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  1. This is a roleplay thread for people who are serious about roleplaying. The zombie setting is more “The Walking Dead” Than “Left 4 Dead” That is, it's not a story about zombies being killed, but about the PEOPLE killing the zombies, how they feel, what are their thoughts while doing it. Not looking for some long internal monologue, something more than “I see three zombies come around the corner. I shoot two in the head and throw my knife at the third.”. Give it some feeling, please. And it's shouldn't even be all about the people killing zombies. It's also about the struggle for survival, the interaction with other survivors. This is what this RP is about is for.

    The infection started in China. The first videos and photos that quickly spread across the web were all dismissed at a ploy, China trying to bait other countries to bring there militaries into some trap. By the time people started believing it, it had spread to across all of Asia. Within days it had reached Europe. Martial law was declared. USA has closed it's borders and international flights. However, (in the USA) most people still go about their daily lives as usual. The status quo has not been shaken. Yet.

    The action will take place in USA- New York City.(to keep it simple)

    CS Sample:

    Name: any name.
    + Nicknames-

    Birth Location: -

    Age: 15+

    Hight: -

    Gender: F/M


    Appearance: - real pictures if possible(not anime accepted)

    Other features: scars/tattoos etc.


    Fears:- two minimum.

    Weapon: a single one.

    Short Bio: brief history about the character, as more can be revealed later on.

    I would like to have a group of 5 people at least. ^^

    The action will take place in NY, as everyone being alone, and maybe later on we will all be in a group.~ I don `t want to make things easy in terms of straight away we get along with each other, as of course everybody IS Different.

    Some Rules:

    1.Be realistic. You are not a killing machine(Unless you have a VERY GOOD Reason for, but I doubt it.)

    2. Try to write at least a decent Paragraph( with a decent grammar so everyone can understand what it is being said).

    3. Be polite with everyone.

    4. No killing other Characters without permission. ( I can kill or turn your Character due the reasons or breaking the rules- with a three times chances of changing- or DUE the inactivity.)

    5. Rules of the site AND of Group RP must be followed.

    6. Since it is a Gore/Horror Rp, except to see and be able to write swearing words and some sexual themes here and there.( if Not comfortable with this PM me ).

    7. I am the Gm, therefore, if I don`t accept your CS I have a reason. SO Please don`t get personal.

    I will accept the CS`s in a 7 days period of time. ^^

    Any Questions feel free to ask.

    Let the Fun Begin. :)
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  2. (To put in the Russian twins here)
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  3. Ha ha wicked Jess ! :D
    I approve of that .

    That would be awesome.~.~

    You think this name is cool for the RP? I did not wanted to be to Horror-ish..if that makes sense, and instead to be more like a Hope in fighting to survive to a better place- as in Blue Skies- hope, faith, good people.etc :D
  4. I like the name. Not too scary, not too bland. :3
  5. Name: Alexander Briar
    + Nicknames- Sound Track

    Birth Location: - Detroit Michigan

    Age: 24

    Height: 6'1"

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality:- Straight

    Appearance: -

    Other features: an Old bullet wound scar on his shoulder. A knife wound running across his back.

    Personality: Alex is a very secretive person. Though that does not mean he is cruel or evil. He is kind and seems to be ipen with people, even when he has known them for a short time. THere are things however that he keeps to himself. Parts of his life he keeps locked up and skill that go unused because of the meaning behind him. He is more intelligent then he lets on. Playing dumb when he is plotting how to take you down as quickly as possible.

    Fears:- Of going back to what he once was.
    Of being alone.

    Weapon: .300 Winchester Tactical AR carbine With 1 full magazine of 30 rounds and one half full.

    Short Bio: Alexander grew up in the wrong parts of Detroit. He has struggled through much to get were he is now. His past from those times are locked up tight within himself. His time since after the fall of their world is more open. He left his old home. Learning all he could to survive. His mentor Sgt. Harrier had tuaght him all he needed to know before dying 2 months ago. the loss still holds its weight on his mind.

