Zookeeper's Sanity and Shifter's Amusment

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    Name: Kakeru
    Age: 25
    Race: Human
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    Name: Adair
    Age: 24
  3. Kakeru pushed his glasses up his nose for the millionth time that day as he tried keep from freaking out, the truck that was suppose to bring in the new black panther in today was 20 minutes late. Okay maybe he was being alittle paranoid but he had the most active imagination on a good day. His boss came in to the room and chuckled patting his shoulder, making him jump.
    "Dont worry Kakeru I just called the driver he got stuck in traffic and should be here shortly." Kakeru nodded his crimson hair falling in his face making him brush it back again. He stood and wandered to the back entrance, he was in charge of most of the feline exibits and the fill in night vet. He enjoyed his job as much as it made him twitchy. He was at the end of a bad fall out with his ex and he'd been sleeping in his office for the past week to avoid the bastard banging on his door reeking of alcohol and alternating between threatening him and begging him to take him back. Kakeru rubbed his forehead as he saw the truck pulling to the back and hurried to open the gate for the man.
  4. Adair snarled as the driver of the damned truck hit a pothole. He struggled to keep his footing. If there wasn't the other human in the back with him he would shift back and enjoy the ride of two feet but he couldn't shift now and reveal what he was. He was already getting looked at weird because the one human said his eyes were an odd color but he couldn't change that. He sat down again and glared at the human female who was sitting a few feet away from his cage. He scared her, it was obvious in the sweat smell that came from her.

    Finally they came to a stop and he relaxed a bit. He stood up and yawned loudly. "Thank the moon I'm finally not moving in this stupid van.
  5. Kakeru moved around the back of the truck as the woman opened the door and jumped not expecting him to be there, "S-sorry." She glanced back at the panther and jumped out of the truck. "He was restless and I started to get worried he'd take his annoyance on me." Kakeru fought not to roll his eyes, women were too skittish about most things in his opinion. He looked back into the truck and sighed looking at the sleek muscled cat.
    "Hello georgious welcome to your new home, I hope your trip wasnt to bad." Kakeru climbed into the truck and started to unchain the cage so he could push it out to the flat bed dolly. He looked at the panther, "okay heres the deal you dont eat my fingers and I'll make sure you get something delicious to chew on in your new enviornment okay?"
  6. Adair looked at the woman with amusement before his attention was brought to the new human who was talking to him directly. He cocked his head to the side as his pupils narrowed to slits. At the comment about the trip he gorlwed sharply but ended it when the huamn worked on unchaining his cage. He watched with his ears twitching. In response to the fingers thing he rubbed his length against the fingers that were in the cage, his glossy fur moving like silk over the flesh.
  7. Kakeru chuckled at the beast, "Much appreaceated beauty." Kakeru slowly slid the cage to the end of the truck and leaned out to give the trucker the okay to lower the flat to the ground. With a small jolt the metal flat moved downward where his boss was looking up at him amused leaning against the dolly.
    "Good thing I remember to leave it out here what were you going to to push it back?" Kakeru rolled his eyes at him.
    "No I was going to walk him on a leash through the zoo." His boss laughed aloud as they carefully slid the cage onto the dolly flat. Kakeru shooed his boss away from the handle, "mine go home you're working overtime anyway." He rolled the dolly off into the feline exibit.
  8. Adair sat with his Gail wrapped around his legs looking very content for the moment as the wheelx on the dolly squeeked around through the zoo. The smells assaulted his nose making him sneeze and shake his head to clear it. He sniffed the air and was rewarded with the smells or manure from certain exhkbits but nothing of his kind was here which made him relax even further. He wouldn't have to try and pick a lock her quite yet.
  9. Kakeru hummed happily as he neared the empty exibit and rolled around to the back. The building was the center point for the entire feline exibit and it was also attached to his office; he stopped the dolly infront of the open door. With well paracticed speed hooked the from of the cage to the door and slid the front open for the panther to go out into the new area. Kakeru believed that force was not needed with any animal and left the panther to enter when he was ready. He walked to the food storage area and pulled out two thick steaks and set them in a stainless steal bowl. He wandered back and slid the bowl though the little cut out area for said need.
  10. Adair crouched low when the cage had been locked into place. THe sound unnerved him. After a moment and when he heard the human walk away he gingerly stepped out and padded around the area. His paws crushed the ground for a moment before he smelled meat to the side of him. He turned and walked over, sniffing the meat before politely taking one out and pulling at it with his teeth. A purr/growling sound rumbled in his chest as he ate, the food feeling comfortable after him running for so long before the van.
  11. Kakeru grinned seeing that he seemed to be taking this better than most; he closed the door and un locked it to the cage and swung the door closed to the exibit.
