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FREE & PAID COMMISSIONS Cresion's Commission Café (Anime Style) 【OPEN AGAIN】

Discussion in 'CHARACTER PORTRAIT STUDIO' started by Cresion Breezes, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]




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  2. [​IMG]




    Here's My Art Examples!

    Sketch Examples:
    To see a larger version of all my art check my DeviantArt:
    CyiV's DeviantArt Gallery

    What I do:
    Humans/humanoids (Headshot, bust, full body)
    People with some animal characteristic (ears, tails, claws, some scales etc)
    Gore & violence (within reason)
    Couples picture (Yaoi and Yuri are fine, not explicitly sexual)
    Illustrations w/background

    What I DON'T do:
    NSFW/Fetishes (I'm underage it's not very legal...)
    Animals/Furries (Just not very familiar)
    Anything controversial or heavily related to real life religions, politics, to an extent, cultures (I don't want another death threat)

    You can use a reference image or use word descriptions

    If you didn't provide enough detail I...Um, I dunno, I guess I'll ask you about the details...

    I can refuse any commission if I think I am unable to do it due to the lack of skill, time, willpower, morals, conscience or something else.

    I am a high school student taking a crap load of science courses, please give it one to two weeks before asking be about if your commission is done or not.

    About payment:
    My PayPal: cyiberia@gmail.com
    *Please note that if any refunds are ever needed, PayPal transaction fees will be deducted from the refund

    References (Any additional details, please add, I will ask to specify any unclear descriptions)
    Race (humanoid-ish please)
    Skin/Hair/Eye/Some other part of the body Color
    Body Type
    Outfit/Hair/Accessories Style
    Health Condition
    Other Features




    (For: Greenie)

    (For: Daz)

    (For: Bomb)


    (For: TheTechnologicalVampire)

    (For: The Mood is Write)

    (For: Turtle of the Tired)

    (For: Midnight Maiden)


    (For: Takumi)

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  3. Wow! Your art is really magnificent. Unfortunately, the only character that I have that would work with an anime style is already under commission, but if I end up with another one I'm definitely coming back for a sketch!
  4. I have to say, I am highly impressed. I might have a few people who will probably want to give a look here for sure!
  5. Oooh that's nice stuff, man! I have a freebie to request, and I'll probably also throw money at you when I get paid next. Lemmie just get my refs around.
  6. Thank you for supporting me :D

    Wow there's actually people! Thank you, I'll totally do my best if you decided to commission :D.
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  7. Looks like my refs will come in a couple hours. I am at my aunt's for a holiday party.
  8. I got my refs together! I have uh... a few options. :x

    If you'd like to do couple requests, I have two pairings I'd love to see. If you'd rather draw a single character, just let me know and I'll find someone!

    Rare + Brock
    Rare and Brock met a long time ago, when he was tasked with protecting her on a mission, and has stayed at her side ever since. He calls her "Miss Rare" and treats her almost like she's his mistress, though often they act more like lady and servant.

    He is exceptionally patient, and views it as a man's duty to protect a lady. He takes their relationship very seriously.

    She works hard to ensure she deserves his trust and friendship (with benefits), especially because she knows that without his patience and love, she would likely still flinch any time a man lifted his hand to wave at her, and she would still treat everyone as though they were above her, and she was nothing but a doll or a tool for them to use.

    Rare♀ (by Moody)
    Show Spoiler

    On first glance, Rare is a graceful creature. She has slender arms and legs, and stands barely below the height of most men at 5'7" (170cm). Her pale skin looks almost carved of marble, and her hair is straight, black, and glossy. She has soft brown eyes decorated in dark liner, with gold ombre eye shadow to bring out their warmth. Her expression is usually submissive, graceful, and has a tinge of sadness to the eyes.

    The woman wears all grey, with a few spots of gold as accent, including a grey collar with a gold buckle. Her clothes are up to the artist's impression, but in a pairing with Barbazoe, she will wear an elegant, classical dress, and she will likely also wear a long, dark leather coat with too many pockets and hold a silver stiletto dagger. She wears low heels.

    Her horns are hidden, and a patch of unmarked skin is visible where they would be, and her hair parts around the horns, because they're still present, just not visible.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Brock♂ (by Shirelin)
    Show Spoiler

    6'2" (188cm), wide build, muscled, usually wears dark shirts and pants to hide blood with a thick leather belt around his middle. Prefers dual wielding a short sword and his Hunter's knife. He is a calm, quiet sort that uses his intimidating build to ward off others if there is a problem. He is exceptionally loyal to his mission, and most of all, to his 'Lady', Rare. He is gentle and seemingly submissive with her, but he actually is quite dominant with others. Rare is his priority above all things, to the point he will even give her his food if there isn't enough for her. There is a faint scar just below his rib cage on the left side, and a thin slice of a scar across the curve of his cheek.

    This doll is fairly accurate to his design, except for build.

    "Lady Luck" + Mikhail Lake
    Pure chance has seen that these two met. A soldier was asking Mikhail to come out of retirement to help find and kill Jade after she supposedly caused the multiverse to shatter.

    A strange-looking girl with large breasts ran up, stumbling along the way, and then demanded they run, because the place was crumbling. Without her, both Mikhail and the soldier would have died when the ground underneath them crumbled and ceased to be.

    Ever since, Mikhail has been endlessly curious about and protective of the mysterious unidentified girl, and nicknamed her "Lady Luck" because she seems to have unnatural luck.

