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    Fox had two blades, one in both hand. She started to run, and soon jumped easily over a new tree sapling to the bigger oak ahead. One blade went up into the air, reflecting the blood red horizon of the morning sun, and came down, slitting of a thick branch. The other came around with a great speed and cut deeply into the trunk. Her feet landed steadily on to the ground. Fox smiled "yes! I'm getting better at this! Maybe I should go down into The Pit and try running the trees.." (The Pit is where all the mountains slope down to this forest-like area of tall evergreens.)

    Crash stood carefully at the bottom of the White Tiger mountain. Luckily this mountain had the whitest grass ever seen, so his hair almost could blend in. Crash carefully crept along the side of the mountain, but then hid, seeing a Fire Girl coming.
  2. Keeping watch over the Ice Kingdom wasn't all that bad, but there were times Zuki grew bored. Sometimes he'd drop his guard and seek out company, usually finding Crash. Today there was no one who could take his place, so there he stood. He yawned, one hand on his sword. 'What a peaceful day...' he listened to the wind whistling through the trees...


    High up on the mountain the girl sat in darkness, eyes closed, hands in Tang Soo. Meditation wasn't her strong point and everytie she moved, her master would smack her in the back of the head. Today she was practicing alone... as she had a job to do once the sun went down... she was to infiltrate the Kingdom of Ice and collect information...
  3. Crash let out a deep breath as the girl walked past with no notice of him. He stood and ran off to the other mountains and leaped up. He soon got to the top then almost yelled and hid. A girl and her sensei were there, and he could of easily gotten caught.

    Fox went down to The Pit and looked up. "Eh?" She squinted in the morning sun, seeing a male figure hiding against the mountaintop. She didn't recognize him, but she knew the others on the top. "Wonder what he's doing up there..he must know it's dangerous to cling to the side of the mountain like that."
  4. Kit yawned lazily, her eyes darting around the small hut. She was low on duties at the moment, so she decided to go out and walk a bit. Stepping out of the hut, she glared at the ice in the distance. 'I swear to my ancestors they will rue the day they ever drove us out of our home...' Sighing, she realized no one was there. 'Have they all gone somewhere? I suppose so... They better be back by tonight at least.'
  5. Having managed to not move a single bit, she was congratulated by her master and relieved of her practice. Kawai gave him an enthusiastic bow before heading back to the village. She couldn't wait to take up her first spy mission. The possibilities rolled through her mind of what it would be like. Upon arriving home, she caught sight of Kit.

    "Leader!" She greeted her with sparkling eyes, mouth always hidden behind her mask.
  6. Kit smiled warmly at Kawai, waving at her with a gloved hand. "Hello Kawai! How was your meditation practice today? I assume it went well?"
  7. Crash let out a deep breath. Letting go of the mountain, he landed perfectly on his feet. Carefully he followed the path the girl had gone. Swirving carefully, his eyes widen and a smile crept onto his face. "So..this is where you live.." He took out a mapping paper and scribbled down the route to the village. He stood up and started back. crunch! Crash gulped and looked down. With all his pride of a successful mission, he had given himself away to the girl and the leader just a little bit away. He quickly ran, forgetting about noise all together.

