ZomBies Go Boom: Chapter Two ( Re-encounters )

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    If you'd think that life would get easier, think again. It has become indeed worse than before.

    If only you'd bare in mind the fact that everything you'd knew before, it long gone. For Good. It won't come back and definitely it cannot be never the same.

    Olivia wiped away the sweat of her forehead with the back of her hand, inhaling deeply the cool air. It was already November. The nights will be colder.
    Luckily, she did managed to find a hideout just as she met the other two people. The one that saved her in a way just three weeks ago. Olivia grabbed the crossbow, while her other hand, the knife got pulled out form the dead animal. It was only a black rabbit.

    " Damn it.. It's getting dark soon."

    She whispered quietly, setting aside the meal for the night, stepping forward into the forest, going back to the farm house where the others lived as well. They did made it somehow to find this house, secure it the best the could. Still, even after all this time, Olivia's trail of thoughts kept going back at Jason and the others.

    It was just a matter of time.

    They had to be alive.

    For sure.

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  2. Asher

    Asher trudged through the city. His roughly bandaged wound shooting pains through his body if he even so much as stepped to heavily. He did his best to control his erratic breathing as he felt the infection setting in. Crawling on his hands and knees down an alley, he removed the large bandage and grabbed the piece of cloth dangling outside of the flesh. Pulling the clip from his gun, he placed it between his teeth and bit down as he slowly pulled the long bloody strand of cloth out of the bleeding, swollen wound. Stifling his grunts, his toes curled and his eyes rolled in pain. Finally finishing, he gasped and quickly pulled out new gauze before he lost his nerve. He quickly began packing the wound as he twitched involuntarily. He laid back in a daze for a moment before finishing and placing another bandage over top and rooting around his bag for a small bottle. Popping two of the pills in his mouth, he chewed them up and swallowed since he had no water to chase it with. Asher was in dire straits but he kept moving in hopes of finding help.



    Roy stood at the wheel of his ship as he brought it up river and around towards the dock. The engine sputtered as it began running low on fuel. Roy chuckled to himself as he thought about finally going to shore. He was out there a lot longer than he had thought according to his calendar and it would do him some good to get a hot meal prepared by someone else and talk to a few nice ladies. Never being one for details, Roy ignored most of the shore and focused only on docking safely. To Roy, the world was no different than when he had left. Pulling up onto the dock, he dropped anchor and quickly jumped off to tie the boat in place so it wouldn't drift away. Climbing back on board, he grabbed the pack he used to bring supplies back to the ship and began to leave again. Glancing down, he noticed his fishing spear. The head was a bit worn. Roy kept it sharp but it had seen better days. He adjusted his hat before snatching it up and bringing it along to get some replacement heads. He tied it firmly to the side of his pack and made his way up the dock.

    Humming a tune, he looked over everything he saw. He wasn't too frequent to the big cities and he wondered if it always looked as rough as it did. He shrugged and mumbled to himself, "We must be in the ghetto, Roy." He laughed at this thought and continued trekking. Something did seem very off though. No traffic, cars parked in the middle of the streets, no person to be seen for miles. He pulled off his hat and scratched at his head as he tried to wrap his head around it. Seeing a figure in the distance he poked his head up and squinted his eyes as it walked down the streets. He sighed and took it as proof as everything was fine. As he took off walking again, the figure groaned and turned to see Roy. It slowly hobbled in his direction as Roy walked on..
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  3. The both of them had changed their outfits to adapt to the chilling November weather. Both had taken to wearing scarves around their necks, Elliot's navy blue and Elia's a dark crimson red. She had to wear a hoodie like her brother, except hers was a dark purple color. If they had gotten too warm, they could tie it around their waists. Underneath they wore normal yet tight black t-shirts they managed to find. Elliot and Elia had run into trouble again, and left with blood on their hands, magazines duct taped around wrists and forearms, and the same rifle that had been put to Elliot's head as the men tried to take Elia by force. They had managed to keep the crowbar, but the baseball bat had broken a long while ago. Now, Elliot had to carry the rifle with a makeshift strap made of bed sheets and tape to his back while his sister kept the gun pulled on Kiara in her backpack.

    Elia had grown accustomed to the bloodshed and murder that was necessary for survival. It was just an every day thing for her and her brother. She wasn't as happy as she usually was, but she was still rather subtle. Elliot was still as dark and cold as ever. His teaching was getting through to his sister, and with what happened with every past encounter they had, she wasn't as eager to accept random people as she usually did.

    The two were running low on food and water, meaning the two of them would have to get out of the city. It was almost tapped dry of its supplies and staying would be suicide. "Насколько более далекий старший брат?" ((How much farther big brother?)) Elia asked him, looking up to him as she kept her crowbar in hand. They had found a metal pipe from an abandoned house Elliot could use. The guns were unnecessarily loud, and therefore should only be used in case of emergencies.

    "намного дальше... Мы должны будем продолжать уезжать на запад и должны скоро столкнуться с растительностью." ((Not much farther... We'll have to keep going West and should come across the vegetation soon.)) He responded, though earned a sigh from her.

    "Но что, если растительность на болезни едут?" ((But what if the vegetation is disease ridden?))

    "Тогда мы трахаемся..." ((Then we're fucked...))
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  4. It was already November. Jason could hardly believe it had been that long since this entire thing started. He looked up at the sky and shook his head. It was getting dark and they needed to find shelter or something soon or risk getting lost in the dark and that was never a good thing. He looked back at the others and winced. They were all exhausted. They had only just gotten out of the city a few hours ago and it had nearly cost them their lives doing so. He sighed and looked around for some kind of building they could use for shelter but saw nothing they would have to either keep moving or stop and make camp. Neither idea seemed very appealing to him but their options were limited. As he walked his mind went back over what had happened what seemed a lifetime ago. After he saw Olivia make her way out of the city with the truck and two strangers she picked up he had led the others across the rooftops. They managed to get away from the horde of walkers that had formed beneath them but they lost Asher in the process. Whether the man was dead or alive he didn't know but he could only hope for the best for him. He had become the groups leader since then and had done everything he could to keep them alive. It hadn't been easy but he had done it. He looked down at the Glock in his hand and sighed. He was running low on ammo he only had about a clip and a half left. They had given up on the idea of going to the police station since one they had no idea how to get there. and two they knew Olivia wouldn't be trying to go back that way. No they were determined to keep going forward and find Olivia.

