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    The first thing you may notice is that there's a lot to take in and read. Don't worry too much! Not everything is necessary to read in order to express interest or sign up for current and future threads! However, reading everything will, of course, help familiarize you with the realm.

    To get started, simply read over the Races and Codex threads. Detailed within are the two most important aspects of RoNaan's Realm: the people and magic of the world! Will the winged Sylphaer's inspire your muse? Or maybe a human with augmentation! I look forward to inviting new members and new characters to the Realm!

    To note, I am still building the realm to it's full potential and while the core of the needed information is up, additions and refining of current content will ensue!

    Interested in starting something new? Simply fill out the form linked here and PM me with the request! Once your pitch has been accepted, you'll be required to let me know whether or not you need a channel within our Discord server, and how many threads you'll require for OOC and Sign Up purposes.

    Don't be nervous expressing interest in the Roleplay Realms, we don't bite unless asked!
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