[高校は戦争だろう?!] Koukou wa Sensou Darou?! (High School is War, Right?!)

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    As of this semester, the Hanazakura School for Maidens and the nearby Tatsuryuu Academy are merging their campuses and going co-ed. The majority of the student body is thrilled with the new opportunities to mingle with the opposite sex, and the faculty looks forward to the greater resources afforded by combined funding.

    Fe[SIZE=5]w realize the turf war about [/SIZE]to erupt on the[SIZE=5]se very grounds.

    The Flowering Tigers of Hanazakura are the fiercest girl gang[SIZE=5] around. [SIZE=5]These rude, crude, tough young ladies terrorize [SIZE=5]the student body[SIZE=5] of Hanaza[SIZE=5]kura[SIZE=5], and they[SIZE=5]'ll [SIZE=5]drink you [SIZE=5]under the table and steal your wallet before [SIZE=5]you can call[SIZE=5] them "maidens".

    The Tatsuryuu [SIZE=5]Whirlwinds[SIZE=5] run the[SIZE=5]ir respective campus. Despite be[SIZE=5]ing delin[SIZE=5]quents, they are somewhat [SIZE=5]idolized[/SIZE] by the[SIZE=5]ir classmates, serving as [SIZE=5]protectors a[SIZE=5]gai[SIZE=5]nst the riff-raff from riv[SIZE=5]al school[SIZE=5]s and [SIZE=5][SIZE=5]doling[/SIZE] out their own brand of punishment against bullies when teachers fa[SIZE=5]ll short. But don't get them w[SIZE=5]rong; they're [SIZE=5]not afraid to get down and dirty.[/SIZE]

    With two such powerhouse groups[SIZE=5] sharing [SIZE=5]territory[SIZE=5], [SIZE=5]will the[SIZE=5] schools [SIZE=5]still be standing for[/SIZE] their first joint graduation?!

    Find out [SIZE=5]in


    This will be a Chat RP, and the first session will be held in January (Date TBA).

    This RP is about high school delinquents in Japan. If you're not familiar with the terms "banchou", "yankii", or "bosouzoku", I recommend that you either look those up or rethink playing.

    This RP will be completely silly.

    This RP will allow characters with unrealistic abilities/skills. Think "anime realism". If you're not sure whether something is okay, ask!

    I will be playing
    either the gang leader for Hanazakura or Tatsuryuu, if not both gang leaders. (However, if you REALLY want to play a banchou/sukeban, you can still talk to me and I may have an option for you.)

    You may play either a regular student or a teacher instead of a delinquent, if you wish.

    New Rule: You may play a second character. Due to popularity, this WILL be a series of ongoing chat RP sessions for those who want to keep on playing.

    Jinx is required to play in this game.

    After some debate, character sheets WILL be required for this game! BUT. You can put as much or as little info as you like, so long as your sheet has at least the following:

    School: (Hanazakura or Tatsuryuu)
    Known for: (Give me at least one skill/habit/trait that makes them stand out from an amorphous blob.)

    Soooo, who is in? 8D

    EDIT: OH YEAH. If you want to give me input on dates/times, feel free.


    First Session: Boys' Night at the Ramen Stand (open)

    It was the last night before they came back from break... and the last night that they had their turf all to themselves. The boys of Tatsuryuu had mixed feelings about the merger between their school and nearby Hanazakura, most of all those belonging to the infamous Tatsuryuu Whirlwinds. Their banchou, Wakatsuki Gentou, had called a small conference at one of their favorite hang-outs a local ramen stand. The gang were all crowded around their usual table, already in conversation about the pros and cons of going co-ed. -Wakatsuki Gentou