    Olivia. Jason hadn't stopped thinking about her since he had seen her drive off. Was she ok? was she alive? what about the two that she had picked up? how were they doing? had they betrayed her? Would he get a chance to tell Olivia how he really felt about her? all those questions pulled at the strings of his heart and he couldn't figure out if he would ever get answers for them. Yet at the same time he feared what would happen if he did get those answers. Especially if they weren't the answers he wanted to find. For all he knew..Olivia could have been eaten..or worse become one of them. He shook his head. No. Olivia was strong she would continue to fight to find her way back to the group and to survive and he had to do the same if he wanted to see her again. "come on guys! we're finally out of the city! if we can find shelter we can rest for the night! so keep your eyes peeled for anything! a cave a house. it doesn't matter as long as we can rest. I don't want to camp out in such an open area."
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  5. "Sl... slow down a bit..." Rolf wheezed, various cans and parts jingling from his backpack. He'd been following Jason, hoping that they might run into someone - anyone - from their old group. But it was either zeds, or bandits.

    Rolf had a considerably larger amount of gear after a few days of scavenging. Some canned food, various tools, packets of nails, spare clothes, and even a few books to read. It wasn't much, but such simple things made all the difference out here.

    Rolf hadn't counted how many days it had been, but he was alive. If he could survive this long, the others damn could. And his Sister... no matter how hard he looked around, there wasn't a trace. He didn't want to give up. But it didn't look like he was ever going to find her at this rate...

    "We... we've got to be close to some kind of shelter..." Rolf mumbled as he caught up, squinting as he scanned the area. There was shelter back in the city, but Rolf would be damned before he went back to that place.

    "...Perhaps we should build our own shelter. Pressing on through the night is too risky..." Rolf mumbled, observing how it was starting to get dark. The nights were bloody cold; Rolf would have loved a house right now, but it didn't seem like such luck would rise before it got dark.

    "...F-Fuck it. We're too vulnerable when it's dark, and I'll collapse without some rest soon... let's just set up shop here, I know how to make a shelter." Rolf said, untying the knife around the end of his spear, looking around.

    "...Unless you really want to risk it... but I don't want a zed catching us off-guard. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I have a tarp in my pack if we need it..."

    Rolf watched as the sun began to hide in the horizon. Shit. He hated the dark, and it would be upon them soon.

    Another night in hell was incoming. But hey. They were still breathing. More than you could say for most people.
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  6. It'd only been about three weeks since the two siblings had left the city with their new traveling companion, and yet... it felt as if it had been an eternity. The constant struggle for survival left little time to sit back and think, but when it did, both brother and sister wished it hadn't. Though both continued on as if the apocalypse had had little effect on them - or at least, less than you'd expect - the situation had taken a larger toll each moment since the outbreak. At first, they had thought it would blow over. Darlene was confident in the reliability of the government, military, and police forces she had so looked up to since she was a child. Mason was an optimist, and the idea that this so called 'apocalypse' wouldn't be resolved within a month or two was foreign to him. These hopes, however, quickly began to waver. It was nearing months now, and yet, nothing had changed for the better - things simply continued to get worse. Mason was no longer sure that their 'little problem' would be fixed at all, yet alone any time soon. Darlene was no longer expecting anyone to come to their rescue, and found herself wondering if there were even any police officers left - not that it would mattered if there were, she had come to terms by now that they were all likely as helpless as she.

    Other than the fact that they'd begun to lose the little bit of faith in humanity and redemption they had left, however, they were doing relatively okay. Though Darlene was still the ever suspicious one, and Mason was the sort to get on others nerves if you were around him too much, they'd been getting along with Olivia well enough. In all honesty, at times the presence of another person was the only thing that kept the siblings from proving how dysfunctional their family was by slitting each other's throats. Fighting off the undead and finding supplies was still difficult, maybe even more difficult than it been in the city when it came to the latter, but that was a given and both had learned to deal with it. Blood-soaked hands and empty stomachs were the norm in the harsh place their world had become.


    "So, you come up with anything yet? Remember, people don't count." Mason glanced over at his younger sister as they headed back towards their current 'home' - if it could be called that. They'd been out searching for supplies. Their trip had been largely unsuccessful, but it was quickly nearing sundown, and neither was eager to be caught out in the dark. It was bad enough trying to find your way around in the light, they didn't need the extra worry of monsters lurking in the shadows.

    "Hmm... I dunno." Darlene mumbled, pulling her jacket tighter around herself. Bloodied and too big, it wasn't the most ideal of outfits, but it was better than just having her flannel and tank top from when all of this started. At least it was one of her favorite colors - army green. Besides, Mason wasn't all that better off. He had added a black jacket to his previous outfit of a lightweight hoody and t-shirt. It wasn't as warm as Darlene's, though it did actually fit.
    "Does not having people around count? Because, I kind of liked that whole not having to spend time with you thing."

    "Oh, come on." The older boy huffed. "Can you give a serious answer for once in your life?"

    "Oh, so now the impulsive carefree fool is giving me advice on being serious? That makes sense."

    "Just answer me already!"

    "Okay, fine, fine." Darlene held her hands up, palm forward, in a surrendering manner. "Just... give me a second to think."
    She paused.
    "Alright... um... there's a lot, but I guess if I had to choose one thing - people excluded - it... it would be school. Yeah."

    "You're kidding me, right?" Mason asked, raising a brow. "Of all the things from pre-apocalypse to miss the most, you choose school? Talk about lame."

    "Well it's not like I expect an F student carpenter such as yourself to understand."

    "An F student carpenter? First off, I got Bs and Cs. Secondly, I'm pretty sure being a carpenter will do me a hell of a lot more good than your stupid straight A record in today's world."

    "Bs and Cs? Like that's any better. And that's not fair. You're older, asshole. If I would have had time to actually go through with the rest of my education and training, I would have been way more equipped than you are."

