Zypher's Challenge!

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  1. So you think you're tough? Well lets see how long you can last against the overly cute sugary sweetness of Koharu Kusumi and Sayumi Michishige.

    The video: Rainbow Pink by Koha-Pinku and Shige-Pinku

    Good luck kiddies >D

    Rainbow Pink
  3. *GMK activates T.D.R.M.* MUST KILL....KILL EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Though honestly I would have enjoyed tearing that outfit off of her backstage if you catch my drift.
  4. They are too squeaky. I've suffered worse moeblob onslaughts than this. :cow:
  5. This is supposed to be moe? Its irritating, not cute. The song sucks too. I did manage to get to the end, though!
  6. I survived Ichigo Mashimaro; your pitiful Rainbow Pink merely tickles.
  7. God Bless Raz and his Batman outlooks on life.
  8. You know who is moe? Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. And Kirika from Noir, though its debatable. And Princess Powerful from the Runaways comics--is she still even called that? She changed codenames almost as often as Shadowcat back in the day.
  9. Kiki is indeed moe....
  10. Pffffft. You might as well be throwing cotton at a suit of armor here. This was nothing.
  11. You're tempting me to put some AMAGAYMI aSS in here.