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  1. System Log loading......

    Log Data Update:

    Location Coordinates
    RA: 10h 08m 22.3s
    DEC: +11° 58' 02"

    System air filtration: Sustainable
    Gravity lock: Sustainable
    Fuel: Sustainable

    ......Ending Log Transmission

    Sintrix exited out of the system's menu and leaned back against her chair, crossing her legs and laces her fingers with the index ones pointing outwards and tapping together in thought. Her thoughts were locked on the mission at hand today between conflicting lands of old and new technology. The uneasy threat of war between then was growing even more unstable lately and it required a force of action to be taken.
    A war, at this point of time, would prove illogical. There would be no gain for either side, only loss. Her people's technology was further advanced than the people of the north and east; and her kind couldn't handle the colder climate of the mountains... though the east provided warmth. The gain of her favor wasn't worth the effort of placing her people out in the battle field for just the ability to dominate a new race.


    She let out an impatient sigh and cut her eyes out the window of the ship she was in. The blinked in a moment's astonishment at the beauty of the scenery. She was in the eastern lands to meet with the woman leader and she wasn't knowledgeable of the land as much as she would have liked to be. It reminded her of the south; lush, green, warm, and a brilliant variety of astonishing earthy hues that dulled only slightly beneath a stunning periwinkle sky. She tilted her head and smiled a bit. Maybe a small battle to claim this land wouldn't be too bad.
    A transparent screen came up before her with a voice beaming from the ship of the destination arrival. She checked the temperature and oxygen and nodded in satisfaction that it was sustainable enough for her to emerge out without requiring more than what she had on.
    When she stood, her lizard like tail swayed and tilted downward to wrap close to her feet. She brushed her short blonde hair from her hair with clawed hands, just to have it fall back in place. Her attire was a tightly clinging suit made of special fibers that integrated with her own skin. It would change with her own color to adapt to the place she was in, much like a regular lizard would. It hid the essential parts of her body that deemed her a woman, but small things like her belly button and the scales that lined her sides and legs all showed through.
    She blinked her eyes that matched the sky's hue when she walked from the ship's loading platform and felt her body absorb the sunlight as it hit her body, causing her skin to glow a vibrant green.


    The meeting place was in an open terrain by a large lake that connected the northern and eastern lands. She admired the reflection of the water with a passing glance and felt in her element. Her soldiers followed from behind her and stood in formation in front of the ship, knowing not to follow her to the center of the field, but watching carefully. She crossed her arms and cut her eyes as the reached where she wanted to be and waited for the other leader to come.

  2. S
    kies clear as diamond the air as thin as it could get and still support life. The snow fresh, dropped almost hourly, the fragrance of freshness clung in the air like a baby to its mothers chest. This was the climate of MT. Ishram. Mt. Ishram was the capital of the Mephetis people, its large peak leveling off to a massive flat that had been built by the Mephetis people some thousands of years ago. The very buildings that now stood there stood erect, digging into the mountain about fifty feet and building up off the mountain another fifty feet. The buildings were made of stone brick and were all acute triangular shaped. The longer sides facing outward to the north, northeast, east, south east, south, south west, west, and north west so that the bowl at the top of the mountain appeared to be an octagon . At the top of each of the pillar like buildings there were two things, a thick screw shaped metal pillar that angled inward towards the middle of the city, and a large crossbow with enough force behind it to shatter bronze, steel, and even crack diamond with sheer brute strength. The metal screws at the top of the Cardinal Towers, the ones that formed the octagon, was the palace. It was set upon a thick bulb of metal, then balanced between the eight screws, and drilled into so as to be sturdy. It resembled that of a standard Medieval Castle. It was in this building, in the center most room, that the story began.

    standing at a slamming six feet and eleven inches the princess moved into the room. Her wide form and muscular build was hidden and appeared curvy due to the thin layer of fat, large bust, wide hips, and soft slick fur. She had her wings, which were fluid and mighty like that of an dragons, wrapped around her to form a cape. Her people didn’t wear clothes, as their fur covered all of their unmentionables, and provided more than enough warmth for them. She moved in, her reverse skunk pattern sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the normal black and white generals and council members. Taking a seat in her throne, which was placed to her fathers right and slightly back some, she crossed her legs and spoke with the authority she possessed.

    “We leave for the eastern fertile sealand there I will meet with the princess of these strange people and we will attempt to make peace… I’m aware of how much you are displeased with these actions, however my father and I have made our decision” Not like she had much of a choice she simply spoke with her father and talked about it reasonably. “So I’m off, I am taking our elite with us, so the city will be on high alert until my return. Peace be with you” With that she stood and walked out to the nearest window and took flight.