    "Hmm, yeah, sure. Whatever. Your answer is still retarded."

    "Think about it! School go electricity, running water, shelter... food! Not to mention it just felt great to learn."

    "Still retarded."

    "You're lucky I don't need zombie bait right about now."

    Finally reaching their destination, Darlene rolled her eyes in her brother's direction, before going to head over to the farmhouse and go back inside.
    "Home shit home. What a joy."
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  7. Things will never get easier. That's the way she learn it by now. If only her mind would stop thinking at the past maybe.. Just maybe, then it won't be such a burden. Shit. Who she was kidding? Of course, a smile can hide a thousands of feelings. Nobody will ever know what is exactly on her mind or how she truly feels. Olivia chose to show people just a part of her. Because, it scared her the most to show the rest of the world how she truly felt and what she really thought about everything.

    Therefore, since it was becoming darker, she got by the "home" right in time when the two brothers had reached the front door. Olivia took a deep breath, made her best smile and started to jog towards the house until her feet stepped on the porch.

    "Hey ! I guess we all arrive in the same time today.
    I must say that, I am happy I can see you two getting along a little better than weeks ago. Or is that a decoy hmm?"

    Olivia said with a giggle, going on the steps and patted Mason's shoulder in a friendly way. Then she turned to look at Darry and gave her a honest smile. Also, her left hand was higher and the dead rabbit dangled around, As she was proud of her catch today.

    " Now.. Let's go inside and let's take a vote of who should cook the dinner tonight. I am starving..
    Yosh, at least we have some meat instead of berries."

    Her eyes almost sparkling with enthusiasm looking at both of them, before before a strange sound caught their attention. Quickly, Olivia turned around and saw a van down the road, not to close to their location but definitely coming their way. It was odd, considering the fact that in the last days they haven't seen a single human being. Walkers? Yes. Humans ? Not really.
    And to make matters worse, Olivia recogniseD that van. Her face turned pale in a instant, her green eyes widen more and her breathing became hectic. Shot.

    " Fuck.. It can't be Him.. No.. I..
    Let's go inside the house! Now!
    We need to get ready.. In case of you know. Nasty surprises."

    Olivia spoke with trembling lips, surprising herself even as in managing to speak still. Memories begun to swirl inside her head. Bad ones.
    Her right hand went through her thick hair, closing her eyes and let out a deep - frustrated sigh. It was not good at all.

    A re-encounter. Of all times.. Why now?

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  8. Miles (open)

    The world was different now, ever since it started, he had been in prison for a whole month after the world went to hell, you know the stupid part? He didn't even know the world even went to hell.

    But when he left the prison walls, he expected to feel free, but instead...He felt worse then when he was in those walls.

    Miles walked down the dirt path separating the forest, he saw broken signs and dead animals along the way, either it was hunters or roamers, but most likely roamers because it was hard to find humans these days, let alone hunters.

    Miles stopped when he saw an abandon building, but right when he saw it, he heard a vehicle coming his way and dived into the bushes, then peaked to see if he could kill them, he didn't even think there were good people, so threats were the only people he knew were alive.

    Carter (open)


    Carter had seen the huge herd of roamers and saw a group of survivors running for there life, he thought back. "Damn how did these people survive this long." As Carter jumped to building to building the herd started to get smaller, well because he was running from them, but as it got dark he stopped at one of the buildings rooftops.

    Carter laid down on the rooftop of the apartment building, he had been running and jumping all day and it was good to finally rest his legs, feet and back. Carter looked over to his backpack, he then sat up and looked through his back pack and took a pack of cigarettes out. "Even in the apocalypse, i am still not taking these hell sticks" As Carter was a scavenger, he would grab anything in a place in the time he had, but even cigarettes weren't useful in this world anymore.​
  9. Darlene had just walked through the doorway when she heard Olivia's footsteps. She turned, instinctively putting a hand towards the hunting knife sheathed at her hip as she did so. In a world like this, it didn't matter how friendly the people you were around were, it was hard not to be jumpy and suspicious every time they so much as moved. "Ah, hey Olivia." She said, allowing her hand to drop back to her side. She didn't return her smile, but rather gave a small nonchalant nod in her direction - something which could usually be considered a friendly gesture on her part. "I'm not ripping his throat out at the moment, though it'd be a lot easier to resist the urge if he didn't have to be such a conceited dick all the time."

    "Ah, yes." Mason said, flashing a grin at the girl. "'Getting along', if that's what you want to call it."
    He paused, catching sight of the rabbit. "Oh, that's a nice catch!" He exclaimed, grin widening a bit. "More than me and the brat found, at least." He paused. "Speaking of the brat, I say we make her cook. The result might make us throw up a bit, but it'd be funny."

    "What? First off, let it be known that I do not support this at all. I do more work than you! Why don't you cook, huh? Secondly, if I were to cook, it wouldn't make you throw up! So you can just-"
    She was cut off mid-sentence by the distant sound of a van. Snapping her head towards it, her expression immediately turned into one of disgust.
    People, of all times, people? Could they not catch a break? She didn't have the energy nor the patience for this.

    Mason also went to look at the sound, turning around to do so. "Wait... what?" He asked, barely registering what Olivia said. "People, out here?"
    He went to step into the house as Olivia instructed, stepping to the side so he was standing next to his younger sister. He may not like the kid that much, but in times when it seemed like there might be actual danger his natural protective instincts caused him to move nearer to her.

    "Wait, wait, what the fuck?" Darlene huffed, her scowl deepening as she shot an angry glare at Olivia. "Who the hell is this? You know who the hell this is, don't you? You better start talking now Olivia, because if you think you can get away with just glossing over what's going on that isn't going to go over well. What are you trying to pull? You think you can just-"

    "God Darry, shut up, would you?" Mason interrupted, putting a hand on his sister's shoulder. "I swear, you're so hostile all the time. We've only been living with her for the past month. No need to be so paranoid. It's not like she's about to stick a knife in your back. You didn't even give her a chance to talk. I do agree though, i'd kind of like to know what's happening."