    Fox heard and quickly ran. No fire clan member would need to run that fast.
  8. "Huh??" Kit's head snapped up to look at the person as he ran. Pulling off her gloves and unsheathing her sword, she darted after him as fast as her legs would carry her. "You there!!! Stop at once!!!" She glared at him, fury blazing in her eyes as she chased him.
  9. "Sorry! I don't exactly follow directions!" He turned around with a handful of smoke bombs and ran faster as the smoke engulfed the whole area. He smirked. "I wi-GAH!" He fell as Fox came out of nowhere.
    "Caught ya!" She pressed his face into the dirt and tied his hands behind his back.
    "Get off!" He shouted in an aggressive tone.
  10. Coughing, she waited a few moments as the smoke cleared. She started running again until she reached them and surveyed the scene, nodding approvingly at Fox. "Good job." Turning her attention back to the intruder, she glared, her sword pointed at him. "What in the bloody hell is the meaning of this!?!?"
  11. good job, moron. You got yourself caught by a bunch of girls "I don't need to tell you cr*p!" He raged, luckily his exterior matched this. He was handsome but had scars and was very masculine, though on the inside he was just a big kid, he didn't really seem like it.
  12. Kawai had been right behind Leader-sama and gasped, "Uwah! Is he... a member of the Ice clan?" She summoned her giant kunai, at the ready. If he saw her now when she still had her mission to do later, he might wind up a spoiling it for her. "I say we take him as prisoner!" Her voice was cute, energetic, but she wasn't known for being kind at the core. "I can get answers from him! A little torture goes a long way!" She was much more enthused about the idea...
  13. "What?! I'm not turning into a prisoner!" He attempted to throw Fox off but failed.
    "Woah! Calm down, your making me dizzy!" Fox slapped him in the shoulder to get her point across.
    Crash growled in response "ya know, for a kid, you're kinda heavy."
    "Wha?!?! First of all don't call me a kid, second I'm not fat!" She started to hit him.
    "ow! Ever heard of a joke?!"
  14. Kit rolled her eyes, fighting back a smile. "Come on. Let's get him back to our village. And, let me this very clear, intruder, you are indeed a prisoner. You will be for a while." She smirked. "Fox, let's start back to the village. I'll stay behind you in case he manages to escape, alright?"
  15. Fox nodded and yanked him up. She took a look at him and giggled "You have eyes like a girl!" It wasn't far off. He had very long Snow White eyelashes to match his hair and pretty deep blue cat-shaped eyes with a shine of sky blue in them.
    Crash quickly got defensive. "Shut up! It's not my fault!" He obviously gave up on the idea trying not to act childish.
  16. Kit gave up on trying to act serious and snickered. "Oh dear... Won't this be fun..." She waited until Fox and the male where ahead of her before she started following behind them. Hmm.... I don't like the idea of torture, and I'd prefer not to resort to it, but it could be imperative for the safety of my clan... I hope it won't have to come to that. With any luck, we'll get him to talk without torture. Who knows, maybe Fox's teasing will be torture enough.
  17. Fox nudged him. "Hey, girly eyes, mind telling me your name?"
    Crash snapped back "actually, yes, and I also have a problem with you calling me girly eyes!"
    An evil smirk appeared "well, if you don't tell me, I'll just keep calling you girly eyes.."
    Crash's 'girly eyes' widened, then squinted. "Why you little-!"
    "hmm? I'm not hearing a name, is that a yes?"
    He breathed in a deep sigh, "my names Crash." He muttered ruefully.
  18. The girly-eyes comment had Kawai laughing. It was spot on. "Crash?" Kawai said with perked curiosity. "Sounds like a code name to me..." As they returned to the village, she had taken up the rear, keeping an eye on their surroundings in case it was all a trap. It seemed too easy. Her fingers caressed one of the smoke bombs hidden deep inside her sleeve.
  19. "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. What's it to you?"
    "I wouldn't talk like that, girly-eyes.." Fox said, putting one hand behind her head, nonchalantly.
    Fox just giggled in response. "You didn't tell me your name, you told me your code name. ​There's a difference."
    An anime annoyed mark appeared on his forehead. "Grr, how do you people stand you? You're so annoying!"
    "eh? At least I'm not the one fighting with a 10-year-old." Fox stuck out her tongue just to annoy him more.
  20. Catching part of their conversation, Kawai laughed. She really had a knack for pulling his strings. She skipped forward and waggled a finger at the spy, "You know, you're not very good at sneaking around, are you?" Even as she joked, she kept an eye on the world around them. Was it safe to bring him back? Would there be torture? Was she still to go out on a run at sun down?