had decided to move to Mvenia.
  12. Nikolas yawned and slowly got up and noticed a beautiful girl next to him, she was snoozing like a bear! He stretched a little and slowly got out of bed and smiled thinking; she was definately a screamer but it was so worth it. He quickly got dressed and he saw the see through sliding door that headed to the very balcony he laid his red eyes on her. She was beautiful but not I will marry her beautiful. She was just staring at nothing basically and he just did his usual parlor trick on picking up women, grew a vine up to her place and plucked a rose from the billions that grew and handed it to her and whispered, "Just until this enchanted rose wilts, can you be mine?" She blushed a deep shade, was a bit reluctant at first but he soon persuaded her to reason. He quietly tip toed towards the doors, slide them open and just quickly jumped off the balcony's fencing. He had a big rose bloom for him to step on and as soon as he stepped onto it the rose exploded into a billion of bright red petals and he smirked as he thought, now if only there were women here so i can have a night to remember! He looked back and forth and thought this was quite far from his place... eh what the heck I think that droplet place is nearby. Lets see what the rain brought in as he started to go down the stone paved road.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Felicity stared over the edge of a cloud thinking, when will they finally try to go out and do something. They always take such a long time in the beginning! She groaned as she started to roll around in the cloud. She was a bit excited though, as soon as they step outside trying to do something... BAM she will get to cause pain and suffering!! She giggled a bit thinking how she wanted some cotton candy. Cotton candy was soft and just melted in her mouth and it always made her smile a bit as she slowly took bites that just dissolved on her tongue. She quickly jumped off this insignificant cloud towards the special area just for Guardians to eat. She screamed loudly just to wake the other Guardians up and to bother them! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  13. [​IMG] The Cyber Chick

    Another day, just like any other. This was the though in Jewels mind as her alarm went off. Instead of her usual alarm waking her, a different alarm was now ringing. It was loud and obnoxious, unlike the one she was used to. It took her a moment until she reached over and finally shut it off. Why was her room so bright? She usually had dark curtains to keep the sun out since every morning the sun would shine on her face, this time it hit her face and caused her to fall out of bed from being blinded by the sun. With a loud THUD she hit the floorr and layed there for a moment. "What... is going on..." After finally pulling herself up and standing near her bed, she noticed this was not her room. In fact, it was much smaller. None of her artwork hung on the walls, or any of her posters. Where were her things? "OH MY GOSH!" She yelled as she ran to the closet to look for something, but what? There it was, her tablet and her laptop a long with her headset. As long as she had these she would be okay. After hearing sounds of a girl in the hallway screaming and other related sounds, she deciced to explore. With her laptop under her right arm, and with her in her pajamas (White t-shirt and black pajama bottoms) she peaked out of her room and made her way to the kitchen. The smell of food would be her guide, maybe someone around her could explain what was going on.


    [​IMG] The Flower Petal

    Morgan had been awake for hours. She always woke up very early to tend to her garden in palace that some of her fellow Guardians lived in. While tending to the last bunch of roses in her large garden, a flower in the very center began to chime with a very whimsical tune. "Oh?" She set down her watering can and made her way over to the flower. It was a mix of a rose, tulip, and lily and was the color of the sun. Morgan touched the top of it gently, letting it open up and glow bright. A large dew drop hovered over the flower, almost the size of a small watermelon. She looked into it to see that some new droplets had arrive and were just waking. With a warm and happy grin she touched the flower once more to let the dew drop go back into its hiding place. Suddenly a very familiar scream filled the air. "Felicity..." After watering the last of her garden, Morgan made her way to the dining hall where Felicty stood waiting for the other to wake up. "Excited aren't we? You're not going to make them cry like you did the last bunch are you? I swear, everyone is so rough with the droplets." Morgan's voice was always kind and gentle, almost like the flowers she cared for. This is what set her apart from most Guardians, she cared for the droplets almost like her flowers.
  14. Nikolas took his time getting to the droplets place. He realized he might not look that great due to his "messy" morning apperance so he snapped his fingers and a vine came out from the ground spiraling between the cracks of the road and as the rose bloomed it was pointed east. He snatched the rose quickly and pulled off a petal as he took a step. "One." Slowly he started to walk eastward as he kept pulling off the petals and whispering softly the number of petals he pulled off.