    After meeting with her men, all five of them, they suited up with swords, Chakram, and shields. The princess herself carrying an Urumi on her hip to use in battle if the need arise. Soon though they were finished with their equipment, they said their prayers to the goddess of travel and were off. They flew at shocking speeds, their bone structure having such little weight in it that they could reach shocking speeds, easily keeping up with any nonintersteller ship. The wind whipped through her sleek slightly oiled fur and made her long six foot tail lash around. They could see various cities under them through the small breaks in clouds Most of which were all shaped like the capital city. The triangular pillars on the outside square pillars for everything else, with catwalks going between them. She smiled down at her land, realizing that this could be the last time she was able to see it, depending on how the peace talks went. She signled for them to get into formation, soon a triangle on her form was made and they flew into view of the ‘enemy. Perhaps the first thing they noticed, instead of their sight, was their smell. The Mephetis physiology was such that a thin coat of their musk oil would cover their fur making them water dynamic and aero dynamic. This also gave them a strong scent that could carry on the winds for miles. Not so much that their scent up close was over powering, just that it wasn’t very saleable and could project for a long distance.

    They soon found themselves floating in the air, weapons at the ready but in a rested position as their Princess glided her way down. One foot seemed like eternity, one step seemed to shatter the world. The tension was so thick one could cut it with a knife. She touched ground, about four and a half feet from the lizard princess. She gave a deep bow, the utmost sign of respect her culture could show, and then extended her hand fully, another sign of respect. The bow was a sign of respect because it exposed one to an attack, a fully extended hand was a sign of respect because of the message behind it. It said to the other, I will go with you all the way, I will help you all the way, you need but only reach me. After the arm was extended and the hand ready for a firm shake she stepped forward two and one fourth feet, exactly half way.

    The Mephetis people, the people of Skunk, Human, and Eagle. Their culture was a complex woven tapestry with many rules and regulations for edict. The space fairing people were about to see perhaps the most subtle of them all. The art of conversation. If the lizard princess even twitched her eye the wrong way, made the wrong inflection of her voice she’d offend the Mephitis people, and a war could ensue.

  3. Sintrix could smell them before they arrived. Her brows burrowing in a curious matter at the scent itself. Though it wasn't one that a person would hold their nose too, it was an interesting and odd smell that made her look up to the skies and see the species from which it came. She regarded the woman with a tilted head as she landed and stood at her full height. Sintrix's own height was 5' 9'', so she looked tiny and frail compared to her counterpart. She smirked for a second, the quickly hid it, amused by their species.

    She took them all in, then gave the woman a raised brow and regarded her bow for a moment with a faint interest and her tail flicked behind her as she reached her hand out. She noticed the small group with the woman's muscle tighten and their stances become ready for a fight. She swayed her tail again, allowing it to lay on the ground and taking a step forward to place her cold blooded hand inside the offered one. The tension in the air was almost deafening, though there were no word muttered yet and the only sound that could be heard was the wind whistling through blades of grass and the trees. A shadow passed them overhead as a cloud momentarily covered the sun, causing Sintrix's skin to change into a dark emerald color instead of the lime green it was in the ray's light.

    "Its a pleasure to have finally met you. I govern the lands of the south and west and those that dwell inside those boundaries and hope to make peace with my neighbors, your kind. Its such a shame to have such a womb of earthly paradise and have it ruined by the fatality of war." Her words were soft and careful. She regarded the woman with sharp eyes and her men with peripheral vision."I am Sintrix." She added after a moment, returning the woman's gesture of respect with announcing her name. She was never called by her birth name by the Kaladian folk, only regarded as their Mistress.

    She relaxed her aura about her tried to provide a faint smile, hoping to ease the atmosphere. At things were at the moment, the slightest movement would cause this meeting to go very wrong.

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    he took another deep bow to the woman before her. Rose glanced Sintrix over, evaluating her by merely moving her eyes. The Lizard Princess wore what appeared to be no clothing, which was strange for her. It appeared that her tail was rigged and stiff, exactly what did all of these body language signs mean? With confusion and slight worry she extended her hand to shake it speaking in her royal voice, but making sure that it was soft enough to not be considered authoritative.
    “I am Rose, it is such a pleasure ot meet you. As you know the lands to the north and to the east belong to my father and I.” she offered another bow and spoke up once more. “My father offers a gift to you as a token of our lasting friendship and kindness. He brings to you Tea from our fineist brewer. He brings to you our finest woven silk as a blanket to keep warm during the winter. As a sign of our ever growing friendship he brings wine.” These gifts were all brought to the center by little children who carried them and offered them to the queen. The little ones had a stronger odor about them, almost to the degree of offensive due to their youth they couldn’t control their oils as much.