    Darlene growled slightly, ducking away from her brother's hand.
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  10. Rolf squinted as he looked for the correct sticks and leaves needed to make the shelter, but most of them were dry and/or rotten. He hadn't the faintest idea where they were right now, but it sure wasn't a great place to set up camp. Perhaps his idea of making a shelter, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, with no cover, seemed even more stupid. Rolf crunched up the sticks in his hands, and sprayed them on the ground like wooden snowflakes. Absolutely useless.
    "Well isn't that just great... I figure out new ways to waste time each day..."

    Rolf was about to turn back around and reconsider, when he glanced in carefully to the distance. Was that a... hedgerow? Upon even closer inspection, the hedges - all of their leaves overgrown and sprawling everywhere - seemed to be surrounding a house. Who would put a house in the middle of nowhere, out here? Nonetheless, it was something - better than making some shitty leaf teepee. Although Rolf seemed slightly reassured, he couldn't be sure it was zombie or bandit-proof.

    Making his way back to Jason hurriedly, Rolf looked at him with slightly excited eyes. Although... when he was running back, Rolf could have sworn he saw some sort of human figure jumping across the rooftops of the city outskirts.
    "Found a place just up ahead - it doesn't look like anybody's around, either," Rolf paused, and tied the knife back onto the end of his spear. He checked his M1911. 3 bullets left. As if he feared the very gun itself, he quickly placed the M1911 back in his pocket as if putting a poisonous snake back in its cage, "But we'll still need to be... e-extra careful... you know? We haven't come this far to get eaten alive..."

    Leading forward, Rolf shown Jason the house, this time getting a little closer to the seemingly detached home surrounded by creepily overgrown hedges. A broken gate acted as an entrance through to the home, and a worn sign: "BEWARE OF THE DOG", lay broken on the floor - along with some unrecognisable corpse - it was just blood and guts now. Rolf winced a little, stepping over the mashed up body. He was careful to check for any traps or zeds - but it seemed clear for the moment. The house seemed pretty nice - your average two bedroom home, white concrete walls, the windows were broken and weren't barricaded - so it was looking pretty hopeful.

    "Inviting, right?" Rolf said as he looked back to the bloodied corpse, giving a bout of nervous laughter. Realising he was the only one laughing, Rolf cleared his throat and proceeded to approach the door. Just swinging it open or banging on it could give any survivors inside quite the scare, so Rolf decided to call through the door instead - identifying he was a human.

    "Hey! Anyone in there? We're just passing by, looking for a-

    Rolf let out a surprised yell as a zed - a particularly muscular one, came to greet him by smashing straight through the rotten door. The impact of this sent Rolf flying back onto his back, and he narrowly managed to dodge the grip of the muscular zed.

    Rolf panicked. He knew he needed to use his gun - he'd dropped his spear - but he had an awful aim. Fumbling in his pocket, Rolf pulled out the M1911, closing his eyes as he let off all three of his rounds randomly, wincing at each gunshot.
    "J-Jesus Christ! Get back - fuck off!"

    God must have been watching over Rolf. Out of sheer luck, one of his three bullets had hit the muscular zombie straight through the eye, leaving the once human athlete dead at the floor. Opening one eye in realisation that he wasn't dead, Rolf let out a deep breath, whispering curses to himself, before getting up with a worried look. He'd fired his gun - alerting people and zombies alike of his position. If there was anything he hated doing, it was hindering others - and that was exactly what he just did to Jason.

    "S-sorry... I... God damn it... I wasn't thinking straight..." Rolf stammered, but he knew there was no excuse - no matter how pathetic he sounded right now, "L-Let's just get inside... quick! Hopefully that was the only bastard... and hopefully every zed around didn't hear the dinner bell..."

    Rolf picked up his spear, wincing to himself for being such an idiot. He needed to control himself with a gun... God damn it - if the zombie hadn't knocked him right over, he could have easily stabbed it! And it wasn't like he needed to shoot, anyway - Jason would have his back... Rolf just... panicked.

    Come on, Rolf - get your shit together...

    Twisting the doorknob, Rolf slowly opened the door, cautiously entering the house. It was dark; the power supplied to this place was probably out, or the cables had been damaged by God-knows-what. The helicopters bombing the city could be something to do with it; Rolf still couldn't believe that actually happened.

    Hopefully, whatever was inside this house was something useful... and not more zeds.
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  11. Slowly, but certain her world seemed to be falling apart right in front of her eyes. As if it was not enough the damned Walkers, turning this world into complete chaos, now she had to deal with Him to. If only she could think fast of a plan, then maybe.. Just maybe, they would come out of there alive and in one piece. Olivia preferred to fight against a whole hoard of Walkers, Than to have to deal with her Dirty and painful past.

    Taking a Deep breath, the words Mason and Dary said to her, Continued swirling inside her head. She moved her hand to pull the Wibdow curtain away just slightly, seeing the van coming to a stop at a few feet from the barn. It meant they really want to check this house. It meant they were in danger. Worse than being in an open field with Infected.
    However, Olivia sighed deeply, with her hand on the crossbow before turning to those two.

    " I.. Don't want to talk about my past. As I want it to stay buried Way behind me. What I can tell you, if indeed that is their van. That we need to get out of here before it is to late for all of Us.
    Him, Mike.. Used to do things to me, to my Mom as well. Things which are far worse than fighting a walker. Believe me.

    I am not comfortable to discuss this, but I think we can all agree that we need to get out of here and Now.
    Let's move through the back door, go through the woods to the other side. I know there is a river and perhaps then, we can make a new plan. "

    She moved from the window, to grab her backpack feeling all tensed, sweat drops beginning to fall from her forehead. Her eyes then stopped again at the window, just as the three guys came out, heading slowly towards the house. They had guns to. The good and big ones. Shit.

    Olivia gasped as terror started to fill her body, a knot forming at her stomach and chills went down her spine. She still was scared of him. And a lot. Even after all this time.
    Olivia made her way to the back door, turning her head to the brothers, while her face turned pale, making her look like a sick person. Her heart beat sped up with each breath, as she gripped the crossbow and gave them a tiny smile.

