Zoo's Out... For Ever (apocalypse/nature fights back)

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    For centuries, mankind has been the dominant species. We've domesticated animals, locked them up, killed them for sport. But a series of recent events seem to suggest, all across the globe, animals have decided no more. And so, we were hired. A team of people from different backgrounds, with different specialties. Our task – to find out what is happening with the animals, why it's happening, and how to stop it.

    For far too long, the animal kingdom has laid back and let humans have control. They have made us dance around, doing tricks for them but we will no longer obey their every little whim. We will take back our positions as top predators. Humans have technology and opposable thumbs but they do not have our numbers or unity. Our task – to take back the Earth and make humanity submit.

    A war has started between all of the animals in the kingdom and mankind. Mother Earth's
    message to humanity: "You fucked it up. Now I'm coming for you."


    Humans (Task Force)
    A team composed of people specializing in different areas are sent to fight against the animals and
    come up with a solution. Their destination is Zambia, Africa where it supposedly all started.

    Animals (United)
    A colony of sorts made up of all different species have gained a higher intelligence and are devising a plan to
    dominate the world. They have already made steps to enforce this plan and have taken over entire cities.


    This is a twist on the book Zoo by James Patterson and the show by the same name.
    The difference, this wasn't man-made. This was our Earth Mother saying "I've had enough of your shit."

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  2. I'd so be interested in a human spot!
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  3. Great! Hopefully we'll see some more interest soon.
  4. Boop~


    no one interested? ;-;
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  5. I'm interested :)
  6. Awesome! You thinking humans or animals? Or both? xD

  7. Both
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  8. [​IMG]

    Interested as well :)
  9. you and your gifs.
  10. Yayyy~ have any idea what you'd like to play?

    I know. *bows head in shame* I have a problem. x.x

    I can't be stopped!

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  11. I'd like to take up a human role if that is all good with you. :)
  12. I'd like to take a human character, unless you need an animal character.
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  14. Tis fine. C:

    We could use one but whichever you'd prefer. tbh I was expecting you to play a cat. x3


  15. Does this happen to be based off of the James Patterson book Zoo, which also has a tv show based off of it?
  16. I'll shall play as a..........................................Gorilla!
  17. Yes! If you look under the last gif you'll see that I wrote my inspiration~

    Ooooh that will be interesting. haha xD
  18. I'll play as a hybrid cat that decides to side with the humans
  19. As in a liger? Or something similar? It has to be scientifically possible. But yess I like the idea!
  20. Shall I make the signups?

    I think I will. *gets to work*