  6. I had some difficulties in choising it lol xD.
    That's great news then ..:)
  7. (Separate post, couldn't help myself ;3;)

    Name: Elia Madison Alistratov

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Russian American

    Weight: 126 lbs

    Height: 5'3

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Personality: Elia is more book smart than her brother. She tends to think more logically and has a higher knowledge about the world around them (nature wise that is). She prefers to read a good book rather than finding the best moves to knock an opponent out. Having been within her old school's Academic teams, she is skilled when it comes to regular school subjects and a few other remedial topics (excelled in Anatomy, so she knows a thing or two about boo boos). She is a kind and caring individual who loves her twin brother to death, even though they tend to have their usual arguments. She is never shy around new faces but does tend to be childish, naive, and wander off if something catches her interest.

    Weapon of Choice: Crowbar

    Likes: Learning about anything and everything, adventures, being with her brother, food, reading books

    Dislikes: Heights (fears them), spiders, zombies



    Other: Surprised she's not dead.


    Name: Elliot Davis Alistratov

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Russian American

    Weight: 162 lbs

    Height: 6'0"

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Personality: Unlike his sister, Elliot is more realistic than his naive little sister (older by an hour). While Elia sees the world as a fascinating place, Elliot can see the world's true nature of how ugly and f**ked up it is. He is the person who would much rather find the human body's natural weaknesses over learning about 'pretty pink flowers'. Elliot has a habit of looking after his sister, since she tends to wander off. He is blunt, fierce, callous around new faces (which is why he has less friends than his sister), and not afraid to kill an infected in the way. He does love his sister dearly despite their arguments, and will be damned if he lets anyone take advantage of her naive nature.

    Weapon of Choice: A baseball bat; Guns are too risky

    Likes: Killing zombies, card games, anything that relieves boredom at this point.

    Dislikes: Having to steal from survivors, being bored, reading books.



    Their Bio: Both siblings were born and raised in Belgorad, Russia under a loving mother and father. Their father was an American on business travels when he was sent to Russia. He met their mother, courted her, married her, and they ended up having twins together. It was the father's idea to name them something a bit more American in case they traveled to the United States. He also taught them English while their mother taught them Russian. Since Russia was their home, English became their second language (mainly used to help tourists find their way around). During the week of the zombies, the Alistratov family had been in America for a business trip/mini vacation. They had heard of the "zombie" but figured it was just a joke. They had fallen for the Mayans predictions in 2012, perhaps this was something alike? It wasn't long after the zombies multiplied that they lost their parents to them. Elliot believes it's every man for themselves; Elia believes they should band together and team up with whoever they can.
  8. @Jessica2477

    I am glad that you still have them saved ha ha ^^

    Approved! yay !~

    I shall make a better version of Desi. ~
  9. I didn't save them XD I had to go Graveyard digging.
  10. Oh crap XD ha ha Glad you found them anyways^^

    I am thinking how I should make mine better...hmm.. I will have it up tomorrow definitely. Then Thursday until saturday i work like 9am-17pm..>.>
  11. how long is it after it started
  12. the Apocalypse you mean ? :D