    " Grab your things. We need to go and Now. There is no time.. We have no time to lose right now.
    I know that maybe after this you won't trust me, I understand that. But I don't want any of us to end up Dead or worse - a Bait for a Walker and turned into a slave. "

    Olivia's hand pushed the door open, with a small cracking noise, hearing her own breath. It was like she could even hear her own blood rushing through the veins, continuing to make her heart to beat uncontrollably. It was not a good feeling. Not at all.

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  12. Jason walked in silence as Rolf voiced his opinion. Over the past few days the two had become quite good friends in Jason's opinion. Yeah Rolf was still very nervous at times and broke down easily but the two had come to rely on each other. They kept each other alive and they worked together and in this world that they were living in that's all that really mattered. "If we can avoid staying outside that would be preferable I would even take a damn cave if we can find one. Outside we're too exposed to walkers and other people who might not wish us the best. I know your tired Rolf I am too but we have to keep moving." He silently muttered one more thing under his breath "..we need to find Olivia.."

    Jason looked over at Rolf when he pointed out the building and sighed in relief. He nodded only once and hurried after him to the building. He looked around slowly checking for traps or walkers just like Rolf was doing but he wasn't seeing anything out of the ordinary. The place had clearly been abandoned for a long time. How long though he couldn't say. It was then he heard the door smash open and only an instant later 3 gunshots were ringing through his ears. He pulled out his glock and aimed it towards the sounds but paused when he saw Rolf and the large zombie that was lying dead at his feet. He glanced at Rolf who was stammering on about how he hadn't been careful enough and sighed "just..forget it ok Rolf? we need to get inside its too late to worry about anyone or anything that might have heard the gunshots." With that Jason walked past Rolf and over the dead walker and into the building. Surprisingly it looked in pretty good condition compared to the outside. Jason only hoped they could find some supplies and possibly some new weapons or at least ammo for their current ones.
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  13. Rolf seemed pretty reassured at the inside of the house, and Jason's words. Even when Rolf panicked and did things without thinking, Jason had always been tolerant of it. And... Rolf knew that Jason was thinking about Olivia. He'd always muttered it under his breath; Rolf was sure Jason mumbled her name in his sleep once. It was only back when the group first got separated, Rolf actually fully understood how Jason felt... perhaps the reason Rolf wanted to find the others so badly was to make Jason happy. He'd probably be dead if Jason wasn't around...

    And - of course Rolf wanted to find Olivia, too... she'd led them out of a damned helicopter assault, for God's sake - Rolf felt like he had to repay her somehow for that. But the others? Derek went with Olivia, too - he wouldn't be easy to bring down - but still. There were a bunch of others Rolf was thinking about too... but... Asher. If it were a betting game, Rolf would put his money on that guy's survival... there was just something about him - even if Rolf couldn't put his finger on it. And -

    Focus, Rolf... enough thinking, more scavenging...

    "I'll go see what's upstairs... hopefully we've found some kind of gun nut's house." Rolf said with an unsure chuckle. In truth, Rolf was dead scared of guns and would have much preferred to find something to accompany his high fencing skills, such as a rapier. But in reality, it wasn't like anybody was going to have such a rare sword just sitting in a case... maybe they'd be lucky enough to stumble across a museum sometime soon.

    Heading up the creaky wooden floorboards, Rolf hadn't let down his guard just yet. Unattaching the knife from the end of his spear to better suit close quarter situations such as in this house, Rolf held the knife steadily in his hands, creaking open the ordinary door of the first, what he presumed was a bedroom.

    Peering inside, this room was... empty? Not as in already looted, but there was almost nothing here apart from a mattress on the floor, and five large bottles of whiskey. Two whole bottles had already been drunk - one was half-full, and the other two were full up. Rolf was no detective... but... could someone have drunk themselves to death here? Judging by congealed puke in the corner of the room, it could have been possible. Maybe that zombie was... no... Rolf didn't have any proof.

    Doesn't matter anyway... this could come in handy. Rolf thought to himself, taking the half-full and two full bottles of whiskey. Could be used as a disinfectant, or maybe even a crude Molotov. Rolf hadn't even thought of drinking it; he was a total lightweight.
    Onto the next room, then...

    Leaving the empty-ish room, Rolf made his way to the second door of the house - and already, Rolf could tell there was something out of the ordinary with this door.

    Some sort of... heart-shape, had been crudely drawn on the door with pink chalk. Again, Rolf wasn't a detective, but... it looked slightly recent? Rolf touched the pink chalk, rubbing it inbetween his fingers. Who would draw a heart here? A small kid? He thought of his sister for a brief millisecond, but Jaina wouldn't draw something like this.

    Rolf took a deep breath, and opened the door - instantly being blinded by the overwhelming colour of pink within the room. Pink bed, pink walls, pink closet... and Jesus Christ, the smell! The room smelt so sweet Rolf was on the verge of throwing up. This certainly wasn't your average scene in the apocalypse.

    Enduring the smell, Rolf did his best to search the room, starting with the closet. He wanted to leave this weird room as soon as possible.
    "Oh... pink clothes. How did I guess?" Rolf mumbled to himself through gritted teeth. Wearing any of this clothing would make him look like a total prat. But... the clothes looked adult-size. Rolf wasn't sure what to think of this; someone had to be awfully quirky to be so obsessed with the colour pink.

    Pretty much done with this room, Rolf was about to leave in a hurry when he noticed a few items on the bed. Holding his nose, he approached the items on the bed.

    "A note? And what are these tablets...?" Rolf mumbled under his breath. On a sheet of paper, a message was crudely written in... yep, you guessed it, pink pencil. Alongside the note, there were a pair of rose-coloured, heart shaped pills. Both of the pills has smiley faces drawn on them with the pen; it didn't take much for Rolf to guess that these pills were... not legitimate within society, back in the day. Rolf wanted to just get the hell out of this weird place, but curiosity caused him to read the note.

    The Note (open)

    Dear ♥Cuz!

    Heyyyy! If you're still alive and not drinking yourself to death, read this, ya big muscly moron~!

