Zombies VS Gangstas

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEfN2Uzem6c&sns=em


    For those of you who didn't play the game, I have two links for videos that may explain what I'm doing :) (Though, the 20 minute one, you probably don't want to watch)

    Anyway, if you don't want to watch the video-

    The leader of street gang "Third Street Saints" went aboard an airplane carrying supplies to STAG HQ. (STAG is a government task force trying to stop gang violence in the city)

    Aboard this plane were "barrels" full of a virus or bacteria of some sort. The plane crash-lands in an area of the city. Upon landing, the barrels break open, releasing the toxic gas. The gas re-animates the dead cells of the victims who were killed when the plane crashed. Fortunately, the Saints' leader managed to survive.

    Though later Burt Reynolds, city mayor (xD), asks the Saints to clear out the zombies, we find out that the zombie problem isn't exactly over.

    The zombie section of the city is blocked off, bridges are lifted and the problem is safely contained in the small area.

    But let's face it, what gangster DOESN'T want to go in and kick some zombie asses?

    There are Four gangs you can be in-

    Third Street Saints

    The Deckers

    The Luchadores

    The Morning Star

    (I'll try to get pictures of characters in each gang, but for now, look them up on google :3)


    History and other things:

    And who says you can't make friends with other gangs? You're fighting zombies, don't be picky. ;3
  2. Name: Madeline "Matty" Tyrose

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female


    Gang: The Deckers

    History and other things:
    Matty never was one for following rules, or laws. In highschool, she was always hacking into teacher's computers. At the age of seventeen, she ran away from home after an argument with her dad. She made it to Steelport, where she joined the Deckers.

    One of the few non-specialist girls, Matty prefers the boy clothing (with a few girly tweaks to them). She usually wears blue. She wears a tight, short-sleeved hoodie, black with neon blue stripes. Her pants are black, baggy cargo pants with the seams outlined in blue.

    She heard about the zombies and, having grown up watching zombie movies, decided to go over and see how long she could last. Of course, if things got too rough, she'd call a member of the gang to come and pick her up.