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Had an idea for a Zone of the Enders roleplay after playing some of the HD collection out of boredom. Hope you guys enjoy the overall premise and other things I included to the frame work of the RP. Let me know if you want to join and what level you feel this would be better as. Always looking for assistant GMs as well if you are interested. Anyway, here is the set up for the story and other good stuff. For anyone who needs an idea of what the Z.O.E. universe looks like, please watch the following video.

It has been five years since the defeat of Nohman and BAHRAM. The galaxy is now no longer under the control of the UNSF, but is still put under their care in cases of space pirates and other dangers that appear throughout the cosmos. Mars monitors itself these days, and in that wake many other colonies have since began running their own private coalitions of governments. Some colonists have even spread as far out as Neptune by using newly founded climate control technology that allows for easy living on the planets and moons that far away from the Sun. While things seem like they are sustaining a very controlled and stable way of living, numerous reports that began coming up a year ago have caused members of the UNSF's board to raise an eyebrow.

Starting with random occurrences related to satellite colonies found in the asteroid belt it appears that many unmanned Orbital Frames have begun attacking in very odd patterns. Again, they started with small satellite colonies of little importance to any major projects or population counts. These attacks however seem to be so calculated that they almost seem like they were done by a master strategist. First, the shields went out. After that the defenses. Finally the Frames began attacking life support and then they finally overloaded the cores of these colonies causing them to implode into themselves with some kind of Metatron based explosion. It was a miracle any survivors made it out of the blast radius to report their sitings.

What was at first considered merely a number of pirate raids gone wrong, is now believed to be the worst possible option: remnants of BAHRAM have regrouped and begun going about their plans of absolute destruction through the power of Metatron. After huge shipments of Metatron were stolen from a trade route outside of Saturn, the Frames used in the attack were identified as BAHRAM Raptors. The belief is now that there is a new leader taking up the task that Nohman left behind and is intending to rebuild the AUMAN project. While there is no evidence to suggest that BAHRAM has anything further than unmanned Orbital Frames in their arsenal, it cannot be risked that a simple army of LEVs can stand up to BAHRAM considering how poorly the UNSF efforts were just using LEVs in the last encounter with BAHRAM. Because of that, the UNSF has pushed forward with an idea to prepare strong pilots to take the helm of new Orbital Frames that are currently under construction.

You are one of those pilots that has been selected to join the training program to find pilots worthy of taking control of a highly advanced Orbital Frame. The UNSF has chosen you because of your abilities as both ground troops and talented LEV pilots. The hope is that through this training, a program dubbed F.A.T.E. (Frame Appointment Training Exercise), is that you will be able to be a part of the most advanced fighting force that the UNSF has ever sent out to defend the galaxy and all the free peoples of space. You may be from Earth, Mars or perhaps a random satellite colony among the stars, but here you are a member of the UNSF. You will soon become the first, last and only line of defense against BAHRAM and the destructive force of Metatron. It is our greatest strength and without you, our inevitable extinction. Welcome to Zone of the Enders: F.A.T.E. Squadron.


1. No Godmodding or power gaming of any kind. Be sure that if you are in a fight, don't make your targeting system something made by God or your Frame has the greatest maneuvers in the galaxy. Every pilot can be had at any given moment. Be fair and honest. This also goes for any repairs that your Frame may need to go through or injuries your character has to recover from due to potential crashes, ground battle injuries or tech burns. Again, be reasonable

2. Be sure to work on your posts. No two four sentence paragraphs. Be sure to develop what you are doing as your character and how the world is reacting as well. The more you write, the more your fellow roleplayers will be able to write back. A minimum of three to four paragraphs a post please.

3. Be considerate of your posting speeds. If you and another person are in a sequence of just your characters, that's fine. But if you carry on for three pages of just the two characters that takes it a little far. Try to make opportunities for other people to become involved as well and push the story. The more plot lines we can make, the better.

