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I smell a trap!

Why you gotta show scary things like that, Asmoo.
Yeah, what Spoonie said.
You know, Assface, just hovering over it in Firefox tells me that it's not a nondemanding funny YouTube poop.
Don't be mean to Asmo, he's just stuck using Windows Vista.
Well done kids. Your technology has protected you once again from productivity and self-worth.
It's okay binky boy. These foolish fools don't deserve any self-respect.

Asmodeus as Shin
Rory as Rei
Paorou as Raoh
Fel as Souther
Diana as Mamiya
Tegan as Yuda
*refuses to watch boring Japanese videos with tenuous links to the present subject matter*
Asmo makes it sound like there is a subject matter worth discussing in this thread.
If I'm in a thread, it has MEANING.

By my attempts to draw you all to a creative venture about the undead, I am satirising the moral decadence of America and how the true intelligensia of the philosopher class is reduced to underhanded techniques in order to promote an agenda of informed thought. Driven to the peripheries of art, communication and even life itself, the zombie and the writer thus become a chimeric symbol of tragic neglect but also of the promise of necrotic revenge against the cryptofascist monolith of the West.
Wrong forum.

Enjoy your stay durr hurr.


This is what Fel does for a living.