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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just because I'm feeling artsy, I'm opening free commissions. It's a great way to practice and everyone here is super creative. If you have any OC's you'd like me to draw, feel free to PM me or just comment down below with a description of your character and any reference poses you want. The more detail the better, but, post what you'd like.

    If you'd like to see some of my art you can check out it out here :)

    See ya later wonderful people~
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  2. Do you think I could get you to draw Jatix up? I'd love to have an image of him as a human for the profile when I finally add him, lol.

    Are you serious right now?
    You do understand that I hate everything about you, right?
    And just because...

    You can choose.
    Or, you can use pose 1 from that one image that was posted in the discord chat. (The one where Uri will be pose 2, lol)
    If you do that one, though, he should be dressed in feminine clothes~ (Mar's choice, potentially? Lol)
    Or naked. That would work, too.
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    i'm new to imgur so I'm still learning.
    ill go fix it now <3
  4. No worries. It can be difficult, trying to figure out a new site! =)
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  5. Edited the link, lemme know if it works now :)
  6. It not only works, but WOW, your art is super cute!
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  7. Thanks <3
    I got a prelim sketch done
    But I wanna color it and I can't until next week if that's okay with you?
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  8. That's absolutely fine with me. =) Take all the time you need! -showers hearts on Black Sheep-
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  9. Hiya :) Are you still taking requests?
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  10. Always :)
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  11. Awesome!! :D I'll post her details below along with a pic from HeroMachine. If you need anymore details, I can share!

    Name: Naoki
    Nickname: Nao, Nao-chan
    Age: She is over 1000 years old, though she looks around 18 years of age.
    Species: Nekomata

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Naoki is around 5'5 feet tall and weighs approximately 125 lbs. Her skin is rather fair and her wavy black hair reach a little past her shoulders. She has catlike eyes that are green, cat like fangs and cat claws rather than fingernails. On either side of her face, she has three black triangular marks. She has black cat ears rather than normal humanoid ears, and two plume like tails. She wears a knee length brown kimono with green trimming and loose black pants.

    She has a wakizashi with a pink hilt and sheath that she keeps hidden in her sleeve.

    She has two cats forms. One is a small kitten like form, whereas the other form is rather large, shoulders reaching at about four feet tall. In both forms she has long black fur with two tails. Her eyes are green in her cat forms as well.

    Personality: Naoki is a rather calm individual, quiet and observant. She is friendly enough at first glance, though she stays a little reserved. Under the calm mask, the nekomata is a pessimist and she is rather paranoid of people due to her past. While she is helpful enough to someone in need, she will always be wary that they may do something to her. If someone is kind to her or being friendly, she will automatically believe they wish for something in return. While she wishes for the void in her heart to be filled, she is too wary and scared of letting anyone get close, afraid that any semblance of happiness and love will be torn from her, and once again she will be left alone and hurt.

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  12. wonderful!
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  13. Hi! Still taking quests?
  14. Always! :)

    @The Mood is Write I am almost finished with your commission. Here is what I have so far.
    Katharine Grace Abbey (open)
    Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.10.08 AM.png

    @Navuso Your piece is done. SfW and NSFW just gonna clean them up digitally and email those to you since I have your email already.

    and @Greenie your commission is sketched. I will be transferring it to digital in order to color it.

    All commissions will be sent via pm or email (just lemme know if you want the latter and pm me your email) once they are finished. If you would like updates I will post them here in the thread :)
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  15. She looks so fantastic! AAHH! >u<
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  16. Sounds awesome!!! :D
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  17. glad you like it!

    great :)
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  18. Hi! Are you still taking requests?
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