    [Karasu Zankoku enters.] -08:34 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: With a crooked lean, Hiko sat next to the banchou, one elbow on the table, chopsticks in hand. <s>Her</s> His other hand resting on his thigh. Knees apart, one foot raised up on the leg of a perpendicular chair, he looked just a little bit miffed about the whole situation. "I don't get why some of our students are all excited about it. They're just girls, dammit. What's so great about being a girl?" -08:39 Jan 12
    Ozawa Yuudai: There was one surefire way to find the ramen stand, and that was by smell, the steam and odor what enough to make the stomach do flipflops in anticipation. With two emptiesd bowls already in front of him Kuma hadn't spoken much. "New friends are new friends." he said, "Maybe they'll need our protection too. I'm happy about meeting new people." -08:40 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: Karasu sighed before shaking his head, and ran a hand through his his dark hair. He then suddenly slammed a fist on the table and yelled "There is no way that we should converge schools with those maidens. I mean yes, it would make our school seem like less of a... Yaoi fan club, but still, we don't need to merge, and I don't support this decision at all!" -08:41 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: Karasu sighed before shaking his head, and ran a hand through his his dark hair. He then suddenly slammed a fist on the table and yelled "There is no way that we should converge schools with those maidens. I mean yes, it would make our school seem like less of a... Yaoi fan club, but still, we don't need to merge, and I don't support this decision at all!" -08:41 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: "Here here!" Hiko cheered, thumping a fist on the table in agreement with Karasu! -08:43 Jan 12
    James Zankoku: He sat in his chair with his arms crossed looking at the group. The ramen stand was like the HQ for the whole gang. Almost like a pizzeria in American culture. James looked at Karasu and shook his head. "These girls are a new opportunity for us boys, I mean we go to an all boys school. There isn't any babes for us to see. I honestly don't care that we are merging. The only challenge they present to us is that they will make us spend our money." James looked at the rest of the group for their opinion. -08:44 Jan 12
    Michishige Masahiro: Michishige takes a seat at the table and pulls chopsticks out of his pocket. "It would add a bit of eye candy for us, and besides, they might be interested in a bit of cleaning. Even so, it does add a bit of interest to the school too, a bit more drama perhaps, anything to add to the school day would make it more exciting." -08:47 Jan 12
    Hinata Kita: Hinata, or Kita, as he preferred to be called due to his somewhat feminine given name, was on his second bowl of ramen, slurping up another bundle of noodles. "I don't see the big deal," he spoke loudly, as usual, around his mouthful. "Some girls could liven things up. Righteously defending maidens in there time of need! Doesn't that just fit our image perfectly?" -08:49 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: "Bah! You're just on board with this whole thing because you're a pervert, Michi-kun!" Hiko growled, pointing his chopsticks accusingly at the boy. "I bet you'd hit on me if I was a girl, right? I know you would, don't deny it!" -08:50 Jan 12
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Wakatsuki Gentou: "I don't mind going co-ed," Gentou spoke up, leaning back in his chair with a small frown and blowing his bleached hair out of his sharp-looking eyes. "But there's... that gang." They all had to know which gang the banchou was referring to. Hanazakura's gang of girls were a known terror of their nearby neighborhood. So far, the Whirlwinds and the Flowering Tigers had avoided a scuffle. Now, they were going to be packed into the same campus all day, and who knew what that meant? "That sukeban of theirs... I've heard some things. We should keep our eye on them." -08:50 Jan 12[/COLOR]
    Hinata Kita: "That's not a bad idea. If there was a girl who could handle a baseball bat the way you do, Hiko," he said with a laugh and a grin at the idea of such a girl. -08:51 Jan 12
    Hinata Kita: ((if only there**)) -08:52 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: Karasu takes a glance at Michishige before tilting his head to the right in disbelief. "Are you kidding, you really think those semi barbaric maidens would really want to clean our school? They would probably mess the place up even more, considering how dumb they are, and if we were put in the same school, that would only mean more brawls. And that kind of thing is unnacceptable for one of my GLORIOUS stature." The last two words Karasu yelled, before standing up swiftly and putting two hands to his heart. "This idea, is IDIOTIC!" -08:52 Jan 12
    James Zankoku: "Calm down, Michishige is actually right. These babes could actually help us and give us something to do.Plus since we are joining there will most likely be women's locker rooms." James smiled at the group thinking about the wonders of the girl's locker room. "If there is any issue with our joining, it's that we are going to have less space, but I'd like to be be close. -08:53 Jan 12
    James Zankoku: "Calm down, Michishige is actually right. These babes could actually help us and give us something to do.Plus since we are joining there will most likely be women's locker rooms." James smiled at the group thinking about the wonders of the girl's locker room. "If there is any issue with our joining, it's that we are going to have less space, but I'd like to be be close. -08:53 Jan 12
    Michishige Masahiro: Michishige begins to chuckle a bit. "Well, for one thing, you'd make a terrible woman Tachibana-san. But then again, women are women, and I do fancy their bodies. Who says they are semi barbaric? Do you think some gigantic beasts are just going to waltz into our school, with tunics and giant axes?" -08:54 Jan 12