    Sooo, I've kind of left the house. Because... well, to be honest, it's super boring. We never do anything apart from eat weird canned foods, and I kinda wanna go outside and explore! Besides, it's not like you ever talk to me... I know you're upset about... her... not being alive, but you're gonna die if you don't get off your big butt and do something other than drink all day! If you're ever feeling sad, take one of the pills - they're my speciality, after all! ;)

    I might come back someday, but a girl's gotta have fun, right? Watching you huff and puff about all day sucks... I wanna meet some new friends! And don't worry about the bitey people, I'm sure they'll like me if I just give them one of my *special hugs*~! (But I'll bring my two-barrel, just in case so you won't go worrying about me...)

    Might come back in a week or two! Just take a pill and relax! And thanks so so so much for letting me stay round your house since, like, this whole fun thing started! And please don't be mad at me...? o3o" - ♥Blink

    P.S: Save some booze for me when I come back~! Or else...! >:3

    Rolf blinked a few times, and lowered the note from his eyes, his face wincing a little from the sweetness of the note. Did that mean the girl - 'Blink' - who written this was still alive? Did she leave recently? But... the way she said 'Big muscly moron' in the note gave Rolf the impression that... the zombie that tried to attack him...? It didn't matter anyway; it wasn't important.

    "Ugh... t-this smell...! H-hopefully Jason's found something of use..." Rolf mumbled, screwing up the note and throwing it away. He turned his back on the pills, but stopped for a moment. Slowly turning his head, Rolf secretly pocketed the pink pills, and kept walking.

    J-just in case... they could come in handy for... something!

    As he walked out of the dazzlingly pink room, Rolf slammed the door behind him and took a few breaths of the normal, dusty air he was used to. Much better, and Rolf would be damned if he was ever going in there again. He might have told Jason about it, but there wasn't really anything of use in the room... on the bright side, the whiskey he found was certainly a rare resource; Rolf hadn't seen alcohol barely anywhere in the apocalypse, apart from the whiskey Blake carried with him...

    Rolf shook the curious note and the weird pink room out of his head, calling down the stairs as he packed away the bottles of whiskey.

    "Found some alcohol! Could come in handy, for like, fire and stuff - there wasn't much else, though! You found anything?!" Rolf called down to Jason, turning his back on the door with the pink chalk heart.

    This apocalypse gets weirder by the day...
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  14. Jason nodded at Rolf when he told him that he was going upstairs to look around. As long as he was careful and stayed within ear shot like they had agreed days ago Jason didn't really care what Rolf did. Rolf at the moment was his only ally other then Olivia and that was assuming she was alive. The two needed each other and if one went down it certainly wouldn't be long before the other one went down as well. Jason slowly walked through the downstairs. It didn't seem like there was much. He made his way through the dining room which was practically empty other then a few toppled chairs and some dishes that were strewn about. He then walked into the kitchen and found can's upon can's of empty food. His stomach growled when the though of food entered his mind. Maybe there was still some left he hoped.

    Jason quickly started opening drawers, cupboards, and closets in hopes of finding anything. Only one cupboard left. He closed his eyes and slowly opened it to reveal...the mother load! His heart nearly exploded out of his chest when he saw all the canned foods that were inside. Chicken, tuna, peas, beans there was a little of everything!! there was enough there to feed their original group back at the house the other day for a few days at least! He lowered his head and sent a quick prayer to God up in heaven. He closed the cabinet deciding to tell Rolf when he came back down. He then went to continue his search. The rest of the downstairs was pretty empty but he did find what appeared to be a safe or case of some kind. He didn't know what it could hold but there was only one way to find out. The safe was locked with a regular combination lock. Easy to break open if you know how and he knew how. He looked around for something heavy yet small that he could use to snap it off. He saw a nearby fire place and smiled a bit at the fire poker that was left there. That itself could be used as a weapon if he needed it as long as it didn't break as he tried to open the safe.

    He slipped the smaller end of the poker through the little gap on the lock and then with all the strength he could muster started turning the lock. He let out a small grunt as he felt the locks resistance. He was really going to need to put a lot into this. He stopped pulling for just a second before he let out a slow breath and with one last strong pull he strained ever muscle in his arms and back as he turned the lock as hard as he could. The lock broke with a loud snap and so did the fire poker. He sighed and tossed that to the side and turned to open the case. What he found inside made him want to cry just as much as finding the food did. When he heard Rolf come back downstairs he turned his head to look at his friend and smiled a bit "Rolf..I found the mother load..this case is filled with guns and I found a shit ton of canned foods in the kitchen..enough to keep us fed for a few weeks if we ration it right"
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  15. NPC Side Story.

    @Andy @Jakers

    "Cracking noises. Scratching The door. Stumbling and mumbling incoherently between bloody teeth.
    Thump- Thump. BAM!

    The noises getting closer. So much close than They almost could feel it Behind them. As if They- the Infected- were breathing at the Human's neck.

    Be aware. You've been warned.

    In case they did not noticed, there was a white sign on the kitchen door, lines continuing towards the beck door and the attic.
    More sounds of thumping could be Cleary heard from the attic. The ceiling started to slightly shake, causing the big House Chandelier To swing for a moment.

    As suddenly, a loud bang over the kitchen door filled the air. Soon the Sounds of terror and living Hell, erupted and Oh so familiar to their ears.
    Three stumbling Infected appeared, with emptiness in their once Blue eyes. A family perhaps. Now seeking for blood.

    What's worse? Shit.

    Another heavy thumping and the ceilin
    g cracked, just as it collapsed and more Infected- undead- fall onto the floor through the small, wooden Attic door. Straight into the living room.
    They were quite a few. The only problem with them, other than being Living Dead?

    Blood and flesh seeking bastards.

    They begun to crawl towards the Humans, Quicker than usual, growling loudly. Two little boys, had their arms ripped off and the smallest one, had his limbs hanging as he stumbled forward in order to get a bite.

    Will the Humans stay and fight? Or will they run away ?
    On such a short notice Party crashing- definitely, they had to stay. And finish it, right? "

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  16. Rolf's first smile for weeks had shown at the sight of all of the useful supplies. Food? No longer an issue. Food was one of those annoyances that if you didn't pay attention to, you'd be dead - and most people died trying to get a simple meal for the night. Rolf almost starting laughing at the sight of it all - this would last him and Jason for weeks, easily. If a God existed, they were watching over them right now.

