Zone Intelligence & Defense Organization- Invasion

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  1. The ZIDO says they will protect all human colonies from rebels, terrorists, revolutionaries, and even aliens.
    But now colonies are disappearing...

    Zone Intelligence & Defense Organization: Invasion
    [Sci-fi, fantasy-ish, somewhat strategic]

    Your purpose is to protect mankind; from people who think they know what's best, people who want revenge, and people that are foreign, and not of our own. No one has ever encountered an alien race until now.
    Many people did not think the first-contact would be the destruction of the small diplomatic force.
    Many people did not think the first-contact would be the start of a war that would threaten the entire human nation.


    Earth Alliance
    They inhabit Earth, Mars, and terraformed moons and planets from surrounding solar systems. Small in territory, so to speak, but large populations and an effective military. Known for their fleet & military size, political & economical power, and their mass manufacturing.

    Independent Human Colonies
    The former-EA-established colonies that revolted, and broke away. Small, wide-spread, known for efficient mercenaries and pirates. Known for their mining, agricultural, and cleverness.

    Zone Colonies
    The colonies that were turned into ZIDO bases & cities. They are the smallest, most widespread, and the most militaristic colonies in the known universe. Setting off a nuclear bomb inside a ZIDO city would be equal to C-4ing a single skyscraper. Known for a powerful, but small, fleet & military, and for their advanced weapons & armor technologies.

    Humanity has been invaded by, more or less, aliens. They differ, and are extremely dangerous. Each one is combat-specific, meaning that certain ones are meant for close-combat, long-range, support, etc.

    Currently, the IHC is under attack. The enemy forces are uncounted; we have no way of knowing where they live, or how big they are.

    The Player's Roles:
    You are a ZIDO operative, working with Alpha-Six platoon.

    Alpha-Six Platoon:
    A6-1 [Platoon Leader] Spencer Castells [Me]
    A6-2 [Support] Steven Sternning [NPC]
    A6-3 [Support] Cade Bulter [Piper
    A6-4 [Support] _________ [OPEN]
    A6-5 [Heavy] Garrett Berk [NPC]
    A6-6 [Heavy] Mvbroviach "Manny" Alfto [Akuma]
    A6-7 [Heavy] __________ [OPEN]
    A6-8 [Sniper] Alyssa Mendez [NPC]
    A6-9 [Sniper] Seras Sinclare [Detective Zero]
    A6-10 [Sniper] __________ [OPEN]
    A6-11 [Assault] Jonathon Stelen [NPC]
    A6-12 [Assault] Lysel Serge [Ruff1298]
    A6-13 [Assault] _________ [OPEN]

    If you want to be a certain class, even though it's already taken, just apply for it and I'll add it in. I want to try to have 2 different squads [NPC & Player squads] that are balanced, with everyone as different people.

    Armor Types:
    LATEAM- Average armor, average shield, advanced targeting systems [Accuracy+, durability+, protection+]

    Conquestador- Light armor, heavy shield, motor/movement enhancement [Speed+, close combat+, stealth+]

    Stryker Armor- Heavy armor, light shields, advanced padding systems & jump jets [Jump+, protection+, health+]

    Rank: [See the RANK List]
    Class: [Support, Heavy, Sniper, Assault]
    Class 2: [Mechanic/Driver, Mechanic/Pilot, Grenadier, Explosives Expert, Tech Expert [Hacker], Medic]
    Skillset: [Pick 3: Hand-to-hand combat, steady-hand [accuracy+], crafter [mechanic+], pyrotechnic [explosives/grenadier+], and anything else you want. Don't be stupid with this, have legitimate skills that actually are relevant to combat.]
    Armor Type: [LATEAM, Conquestador, Stryker, Other [list 3 attributes, picture and/or description]]
    Appearance: [Picture and/or description, without armor.]
    Personality: [Optional] [Leave blank if it is 2-B-RPed]
    Biography: [Optional] [Leave blank if it is 2-B-RPed]
    Extra Info/Other:

    Top->Bottom = Lowest->Highest
    Red Highlight= Unavailable, Green Highlight=Available

    Private First Class
    Lance Corporal
    Staff Sergeant
    Gunnery Sergeant
    Master Sergeant
    First Sergeant
    Master Gunnery Sergeant
    Sergeant Major
    Sergeant Major of the Zone Marine Corps

    Other Stuff
    I spent a couple hours on all this, looking up everything and making names and all that, and I hope that it doesn't go to waste, and become a deleted and/or unused topic.