    Ozawa Yuudai: Another empty bowl down and a solid burp before reaching for another. "We've handled other gangs befor." he said between mouthfulls. "Just because they're girls won't make a difference, we do what we always do." He ignored the part of the conversation about peeking on the girls, that was exactly the kind of thing he joined the gang to prevent... or so he thought. -08:54 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: Hiko had to bite her tongue to keep from arguing the matter further and when that felt like it wasn't going to work, he stuffed a large amount of noodles into his mouth and just glared around at his friends. Okay, well, only SOME of them were "friends". -08:55 Jan 12
    [(Timeout) Karasu Zankoku was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -08:55 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: "W-Womans locker room? You are almost as much as a pink clad pervert like Michishige is! But I mean, no offense to you Michishige. I just cannot fathom the idea of women in our school, no ifs, ands, or buts!" -08:55 Jan 12
    James Zankoku: "Are you a wuss? Maybe those books are getting to your head Karasu. If you like guys I understand, but what is not to love with the girls there." James stood up and put his hands on his sides. "Gentlemen we will show those broads who's boss, they will pamper us and make us dinner at nights! Our future is going to change, can't you smell it?" He looked up at the sky and began to think of how the school would change now that girls would be there. "Then again, there will be rule changes." -08:58 Jan 12
    Michishige Masahiro: Michishige laughs a bit and then sighs. "It's quite alright Karasu-san, but think about it. You could be sitting down in math class, learning about boring equations. But, if there's a woman there, you could be staring at her instead, ignoring everything else around you. Wouldn’t you rather be doing that the some humdrum arithmetic?” -08:59 Jan 12
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Wakatsuki Gentou: Gentou nodded at Kuma's assessment. "No going looking for fights, hear me? If they're going to start trouble, let them. Got it, you guys? That's an order." He leaned forward, sending a warning look the way of James. -09:00 Jan 12[/COLOR]
    Tachibana Hiko: Must...remain....calm... Nope. Hiko shot to his feet, yanking the bat out of the holster strapped to his back. He brought it swinging down on James' bowl of ramen, smashing the dish to pieces and spraying broth. "Women shouldn't be treated like that!" -09:00 Jan 12
    Hinata Kita: Kita had his face in a bowl as he lifted it to drink back the broth. With his lean but still wiry form, one could wonder where all the food went. "Ahh~. Aaanyway, whether we like it not, it's happening. We should lay down the law on day one, let them know the school is still OUR turf!." -09:01 Jan 12
    Hinata Kita: "Not that I'm suggesting we start a fight outright..." he added. -09:01 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: "No, brother, I can't smell your ridiculous idea. The only I thing I smell is the delicious smell of ramen. And Michishige, I'm sorry, but staring at a woman's breasts all day does not get you anywhere in life. Only studying will, and Michi, maybe you should learn how to study. It would raise your GPA from a 0.5 to at least 0.7. Have you ever thought about starting a bread shop, clad in rainbow like colors?" -09:02 Jan 12
    Ozawa Yuudai: "Maths?" he looked at the smaller boy and smiled. "I always sleep in that class, it's a nice rest between history and Japanese. Won't make any difference to me." ... "oops." He looked at Hiko questioningly, if she stormed off he'd follow. -09:03 Jan 12
    Michishige Masahiro: Michishige jumped out of his seat and put his hand on Hiko's shoulder. "You need to calm down man. If you pulled something like that in school, it could be a spark to a battle between man and woman. And Karasu-san! It's not like your GPA is that much better than mine!" Michishige smirks a bit at his comeback. -09:04 Jan 12
    James Zankoku: James stared at Tachibana-san and furrowed his brow. "Don't you see the point here, numbskull. We need to take this to our advantage and not think of it as a bad thing. All those fine ladies will be ours for the taking. It's like they are adding a ramen stand of our own to the campus. If you really care that much how about you go over there with bro and think about guys the whole time." James looked at Tachibana and Karasu with a smirk then sat back down. He picked the small noodled from his broken bowl and slurped it up in spite of Tachibana. -09:04 Jan 12
    [Akimota Aimi enters.] -09:05 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: "You're.... You are just...." Hiko whirled on Gentou, her eyes burning with anger. "Permission to beat the crap out of him, Banchou?" Her fingers tightened around the handle of the bat. -09:06 Jan 12
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Wakatsuki Gentou: In the moment that Hiko's bat smashed down on the table, Gentou had gotten to his feet quicker than the eye could follow and had grabbed hold of the bat- as well as placed a hand on James's shoulder. "Tchh. That's enough of that." The banchou's aura emanated warning; he was not going to tolerate more of this. -09:07 Jan 12[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Wakatsuki Gentou: "We're not treating the girls like that. Tachibana's right, we don't do that. Got a problem?" -09:08 Jan 12[/COLOR]
    Akimota Aimi: Aimi had gone to all boy's school her entire life. Her famous Father was convinced that it'd 'make a man' out of her. Her Uncle was a Yakuza gangster so it made perfect sense that the sweet and polite girl always found herself with the 'bad boys' of the school. Aimi had been lurking somewhere behind her Banchou, skirt tucked nearly around her and happily slurping her ramen. "You know... They have really adorable uniforms and having more than me at the school will be really fun! But Hiko-kun is right. You guys are horrible pervs." She stuck her tongue out at the lot of them. "Nyah." -09:08 Jan 12
