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  1. introduction.

    hi. i'm Simple.
    i have some ideas that i'd like to try out.



    i am a proficient writer. though i usually mirror post, my norm is two+ paragraphs.

    i do have decent spelling and grammar in IC posting. i tend to just do my own thing in OOC.

    i don't like one-liners, at all. in fact, i fucking hate them. keep them away from me.

    i'm generally a bit of a quiet person. unless i have an idea to share and we plan something for the RP, or something comes up about the RP, i tend to not chat a whole lot over OOC.

    i prefer role-playing in threads. PMs aren't as conventional and don't feel quite the same to use.

    i love romance. every story will either have it as a main component or, at least, as a side component. it mostly depends on the plot. these ideas will more than likely be centered around romance.

    i don't do smut. i prefer the fade to black method. it's just too awkward for me.

    i'm fine with m/f and m//. no f//, though.

    i play both males and females fluidly. however, i will have certain preferences based on the ideas.

    i have a pretty busy life at the moment, and post frequency will be very erratic. sorry, but life is life. if i could change it, i would.

    i may not be able to handle more than one or two partners, because i have a very wandering mind and can only focus on one thing at a time. i don't want to overwhelm myself.

    though i don't double up or triple up typically, i might want to do it for some of these ideas. i'll let you know if that's the case.

    i tend to keep character sheets simple. that means a basis of name, age, gender, appearance, and personality traits. i'll occasionally expand on them if you prefer more detailed ones. i'm capable of detailed sheets, but shorter ones are faster and do for a better story, imo.

    though my preference typically lies with anime images for appearances, i'm also compatible with realistic appearances.



    - craving
    - open
    - closed
    blue - desired role

    ɪʀᴏɴɪᴄ, ɪsɴ'ᴛ ɪᴛ?
    [ m// ]
    Popular HS Student / Bullied HS Student

    Muse A was a kid who had a secret. his sexuality wasn't what everyone thought it was. he lied his way to the top of the social ladder, pretended to be a boy he's not, and now he's the top dog. the kid surrounded by friends constantly.
    at the bottom was Muse B, the one whose honesty led him to be pushed around and exiled. his homosexuality was made into a joke. 'faggot' and 'pussy' are tossed around his head constantly, and the scars on his arms from his own doing prove what pain it causes him.
    but A hasn't gone oblivious. he has noticed B. and he hates the treatment that B gets. he desperately wants to stay in line and pretend to be a part of his bullies of friends, so he only stands by and watches B get berated. but it angers A inside to see the acts.
    the straw that broke the camel's back came on a day like any other, when one of A's friends decided to pull B aside as he was walking past. seeing the bullying that came to pass made the anger boil over, and A, he top dog of the school snapped. he confronted his own friend and threatened him, warding him off and away from B.
    this sparks interest in both A and B. eventually, they notice one another more and more. A starts to grow restless, starts to break more and more from his mold. would this encounter draw A and B closer together, attracting the opposites that had the matching factor deep down? would secrets unveil, and speculations become realities?

    ᴍᴇɴᴅɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ.
    [ m / f ]
    Abused Friend / Best Friend

    Muse A been stuck with him for almost a year now. it began sweetly and calmly, but the fighting began soon after. she loved him too much to leave, even when he started throwing insults in her face, and even when it moved further, to physical slaps and violence. he always apologized in the mornings, and guilted her about it until she forgave him. she's been taking this for months and months, and it's been killing her inside.
    but, she's stayed alive for as long as she has because of Muse B, her best friend.
    B is the one that A goes to for advice and comfort, and he provides it without restraint. she has poured her heart and soul into him, and even if he has the power to spill it all, he treats her with care and tenderness.
    A knows that B hates her boyfriend. every time she comes to B with a new injury, she can see the anger in his eyes. B wants so badly to get A out of it, get her out of the cycle of abuse. she made him promise not to tell anyone, that her boyfriend might just kill her if someone other than he found out, so against B's better judgement, he's kept it quiet.
    but a phone call during the night would change everything. A calls and tells him that she's on the street, and that her boyfriend had pulled a knife on her. she asked very reluctantly if she could stay the night at B's place, and B accepts wholeheartedly, happy to help however he can. A has nothing but her clothes, money, and a couple of small things that she could grab when he picks her up.
    and the healing would begin there. seeing A the way she was so clearly, in such a raw moment, made B have a sudden determination - to help her back to the surely once beautiful and bright person he knew she could be.
    sparks will fly. tears will be shed.
    but he will mend her broken heart. no matter what the cost.

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  2. I'd love to do ironic isn't it
  3. Hi, I just got done reading all of this and I'm interested in playing the Mending the Broken roleplay. I can be on constantly and will reply to you as soon as I can. I would like to play as the girl, my skills as a guy is... well, it most definitely isn't award winning. Anyways, I prefer to write at least 1-2 good paragraphs and fading to black would be better for me as well. I have yet to step into the smut world O.O dun dun dunnnnn. For the character sheet I want it just a bit detailed then a basic one, just so that I can get into my character more and use the character sheet when I forget something about her.
  4. April

    i'll PM you.


    for that idea, i stated that my preference would be for the female role, which is the abused friend (tried to make it clearer with the blue text). i'm sorry, but i'd like to keep to that preference for that idea. thank you for the interest though.
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