Zora RP ( FxM, lokking for M )

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  1. So, I have an idea to do a RolePlay involving Zoras from the Legend Of Zelda game series. Of course it would be with OC's but hopefully it won't e much of an issue. I don't have much of a plot, so if you are interested in doing azora RP with me, please PM me. If you have any idea's for the plot, please include it in your message. I am hoping for this to be about a 50% plot and a 50% 18+ RP. I am loking to be the female char and I need a dominant male char to be played.
  2. Hello Shadow,
    If you haven't already found someone to Rp with I would be more than happy.
    As a fan of the Zelda franchise this would be amazing.
    If you have found someone already then please let me know and maybe we can try something else.

  3. I will gladly do multiple RP about the same thing, no need to try anything else. If you want to do this with me then
    by all means give it a whirl. I am already doing this with someone but I am looking to do another onethat hopefully
    can move along a little faster. Not exactly a rapid poster this one. I happen to be growing impatient with my current RP
    so I am fine doing more than one of this RP.
  4. Why hello! If you're still looking i would love to try this, or anything in the Zeldaverse, it's so hard to find a good LoZ rp these days ^.^
  5. I totally feel you @ Green. That's why I took it upon myself to request one. Like I said before, I will gladly do multiple RP's for this.
    Just send me a PM with your char and any other info about yourself that you think I should know, IE: post speed, preferences, etc.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.