    Hinata Kita: "Hiko's right, girls are meant to be protected, that's what real men do! Not turn them into servants." He said, pointing his chopsticks at James. Gentou's warning reminded him to keep his own quick to the punch anger in check. -09:09 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: Karasu's eyebrows rose in disbelief at his brothers comment. "One thing worse than having a low GPA, is liking men. There is no way I would ever become like Michi, who is into BOTH genders." He said, smiling at Michi because of his comment. "And James, do you not understand the problems that would come along if we had a co-ed school? That would be a disaster! I mean, perverts like you would practically be groping them with your eyes all day, and Michi would join in the fun for a three way. Get it, I rhymed?" -09:09 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: That aura... Hiko's heart skipped a beat and the fire in her gaze waned. "S-sorry, Banchou... Lost my cool again..." she muttered, sinking back down into her chair, cheeks flushed. -09:09 Jan 12
    James Zankoku: James rolled his eyes at Gentou and nodded. "Yes sir." He said it in a way that a child would when he didn't want to do something. "Then what will we do. We have to lay down the law, show them who's the boss." James looked around the table. "So what is going to be the plan then?" -09:10 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: "Were you not listening? Banchou said we lay low and wait for them to start something," Hiko grumbled, tucking the bat back into its holster. She resumed eating then. -09:12 Jan 12
    Michishige Masahiro: "Karasu-san, you have the brain of a snail and the scent of a hog. I might not have top-of-the-line grades but at least I have my knowledge in fashion and grooming. I for one think that the addition of girls to our school is awe-inspiring, and we should make the best of it to our own advantage." -09:12 Jan 12
    Ozawa Yuudai: With the tention defused Kuma went back to shovling ramen into his mouth, his face hidden behind his bowl as he lifted it to get every last scrap out. "Ca we jus tal ta them?" his voice came, muffled as he tried to talk and talk at the same times, then he placed the final bown down and refilled his lungs with air. "What do we know about them anyway, they might be like us and more interested in teeking the peace." -09:14 Jan 12
    Akimota Aimi: Aimi finished up her ramen and dreamed of adorable school uniforms with skirts and brighter colors than navy and black. She'd let her grow out for sure! She raised her bowl and slurped the rest of the broth down. Aimi was still working on her lady like table manners... It'd take a while. "Hiiiiiko-kun. Why is everyone so grouchy over this? I want more girls besides me!" Aimi had never even tried to be a boy in her entire life, regardless of who said what ever. -09:15 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: "Yup. The brain of the snail and the scent of a hog. Snails may move slow, but in time they make progress. As for me, I am what you call a hyper snail. I have fast movement, getting to classes on time, ALL THE TIME, and my brain moves fast, faster than yours. And I smell like a man, unlike you, you smell like a pretty boy. Your body scent screams pink lollipops and citrus daydream, y'know, that famous womens perfume?" -09:16 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: Whatever. Hiko personally wasn't happy about the girls joining, but for her own personal reasons. She was in her current school to avoid the life of a woman, dammit! She gave a heavy sigh, glancing sideways at Ozawa. "Oi. I'm full. Here." She pushed her bowl across the table to him and rested her chin in her hand. "Because men don't like change, Aimi-chan," she replied moodily. -09:17 Jan 12
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Wakatsuki Gentou: The Zankoku brothers were not original members of Gentou's gang, and sometimes it showed. He was always having to stop those two from getting out of hand, it seemed. Stuffing his hands into his pockets- after pausing to pat Akimoto awkwardly on the shoulder- he dropped back into his chair. "I want to watch them first. As to what I've heard... Hn. They're rough. That Honda girl is Kendo captain and she uses her practice sword in fights." -09:18 Jan 12[/COLOR]
    Hinata Kita: "I think you're all missing the point here." Kita leaned forward, waving his hand over the table as if hanging up an invisible banner. "The righteous Tatsuryuu Whirlwinds, heroes and justice dealers to both schools! Change can be a great thing! Ne? Ne? Well, it's not really change, we already do that stuff, but our influence could... grow or something." Influence was a pretty big word for his rather simple brain. -09:19 Jan 12
    James Zankoku: "Maybe we can change things for the better", James admitted. "I mean girls are great and all but we can do something pretty cool with the school. Then again we don't know how they will react to us..." James laid back in his chair looking at the group with his hands in his pockets. "So we'll just go to our classes normally and hang out. What if they engage us?" -09:22 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: "Honestly, I don't care anymore. I'll go along with whatever Banchou decides. And since he's okay with this change, then fine. But I swear, if that sukeban starts something to disrupt the peace of this school..." -09:23 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: Realizing that he was getting a suspicious look from Wakatsuki, he sighed and sat back in his chair. He was acting quite immature, and he disliked the random he had. He then looked at his ramen, ignoring it for most of the conversation, and took a sip of the broth to tell if it was hot or not. And as he predicted, the ramen became colder than it originally was. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I mean, maybe they have the same opinion as I do, thinking we are gross or something. Or maybe they are more positive, I don't know." -09:23 Jan 12
    Akimota Aimi: This confused Aimi. She was rather certain that biologically she was the same as the other boys, after all she hadn't started hormones yet. So. It was clearly more than biology. It was just stubborn pigheadedness. Aimi considered voicing her opinion but decided it might make the Banchou unhappy.... She rolled herself up in her chair, knees under her chin. -09:25 Jan 12
    Michishige Masahiro: "Well, we won't know what happens till tomorrow comes. But I can tell you tomorrow, I will glamorize myself to the greatest extent that a human could!" From his excitement Michishige jumps out of his seat and runs over to grab another bowl of ramen. -09:27 Jan 12