    Felicity started to bounce excitedly as Morgan started speaking to her. She was so glad Morgan came to see her, but than she realized Morgan worried about the droplets AGAIN. She huffed and puffed her cheeks out and pouted like a child, "BUUUT MORGAN!!! They deserve it they ruin the world and junk!!" She swiped the huge array of food the server gave to her. She stomped off to a round table next to the fountain and stared into it just for a second because she was just so excited about her breakfast. She decided she wanted more than just, cotton candy. Her tray was full of sweets but also had the essentials:
    (1) Bag of Jumbo Large Cotton Candy
    (10) Sausage Maple Links
    (3) Buttermilk Pancakes served with a complimentary bottle of sweet maple syrup and a slab of butter
    (2) Pack of Rainbow Gums
    (3) Grape Cloud Bunches
    (1) Bag of Assorted Magical Sweets from the Candi~Licious Shop that Felicity pays a little extra just so they can send it here for her because she is too lazy to go "downstairs".
  15. The Hawk
    "If they can't handle a little bit of roughness from us, " Julian intoned standing from his seat by the fountain just in time to hear the last bit of his fellow guardian’s conversation, “How do you expect them to handle what happens if a pair of them are actually fortunate enough to fall in love? Or not so fortunate as the case may be.”

    In his left hand he still cupped a bit of fountain water, intent on keeping an eye on what was happening in the world below, though the racket Felicity had made upon her arrival had be more than enough to draw him out of his own thought and into conversation with the others.

    His eyes swept over Felicity’s tray of goodies and with a perfectly straight face he managed “Your usual collection of goods I see, Though I must point out that I still fail to understand how you can eat all that without making yourself sick.” Julian’s own breakfast had consisted of a cup of coffee, a toasted bagel with lox, and half a grapefruit.
  16. [​IMG]Morgan always had her usual breakfast that consisted of a salad that had fresh herbs and veggies from her garden, a bowl of fruit, and some orange juice. She took a seat near Julian and giggled at Felicity. "Why not try some of my salad? It's much more healthier." After taking a sip of her juice and a bite of her salad she sighed and adjusted some of the flowers in her hair. "I just hate to see them suffer so much. I know the laws and such, but why not let them be happy? Sometimes I wish I could be one of them." Morgan was always the odd one, she wanted to know the feeling of finding her soul mate. Something inside her felt heart broken, almost like she had felt this before. Then again she couldn't remember much before becoming a guardian.
  17. Felicity stares at Julian's plate and replies, "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUH of course my belly never gets sick because~ first, I eat the breakfast stuff," she points to the sausage and pancakes.
    "Than I stuff the candies in my bag," she than starts to put the cotton candy and rainbow gums in the bag. She grabs the bag of magical assorted sweets and puts them in a different pouch of her messenger bag.
    "Finally my grape cloud bunches are either to eat after breakfast or used for my game," she says as she finishes her little rant with a grin as she puts the grapes in her pocket.
    Than she stares at Morgan's plate, "BLECH NO THATS ICKY!!"
    She than goes back in her seat and stares at both of them and says, "Now if you don't mind I have to devour this food!!!" She just dumps the butter on top of her pancakes and slathers her meal in maple syrup. She finishes her meal quickly in just a few minutes and sits in her chair picking her teeth nonchalant.
    She lets out a huge burp at least worth 8 points and quietly giggles as she says, "Excuse me." She gives the plate back to the sever and quietly says, "Thank you."
    She bows to both Morgan and Julian as though she was wearing an imaginary hat, "Now if you don't mind I got to pick a target."
  18. Morgan finished up her breakfast quickly before Felicity could leave then after someone took her plate from her she rose to her feet and stood next to the mischievous Guardian. "I'm coming with you. Last time you cause so much trouble and made such a mess it took days to clean up. Plus if you want to pick a target, you need to blend in a little better." She didn't think about it when she said it, but this was coming from a woman with dozens of flowers in her hair. Then again she was much more subtle than Felicity. Even though she didn't like having to turn the droplets from their soulmate, as a Guardian she had no choice. "Let's go wait for the new ones to pull themselves together shall we?" As they made their way outside an onto the clouds, Morgan waved her had and a flower from her hair flew onto the clouds and grew with size. She stood inside the large rose blossom and waited for Felicity to join her.
  19. Felicity sighs and just jumps into the blossom mumbling and grumbling as they go "downstairs."
  20. Morgan stands quiet as the rose closes up and transports them down where the droplets have taken residence. "Let's wait out here, we can't just burst in you know." The two appeared on a sidewalk outside of where the droplets were living. As people walked by going about their daily lives, Morgan tried to blend in. "Shall we go into the back yard and peak inside? I want to see what kind of droplets we have this time." Morgan took Felicity's hand and guided her to the backyard. Quietly they crouched under a window and peaked into the kitchen. "Can you see how many there are? Any ones that catch your eye?"
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