Zombies, Death, and Crazy People -With Danger

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  1. Isabella skidded to a stop in front of the large tree which from the distance, looked much easier to climb. Now that she was here however, she could see the rough bark would do a number on her hands and the branches were uncomfortably thin. One glance backwards told her she had no choice. With the blade of her last knife now clenched between her teeth, she grabbed a low branch and started climbing just out of the reach of the first walker.
  2. Bailey was already up the tree when she climbed. He watched silently, camouflaged. He was higher up, having made a camp of sorts in the trees. Bailey had a look at the amount of walkers. "They bothering you?" He called down to her.
  3. Isabella looked down at the high number of walkers as she climbed, wondering how she was going to get out of this one. Unfortunately her mind was distracted and when Bailey spoke it was to her great surprise and she slipped. "Shit!" She hissed, grabbing onto a thick branch and trying to get her foot hold on the trunk. She looked up at Bailey with a snarl and replied back sarcastically, "No, Just taking a walk in the park here."
  4. Bailey shrugged. "Alright then. Don't steal my stuff." With that, he turned away from her and closed his eyes. Though he wasn't actually asleep. He didn't trust her. He was pretty secure up in the tree so he didn't worry about the walkers.
  5. Isabella pulled herself up onto a higher branch not that she had a grip and shifted the position of her knife to her boot. Slouching against the tree trunk, she allowed a moment to catch some breath and survey the situation. Walkers crowded the base of the tree reaching up to lengths they would never reach, they wouldn't even be a problem if there weren't so many. The sickly stench of rot hit her nose and made her gag, Isabella was already looking for a way around them but no opportunity seemed present. So instead, she turned her attention to her tree-mate with her brows furrowed. "This doesn't concern you at all? There's no way down from here now, and no way to get rid of them when there's this many."
  6. "I have my ways," Bailey called. "Just don't get eaten." He glanced down, then to his weapons. Yeah, he had his ways. He then shot a look to Isabella. "Names Bailey. You are?" It was hard to get a good look at his face.
  7. Isabella snorted at his comment and took a moment to tighten the laces on her boot and check her arms over for any scratches. She was pretty sure she hadn't received any, but it was best to be on the safe side. "Strifer." She replied on instinct and made the split-second decision not to get on a first name basis with the stranger. She didn't trust him anyways, couldent even get a good look at him. With a ruffle of her hair she swung over onto a branch closer to him and then pulled herself up again, climbing higher. Might as well get a good view of the land while she was up here. "I could say the same to you," She said, replying to his earlier comment. "But I don't really care for your safety all that much. And besides, its not the eaten part you have to worry about. Its getting bit and deciding if your going to end it now or wait it out."
  8. "Mm," Bailey chuckled. "I don't think I'm going to be bitten anytime soon." He watched her climb, deciding whether or not to shoot her now. But she could be useful. Probably not. He felt the handgun by his side.
  9. "Were are you headed anyway, Tree man?" Isabella asked, oblivious to the possible danger he might pose. She had other things to worry about and perhaps on a less crazy day her eye would have been better trained on him. For now though she was tired, out of breath, aching, hungry, and desperate to get back on the road. "Im headed north, I hear theres a town somewhat clean that you can get to- if you know someone on the inside." She reached the very top and the branches hissed threateningly underneath her but did not give. Thank god for not being able to eat, at least she was light enough now to get a good veiw. What an optimistic way to think about things. She thought dryly.
  10. "I'm not headed anywhere. I do odd jobs here and there, but I mostly wander." Bailey kept an eye on her, and decided not to shoot her just yet. She might have some information. "Might want to be careful up there."