    Hinata Kita: "Thinking we're gross?" Kita laughed out loud, "We're talking High School, not Primary School. They might think we're cool, 'cause we ARE pretty damn cool." -09:27 Jan 12
    Ozawa Yuudai: Hiko seemed upset and as per his instinct Kuma lstodd and walked slowly to stand behing her and with a quick motion clamped an arm around her and hugged her tight. To him the conversation was going nowhere, and he wa growing bored and sleepy. But hugging he could do. -09:29 Jan 12
    Michishige Masahiro: While walking back to his seat his cell phone begins ringing. Michishige begins to answer it and then closes it. "Well, looks like my parents need me for something or another. I'll catch you guys later. Ciao!" Michishige walks away from the table while waving goodbye. -09:29 Jan 12
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Wakatsuki Gentou: (Pssst, Vay, no one is supposed to know Hiko is a girl, I think.)) -09:30 Jan 12[/COLOR]
    [(Logout) Michishige Masahiro scurries to a hidden lab!] -((09:31 Jan 12))
    Tachibana Hiko: Hiko snickered, imagining those flowering kittens (or whatever the hell they called themselves) acting like a bunch of grade school kids. "Well I'm sure some of us are gross," Kita-kun. She wasn't about to point fingers and start another fight, not after Gentou's orde-- "ACK! BEAR HUG!" she shouted, cackling and squirming in Ozawa's grip. "L-lemme gooo!" And there went her bad mood. -09:31 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: Karasu rolled his eyes at Kita's comment. "Perhaps the thing I said was of someone who would be in Primary School. But I mean you still understood what I meant. What I'm trying to say is, like me, I don't think they think that highly of us either." -09:32 Jan 12
    Hinata Kita: "Hey, Kuma starting hugging, he must be bored," he observed, starting a third bowl of ramen. "Wait, what?" he looked at Karasu, "maaan, what does that matter? They just might come to think highly of us in time. Where's your fighting spirit?" -09:37 Jan 12
    Ozawa Yuudai: He ruffled Hiko's hair before letting go and standing to his full hieght. "I still don't see what the problem is. We'll handle them like any other gang." he glanced around half looking for a place to lie down and at the same time wondering what else where was to snack on. -09:38 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: "Egh, I guess you guys are right, maybe I shouldn't think of the negatives all the time. Plus whatever I say won't change the fact that we are still going to merge, so I might as well stop complaining and hope for the best." -09:40 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: "Actually... That's the first really smart thing you've said all night, Karasu-kun," Hiko sighed while she tied her hair back into a ponytail of fiery red. "We can't change it. And... You know, aren't we all about keeping the peace and protecting the innocent? Let's not start anything and break that oath. If we're going to fight, it'll be because those girls started it." -09:43 Jan 12
    James Zankoku: James nodded. "We should sleep on it. We can't just argue about it all night. Even though James wanted to. "I think we should all get a good night sleep and talk about it in the morning. Otherwise we'll just put ourselves in a bad position." -09:43 Jan 12
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Wakatsuki Gentou: Thud. A fist landed firmly in the middle of the table, just hard enough to draw everyone's attention. "We're not any other gang." Gentou's voice rose up above the rest of the banter. "We're the Tatsuryuu Whirlwinds. Remember, we look out for our own and we don't let anyone mess with us. You can go join any other gang if you want to act like a bunch of shitheads, got it?" -09:43 Jan 12[/COLOR]
    Akimota Aimi: Now there was her Banchou! Aimi beamed in the general direction of Gentou and felt better than she had all evening. The knot that had formed inside her chest slowly loosened and she let out a little sigh. Things would be alright. As long as Gentou was Banchou. -09:48 Jan 12
    Karasu Zankoku: Right at the moment where Gentou slammed his fist on the table, he quickly shut his mouth. He knew when to stop, and Gentou made it clear what he expected out of the gang. And he also knew not to mess with the Gentou, because there is a reason he is the Banchou. -09:50 Jan 12
    Tachibana Hiko: Hiko fell deathly silent, watching Gentou with a clouded expression, face heating just a little bit. Dammit, that guy looked too cool when he took charge of things. Realizing she was making a really questionable face, she tore her gaze away and lifted her chin a little as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Anyone in disagreement with the Banchou's words should leave now before I practice my baseball skills on you." -09:51 Jan 12
    James Zankoku: James sat back not saying a word. Gentou was Benchou, but that really matter to James. The whole group functioned as one really well. Gentou was just the head honcho. James looked at Hiko as he uttered his words. "We all know that isn't any of us." He looked at the rest of the group content with his night. The next couple days would be way different from their normal routine. -09:52 Jan 12
    Ozawa Yuudai: Well there was a thud and a hard tone of voice and it was only one place over to step and wrap an arm around Gentou too lifting his sightly off his seat. "Don't worry Banchou. We're al behind you." in Kuma's case, literally, -09:53 Jan 12
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Wakatsuki Gentou: Kuma had an embarrassing habit of doing this to all of them, especially when words were being exchanged. Even though he should have been used to it- he'd been doing it to Gentou since middle school- the banchou still went a bit stiff in the shoulders and stared down at his empty bowl of ramen (so that he didn't need to meet anyone's eye). "It's fine, Kuma." And that was that; the tension in the group ebbed away. -09:57 Jan 12
  2. Name: Ozawa Yuudai 小沢 優大
    Nickname: Kuma (Bear)
    School: Tatsuryuu
    Age/Class: 18
    Known for: Believes he’s a bear, and large enough to be one.