    "I'll feed you again in the morning no need to get you sick from eating too much on the first night. Enjoy exploring your new home." Kakeru walked to his office leaving the door open so he could hear if anything was wrong, big cats were such babies. He took off his glasses and set them on his desk before falling onto the broken in, comfortable ass couch that he'd dragged from his house before his crazy ex even knew he was gone. He flipped his phone out and took a deep breath to ready himself for the nexy ten minutes of duchebag voicemails; hitting the speaker button it started.
    "You have...ten new voicemails, to play your messages press one...."
  12. Adair finished his meal before he walked around to explore his area. jumped on top or a rock and sat elegantly with his tail wrapped around his legs. He looked over and noticed the door open to an office and moved quickley behind the rock and let his muscles relax and reshape into a tall blonde man with violet colored eyes who was completely nude. He summoned a slight bit of magic he used to shift to atleast make some shorts. He looked down and noticed his chest was marred with scars that all looked pink and puckered.
  13. The messages started,
    "You fuckin' whore! You wont find another dick like mi- message deleted next message. Babe I'm sorry I lov- message deleted next message. You answer your fucking pho-message deleted next message..." It went on bouncing back and forth between the two emotions of anger and sadness.
    "What possesed me to day this biopolar idiot." Kakeru grumbled finally finishing the messages and threw his phone onto his desk with a defeated sigh and wrapped up into his blanket until all that was left of him was her drak red hair sticking out the top. He squeezed his eyes shut trying to forget his mistake of two years; now it was like tar he couldnt get fucking rid of it.
  14. Adair stretched and walked around on two feet before jumping back onto the rock and sat cross legged. He looked up and let the moonlight wash against his skin as he let hisfeatures relax. He heard the soft mechanical voice from a phone and winced a bit as it flip flopped so much. Someone needs medicine.‚Äč He shook his head before he went back to tryint to relax. "I'm sorry my kin, but I did what I had to do." he whispered into the wind.
  15. Kakeru almost drifted off before he groaned remembering the lights were still on; with a huff he threw off his blanket and rolled off the couch onto his feet and shuffled to the light switch to click it off he glanced out into the hallway and thought he'd seen a man in the cage but marked it off as an illusion from stress.
    "Sleep need sleep." HE turned and crawled back into his blanket and drifted off to sleep.
  16. Adair had tensed when he heard the human moving and let out a sigh of relief when he went back to the bed. "Ok enough flesh." he said stretching and arching his back before he fell onto all fours with sleek black fur. He jumped onto a tree limb and laid there, his tail falling to swing below him as sleep overtook him soundly
  17. Kakeru woke with a jolt, what had woken him? Oh there it was, his phone was screeching at him. He flung his arm out and groped for the small device until his hand connected with it. He pulled the thing to his ear and clicked it to answer.
    "ello?" His voice sounded bad in his ears and he sat up and coughed to get rid of the sleep. "Hello?"
    "Where are you, you little whore." The slurred voice had him glancing at the wall clock then reaching for his glasses to see.
    "Riku, it's 5 in the morning I just got to sleep an hour ago." He grabbed his coat and rumaged through his pockets for his electric cig, he stopped smoking when he started sleeping in his office but damn if he still didnt need the stupid thing to calm down.
    "I know what time it is! I'm not an idiot. Where are you hiding?! YOu cant run away forever I wil find you! I know were you work!" Kakeru rolled his eyes and shuffled out of his office; why was he still on the phone with the man? Because he would have to face this aventually.
    "But you have yet to come face me at my job." His voice held a bored tone as he took a drag and exhaled happily.
    "I told you I hate when you smoke."
    "I wouldnt need to smoke if you would just leave me alone."
  18. Adair woke with a yawn and stretched luxuriously before he jumped down to the ground. He looked around for a moment slightly confused before he remembered what happened. He shook his ears out as a fly flew near them and walked over to a small pond, dipping his head to take a drink. He listened and heard the humans voice from the day before and looked in the direction. The air smelled of cigarettes which made him sneeze. His brother had smoked around him but that had been awhile ago.
  19. Kakeru let the ranting voice of his ex fade off and he let the phone hang down in his hand at his waist; tired of hearing his voice bring down what happiness he had left and took another drag of the electronic vaporizor. HE put the phone back up to his ear again when the yelling go louder.
    "Yes, yes I heard you no need to shout."
    "Dont take that voice with me yo-" Kakeru gave in and clicked the off button then quickly pulled the battery out of it's slot.
    "Why is it so hard to find a decent man." He grumbled as he crawled back into his couch he knew he had only a few more hours before the rest of the staff would start trickling in the feeders and cleaners would mostlikely be early and the head of exibits usually came in later. It annoyed him that they didnt seem to care if the animals under their care were taken care of or not.
  20. Adair flinched when he heard the phone click shut. He shook his head before prancing over to the part of the cage closest to the human before he heard more people coming. He turned when the back door opened and dropped to a crouch growling deeply. His teeth showed and his claws unsheathed, digging into the dirt.