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Zoriva (A work in progress)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Echo, Apr 12, 2017.

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  1. Hey if ya have any ideas to contribute then pm me :D

    The Foundations:

    -Women are the dominate gender instead of men

    -12 different races: Kitsune/ Drow/ Dragon (humanoid or w/ human form)/ Demon (need 8 more races. No humans!)

    -Mythical creatures

    -The world is ran by mafia style governments Called Families

    -4 main families with thier own territories with each having 2 to 3 'sub' families that act as enforcers/archduke type of status

    -Each family has a special/rare power/ability specific to each family

    -Everyone has powers/magic

    -Men are free but are treated like they are lesser beings normally

    -Mating/wedding/dating someone outside the family or the family's sub families or thier territories is forbidden.
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  2. These are Maiden names of the Families.
    Group names have yet to be decided

    Families Trios-: (M= main/ S= 'sub')
    Specialties: M/S/S

    (M) Veltora/ (S) Notix/ (S) Hakara
    Specialties: Lava/ Wind/ Earth

    (M) Hilayis/ (S) Jharof/ (S) Sembori
    Specialties: Lighting/ Steel/ Curses

    (M) Sixorzavi/ (S) Zotut/ (S) Rahaito
    Specialties: Fire/ Barriers / Summoners

    (M) Quilixora/ (S) Akorvel/ (S) Xuizov
    Specialties: Water/ Illusions/ Necromancy
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