4. Be sure to inform me if you are taking a hiatus for a period of time. Two days of no contact and I will begin to worry. By the third day I will send a message to you asking where you are at. The fourth day we will remove the character from a scene in some way. WE WILL NOT KILL YOUR CHARACTER OFF AT THIS TIME! You will have a week before that comes to pass.

5. Be civil. If you disagree on a post or some other basic action bring it up in a polite manner and discuss it as people. No reason to start fanning flames in the OOC or making a scene in the IC either.

6. Should you have any plans of something you want to do with your or someone else's character, bring it up with them in the OOC or in the PMs before you do it. If someone starts doing something to your character and you don't want it to happen, see rule 5 on how to deal with it. Also, if you have an idea for a plot point, know that I am open to creative collaboration and feel free to PM me.

7. Enjoy your time in this story. This isn't meant to be work. The only work involved in this is myself making the rules and ground work for the story and you making characters to join. After that it is all fun and games. Please be sure to enjoy it as such.

8. Should you decide to engage in romance, know where to stop. Don't get too graphic with it. I don't know if people still do this, but if it does get more than just a little steamy take it to the messages and finish the scene out there.

Terms in the ZOE universe:

Runner - A person who controls an orbital frame

Back-up AI - An implemented Battle AI that helps the Runner control the Frame

Orbital Frame - An Orbital Frame is an advanced giant mecha in the fictional universe of Zone of the Enders. It is distinguished by its enormous superiority over the more common LEV mecha. This is due to the use of the rare mineral Metatron in the Orbital Frame's armor, generator, and many other components. Metatron is a strange metaloid mineral which spontaneously compresses space, although this ability can be easily controlled, and can easily shift its shape. Through the use of Metatron, Orbital Frames can considerably reduce the mecha's size and vastly increase its energy supply and efficiency, speed, agility, armor effectiveness, and weapons capability. Standard LEV technology is completely outclassed by Orbital Frames in battle

LEV - Laborious Extra-Orbital Vehicle. There are two types; Mining and Battle

Metatron - Discovered on Jupiter's moon Callisto in the early twenty-first century, metatron is an ore that was found to have unique space warping properties that could be exploited. Though metatron is not fully understood, it became the basis of many new technologies, including locomotion, power generation, extradimensional storage, weaponry, shielding, and artificial intelligence.


Bounder: This weapon hurls a large burst of energy which arcs downwards after being thrown. Upon contact with the ground, the energy "bounds" upwards and can hit an enemy if the initial throw misses its mark.

Comet: Comet is a slightly homing burst of energy that can be fired in rapid succession. The Comet cannot be blocked, and one shot fired will repeatedly attack the same enemy for a given time.

Decoy: When used, an electronic vision of the player's mech is created, and the original mech is shrouded from enemy sensors. The decoy eventually does disappear after sustaining enough damage or if the pilot switches to another subweapon.

Floating Mine: It releases a large and powerful explosive which detonates either upon proximity or upon impact. After a mine is deployed, a pilot can grab and throw the mine.

Gauntlet: The Gauntlet is a somewhat weak weapon with a large amount of force behind it. Although it causes little damage, the gauntlet can break an enemy's guard and send them flying. It is advised that the pilot should use the gauntlet to slam enemies into surroundings to increase the damage done.

Geyser: When the weapon is used, a cluster of grenade-like weapons are thrown out. These grenades cause minor damage to and stun enemies that are hit. After hitting another solid object, the weapons each emit a "geyser" of energy which can further damage and stun enemies. The spread of the grenades can also be controlled depending upon the amount of pressure put on the circle button.

Halberd: The Halberd is a powerful, large-caliber laser weapon which consumes energy rapidly. The radius and length of the beam can be controlled depending upon the pressure put on the circle button. It can also be used to destroy obstructing buildings.

Homing Missile: A very useful weapon which launches multiple, powerful missiles that acquire individual targets. Can shoot up to sixteen missiles at once.

Javelin: It is a spear-like weapon which is thrown at an enemy. The Javelin will travel in an arc, sinking towards the ground as it is affected by gravity or straight forward in zero gravity situations. Will explode on impact.

