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  1. The Key, The Lock, The Box, The Secret
    The Love, The Death, The Blood, The Story
    All Will Finally Be Told
    All Will Be Tested
    Will You Survive This Time?
    okay, so this is the basics, where figured id go with this is you give a character, doesn't need to have any specific qualities and ill post updates and tests, what i mean by this is that this will proceed and there will be forks in the road,tests, and challenges your character will face, with a possibility of even death. your character will need to live normally at first,you all will be living in the same secluded place, every character has altered memories,you do not know what your original life was,it has been replaced with false memories, you are all dead. some of you may well have actually known each other for real, and many of you receive visions and dreams of your life from before. either way, all of you are stuck here. you do not know you are dead. you are a normal character who's life will take drastic turns as the events unfold, you may well become the very thing you fear, its all to become a story in the currently blank pages of this burning book. you will be forced to face your own terrible pasts, in this, the tests will be based around this, and you could die a second time, and this time, it'll be good bye for good. i may message you if theres a specific role i would like your character to take,more info will be provided if enough interest is shown

    the plot will start like so:
    you are stuck in a small secluded village, no one knows life outside, you've all been there as long as you can remember. then one day, a mysterious stranger comes on a stormy night and delivers a letter to every house. the letters are illegible and no one knows what to make of it.

    A Q
    hw d w 2
    4 5
    d c s
    dfv DEATH
    2 f vd
    e 3 4

    most of it is just jumbled letters splayed across the page, the only word, DEATH. it sticks out on the page like a sore thumb. swell, the writing is scratchily writing in red, as if with a nail. everyone decides to ignore the letters, though some have their doubts. but then, a week later, more letters arrive, this time, completely readable…..

    (anyone interested??)
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  2. yess i like this idea
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  3. YAY! I'm gunna do a happy dance now
  4. I'm interested in trying this out.
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  5. I'll create the thread for this tomorrow, I'll post the link
  6. Seems very interesting! I'd like to be apart of this.
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  7. Yes, very interesting
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  8. I'm creating the thread now
  9. Awesome, I'm really excited for this.
  10. So am I, I actually was originally typing this for a different thing but the gears started turning and well here we are ^W^
  11. It's always nice when an idea turns into an RP. So how many people do you think you're going to need for this?
  12. Well, I feel okay starting with 3-4, but ultimately I'd like an even number to start off, at the very most ten, still deciding on it though. Probably will decide 6-10. Still debating, since I also need to decide which and how many challenges and tests to use, it's all very systematic
  13. Ah. From your premise (and if you make it pretty as well as a banner), I think you'll be able to attract enough people to this.
  14. Yeah, for the interest check I decided to just go for information, leaving the embellishments for if I got enough interest
  15. Remember aesthetics always gather interest. Well, not too much because then it's overwhelming. Brief summary first and then long texts of history seems to work best.
  16. Okay, thank you ^W^
  17. I'm interested, if there's any room for Lil Ol me^^
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  18. I definitely want in on this!
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  19. Okay, so update for everyone! Life's been a little hectic, hard to find time to sit down and work on this. Tomorrow I have time though so I'll be working to do complete it and I'll post the link sometime when it gets done that day
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