    The first gift was the tea. A sweet mixture of honey suckle, jasmine, rose, bluebonette, coco bean, and vanilla extract. The sweetness of it would be balanced with the bitter to achieve a nice balanced savory flavor. Next was the blanket. A brilliant display of white, gold and purple telling the narrative of birth and creation through the womb and the cycle of man according to the Mephitis people. Lastly was the brew o wine. Something that she hoped the fellow Princess could appreciate. Those wines weren’t normal wine. They were fermented honey and rice wine mixed together. They were only ever handed out to the empires most valued members and the fact that this queen got one should be h magnificent honor. The mere sight of the bottle going to the queen made some of the man silently envious and silently furious . It was to ferminte for ten years and then bee drinked once every year as a symbol of their growing union of alliance.

  5. She took the gifts, eying them over, as she handed them to her aid, bowing at Rose and giving her thanks for the gifts. giving a small smile at the beautiful scents at drifted to her nose and caused her skin to change into a pastel green to match her calm mood.
    "Speaking of your father... where is he? Did this meeting not hold enough importance for his presence? Though I am thankful for the peace between our lands and the gifts presented." Sintrix's voice was calm and respectful; her eyes were stern and searching though. She whipped her tail through the air and rested the tip by her foot, leaning her weight on her left leg and crossing her arms in front of her chest. She ran her tongue over her teeth, then clenched her jaw and took a quick breath. Thinking of her words frustrated her. She was never one to think first, talk later. "Allow me to rephrase that. Will your father be apart of any of our negotiations later on?" She bit the words off, not meaning them to come off as hard as they did, but her frustration was taking a toll on her. She really was horrible with peace talks, but as the sun hit her skin and caused yet another change of her color, she closed her eyes and sighed, feeling some of the frustration melt away and gave the woman a warm smile. They needed to make this work. Neither of their lands could handle a battle.

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    er initial thoughts were that of anger and rage. How dare this woman, this lizard, come in and insult her father in such away. Showing such rudeness and depravity in her tone, arrogance in her speak, and demand in her eyes! She felt the sudden desire to turn around and leave, condemning both people to a time of war. Nevertheless, she thought, and acted better than that. Her fur stiffened and the scent of skunk thickened by ten percent. Raising her head up to look at the sky then back down to the woman speaking in her usual regal yet humbled manner.
    “My father is not feeling the best. He has the illness of ages and as such is giving me more and more duties. He wishes not to curse you with the look of old age and weariness but chooses to instead sow the seeds of friendship between the future rulers in an attempt at peace for the ages to come. I does bring his most sincere apologies and will gladly join us at your request.”Okay so the princess was a crafty one!

    Rose was sensing the tension and finally, although possibly riskily, she made her brace suggestion. She had been thinking abut it for a few minutes, about since the gifts were passed out. They both stood between two armies, their guns metaphorically pointed at one another. Either was waiting for the other to so much as sneeze the wrong way. To be honest Rose found it foolish to start a friendship this way so she decided to finally shatter the ice using an atomic weapon of sorts.

    “So, I’m going to be brave so please do not take my boldness for rudeness. May I please have a ride in one of those beautiful floating chariots? I’ve heard so many things about them and I’d be honored if you’d take me please. It’d probably also break the tension here and really let our people to have a good look at one another.” Rose, bold and brave, that was her trademarks for sure.

  7. Sintrix looked at the woman with a raised brow and balanced her weight evenly throughout her legs, then lifted her hand up and the small row of militia behind her moved from their stances to ones at ease and back out of formation to make their way on the ship. Sintrix moved her blonde bangs from her eyes, just to have them flutter back, and gave the woman a curt smile.
    "I meant no offense with my worlds. My way with words has not been trained and I'm often at a loss for the tones of pleasant conversation." She made a noise that resembled that of a small laugh. She couldn't even remember her last conversation that didn't include demands or quick orders. Her eyes went cool as she firmed her tone in her next sentence, "These ships are of my militia. They carry weapons and are set up on advanced technology. You. Only you, may be allowed access upon my ship. I will not have everyone knowing my military secrets and I will have it bound between us now that what you see upon my vessel is for your knowledge only." She lightened her voice and gave Rose a more friendly look than she had since they met, "If you accept, then you may be granted a ride home." She held out a hand to Rose to guide her to the ship and seal their agreement.
    She was taking a serious risky move by allowing this woman to see the inside of her ships. Even though they were without the advancement in technology of her people, they weren't lacking intelligence. Rose would see the inner working of her battle ships and know exactly what Sintrix could toss her way should this peace treaty fall through and prepare for it. Sintrix clenched her jaw tight and reminded herself that this was a risk required for this to work. The tension in the air between them was enough to cause the air to grow thick and make breathing difficult for the lizard princess. She wondered how the princess would take not being allowed to have any of her men with her aboard the ship. Sintrix imagined they would be flying right next to the vessel though, watching close though.

