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  1. So here is the deal, about once a day, or every other day, as the rage hits me. I'll be posting a rant here... I think this is the right palce. it'll be updated and shizz.F eel free to chime in, i 'want' you to. -gasp- Yes i said i want you to talk about it and reply. Also I changed my mind it'llb e posted once a week.... consider it something fun.... feel free to PM me one week if you want to do a rant and we'll discuss YOUR stuff too. (( or if you feel like inflating my ego you can request a rant on a subject.... i don't fucking know))

    Today’s rant is on maturity and its use in our language. (And there was much rejoicing)

    To start off have you ever heard someone say “We’re all mature here.” , “Grow up”, “Act your age not your shoe size”, “we’re all adults”, “I thought you were older than that”, or something of the general effect? Of course you have, we all have. Fact of reality is at some point, directed at you or someone else, you’re going to hear something of sort. When you do you’ll probably think of this “This si stupid why are you saying ti?” so here comes my rant.

    Stop fucking saying it you stupid twit. The comparison of ‘maturity’ is relative to the cultural forms of the time it is a completely and utter IN EFFECTIVE WAY to gather results you dumbass. If you what someone to ‘act more mature’ ask them if they think their actions are appropriate if they answer ‘yes’ prove them otherwise. Don’t just throw stupid nonspecific words around like a careless idiot. STOP USING IT and think. Rhetoric is more important than you give credit. If someone “Didn’t understand you.” It’s probably something YOU SAID WRONG. Hey guess what dumbass’s there is a reason why composition and rhetoric is a college 111 coarse. BECAUSE YOUNEED TO KNOW HOW YOUR WORDS EFECT PEOPLE DUBMASSES. If someone is ‘confused’ it’s because YOU phrased it wrong. If people do not ‘understand you’ you should consider yourself vague and take actions to make yourself more clear. Eschew obfuscation espouse elucidation , for all of you whom are too damn educated to understand it in ‘joe the plumpers’ voice. Stop thinking that every fucking thing is ‘immature’ and just because people are eighteen and above means they are mature.. Did you know the brain doesn’t exist the ‘adolescent stage’ until you turn 26. Until that point you have two times as many neurons in your brains as you will at adulthood. That means you ‘feel’ more. Calling someone ‘retarded’ isn’t that big of a deal right? Well it is when you’re a teenager, when they feel ‘insulted’ they are ‘devastated.’ Next time you want to tell someone to ‘grow up’ HOW ABOUT YOU EXPOUND ON YOUR STATEMENT Huh? It is better to be overly clear than vague. It is better to make yourself plain to a child than confuse an elderly person. Stop trying SO FUCKING HARD to sound so amazing and just be plain Jane.

    Here is the fucking thing, If you want people to do whatever you say, and this goes for ANYTHINg, you have to put it clear. I know we all hate the Bible, it’s evil the Christians are hypocrites blah blah blah, but I LOVE this part. Somewhere around the new testament (( that’s the good one right?)) that says something abou t’meat offending your brother’ and stuff. They think paul wrote something like this. “Become all things to all people that you may save someone.” I know I know I know it’s a bunch of bullshit it came from the Bible and someone inserted it in there to fit their own purposeful malicious agenda, whatever forget that argument for now. We can ACTUALLY USE THIS PART (( gasp I know the bible being useful what fucking kind of a damn idiot am i)) If I you want ANYOEN to ‘understand you’ or “change their way of thinking.” YOU SHOULD TRY AND SPEAK THEIR LAGUAGE DUMBASS. If you’re talking to kids speak kid language, if you’re talking to someone you THINK is a kid, use small concice words. Sure that only feeds your high and mighty ego, but still, at the very fucking least it’ll get the point across. ALSO, and this is another rant so I’ll just Touch on this, being blunt or ‘brutally honest’ ISN”T ALWAYS THE BEST ARPPOUCH. Some people NEED that soft approach. It doesn’t ‘matter’ if it’s babying them it gets the job fucking done. You are the bigger person, you are better thant heya re, they need to act more like you. SO GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO IMULaTE.

    This rant should be about twice as long but it’s not so we can actually have a discussion.
  2. I'm more so shoked that anyone atually replied tot his.....