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    • I'm a young roleplayer who has been roleplaying for around 7-8 years now and writing for 9 years. I started out as a story teller as I was into acting and I would act out little stories I made up. My first books were based around medieval fantasy and horror/supernatural fantasy. I am now working on a project called Zorth its a big project that has been going on for 3 years now. I am having a shortage in helpful hands so its very hard to get all the work done. I love to roleplay and its been a passion of mine since I was very young..I do have some minor issues like A.D.D so my post timing varies massively I could take a few days to respond but thats only because I get distracted very easily. The only way I've managed to stay focused is when I'm skyping some one. Its not required that you have a skype its just helpful cause communication is key! ^-^ Thank you for your time.

    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Zorth is a universe created by Enu, son of Zues (Greek power god) and Venus (Roman lust goddess). His brother Alleon is a god of darkness and war so him and Enu split apart during their childhood. Enu created many diverse races but alot of them died in the first real war of Zorth, The War of the Lost King. The war happened because every race mixed together and none of them were their own race at the time. They call it that since during this war the vampire king who ruled over all of Zorth peacefully was killed by his own son, Ryan Williams.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Well after this war, All the species/races split up and divided into their own singular sections. No race could rule over another unless it was in a kingdom. Which kingdoms were basically like states inside a country. The planet being the country. Enu basically rules over every race now.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Now the galaxy is split up into four chunks; North, South, East, West. You must have four passports to own an air ship, along with a license to own an airship and a license to travel through space.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Unlike other gods and goddesses people are able to have their gods and goddesses come to them. Once you become a god/goddess you are able to have your self in more than one place at a time. Praying and giving gifts to your god/goddess is very much needed to keep a steady relationship with them. Some mortals have even become intimate with their god/goddess.[/BCOLOR]

    • Creatures Pm me for a more in depth description of a certain race.

    • I am looking for some roleplayers that can match up to my style. As I only write 1-3 paragraphs usually. I'm very loose and calm about how much people post but some times my starters can be giant or could be very small. I do expect you to tell me if things get boring so we can either fix it or just find some thing new to do. I understand its very awkward and nerve racking to bring up the guts to tell some one the roleplay sucks as I have ditched a few roleplays before.

      I am also loose with grammar. I don't care how you write what language you speak primarily I will roleplay with you even if you misspell a few words per sentence cause english isn't your first language. People are people its no ones fault that you weren't born into the english language. It's just how you are.

      Thirdly I'd like to state I prefer Quality over Quantity. I don't care if its the shortest sentence in the world. If I can work with it and keep moving forward with it I'll take it and make magic with it.
Thread Status:
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