    Name: Sachie (さちえ)
    School: Hanazakura.
    Age/Class: 16
    Known for: Begin a half foreign spaz that's enamored with Yasuko and over enthusiastic about everything, especially when it comes to hitting things.
  3. I've been waiting on something like this at least since I first watched the video for "Giri Giri Surfrider."<br><br>Name: Yagami Michi aka "Mitchy"<br>School: Hanazakura<br>Age/Class:<br>Known for: Bedhead and a surgical mask; Coming and Going without being seen; Trilling her Rs for emphasis; Using a loudspeaker to get attention; Combining her hobbies of practicing acupuncture, pickpocketing, and BDSM on salarymen and chikan into a surprisingly effective form of taijutsu.
  4. AII! Sugoi~!
    I shall join the adventure (I ain't no newb; I'm a vet in an awesome town~!)

    Name: Karin Marisa Hirozuma
    School: (Hanazakura
    Age/Class: 17 (September 15)
    Known for: Her Konbuyo-style fighting (sumo-wrestling mixed with Muay Thai kickboxing) nd her huge amount of money.
  5. Name: Kuwabara Yoko
    School: Hanazakura
    Age/Class: 15/1st year
    Known for:
    Ground up and ate two of the porcelain spoons from the local Chinese restaurant for her initiation resulting in Yoko promptly being banned for destruction of property.

