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  1. "Try to remember now, how did it all begin?
    A letter on a stormy night.
    Who was it that was betrayed?
    Take the 'truth' you wanted gone, and hide it in the coffins....tonight, we shall perform it once again.
    A most magnificent night...∞"

    This is a roleplay based on the Bad∞End∞Night Vocaloid series. In this series, a young girl from the village approaches a manor ran by a rather...eccentric cast of characters. She comes only holding a letter, and asks to stay the night, since she can't find her way home. Chaos ensures, but I'd rather you listen to the songs in the series to get a better grasp on it. It's just better that way, I promise, and that way I'm not spoiling. Basically, this song will follow the events of the first song all the way to the last song, where we'll reach the big finale. Feel free to claim a cast member once you've listened to the songs (or if you're already familiar with them) and I'll add your name to the list!

    1. Please don't be a jerk: If you don't like Vocaloid, that's cool. You don't have to go bashing the people who actually do if you don't. Also, making your characters invincible falls under the jerk category. Just saying.
    2. I want you to be at least capable of elementary level roleplay. This shouldn't be too hard, since most people on this site...are long out of elementary school.
    3. I checked off both warnings for foul language, so go berserk with that if you want. You won't be making me upset unless it's directed at another roleplayer. Then it gets really real, really fast.
    4. Gore is another content warning for this roleplay, because a lot of characters die. A lot. At least once per song. Yeah.
    5. If I left something out, please tell me! I'll make a point to add it, and probably thank you for the suggestion!

    Doll Twins: Hipster Rin
  2. Yay another vocaloid fan! We should be friends... I shalln't be joining this RP though. I have strict personal rules about impersonating characters I like, which also extends to cosplay and fanfiction. Good luck though.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.