Zorth (Finished with the most part)

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  1. Alright so I've finished what needs to be finished so far.

    So far all I know is that at first you will need to do a private starter rp with me. The main rp will be held on Chatzy. Chatzy - Zorth

    With how I'm doing it every one will start out at the same age. Yes I will be doing most of the work all on my own. My assistant @LadyAqua will be helping with some things. There will be a home room in the leafling school for anytime zone if there is only 1-2 people in that time zone I will have to assign you to a time closer to your own and make some changes to when the roleplay starts and ends.

    -No Godmodding
    -No insulting others
    -No mocking the Admins (me and my assistant)
    -If you have a custom creature I will add it if you help me with the creature sheet for it
    -No smut or Erp is allowed in the normal room I will consider creating a room for it
    -Cursing, drug use, and partial nudity is allowed.
    -There is no set rule for how big your post is but you do have to be online for the academy classes or you will be marked absent and will have to make up for it out of the online times.

    When everything will begin is unknown at the moment everything needs to be further set up. Thank you for your time! ^-^ Message me or reply if you are interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.