    EDIT: Although technically we seem to be fuck near overflowing with Hanazakura, one Tatsuryuu and one possible teacher-- gimme a heads up and I can change Yoko into Yosuke.
  6. I usually say things like this. But not this time. Playing a signature type of mine that I rarely let myself play is too sweet a deal.

    Uh, actually, I never did get far enough into the series wo see when Kneesocks was introduced. I just took the token ninja-like character and sprinkled liberally with Author Appeal. Mainly references to Ringo Shiina's "punk" stage persona from her younger days like trilling R's, shouting obnoxiously through megaphones, and allusions to sadistic tendencies. I nearly described her as having a bob haircut and a diadem to drive it home. I wouldn't be surprised if the PS&G creators weren't doing something similar with Kneesocks.

    All the same, it will be broughtended. ^_^

    *flies away now*

    I'll character sheet this post up in a bit.

    Also, "Jinx is required to play in this game." LOL

    Name: Tachibana Hiko
    School: Tatsuryuu
    Age/Class: 16
    Known for: At school, Hiko is the respectable Banchou's right-hand 'man' who is often seen with his nail bat. Some opponents have forfeit a fight with Hiko just from the sheer amount of fighting spirit that surrounds him when he's in battle mode. He's known for being a hothead and easily losing his temper, but even under these conditions, he's a master of precision and agility and he's earned the nickname "Fire de Lance" (geddit?). At school, 'he' is just like any other boy, cracking jokes and getting into some good ol' fashioned trouble. At school, he's pretty in the face but one hell of a fighter and ridiculously loyal to the Banchou. At home, Tachibana Hiko is a sixteen-year-old girl who isn't allowed to wear pants or t-shirts. Dresses, stockings, and high heels is the only acceptable attire because she must never be anything less than an obedient young lady. Her hair is always perfectly styled and she's never allowed to do anything but look pretty, practice her house wife skills, and wait until she's old enough to be married. Oh right, did I mention she's in an arranged marriage?

    Just PM me or contact me on Skype if you need me to change anything <3
  8. Everyone looks good so far, guys! I did a bit of editing to the rules that you might want to take a look at. Also, if you want to go ahead and let me know what dates/times are going to be good for you all in January, I'd appreciate it.

    And for anyone who's interested...

    Translation Notes Part 1 (open)

    高校は戦争だろう?! (Koukou wa Sensou Darou?!)

    The title for this RP was actually written in Japanese. The English translation came after.

    Koukou (高校) is the Japanese word for high school. You may have heard it in such anime/manga titles as Ouran High School Host Club (Ouran Koukou HOSUTO KURABU) or High School Debut (Koukou DEBYUU). Sensou (戦争), meanwhile, means war. "Kore wa sensou" (これは戦争) is pretty much a direct analogue of "This is war!" There is also a well-known Vocaloid song called "Koi wa Sensou" (恋は戦争), or "Love is War". I knew right away from the first conceptualization of this RP that "Koukou wa Sensou" was going to be the title.

    The "Darou?!" part was added after a bit of thought into the tone of the game. This game is based on Japanese yankii (yankee, or delinquent youth) subculture. "Koukou wa Sensou" sounds almost flowery and nostalgic; it doesn't really fit the energy and loudness and brash behavior that is characteristic of your stereotypical delinquent. So, I decided to add "Darou?!"

