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  1. I have created a roleplay universe that is very diverse but also very similar to alot of things. Over the years of my life I have gathered information and used it all for this world. I am curious what people think of my world so I will only give a sample of what I've done~

    • Unique original Character Sheet to follow your character through their journey in Zorth
    • A vast world of many different original creatures and some things from movies, animes, books, and tv shows I have watched over the years.
    • Many different species and races to choose from, I will explain them all to the person I am individually roleplaying with.
    • Class rooms for each time zone I come across, the time it usually begins is 4 pm EST.
    • Schools going from Primary to Secondary to College.
    • Two very supportive Admins that will help you through the journey through Zorth.
    As I said up there this is an original project. I had no help with it besides my partner in crime @LadyAqua , She has helped me with certain things alot but for the most part this is all my work. If you are interested please contact my skype.

    Skype: tearstostones
  2. General
    Name: Haven Lyons
    Age: 29
    School: Wasborl Leaflings School
    Job: Robot Designer/Demon Slayer
    Birthday: F-21
    Zodiac: Fire
    Magic/power: Fire
    Species: PB Vampire/ Moon elf
    Voice: Irish accent, Soothing, Deep, Easy to listen too
    Mother: PB Vampire/ Catrina Lyons
    Relationship with mother: Good
    Father: Aldis Lyons
    Relationship with father: Not to good
    Relationship with other [Uncle, Aunt, Cousins]: Reagen Lyons/Good
    Siblings?: Yes/Ramon Lyons (39)
    How many?: 1
    Relationship with siblings: Good
    Positive traits: Independent, Analytical, and Adaptable
    Negative traits: VENGEFUL, jealous, and manipulative
    Hair color: Royal Purple
    Hair type: Straight
    Eye color: Blue/Red
    Eye features: normal
    Skin tone: Pale
    Skin type: Smooth
    Accessories: None
    Body modifications
    Piercings: None
    How many: 0
    Where: ...
    Tattoos: None
    How many: 0
    Where: ...
    What of: ...
    Scars: Yes
    Where: My back
    How many: A few dozen
    Size: Varying
    Markings: Yes
    Where: All over
    How many: So Many
    Size: Varying.
    Birthmarkings: None
    Where: ...
    How many: 0
    Size: ...
    Master at Weaponship (Universal)
    Magic: Healing, Vampiric, and Fire, Elemental Magic increased, Healing/Damaging for combat, Weapons magic
    Increased Senses
    Robotics expert
    Master Demon Slayer
    Increased Speeds
    Air Gliding
    Jumping heights increased
    Mind Manipulation
    Seduction levels increased
    Superior Senses
    Fire Immunity
    Things character is good at:
    Musician, Vocalist, Politics
    Things character is bad at:
    Cooking, Socialization, Emotional control
    My Blade:[​IMG]
    Shadow Dragon: Named Shadow/Female

    Lightning Dragon: Named Zander/Male

    Three Headed Hydra: Named Illya/Female

    Five Headed Hydra: Named Quill/Male
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