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    o guards, her protectors banned from the vessel with little to no hope of arrival should something go wrong? This was her kind of a party. She spun around on her heels and looked to her men giving two hand signals and watching as they all took flight and left. She then spun back around and bowed to her before speaking in her usual well-put-together way.
    “When you speak with the people, the nobles, and other regal blood as much as I do you pick up a thing or two. Sorry for the flash of command there, my men have gone on home and I’m at your pleasure now. I promise I will never difulge the information inside of the ship. If you need to take my side arm you may.” she willingly gave up her broad sword which was on her hip. Yes her people were so tall that a broad sword could like her thigh and calve some. It was clear that the weapon wasn’t normal. Perhaps one of those crazy enchanted weapons that her people were known for that belched fire when swung, or perhaps it was made of a dense metal meant to cut deeper, who the heck knew at this point!

    She approached the ‘iron’ vessels and looked at them in awe. She saw no hoses which carried them, no wheels upon which they rolled, to be frank she was in awe and excited, it could be seen in her lightly swishing tail. Her fur lay sleek, like almost all period of her life, and her attitude remained composed as she walked up to the door frame of the ship and stopped, waiting for the Queens orders. She was a humble lady, not afraid to take a second seat, not afraid to show blind faith in the hopes of peace. Her education had taught her that friendship gave birth to strong allies and companions. This was the direct application of such. The master teachings and studies taught her how to ‘rule’ her people with humility, how self control and a humbled heart should act like a cancer amongst those she encountered. Though her blind faith appeared gutsy, stupid, and foolish it was actually a complex calculated strategy that accounted for her death. If they killed her a war would break out and people would die, if they delivered her safely then peace could flourish under good standing couldn’t it?

  9. Sintrix smiled at the woman then; a teeth showing, warm smile that touched her eyes and caused her skin to glow emerald. She wrapped her arm around Rose's at the elbow and led her to the ship like the were old friends. She lead the woman on the metal platform and moved her tail to hit the button to raise it aboard the ship. Her men were lined up around them, facing away to keep an eye on their surroundings. As the platform screeched to a halt, Sintrix moved her arm away from Rose and walked forward in the pitch black ship. "Ship, reboot." She called out and the ship started to hum as light flicked on to reveal a large cargo ship, full of weapons and machines.
    Sintrix walked up to a column and ran her down on it for a transparent screen to pop up.

    System Log Loading........

    Please enter passcode..... *******

    ..........Pending Access.......,
    Access Granted

    Hello Captain....

    Ship Status: Sustainable

    Please enter location for departure:
    RA: 8h 08m 12.3s
    DEC: +33° 28' 12"

    ......Ending Log Transmission

    She turned to Rose and waves her hand to the interior of the ship.
    "Welcome Aboard. I hope you enjoy your flight. Please keep hands, feet, and tails inside the ship at all times and don't touch anything." She winked at Rose and gave another small smile, allowing herself to finally relax now that she was back in her comfort zone. "Feel free to ask anything. Either I or the ship will answer you." She patted the column that displayed the screen. "The ship was built with a brain of its own. Not like ours, but an artificially enhanced on capable of carrying a conversation about where we are, the terrain, and the basic functions of the ship itself. Very helpful for times of war. Even in the worst places, the ship can send out these waves that bounce back and tell us where armies are and what we are to expect." Sintrix felt strange telling secrets. "Should our treaty become finalized, you'll have a few of these at your disposal." She moved her hand through her hair and licked her lips, trying to think of anything to explain. Not sure what to explain after a moment, she then gave Rose a smile and waited for her to speak.

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    he gripped her ears as the screech was given off and cursed under her breath something foul as she soon made her way into the darkness. When the lady was doing all of her ship start ups Rose was literally draw dropped in awe as she looked around afraid to even move! Listening to the woman speak about the ships intelligence, at first thinking that they had trapped a man inside of the ship and that he needed to be free! Of course after that she understood and then spoke up.
    “Ship, this is Princess Rose o the Mephitis People, can you tell me if there are any underground tunnels near by that are unaccounted for, or belong to the mephitis people?” The under ground tunnels were a storage facility that they had going under the entire kingdom. Exists were found every half mile hidden by the natures beauty. These tunnels were lined with a metal they THOUGHT kept them secret, not that things were secretive anymore! She turned to Sintrix and spoke in a bit of a strained voice, clearly still nervous, also whispering as if to avoid the ears of the ship. “My people have a weapons shelter built under our entire kingdom as well as a civilian shelter. We long since believed that the metal our swords were composed of was ‘undetectable’ by your scanners, I would fancy to know if we were right.” she giggled and inserted the last bit. “We also believed our oil to be away to chase your people away. Though now that I see how your people live I think it was more so the fire than the smell, am I right?”