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  1. It was a rather hot Summer day, the kind of day where standing under some tree shade felt almost heavenly. Doing just that was a male with layered, messy white hair. He had tan skin which made his white hair eye catching with the contrast of darker skin. The male's eyes were closed, making their color a mystery. His clothing, was made from the colors of the earth, a dark green and dark brown being the most common colors.

    Shifting, the male opened his eyes, revealing that they are a light brown color (with golden specks in them) and have a moss green ring around the iris. Said eyes fluttered as they tried to adjust to the light peeking from the tree's top. Once they adjusted the male rose, stretching his limbs as he looked around himself. He hadn't meant to take a nap, he was just resting his body.

    Not bothered by such, the white haired male picked up his walking staff (which looked to be hand carved from an old tree branch) and pouch. Once he had everything settled, the tanned male started to walk to the left. You see, our friend here was a 'Druid'; he practiced the art becoming one with nature and protecting it. Of course with his powers gained from this art, nature returns the favor and protects him as well.

    Having been walking for a few minutes, the druid hummed a tune he heard a bard from town once sing. It was about a beautiful women who lived in the forest, often causing travelers to become lost as they chase after her beauty. She never harmed them or killed them, she just laughed and skipped along, becoming the travelers to follow. It seems no one could ever catch her or keep up, but many would still try.

    In the mist of his humming and thoughts of the story, the druid did not noticed that have been walking off the path. Chuckling at how ironic it was (since he was just thinking of the song of the forest women), the male paused in his steps to look around. He was fairly deep in the forest, but worry did not come to him. Being a druid was also helpful when and if you ever got lost, having a fair tracking practice and knowledge of the forest.

    Looking around for clues of which way lead back to the path, the tan male found something that made him frown. Next to an old tree was a strawberry brush; it was of medium size and looked half dead. It held no ripe berries or blooming flowers and many of the leaves were dry and falling off. The sight was enough to make our dear druid feel sorrow for the plant life.

    Moving closer to the plant, the male looked around. His guess would be the old tree was hogging all the water and sun light. Kneeling down, so he may look at the plant better, he spoke with a smile;

    "Hello there friend. My name is Bearnard, you do not seem to be fairing well. Here, I have some water I can happily share with you.",grabbing his water container and opening as he spoke, Bearnard poured some water for the bush. Patting the soil once the water settled in it, the male leaned back against the old tree.

    "It will be fine new friend, with some help, love and determination; your ol' buddy Bearnard will have you back to your lush state.", taking a drink from his water before placing it away, the tan male stood once more. Looking around for a second, Bearnard looked for something to mark this area so he may return again the nest few days. Noticing an old sign (rotting from age), he grinned. Grabbing it and his knife, Bearnard set to work on carving the letters; "This way". It was cliche and a little lame, but it worked for the druid.

    Whipping his brow once he was done, Bearnard placed the sign down so he could stand. Picking up his knife, bag and the sign, the white haired male waved at the bush.

    "I will be back friend, so stay strong.", with that Bearnard turned on his heel and began making his way back from where he came. He placed the sign down and like he had promised, he had come back. Bernard kept this up for well over a few weeks.

    Making his way down the path he had memorized by now, the druid smiled as he saw the blooming and fruit bearing strawberry bush. With some right care and attention, the plant was able to come back to it;s healthy state. Pouring some water for his friend, Bearnard grinned as he began talking. He often spoke to the plant, enjoying his time with it. He knew the bush could never reply back to him, but that fact has never made him lonely. It was kinda' nice having something listen to you.

    Taking his usual seat next to the strawberry bush under the shade of the big tree, Bearnard felt his eye lids get heavy. He was up all night helping out the town with some work, so he hadn't gotten much sleep. Deciding a nap sounded nice, the tanned male started to doze off.

  2. Bright green eyes opened as the sleeping form woke up from an almost deathly sleep. dark skin blended in with the dark roots that were surrounding her. The girl, now awake, sat up. She had last felt pain. That was all that she remembered when suddenly it started to lessen. She blinked, her red hair twisted with leaves and sticks. It looked horrible to the normal eye. The girl stood up, shakily at first. Where was she? Where was her bush? She started to look frantically for a medium sized strawberry bush, thin fingers pushing through the leaves.

    She ran through the forest, desperate to find the bush she called her own. If she was better then... She started to run faster. Red hair flew behind her, some of the leaves and twigs falling out of it. She turned left and right, looking for her plant. Then, in the corner of her eye, she saw something red on a green object. She quickly turned to see her strawberry bush. She smiled, running over to it to caress its leaves. Near her bush was a man. She froze. A man. A human man from what she could tell. Had he healed her bush? No, no men from the human villages picked her bush dry and didn't even tend to it. Was he something else then? Leaf green eyes stared at the white haired man in curiosity.
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