    "Holy crap... this truly is the motherload...! I can't believe it - this is... this is... unreal...!" Rolf whispered under his breath. He looked at Jason, and for the first time, Rolf actually gave his bright, pleased grin. Rolf focused on packing up some of the food, making room in his backpack and throwing aside all the junk he probably wouldn't need. He felt like a bank robber pulling in the payout of a high-end heist - all of this canned food... it was almost too good to be true. Rolf didn't really look at the menacing guns, but he was sure they'd come in handy.

    Suddenly, Rolf jumped in surprise, turning his head wildly like an alerted dog. What was that banging? The scracthing? And...

    Shit... no... not now! Not when we're so close, God damn it!

    Rolf didn't waste any time, stuffing food into his backpack as fast as he could. Every can mattered, and every little ounce of time was crucial before the zeds came to ruin everything. Rolf's breathing started to become heavy as he could hear the moans of the undead - where were they? At the door? No - there was no way it was possible. They couldn't be upstairs, Rolf had checked that - the only place that the zeds could be...

    Just as Rolf realised, the ceiling in the living room crumbled to nothingness, sending a sinister rumbling throughout the house combined with the screams of undead. Masses of dust coated Rolf's hair and body, causing him to cough and squint as he looked up, his blonde hair made a mess by all they greyish dust. It was no use - the zombies were going to be upon them soon, and the room was so caked with dust that Rolf could barely see, let alone breathe. But they needed the guns and food... in Rolf's eyes, this was worth the risk. If they got out of here with the takings alive, they'd be sorted. If they didn't get out of here with the takings alive, it'd be more endless wandering on a near-empty stomach. Fuck. That.

    "Jason - *cough!* Pack away as many guns as you can! I'll - *cough!* hold them back for a while..!"

    Zipping up his backpack, Rolf gritted his teeth and put his fear behind him, gripping his knife tightly as he looked for the zombies through the dust. Crap - that many of them already?! And... God, this world was horrible and cruel. Zombified boys. Perhaps they'd tried to survive in the attic - but killing kids? Rolf wasn't sure if he'd be able to do this. No - no more bullshit. He had to do this, otherwise a painful death awaited.

    They're not human, they're not human, they're not human! Rolf told himself frantically, giving a yell as he approached the zombies to block out all his doubt. Narrowly dodging the teeth of a zombie, Rolf weaved to the side and slammed one of the zeds to the wall, not hesitating as he driven the knife right inbetween its eyes.

    "Damn... you...!" Rolf hissed, struggling to get the knife back out again, wasting valuable time for when the next zed attacked. Blood squirted onto Rolf's dusty cheek as he yanked the knife out, and the situation was starting to get worse and worse. The other zombified child approached Rolf, with actual-sized zombies behind it. These zeds were fast - he didn't have time to relax and plan his moves, he had to rely purely on his reactions.

    Improvising, Rolf snatched a kitchen chair, kicking it into the next zombie child as it began to approach. As expected, it tripped over the chair with a moan, allowing Rolf to easily execute it; more blood began to coat Rolf, filling him with guilt and sorrow. This was without doubt one of the worst experiences he'd been through in the apocalypse... but at least the children were free now. They didn't have to mindlessly wander.

    "How - *Cough!* - how are the guns coming along?! Because the zombies sure are coming - fast! I... I don't think I'll be abl - OH, FUCK!" Rolf yelled in panic; two zombies hurtled over the sofa in the living room, and began to approach with haste. Oh God... he couldn't take them both on with just his knife, he needed to think of something - but what? Rolf tried chucking another chair into the two, but they simply smashed it away - they weren't weak, and they were thirsty for blood. Rolf was going to die if he didn't think of something soon. His M1911 was out of bullets, too. This wasn't good - they needed these damn supplies!

    Rolf grabbed a few knives from the kitchen table and tried hurling them at the zombies, but they just bounced off, leaving a small cut. It seemed that shit was for the movies, and wasted what little time he had. They were beginning to come into the kitchen now - but wait! The alcohol... Rolf's lighter... there were a dish towel over there - this could actually work! But he'd need a little time to create the Molotov, light it, and burn this God-forsaken house to the ground. So long as they could get away with what they had.

    "I-I see only one way we can get out of this, but I need covering fire for a little while! I hope this fucking works before more of this damn house falls down!" Rolf yelled, kicking the last remaining chairs as a last-resort barricade in front of himself as he yanked off his backpack, grabbing the bottle of whiskey and literally throwing the bottle cap across the room, but it was taking time to stuff the dish towel inside in the correct way.

    A little hint of hope - ruined again by these damned zeds. Rolf prayed in his mind this would work, and prayed in his mind that he and Jason would get out of this safely. But the monsters were approaching - fast.
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  17. Jason was way ahead of Rolf as he started packing up as many guns as he could carry. He had found a gun bag filled with ammunition inside the safe so that would make carrying all of the guns a lot easier. Jason just couldn't stop smiling. Finally things were starting to look up. God was smiling down at them right now and he was giving them the tools they would need to survive this hell. But unfortunately God seems to have a cruel sense of humor because it was only a moment later that the ceiling came crashing down on them. He let out a few violent coughs as he tried to clear his mouth, eyes, and throat of all the dust. That's when he heard the moaning and groaning of the walkers coming from right behind him.