  11. "I know what I'm doing." Isabella snorted but didn't look down at him. Her brows furrowed as she scanned the surroundings. They were just of the main highway -which was long abandoned and crowded with rusting cars- and there tree was placed in a small clump of bushes. Definitely an odd place for it, but now was not the time. She searched for something more though for a moment, unwalker-like quick movement among the grounds and sighed in relief after a moment when no one came into site. With her nerves ever so lightly calmer, Isabella stepped back down and the branch snapped underneath her. She gasped and grabbed hold of a lower one on her way down to catch herself, shooting a deadly look at Bailey as if daring him to say something.
  12. Bailey snorted with laughter. "Good job." He chuckled to himself. He pulled back his hood, and quite suddenly some light shone on his scar. "You going to stay here for the night?"
  13. Isabella drew back her lip when he laughed at her. "Oh please, I doubt you could even make it up that high without falling on your ass." She did not care for his appearence to much. After all, who didn't carry the marks of there travels now adays? A scar meant you lived. Still, she couldent help herself. "Oh dear, that doesnt look to good. Did you kill Mufasa?" She snickered, shifting her position to something of a crouch in the trees so her boots held a better grip on the thin branches. She looked a bit like a squirrel crouched there, brown leather jacket and black lace-up boots with a simple undershirt finished off by cropped shorts but what really gave off the look was her quiver which implied she might take off any moment. "Stay here? Like for the night?" She looked down at the walkers and scowled. "Not if I can help it, tree man."
  14. "I'm smart enough not to go that high in the first place," Bailey said. He laughed. "No, I got attacked by my brother." Bailey looked at her curiously. "All you need is a bushy tail." He ignored her last comment.
  15. "Busy tail?" Isabella repeated, her face scrunched up in confusion and she thought about it for a moment before scowling but did not change her position. "What is that supposed to mean? And why are you in this tree, also?" Isabella popped the collar on her jacket as she spoke and rested her elbows on her knees, looking quite content but as it turns out she was actually thinking of a way out of this tree on her own. The last thing she wanted to do was ask for help from a complete -and a bit creepy, to be honest- stranger.
  16. "Hey I got here first," Bailey said. "You're a guest in my tree." He looked down at the walkers. "I'm up here to get away from them. What did you expect?" He was lying in his back, the rest of him covered. There were weapons hidden around him, and rather well hidden at that.
  17. "Your tree?" This brought a snort of laughter from her but no further comment on the subject except the confirmation of the nickname Tree man. "Yeah," Isabella sighed looking rather frustrated with him for making her ask so many questions. "But you said you had a way out of this? If that's the case I don't see why were still up here." His relaxed position made her quite uncomfortable being rather jumpy herself. Normally, she wasn't this bad but considering the circumstances it was to be expected. Why is he so calm? It only made her more tense.
  18. "I don't see the point of leaving," Bailey said. "Night is coming and I'd rather stay in this tree." Seemingly trying to make her more uncomfortable, Bailey put his hands under his head and closed his eyes. He didn't seem to care.
  19. "You travel by day?" Isabella questioned, having no intention of sleeping in the tree. Then again, he was right about the night. But if she stayed here her... comrads might catch up. Instead she snapped a thick branch beside her and started working on it with her knife, pointing out the tip. "I mean sure, day time is nice to travel by but don't you worry about running into others? I know the last bunch my group ran into weren't to friendly- I suppose they were raiders because they attacked and threatened us. We managed to scare them off but it put us way behind schedual and we lost a good amount of- wait, do you have firearms? Silly question I know but when I was running here I thought I heard gunshots in the distance. I mean I havent seen one in a long time but somone in my group had one, there cool and all but once you run out of ammo your done. Thats why I stick with knives, im pretty good at throwing them and Ive never used a gun. Damien- somone in my group- tried to teach me to but I figured if I ever needed to I could learn on my own." Isabella chattered on while she worked, not pausing to let him answer her questions. Chattering while she walked or worked was just a habit, but it seemed to calm her down a bit.
  20. Bailey rolled his eyes. "I can take care of myself." He waited for her rant to be finished, wondering if he should just shoot her to shut her up. "Do you always talk this much? Or is it just when you meet people?"