Mummy: Mummy affords the user a powerful shield that can block nearly everything, and actually helps to regenerate the armor of the mech using it.

Phalanx: The Phalanx is a rapid-fire weapon which sprays the area ahead of the user with shots.

Sniper: A weapon that is not powered by Metatron which allows it to bypass many microwave or electronic wave powered shields. Although it is weak, the sniper has remarkable range, and can be used to engage targets from a great distance.

Vector Cannon: The Vector Cannon is immensely powerful, and is also the only weapon capable of penetrating otherwise impenetrable shields of compressed space, like the one used on Aumaan. However, the cannon has a long charging period before the beam itself can be fired, which makes it unsuitable for regular combat situations. However, once fired, it unleashes an impressive torrent of compressed space that can be whipped about when turning, similar to Halberd and can be used to blast through obstructions leading to secret areas. The immense recoil of the cannon also requires that the user's mech be on the ground, in order to be tethered to it to counter recoil.

Wisp: The Wisp allows the user to grab objects from a distance, throwing out three small bits which latch on to a target and return it to the user.

Character Sheet

Name: Character's name
User: Name on RPG
Appearance: A description or picture. Either is fine.
Age: Looking more so for people above 21 but if you have a good reason to be a prodigy like Leo Stenbuck present it in your back story.
Personality: One or two short paragraphs describing what your character is like towards themselves and others.
Backstory: Surely you have a past and maybe even a reason to join the UNSF and their experimental Orbital Frame Trainee squadron. Tell us about it
Battle Skills: Sometimes you have to step out of the Frame and into combat. Are you an explosives, medical, tech or combat expert? What do you provide to a squadron of soldiers.
Equipment: Let us know what you carry on your person. Doesn't just have to be combat gear like guns or tools. Even a memento or personal good luck charm.

Orbital Frame Sheet​
Name of the Frame
Pilot: Character that pilots the Frame
Appearance: A description or picture. Either is fine. If a picture, please try to avoid Gundams or frames from the actual game if at all possible.
AI Computer: Name of your AI that helps you pilot the Frame. You can also give it somewhat of a personality profile if you desire. This is an AI after all, not a VI.
Weapons: Up to two main weapons can go on a frame (One close-range one long). Long-range it is best to keep it to classic blaster abilities and the close-range weapon can be anything from a sword, spear or anything else you can think of. Just make sure it isn't overpowered or unreasonable.
Sub-Programs: Up to two sub-programs can be installed on your Frame. Since you can include an energy beam in the Halberd or Homing Missiles this is why I request the main weapon stay a blaster. If you want to create your own program, you can do so but just message me the idea in a quick PM to go over details.
Design Specs: While you as a soldier have a duty to fit the squad, what is your Frame's parameters in battle? Is it meant to use it's speed to defeat enemies, or is it a bruiser that was created to make huge dents in the enemy lines? Give a quick paragraph description relating to the build of your Frame.

Character Sheet

Name: Marcus Shiola

User: MUG

On the left side of his face he has a scar that travels his jaw line from a battle he got involved in around Jupiter months prior to his designation as head of the F.A.T.E. program.

Age: 42

Personality: Marcus is a classic military career man through and through. He has dedicated himself to the UNSF since his early twenties and has proven himself time and time again as a talented and skilled LEV pilot and commanding officer during serious combat situations. He takes a no nonsense approach during missions in order to effectively command his troops when heading into serious battles. Takes the loss of soldiers very hard, but chooses not to show it publicly due to his belief that a commanding officer should only show emotions that drive the men and women of his unit to the ultimate goal of victory.

Away from battle Marcus is still as stoic as he is in his Frame, but sometimes flashes signs of a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Tries his best to relate to younger trainees but ends up at times showing his age and embarrassing himself more often than not. When this happens, he throws out punishments to the soldiers who made him feel this way. Nothing major though, just a simple five mile sprint and eighty pull ups. Something he hands out often with a playful grin on his face and a chuckle in his throat.