    Lady Luck♀ (by Moody]
    Show Spoiler

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Of the above, she wears the outfit of the first on her introduction to Mikhail, while the second shows her features better.

    She's about 4'2" (127cm) and has a very large chest, but is otherwise breakably thin (skeletal, nearly). She looks constantly feverish, and is in-and-out of consciousness.

    Her body is segmented like a ball-joint doll, including her fingers and toes.

    Throughout the rest of the RP, she wears a hospital gown that is very large on her, and would drag on the ground if she stood up.

    Mikhail Lake♂ (by Rain of the Night)
    Show Spoiler


    Mikhail shows himself as an example of an Ex-Soldier that retired rather well. The man stands at a proud 5'9" (175cm), with simple set of dull, grey eyes that, even with the crow’s feet on the corner of them, still hold this liveliness of the man he used to be on the battlefield. The man, who was naturally blond in his younger years, became a short, white-haired man of his mid to late thirties.

    What most would to be surprised about would be his incredible shape. He may be hitting the later years of his life, but he certainly did not lose his youth of a body. The man holds a muscular, athletic temple of a body as he has not stopped exercising a day in his life… He always exceeds the expectation of health from his doctors.

    The man has a light stubble on his jaw and chin, leaving it so because it still held a certain color he injured.

    The man is a man of duty, even after his retirement. He is always willing to help others who wish for his help, and will always give a helping hand to those in absolute need. He holds a charm from experience and years of leading military men and aiding civilians he would come across, with a smile that could probably melt the hearts of anyone looking.

    For his uniform (he rejoined the service recently), he wears this (but darker, preferably).

    And yes, I'm still planning to commission you. I just need to get money in first. :heart:
  9. It takes me a while to ponder about couple poses, I'll try to finish sketching the first couple (first one seems easier mainly because I have this crippling inability to draw boobs o_0) maybe in a few days but in the mean time you could give me a single character that I might be able to finish faster ;)

    Will maybe do second one too if I managed to figure things out a bit more.
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  10. Ok. <3 Thank you very much! *showers in paper hearts*

    For singles, I have two options: giant muscular dude and squeaky nervous female cosplayer.

    Big Dude
    Show Spoiler


    Obsidian has black hair and black eyes. He's middle-eastern in appearance, and he has a strong jaw. He tops his messy look with an untrimmed mess of hair that's he doesn't always remember to brush, though its texture lets it disentangle on its own throughout the day.

    He's built bigger than this and about two feet taller. He has a similar facial shape, but blockier and with a more prominent nose (mix of tall strong and tall beak from this chart.

    He's not very hairy, but he has questionable fashion sense. He wears a black fishnet wifebeater, teal cargo shorts, and teal flipflops.

    Sid is almost always grinning, and enjoys spending time with people. When he's alone, he loves to cook and sew, though he's not ashamed of either.

    Nervous Cosplayer
    Show Spoiler

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Valen is all of fifteen inches tall, and looks a little underweight. She has a little button nose, wide green eyes, and a dainty mouth. She wears thick, round glasses. Her hair is a dull brown, long, and wavy. She also has freckles!

    She likes to wear a dragon kigurumi.

    She lives in a pizza box in a rich man's kitchen, and he likes to make her dress up like a kemonomimi (usually reptile or insect because she isn't as excited by the chance to be a fluffy 'cute' creature) mixed with a Japanese safe-for-work fetish (school girl, french maid, lolita).

    Valen loves to sing, but she's always very nervous, so does it only when she doesn't think anyone can hear her.

    I like giving options, because what's easy for one person might be impossible for another. <3
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  11. Ummm, here ya go, sketch of the big dude :P, I like reference images because it makes thing easier.

    I still have problems with human proportions so I tried with the big build, well I hope it's big enough

    Pic here (open)
  12. He turned out fabulous! Thank you so much! I'm gonna show this off to everyone I play him with!

    Sorry about the lack of image for the cosplayer. I don't have any that are really 'her' in full yet. I'll have to raid some doll makers. =)
  13. Glad you like :D <3, I'll be much more efficient if you do get that image up, so I'll wait for awhile.

    *back to looking at couple poses*
  14. I added images for her! Her three main outfits. =) I edited them in.
  15. Hmmm. I might come up with a character for you to draw at some point. I rely like your art style btw. I am very impressed
  16. Done the Cosplayer, used the second image :P

    Pic (open)

    Ah, thank you 0_o, I'll be right here if you need me.
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  17. Thank you! She looks fantastic! <3
  18. I will take a bust full, and I suppose PM you for the money details?

    But here is some info on the character.

    Scylla (open)

    Name: Scylla

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Skin: Pale

    Hair: Red

    Eye: Green

    Body Type: Curvy-ish (Whaever is easier for you 8D)

    Age: Twenty

    Outfit: A v-neck shirt (since it's a bust up image)

    Hair(Also can use it as a refrence image):


    Accessories: A stud nose ring (if possible)

    Health Condition: Healthy

    Pose: Making a peace sign

    Other Features: Add horns (preferably curved)
  19. Yep yep you can PM me, I guess you can do it when I finish or something.
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  20. Sounds good!
  21. Hello, I'm just here to consult the details about the v-neck shirt, does it have patterns, what color, long or short sleeves etc.

    Also the horns, the color, size, and which part of the head does it grow from.

    In the mean time here is a preview of the progress, the horns and shirt color will be added when you provide the details.


    image (open)