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  1. [​IMG]

    Nice little scene, isn't it?

    Hi there. It's that time again, and I'm opening myself up for a roleplay to do in my spare time out of work and whatever life tends to throw at me on an everyday or every other day basis. I see a lot of people basically making roleplay résumés on here, but I don't think I need to put that much detail in myself, just what I gravitate towards in roleplays and what I like doing.

    Enjoyed Genres: Fantasy - Both High and Low, Magical Realism, Urban Fantasy, Heroic Fantasy, Mythological Fantasy. Science Fiction, Psychological, Horror, Things Involving The Perspectives of Extraterrestrial Life.

    Age Limits: This is mostly for myself, because I'm 17, and I don't want anyone thinking I'm 18. I've had it happen in the past, and it kind of grosses me out when people start throwing cyber-sex my way. So, please, for the children, don't.

    Any Ideas For Roleplays?: Arrg, the question that trips me up. I actually don't. Well, not in the typical sense. I have characters in mind, concepts and worlds I have no plot for. Aimless narrative, hypothetical tragedies, meaningless connections, destinies cut short of fruition.

    You know, the works.

    True, it wouldn't be hard to put something together myself, but I feel like I spend enough time in my own head. Why not walk around in each other's?

    How was that? Not too pretentious I hope.
  2. Hi Ragamoofin! (Love your username by the way!)

    I'm Dia, and I was wondering if you had any interest on a Gulliver-like roleplay with a unique twist, or maybe something like the Borrowers (basically little people secretly living in human's homes).
  3. I'd love to come up with a plot with you, if you're open to it! I love almost all the genres you mentioned.
  4. @Diamond Dragon Sorry! I can't say I have any special interest in that kind of setting! Hope you find someone who will!

    @TragicTrees Nice! Shoot me a PM, and we can get started!
  5. This is still active!
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  6. Heyo :)) I know we're rping elsewhere :P but we can here if you want.
  7. Oh, Greenie! I don't know, I might bore you with repetition, since you already know my characters. Still, I do want to try kind of an alternative universe thing here. Like I said, I don't know if it'd be fun for you, though.
  8. Don't be silly ^_^ Your rps and characters never bore me. If anything, I'm more worried of the opposite. In any case, however, it's up to ya!

    (Myself, I need to sleep now. TTYL!)
  9. Ragamoofin it's me Fang!
    Yeah I have no idea what I'm doing so....yeah.
  10. Ive got a few ideas to fit those genres.
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