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  1. FYI I have never done a zombie roleplay, but I am craving one and want to give it a try!

    Name: Roxanne Knight
    Age: 23

    History: Roxanne works full time at a bar/strip club as the bar tender. She is trying to save enough money so she can get out of the small Alaskan town and go see the world. She is close to her mother and her young sister, who has just turned 16 and two years ago her father passed away.

    Plot: It is just another Friday night in the club, full of drunk men and dancing women. Everything seems to be going well, but then something strange happens a man comes in who looks as if he has been put through the ringer and at first Roxanne shrugs him off, but he then starts to attack people, biting them and it seems trying to eat their flesh. Panic comes over the place people are running everywhere and Roxanne is smart enough to grab a gun and flee along with the rest of the people, but what she finds out on the streets is a lot worse than what is in the club. There are many human like things attacking people and trying to eat them.

    Ok so I am thinking that either there is a soldier in the bar and had been chatting up Roxanne when all of this went down or he is just out side when things get out of hand and he see's that she is in need of help. He decides to help her and they join up, she insisting that they have to go to her mothers house just outside of town and get her sister and mom.

    I am thinking that the two slowly start to fall for each other along the way and the man becomes very protective of her. So message me if interested and if you have any questions or even ideas for this plot I am all ears.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.