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INTEREST CHECK 【日本語で話を書いてみたい人を募集中】Write an RP in Japanese!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Yuurei, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. (English version below!)

    Hiragana/Katakana-only version below!】













    いつか にほんごで ロールプレイして みたい ひと が いませんか?

    みなさま、よろしくおねがいいたします。わだい の しゅじん、「ゆうれい」と よばれる やさしく おに でございます。


    んねん まえ ごろ、にほんごで べんきょうし はじめました。そのとき から、[SIZE=4]にほんごで はなし を かきたい と おもって いて、だれか も かきたいか と かんがえた が、いま まで かきたい ひと を みつけなかった[SIZE=4] の です。

    それ では、イワク で みつけれる か と おもっています。

    こちら の わだい は ね・・・

    にほんごで ロールプレイ して みたい ひと [SIZE=4]が いません[SIZE=4] か [SIZE=4]と[SIZE=4] いう しつもん が あります。

    ど[SIZE=4] の レベル でも、にほんごで かいたり、ロールプレイ したり ほしい ひと が いる ならば、[SIZE=4]いっしょに かきましょう か。

    こんな に ほしい ならば、こちら の わだい に おしえて ください。(ーωー;

    かんたん な はなし を かく つもり です から、だれか でも さんか できます。それ では、[SIZE=4]じゆう に はいって ください!


    This is an interest check topic for anyone who might be interested in writing a roleplay in Japanese! :)

    I'm Yuurei, your potential host! Don't worry, I'm a kind old ghost.

    I started studying Japanese around 4 years ago, and ever since that time, I've always wanted to try to RP in Japanese. And I've been wondering if anyone else would be interested in trying the same thing!

    So, I thought I'd ask on Iwaku.

    You are welcome to join in with any level of Japanese knowledge (though knowledge of basic sentence structure will help you out a great deal) and I will be encouraging everyone to learn and practice this language as we try to write a story in it. Everyone benefits! Even if you don't know that much Japanese, you would be welcome to jump in and try learning as you go!

    Characters and plot are going to be pretty simple, to allow for as many players as possible. So don't worry about needing to know any crazy specific words or anything -- most likely we'll be dealing with very everyday kind of scenarios. Even then, if you get stuck, there are always online dictionaries you can use to learn new words!

    Anyway, the point is, anyone is welcome, no matter your knowledge or understanding of Japanese.

    I wonder... would anyone else be interested in this sort of thing? ^[SIZE=4]_^; Let me know[SIZE=4]![/SIZE][/SIZE]

  2. I'd recommend that you try to stick to hiragana and katakana since that'll be the easiest for non-speakers to understand or follow.
  3. Good point, actually. Hadn't thought of that. XD; I'll go amend the first post.
  4. As much as I love Japan, I would be no good here. I don't know not a lick of Japanese (and see how I just used a double negative in English? o_o).
  5. Might be a good time to learn! ;) Though I guess it would be kind of hard to start off an RP from nothingness...
  6. It'll be a challenge either way. Kanji are so integral because Japanese has so few phonemes.

    Kana-only posting will arguably become more confusing eventually, especially if someone accidentally malaprops or generally misuses expressions(which is common enough in English RPs). Japanese has way too many homophones.

    Using as many kanji as you know and looking up unfamiliar kanji that others use is arguably better for comprehension and learning. For an example of why I say this, try translating lyrics to a variety of J-rocksongs. Suddenly you realize, even for sparsely worded songs* kanji become invaluable if still frustrating at times.

    Quickly copypasting kanji into Jisho.org, Tangorin, and Rikaichan should take care of kanji deficiencies.

    There's no way around it: an RP like this will require above-average effort to function. The just-skim-your-post-so-fast-I-end-up-thinking-your-character-did-the-opposite-of-what-you-wrote-mentality just won't fly. It would arguably require more comitted ooc thread discussion than I was brought up on(and that's still apparently an abnormal ammount by most standards).

    *Sometimes songs with simple lyrics are harder without kanji because there's less context to use to guess the intended meaning.

    I'm interested, but restricted to an iPad for an indefinite period, and I can hardly stand posting in English on it. That said, I like the idea of an incentive to dust off my own skills while helping others advance.
  7. I certainly will spend time lurking in and reading this. However, I do not have nearly enough vocabulary to undertake writing in japanese, even with a handy dandy dictionary.
  8. @CoffeeCake Glad to hear you're at least interested! =) I was afraid there would be no one for a while, haha. I agree though; Kanji is really the way to go, in terms of proper writing style. Plus it just looks better, but that's my own personal bias...

    I know for a fact that iPads can generate Japanese text, though I can see how it might get tedious fast, if you don't like even the English keyboard. :\ However, given what I've seen from interested parties so far, I think we're going to be using very basic sentence structures for this story -- so even if posts are quick, short, simple one-liners, that would be okay -- and hopefully manageable, even on an iPad?


    @SugarStar Glad to hear it! ;) I'm just curious, but around what kind of things do you think you could say in Japanese? For example, could you tell me where you were standing or what you bought/ate for breakfast yesterday, for example? If you could do that, that would be enough!
  9. I would need to train my Japanese since I haven't studied it for over half a year now ^^' so I would like to join this :3
    Though I wouldn't be able to write with hiragana, katakana or kanji because my computer doesn't support those kind of writings :( I can't read it on this computer either, but I can put it into google translate and see how its written in romaji letters (while trying not to look at the translation on the right xD haha)

    When I last checked what level I was on in my Japanese I were able to pass the first JLPT test (JLPT N5). But as I said before, it was half a year ago so a bit of stuff has probably escaped my mind by now x3
  10. No problem! Happy to hear there is still some interest. :)

    If I may ask, what OS do you use? More than likely, it would be a very simple and quick process to get Japanese input working on your setup. It comes included and pre-installed on all machines (Windows and Mac) and has been ever since circa Windows XP era.
  11. [MENTION=3571]Yuurei[/MENTION]
    I could possibly come up with something. Namely, things that have to do with food or school. I haven't consistently studied it in over a year. I'd love to improve my japanese though.
  12. I have windows XP. I need a CD to be able to install Asian languages to my computer but my dad has lost that CD so I can't install it )x I can see them on dads computer though, but the internet on that computer is so slow so I rather not use it.
  13. Ah, I see. :\ No problem, then -- Just use Google Transliterate. It's an IME available online, essentially. Just switch the input language to Japanese (I think the default is Hindi.) http://www.google.com/transliterate You can copy and paste from there.
  14. The problem with that is that sometimes they have more than one way of writing a word and then I can't see the words that they suggest so I have no idea which one I should choose since I don't see whats hiragana/katakana/kanji ^^,'
  15. [MENTION=3524]SugarStar[/MENTION] That would be fine! =)
    [MENTION=1062]redblood[/MENTION] Ah, I see. :\ That would be somewhat of a problem...
  16. I'll write in romaji and then I can try to sit at dads computer now and then so I can write with (and read) hiragana/katakana/kanji a bit now and then too ^^
  17. I'll give it a try! If anything, writing in Japanese would be a fantastic learning opportunity!
  18. Sounds good!! =) I'll set up the topic in the Modern section in just a bit!
  19. Is this still open?
  20. I'd like to join too please! I hope this idea stays alive (unlike the last learn Japanese thread...)