    Current Locations:
    STARTING POINT: Alpha ZIDO Compound [Located in the MWG [Milky Way Galaxy] Sector, based upon Saturn's Moon, Rhea.]
    COMBAT: Active Mission Sites [They are determined DURING the roleplay.]
    VACATION: Havelyn [The nearby Zone City: A center of economic & political power, a metropolis]
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  2. Name: Spencer Castells
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Sergeant Major of the Zone Marine Corps
    Class: Support/ Platoon Leader
    Class 2: Mechanic/Driver
    Skillset: Crafter [Mechanic+], Tank Commander [heavy vehicles driving+], Advanced Training/Veteran [Accuracy++, Strength+]
    Armor Type: Modified Stryker [Stronger Jump-jets; better shields]
    Appearance: 6' 2", 180 lbs., black hair, cut short, muscular, little fat, hazel eyes, usually wears standard-issue Zone casual wear, which is black with a vertical red stripe, and the Zone logo 1/4 of the way down.
    Extra Info/Other: Often will invite others for 'gun runs,' or training.
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  3. Name: Lysel Serge
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Private
    Class: Assault
    Class 2: Medic
    Skillset: Hand-to-hand combat, fast hands [Item Use/Reload Speed+], fleet-of-foot [Evasion+]
    Armor Type: Jaguar armour, cousin to the Conquestador. Light armor, heavy shield, motor/movement enhancement, but with jets in place of a cloaking system. Often used to "pounce" on targets by blasting straight into them, the shields doubling as a battering ram. Relies heavily on hit-and-run tactics; the built in generator only works in short, powerful bursts. Often used to "skate" across the battlefield by step-boost-step-boost. [Speed+, close combat+, Jump+, Protection-, Energy-]
    Appearance: Built like a small child, fiery red hair, orange eyes, and pale skin. Rounded nose, angular mouth, appears to have fangs. Very short, spiky cropped hair.
    Personality: Bright, chipper, hyperactive. Polite, courteous, but heavily introverted. A videogame, comic book, and cartoon geek. Talks extremely quickly, easily bored, cannot stay still. Not a people person.
    Biography: Was an EMT on the more hostile colony worlds, till she found the accident rate not to her liking. Joined the ZIDO so she'd be less bored during the day, and have something to actually do for once.
    Extra Info/Other: If psionics are a thing, she has undiscovered potential. Should any aliens be able to use brainwave manipulation or sensory overload, she will be affected, hard.
  4. save a spot for me as a heavy :P ill post a cs as soon as i can
  5. [MENTION=5736]ruff1298[/MENTION]
    Accepted, Private Serge!

  6. I'm interested, but I'm curious just what being Support would entail. Would my character be a mechanic/engineer type, making sure the crew's gear is up to speed? Would they be the type that stays in the van (so to speak) and hacks cameras and such to keep everyone updated? Would they be a combat medic? Or should I mix and match some of those things? Either way, I'd like to participate. Could you save me a Support slot?
  7. [MENTION=5964]Piper[/MENTION]
    A Support-class could be any of those things. While an NPC Support would be more of a mobile, multi-tasker. Being Support automatically gains you experience with Combat Medic, Mechanic, & Special Weapons. Support would be the one that WOULDN'T stay in the van, but would run with everyone else, stab a special knife/wire combo into the fancy keypad, and hack into the entire network, with your squad around you. A Support would have basic information with medics, mechanics, special weapons, etc.

    And it is reserved!
  8. I believe I'd be interested in this as well. I'll work in on a CS as soon as I get my thoughts down fully for it. Mind reserving me the final Sniper spot for now? :>

    And when I do post it, of course feel free to give me any tips and criticism if I'm doing it right and all. I'll just edit it in to this post if that's fine or I can just make another. Whichever.

    Also.. Are there other ranks within to pick from? The rank tree is always different for almost any kind of military ranking I look at <_>"
  9. [MENTION=5824]Detective Zero[/MENTION]
    I'll go look up the US Marine Rank tree XD
    Reserved Sniper
    I look forward to all the Character Sheets :DD
  10. Awesome. I was just curious with the ranks because of all of them, I seem to have a slight addiction to "Sergeant." one of the ranks I almost always had in any FPS game that would list it <_>"

    Anyhow, gonna put up the CS Skeleton for now, fill in what I can and when I get the ranks in order I'll put it in if the rank is fine with you of course.


    Name: Seras Sinclaire
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Sergeant
    Class: Sniper
    Class 2: Tech Expert [Hacker]
    Skillset: Steady-hand [accuracy+], Spec-Ops [Stealth+] (This ok?), Tech Analysis [Electronics+]
    Armor Type: Zephyr Mk S., experimental armor type making use of the LATEAM and the Conquestador armor types abilities, the Mk S. variant utilizing the LATEAM's Targetting systems and the Conquestador's agility factor. The Mk S. also supports a wireless uplink for hands-free analysis/hacking in a focused vicinity. [Accuracy+. Stealth+, Electronics+]
    (More blonde-haired than white as it seems in this photo.)
    Extra Info/Other: Has a strong bond of comradery, she won't allow herself to lose anyone without a fight for her life. Not again.
  11. Cade Butler


    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Rank: Corporal

    Class: Support

    Class 2: Explosives Expert

    Skill Set: Pyrotechnics, grenadier, stealth

    Armor Type: Infiltrator (Modified Conquestador armor, which sacrifices shield strength for heat signature cloaking, making it ideal for stealth)
  12. Thank you!
  13. [MENTION=5824]Detective Zero[/MENTION]

    You're quite welcome!
  14. Anyone want to post? The link for IC can be found in the main post...
  15. I'd post more but I want to give the others a chance to jump in too ^^"
  16. [​IMG]
    Name: Mvbroviach "Manny" Alfto​
    Age: 26​
    Gender: Male​
    Rank: Staff Sergeant​
    Class: Heavy​
    Class 2: Mechanic/Pilot​
    Skillset: Hand-to-hand combat, , crafter [mechanic+], High Physical ability( He is very strong basically)​
    Armor Type: [​IMG]
    1. The armor is equipped with hydraulics in the legs which makes his speed increased as its not only him running but the armor giving him and advanced drive.​
    2. His arms are also equipped with hydraulics so if he ever gets into hand to hand his speed will be quicker, But it also allows him to lift much heavier items.​
    3. The armor is very thick making it hard for bullets to go through, especially at the head plate. His helmet has a camera near the top so that he can see through the helmet from a camera instead of revealing his face.​
    Extra Info/Other: He travels with a combat dog that looks like this
    Show Spoiler
  17. Accepted.
  18. Could I grab a Heavy and Support spot? I will have the characters up by tomorrow.
  19. Hmmm
    I'd prefer you just have 1 character