Backstory: Marcus growing up was fascinated with space travel and desired nothing more than to fly into space on a large space craft. He luckily got the chance at a young age to do just that when his father was promoted to a member of the UNSF fighting force and it made his family move to a space colony close to Jupiter to maintain Metatron shipments that were being sent out from the local moon where it was first being mined. While he enjoyed living in a space colony, seeing the stars and the distant planets so close his mother was not very supportive of the move. Not because of a distaste for space, but more so for fear for her husband's life. Back when his father joined with the UNSF all there was to pilot was fight jet like crafts, as LEV technology was still developing.

During a shipment that Marcus' father was ordered to watch over the cargo was attacked and sadly Marcus' father was lost in the battle and suddenly it left the boy with a sour taste in his mouth. His whole life he had wanted nothing more than to travel to space and now that he got his wish he was without a father, one he was close to as well. No matter how tiring the days were or how badly his father felt after flying in the difficult to manage space craft he always seemed to find some way to spend time with his son and play with him. The boy began blaming himself for the loss of his father initially and began taking steps to try and almost repent for what he felt he had done.

Over the next few years, instead of wallowing in his own pity, Marcus decided to try and live up to the bravery his father had shown and began preparing himself to join the UNSF as an LEV pilot to maintain order of the galaxy. His mother was against the idea at first, but eventually saw that her son was determined to live up to his father's name and began supporting him in whatever way she could, even if that just meant a warm meal every night when he returned from training. Marcus passed his first LEV simulation with flying colors while showing a flair as a ground soldier as well. However, even with his successful tests and impressive scores the UNSF doesn't show him any real action for a long period of time.

Marcus finally sees the battle that he was shooting for when a Jupiter moon stuffed with Metatron is attacked by the group BAHRAM. Immediately shipped out with his LEV, he engages the enemy and defeats eleven BAHRAM Raptors as well as keeping a squadron of five pilots alive after their commander is defeated. Even then Marcus is able to give his commanding officer time to find safe haven while he continued the fight. Because of this valiant effort in the heat of battle, Marcus is given the position of Lieutenant Colonel from the UNSF. This was the first of many promotions that came his way during his career in the outfit.

Marcus now sits at the position of General and has even been granted a very special gift for his flair for piloting LEVs as well as leading troops into battle. For the last five years he has been given the rights to be the Runner of a new Orbital Frame that the UNSF has authorized for testing in battle situations. The Frame Sushra has been a secret weapon that was in development for almost five years. Marcus shot up the list of applicable candidates to pilot the Frame through his years of service. He takes great pride that he is the Runner of one of the few Frames that the UNSF has made to combat the forces of terror across the galaxy and wears it as a badge of honor.

Recently he was caught in another major battle on the same moon that he earned his first promotion on while piloting Sushra. During that battle however he found himself surrounded by more enemies in a surprise attack and took serious damage. An explosion in his cockpit damaged the skin on his jaw and created a scar that travels up his jawline. He was able to finish the fight and return back to base with Sushra in working condition. It was during his debriefing that he was entrusted with the task of teaching the new candidates the UNSF had chosen for the F.A.T.E. program. While he didn't take too kindly to being grounded like that, he understood the necessity of the move. BAHRAM was getting stronger, and it was clear more Runners were needed. He takes his new mission with pride, though he is concerned how well he is going to handle the younger recruits.

Battle Skills: Through his time in the UNSF, Marcus is considered one of the most gifted tactical minds in the entire outfit. He is also a strong hand to hand combat and firearms specialist, though he prefers his assault rifle in many situations.

Equipment: Going into a battle situation he carries a few clips of assault rifle ammo as well as an emergency pistol in case he runs out of ammo. When he needs to get into close combat situations he carries a large army knife on the back of his belt. Away from combat situations he wears just his usual military outfit with his badges on his jacket. He keeps a pocket watch with him as a memento to his father he lost a few years prior to him joining the UNSF.

