Zombies with a twister. (TWO SPOTS LEFT!!)

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  1. Hello, hello, beautiful people. I am back with another zombie story that will knock your socks off.

    It revolves around a group of teenagers who, after starting college, get together for the summer and decide to go to a hunting retreat where they will go to Arkansas, where one of the teenagers' parents have a summer lodge.

    Coming from Cambridge, MA, they will take a plane from Massachusetts to Tennessee, where they will begin their road trip of five hours and three states to reach Arkansas.

    Bordering the Mississippi river, the large lodge sits on four acres of land, where they can do anything their hearts desire. But these teenagers will face struggles never faced before when they find out that hours after they reach the lodge, several nuclear terrorist attacks turn the eastern seaboard into a radioactive fallout zone, the attacks creating shockwaves of tsunamis, strange weather patterns and flooding.

    But worse than that, the neighboring states of the fallout get reports of people attacking, mauling and killing them.

    But the dead don't stay dead for long, and it's later revealed that the attacks spread a dangerous mix of chemicals that turned many of the reported dead into murderous, hungry killers.

    Instead of hunting deer, these teenagers are thrown into a world of chaos, immediate danger and death.

    Well, at least they have weapons.

    Slots available -•-

    Ten teenagers (Keep in mind they are in their nineteen's-twenties, as they have just started college, after high school.)

    Female -- Inara Romanov -- Cookie

    Female -- Elizabeth Harver -- Cookie

    Female -- Reserved by Kimsim12

    Female -- Reserved by Emi

    Female -- Reserved by Shadow_Snow_Storm


    Male-- Reserved by Kimsim12

    Male -- Reserved by Gateman

    Male -- Reserved by Shadow_Snow_Storm

    Male --

    Male --



    (Each person may have two Npc's each, and extra persons may have an NPC as their main character, but keep in mind, at some point, these characters may die.)

    -- Reserved by Emi

    -- Reserved by Gateman


    Dreading the rules;

    One+ paragraph for each character. This is an intermediate-advanced type roleplay. I expect proper punctuation, at the least.

    Two characters at the most (Not including NPC's) for each player.

    If you want to include an older character, maybe someone who was in college but is older by a few years, (In early to mid-twenties) That is absolutely fine, just make sure your character has a good reason for being there. (Short summary, of how they got invited or how they are with the group now.)

    I would like responses every day or so, as I wish for this RP not to fall behind and die because of inactivity.

    Weapons -- A limit of three weapons for each character. NOTE: You can only have one 'big' weapon, as I would prefer your characters not to have unlimited overpowered weapons. Ammo will be realistic, weapons should be held to tightly, and if you cannot have anything really overpowered (No cannons, RPG's, .50 caliber weapons.) Sniper rifles (If military-like, *Cough* Like the one my character has *cough*, your character must have a good reason for it.)

    If nothing else, your character must be realistic.

    I'm not as stern as I sound, and these rules are just the basics.

    Have fun, laugh a lot, and mix things up. This roleplay will definitely be something that will have a lot of drama, action and fun in it. Sit back, fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy the ride.
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  2. Oh my goodness yes please. Can I play a couple of female characters or am I restricted to one per sex?
  3. I would like one female and one male!!
  4. I'd prefer if it was one per sex since there are only three more female slots, but if there aren't many others reserving females in a few days then you can reserve those.
  5. Added!
  6. I would like a female, if that is okay. I will try hard to keep up with posts
    I will also take a npc
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  7. @Gateman

    Says he would like a male, and NPC male
  8. Sure to all four!
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  9. One female spot left! I put a temp reserve so if you want it you can have it, but if not let me know so others can join!
  10. Okay, I can play both a male and a female. They would come as a pair then though. Is that alright? Who is playing the two females with names?
  11. Do we know if this is going to be anime FC's or RL FC's?
  12. hoping for anime myself
  13. Could both be an option? xD
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  14. Both are allowed, but if you are using an anime FC, if possibly you could include a RL one, that would be awesome, but not required.
  15. Oh, crap, me. Yeah, sure, that's fine.
  16. ** As a note to the name, weather phenomena will be involved also.

    P.S. Totally did not get the idea from Sharknado. No. That would be craaaazy.
  17. Any chance of a CS coming today, or should I just nick one from one of my other rps when I get out from under my house?
  18. Also, what's the infection vector for the zombies? Is it the "one bite and you're screwed" type, a la night of the living dead, "airborne contagion that takes effect after death" type like the walking dead, or a left 4 dead style green flu, where nearly everyone is infected but a rare genotype renders some as asymptomatic carriers?

    Mainly asking to determine my character archetype.
  19. More of the airborne-after-death type, but bitten from a zombie will do it too.
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  20. If you mean the OOC, then yes, that's coming today.
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