    Well, to be honest, I was thinking not to long.. Something like less than a month. ^^ SO it is rather fresh let`s say lol
  13. Okay thanks
  14. No problem xD
    I am here to help with any questions in regarding the RP, so if you got any fell free to ask and I can clarify for you :D
  15. Name: Willow Fiore
    Location of Birth: Morrilton, Arkansas
    Age: 17
    Height: Five feet flat.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Willow is well, willowy. She's noticeäbly short and has a slim, wiry build. Her eyes are a brown-hazel. Her red hair is long and extremely curly, usually hanging loose in a mess of curls. She wears a white tank top, a camo jacket, and blue jeans. Most of her outfit has at least some blood on it. She also always wears a white-gray baseball cap (usually positioned jaunted to the side), refusing to take it off for almost any reason. Almost as frequently, she wears a determined expression that will betray her fear with a quiver of the lip if noöne is watching.
    Personality: Willow, in a word, is spunky. She's defiant, rebellious, and always thinks everyone is out to get her. She doesn't trust easily but understands the reality of her situation, so she'll take whatever help she can get. Just don't expect her to like you, even if you do help her. She tends to find insult even where there is none, but pretends to be angrier than she is. Her aggressive exterior hides an emotionally shattered personality--one too many betrayals have taught her that people are scum. At heart, she wants someone to trust and talk to, but is too caught up in pushing people away.
    Fears: Being alone, betrayal, thunderstorms.
    Weapon: .308 Blaser R93 Hunting Rifle (with telescopic scope)
    Biography: Growing up in the mountains, Willow was raised on hunting. She was taught that one should always be self-sufficient, and that hunting was the most practical, reliable food source. Her father took her hunting since she was twelve years old, and she learned to use a rifle early on. She was treading through the soil and leaves as often or more so as she was indoors or in the city. She grew used to the freedom of the outdoors, leading to a dislike of cities and other cramped areas where she would be around lots of people.
    When she was sixteen, her father defied all her expectations and took an administrative job that moved the family to New York City. Now deprived of the mountains she loved so, she became sullen. She was enrolled in a proper high school, but she was always the odd kid out. The bullies ignored her because she wasn't worth the fight, but she didn't have very many friends either. Those people she did befriend didn't last long, betraying her trust or otherwise ending the relationship. She dropped out, ignoring the outraged objections of her parents, and began to spend most of her time shooting. Her father punished her, of course, but she had her own resources even when he tried to take her rifle and disallowed her from taking the car. She was always taught to be self sufficient, after all. She eventually came to terms with her father just about a month before the outbreak and while she never entered high school again, she did stop sneaking out of the apartment. Too bad the reconciliation didn't last long, with the coming of the apocalypse.

    Hope you don't mind my reformatting the bio a little to look prettier--it's still functionally the same.
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  16. @Vansalon

    It is okay xD I am sure she will come in handy ha ha ^^
    Your chara seems a bit of a rebellious type which is totally fine, Looking forward to interact with her soon enough :)

    Welcome to the team ~
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  17. Name: Xavier McIntosh
    Location of birth: Lansing, Michigan
    Age: 17
    Height: 6ft. 2in.
    Sexuality: straight
    Appearance: (can I post a picture tomorrow?)
    Personality: Xavier was never very popular before the apocalypse started thus losing people wasn't very hard. He has been on his own for a while now and talks to himself due to lonelyness. Once they are meet up he will become very clingy towards one person. He is not a very good fighter, but his mom was an EMT so he knows about medicine and stuff, this is the main reason he has survived so long.
    Fears: being turned I to a zombie, snakes, that he is the last human on earth
    Weapon: bow and arrows
    Biography: well he was born in Lansing, Michigan and was a very gifted student accedemcally due to him not having many friends so he studied. He only had a few friends that often tried to ditch him due to him being very clingy. He was in New York for a gifted student conference when everything went bad. Thanks to his mom making him take archery classes he is skilled with a bow, and since his mom was an EMT he knows all about medicine. He has been alone since this started and due to lonelyness talks to himself often.
  18. @andrew21234

    I will consider you application Valid when it is fully filed so I can read it through, All of it. Until then, you can consider yourself as in training/ Probation stage lol

    You have 3-4 days to complete it ^^. Any clarification if it is need it, don`t hesitate to PM me. ~
  19. Sorry I accedently hit the post reply button, it is updated now, sorry
  20. Hm.. No worries, it happens to the best of us lol ^^

    I feel like something is missing.. I hate this feeling.

    oh well, also a question: I assume that your chara does not have unlimited arrows (again think about being realistic.) :D

    other than this, I think everything else is good.~
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