Orbital Frame Sheet

Name: Sushra

Pilot: Marcus Shiola

Appearance: Check character's appearance.

AI Computer: DOC (Defensive Operation Computer) DOC has grown very concerned with Marcus' desire to constantly push Sushra to workable limits to test his own abilities as a Runner. He will sometimes suspend certain programs so that the toll on Marcus will be lessened after the battles they go into. DOC will throw a few sarcastic jokes clouded in mathematical equations to try and strike fear in other pilots, only to later admit he did the math wrong on purpose. He has been told he has a warped sense of humor, but seems to not be taking any time to change it.

Weapons: Sushra has a single palm blaster that can shoot a collection of four energy shots per round. The close range weapon is a sword that comes out hilt first from the opposite palm of the Frame and develops an energy field around the sword so it can combat pure laser swords possessed by Raptors and other BAHRAM Frames. Focusing energy on the sword through the Frame, a Metatron charged slash shoots from the blade and travels at the opposing enemy. This ability is mostly used to remove large collections of enemies still in battle formations from a great distance.

Sub-Programs: Phalanx and The Vector Cannon

Design Specs: Sushra was designed to be used as a jack of all trades frame. A large circular engine is attached to the Frame using a series of magnetic connectors as well as the power of Metatron. This helps the Frame use blinding speed when in battle and cover great distances in a short amount of time. While it is both powerful and quick, the armor leaves something to be desired and will at times become overpowered quickly if too many enemies focus on Sushra alone. During its repair after the attack prior to Marcus' reassignment to the F.A.T.E. program, Some of these issues have been corrected, though any further armor applications would put a severe amount of stress on the engine.​


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Aaaaand now I'm sad that we'll never get another ZOE game. THANKS.


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Indeed. A small moment of silence for the genre of high speed robot action never getting a proper sequel to complete the trilogy.


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Gonna just bump this up real quick and see if any interest is there for this project.


Name: Raika Juri
User: Raika

Raika is a fun loving person. He is a very intelligent guy though he uses his talents to hack into things and play tricks on people. Raika likes to play games, read manga, and fooling around. While, he may seem as a slacker he's actually a hard worker.
Backstory: Raika was an orphan on Earth. With nothing but his clothes and pocket knife. He first became interested in technology when he found a broken phone on the sidewalk, deciding to try to fix it, he becomes fascinated with technology and starts pursuing his career in engineering. After graduating colege at the age of 24 he hears about the F.A.T.E. training and decides to move to a colony in jupiter where he would be closer. He only made it because not of his strength but because of his intelligence. Over the last six months he had been in a few battles often keeping control and not overloading his Orbital Frame having to fix it which is easy for a genius like him.
Battle Skills: Raika is a Tech expert. Using his high IQ to find weak points in a enemy's design. Though, he sucks at hand-to-hand combat he uses a taser-like device that he made that creates high levels of voltage that can overdrive most simple to medium technology.
Equipment: Raika carries a pair of headphones that he uses to listen to music and a stress ball. In battle situations he carries a pistol and a pocket knife.

Orbital Frame Sheet
Name: Anki
Pilot: Raika

AI Computer: SWAT (Supportive Weapon and Armored Tech) is a very supportive AI, always following the commands of Raika and giving advice as to where it is best to strike and how to best use it weapons.
Anki has a single rocket blaster that comes from his Frame's back that slide out firing 5 rounds. Anki has a spear that is electrically charged to stun enemies and also to malfunction their system if charged at full.
Sub-Programs:Homing missiles and Electro charge
Design Specs:
Anki was designed as a supporter. Its job in a battle is to support his squad with missiles and if necessary to defend with his Electro spear. Anki's build is made to last long in battle and be able to make dents. It is heavily armored but has weak points where his axles meet. Anki's strong points lies on his back and legs, his back having rocket missiles that can slide back and his legs that have incredible power.
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I really like the start you have on the character there Maximus. Looking solid. Thanks for the interest man.


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