GROUP RP PLOTTING Zombies, Vampires, or both?

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  1. Hey people! I'm thinking about starting a roleplay about Vampires, Zombies, a roleplay with both vampires and zombies, or two different roleplays: one for vampires and one for zombies. Please answer clearly! Thanks!

  2. Ideas, dearie. You got to grab peoples' attention with sweet ideas.

    It doesn't need to be a lot; just a base from which to work from, a foundation of what you'd like your RP to be. What sort of vampires are you thinking of rocking with? Hideous, Nosferatu-esque monsters? Seductive predators? Sparkly emo-things? [size=-5](please for the love of all that is good not the last one)[/size] Same goes for the zombies; are we talking rage-addled nutters, ala 28 Days Later, or your more traditional, slow-moving Romero rotter?

    Giving a brief description of your setting or where you'd like the plot to go can help snag interest, too; will this be set in a post-apocalyptic waste, or in small-town USA? How do you want to link the vamps and the zombies, if at all?

    All these things (and more; pretty pictures tell a good few words, if clichéd lines are to be believed) will help to generate interest for your RP. It's all about getting peoples' attention, making them want to get involved.
  3. I have one which has vampires and will gain zombies later on. The OOC thread link is in my sig.