    He didn't have to turn around to hear them coming he knew they were. Rolf was telling him to pack up the guns but he had another plan in mind. He had no intention of leaving anything behind he wanted to grab as much as he possibly could. It was one thing to miss something but he had no intentions at all of leaving something on purpose. He reached into the safe and grinned as he pulled out a Remington 870 pump action shotgun. He quickly found the cartridges that matched the gun and started to pump the shells into it. It held seven shells plus one in the chamber giving him eight shots total. Which would be plenty to get the job done. He spun on his heel and pumped the gun and snapped the safety off just in time to shove the barrel of the gun down a walkers throat "not today mother fucker.." He pulled the trigger and a loud BANG echoed through the house as zombie brains and blood splashed everywhere. It got all over Jason's face and clothes but at the moment he didn't care. He quickly shouldered the gun bag and looked back at the safe. He had gotten everything "Rolf whatever your going to do do it fast!" He pumps the action on the gun again and takes aim and BANG blasts another of the fuckers heads off. "I've only got 6 shots left before I run out! I want to be out of here before i get down to even one shot left!"
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  18. Rolf winced a little at the large blast from the shotgun, but this was good news. With Jason's firepower, perhaps this could actually work. The guns and the food would be theirs, despite the trauma of the situation. Licking his lips, Rolf finished the creation of the makeshift Molotov, grabbed it, and snapped open the lighter, bringing the flame to the cloth. This was it - now or God damn never. The thought of that 'Blink' girl briefly came into is mind, but if she knew what was in her own basement, she'd understand. She probably wasn't even alive, anyway.

    The cloth began to burn. Rolf tightened his grip around the bottle, and took a few steps back to be sure. Damn these zeds. Damn those bastards who ruined people's families - damn whatever caused this hell of an apocalypse!

    "Eat... this...!" Rolf hissed through clenched teeth, hurling the bottle into the living room, watching liquid fire spread through the room, catching zombies and furniture alike. Paintings crumpled away into ashes, and the comfy-looking sofa in the living room became an ardent blaze. Rolf turned away almost instantly, smashing open a kitchen window in a panic and throwing the backpack outside as the smell of charred zombie flesh and smoke filled his nostrils. That was their cue to get the hell out of here.

    Rolf winced as he squeezed through the window - it was a tight fit, and the broken glass was digging into his leg and drawing blood, but it was better than burning alive. The Molotov had worked much better than Rolf anticipated; probably because of all the flammable material in the living room. The kitchen wasn't so flammable, but soon everything would succumb to the flames.

    "Gnnng... d-damn it - GAHH!" Rolf choked as a wave of pain hit him, his leg becoming free from the broken glass, but not easily. Scrambling across the grass and leaving blood dripping behind him, Rolf breathed huge lungfuls of fresh air, rolling onto his back next to his backpack, gripping the grass either side of him and coughing the dust out of his lungs. He hoped Jason would be able to escape with no complications; he didn't want his plan to kill his own comrade.

    He was covered in blood - a mixture of his own and those of zombies, and coated in a layer of greyish dust. His leg hurt like hell, and he was going to pass out right there and then from the whole trauma of the situation. He'd probably need to yank the broken glass from his leg later and get the thing bandaged, and he probably needed a damn drink.

    But was it worth it? Hell yes.
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  19. Jason looked over at Rolf and his eyes went wide as he saw what his friend was planning. SHIT! he thought to himself as Rolf threw the Molotov. Jason was practically right in the middle of the living room still. He quickly glanced around and had hardly made a move before the bottle burst into flames and liquid fire sprayed across the room. Jason had been lucky enough to not get showered in the fire to begin with but he needed to move unless he wanted to get caught in the flames completely. He looked to his side and saw an open window. He let out a low growl as he started making his way to the window. "almost there..cmon Jason your almost out." He thought he was going to need to have a serious talk with Rolf about when and where he was going to throw those things if he decided to use it again. This wasn't a video game after all. In this world Friendly Fire did mean death.

    Jason got to the window without problem and started pushing the gun bag through with ease. Now it was his turn. He started to climb out the window when a walker that was half on fire grabbed onto his ankle and tried to yank him back. Jason's eyes widened in fear as the thing opened its mouth to take a bite out of his leg. Jason quickly yanked on his leg to avoid getting bit but the thing still had a death grip on him. He quickly dropped the shot gun out of the window and pulled out his glock and started firing like a mad man as he used up the last of the clip he had in there. "DIE DIE DIE DIE!! DIE GOD DAMNIT!! YOUR NOT GOING TO STOP ME!!" He had hit the thing in the head on the first shot but he had continued firing to make sure the thing was really dead and also to get a little pay back in and release some of the pent up anger he had been holding in. Not anger at Rolf mind you but anger at everything that had happened. anger for losing his parents, anger for losing Olivia. "..rot in hell bastard.." With that Jason climbed through the window the rest of the way and quickly grabbed the guns and moved away from the burning building.

    During his escape he had seen Rolf climb out through the window of the kitchen. He had also seen his friends leg get stuck so he knew that if he didn't find him before a walker did Rolf could be in serious trouble. He quickly hurried around the house and smiled a bit when he saw that Rolf was ok. But then he saw the shard of glass sticking through his friends leg. Damn..that wasn't going to be good..nor was it going to be easy to fix. He sighed and shook his head and hurried over to Rolf "come on man we can't stay here we need to get moving..can you stand?..can you walk?"
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  20. Carter opened his eyes after a gun shot went off, Carter shook his head as he knew who it was, the only guys he saw in the whole city these few days, and it was coming from the Gilmore's houses, he knew there were a man surviving there, but from the past few weeks he started seeing the guy less and less...He was an asshole.
    The young adult sat up and sighed. "Why do people keep coming to this city?" Carter stood up on his feet but then heard more gunshots. "How did they survive this long without dying!?" Carter jumped to two different buildings till he finally slid down the ladder of the last building.

    Running through the alleyway, Carter passed through stray roamers till he finally got to the place, and it was on fire. Carter climbed the metal fence and ran through the yard till he found a window to see through, the roamers were going to one end of the house so that's where the survivors must of been, and that confirmed it when he heard yells from the other side of the house.

    Carter zoomed to the front where he saw a man laying on the grass bloody, seeing a lot of roamer guts and some of his, if they got inside his wounds then he wouldn't have a lot of time to live until he died. "Get the kid off the ground, you were here for five minutes and already the house was on fire!?" Carter pointed his gun at the window were roamers climbed out, killing each and every one of them that got through.

    More and more roamers climbed out, most on fire. "I can't hold them to long, run to the fence and get to run right till you find the first available alleyway, then run and find the back door of a building that has the sign saying "Kill or be killed" Got it!?" He told the two men.
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