    Part of my motivation for this was that darou (だろう) is a conversational, interactive part of speech. It's an odd word to translate; literally, it means "probably" or "isn't it?", the same as the more commonly heard word deshou (でしょう). (For example, weather forecasts in Japan always use deshou when describing upcoming weather, because it's not considered right to say it will rain. It will only probably rain. It's also used when making a statement to someone without knowing their opinion on the matter.) The difference here is that deshou is the polite form, and darou is informal. I.e., the kind of fast and loose talk you'd hear from a yankii kid. It has the added bonus of rhyming/sharing a syllable count with both koukou and sensou!

    On that note, you'll notice that when I translated "Darou?!", I edited it to "Right?!" instead of, say, "High School is War, Isn't It?!" or "High School is (Probably) War!)"

    I chose this for two reasons:

    1. It's catchier and flows better.
    2. It sounds more like something a punk kid would say, and keeps the connotation of challenge that the statement loses when otherwise translated.

    Finally, my love of puns (something Japan loves too) shines through a bit in the abbreviation KoSenDa. It's fairly common in Japan to shorten longer titles down, even when they come out meaningless by the end. (Lovely Complex becomes Love Com; Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou becomes Kare Kano, also known as His and Her Circumstances; Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai becomes Ore Imo; Hanazakari no Kimitachi e becomes Hana-Kimi.) KoSenDa can actually be taken apart into "Kousen da!" (光線だ!), or "It's a beam of light!"

    Does that mean something? Maybe. 8D Maybe it just sounds cool.

    If anyone is interested, I can talk about the gang names next time.
  9. Reading those notes...

    When I got to "Kousen da"...

    This must be what Narcissus felt.

    Give me more of your lovely notes and puns. Mmm.

    Multiple characters and recurring stories sounds nice, but I have to play what I posted (or something really similar) for the first installment. I'm completely flexible after that. In fact I already have a basic Tatsuryuu concept in mind.

    I can't say what time yet. :(
  10. Woo, one more for Tatsuryuu!

    Name: Kita, Hinata (木場 陽向) Prefers to be called Kita
    School: Tatsuryuu
    Age/Class: 16, 1st year
    Known for: Wears leather gloves with spiked knuckles, has a notorious temper and little regard for personal injury. Once headbutted a brick wall in anger, the wall still stands but there's a slight crack where he made impact. And he only needed to spend a couple days in the hospital afterwards.

    Name: Tanemura, Momoko
    School: Hanazakura
    Age/Class: 28, TEACHER
    Known for: SHORT SKIRTS AND INAPPROPRIATE FLIRTING. At an all girl school, Momo gets no fun. But an all boys school gone co-ed? Momo has those boys wrapped around her little fingers. You'll do your homework for Miss Momo, won't you?
  12. Hello! Quick question -- is this a canon-based RP? owo It seems like it's already it's own anime, so I was just wondering if we could join even if we don't know the characters?

    Also, will the chats be in English? Or can we throw in actual Japanese (I can speak it)?
  13. Nope, this is totally my original work! The picture up in the OP is something I made by editing together fanart from several different anime.

    Chats will be in English! If you want to use Japanese words, that's fine when done very sparingly, but try to stick mainly to English because some players might not be familiar.

    Also! NEXT SATURDAY is the day I'm proposing for the first session. Anyone have any scheduling conflicts?
  14. Might as well jump in too

    Working on a CS now

    Name: Issac Winters
    Age/Class: 16
    Known for: Being an American transfer student and quickly climbing the ranks of a being a nobody to a protector.
  15. One more question (thanks to those above who answered my above questions already!) -- what is Jinx? :P

    Otherwise, I guess I'll give this a shot.. if I mess something up, please tell me. >_<

    Name: 真木野・大和 Makino Yamato
    School: 龍竜学校 Tatsuryuu School
    Age/Class: 18歳、3年生 18 years of age, third year student.
    Known for: His standoffish nature, good looks, and his role as a lead guitarist and vocalist in his band, 『鬼さんの子』"Demon's Child."
  16. Jiinx is one of the members here in iwaku
  17. *Stares at thread* o___o;

    Let's keep the conversation on topic, please! I'm going to ask again: Is Saturday the 12th good for everyone?
  18. Oh, yeah~
    next Sat's a good day~!
  19. Saturdays are always ideal for Diana. >:3
  20. not for me, I'm camping that day
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