Zombies apocalypse, but with a twist

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  1. I'll admit, I don't have a plot for this one, just a setting. Which probably isn't even that original.

    But yeah. Zombie apocalypse set in Medieval Europe. Defending a castle, clad in full plate, armed with a mace and a shield, against a horde of the undead. And I mean the modern, virus kind, with most of the castle, surrounding town and all the farms nearby coming running at you, to bite/tear apart/beat you down.

    Now, I will admit that I have no idea what the plot of this would be, as defending a castle in that situation wouldn't really be all that hard, unless there's 3 untrained peasants left, or something like that.

    So, does anyone have any ideas? Or any input on the setting? I'm happy to hear it all.
  2. I am interested in the setting. I believe that together, with some collaboration, we can develop a proper plot.
  3. Alright, I'm all ears. If you have any ideas at all, I'd be happy to hear it!
  4. Intersted! And yeah, collaboration, plot. Do I have the right shoot out random thoughts?

    Nobles may be quite weak too... As long as they aren't knights.

    Maybe there is a war with another country and the slightly incompetent king ordered his alchemists to create a solution to win the war. And so something went wrong. We get a 'is science a good thing' theme and some ground to base the inter-character conflict on. It's good if you guys have other ideas, just saying.
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  5. Shoot from the hip man!

    And yes, non knight nobles are weak. But most nobles tended to be knights. Well, the men at least.

    Okay, alchemist instead of scientist. Makes sense so far. But what would be his attempt to end it? Just raising the dead somehow, to fight for their kingdom?
  6. To end the war? Maybe something like, Kingdom A is too small to fight Empire B so they come up with the idea to infect the other country with this... Or, yeah, a way to enchance their soldiers, but one of the several alchemists working on it turned out to be a traior\spy.

    Or maybe there is no war at all and alchemist(s) are trying to find a cure to a plague but end up with something even worse... Dunno, kinda turns out the same as the usual modern world zombie thing.
  7. Hmmm... A mix of those could be a good idea. A small kingdom next to a large empire, who fear that the empire will conquer them. But they wont do it right now, because of the plague. So the small kingdom tries to enhance the plague, and send a few rats with that strain of it into the empire to take care of them. But at least one of the rats escaped, and so the plague got into the kingdom as well. Suddenly, those who die start returning, craving the flesh of the living.

    That's really more setting though, without much plot :P
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  8. Nice.

    Plot, hmm... Do you see it as more of an neck-slicing action survival or leaning more towards pure horror? Like are characters supposed to be badasses or should they shiver in a corner covered in blood, tears and snot?

    Either way we could state our character archetypes\tags and build from that.
  9. I'm interested in this as well!
  10. I know you want a virus apocalypse, but also a plot which might be quite difficult. Just a random idea fragment, but how about:

    Losing king from that mentioned war recruits a shady magician to help in the war efforts. Turns out this magician is a Necromancer, who infects the army with a magically altered parasite that's supposed to enhance endurance and regeneration. He screws up because he's kinda an idiot, and he "accidentally" makes the parasite act like a zombie virus? The plot would be something like getting past the hordes and destroying the Patient Zero, which is probably kept in a high security area to prevent such destruction.
  11. A bit of both, I guess? At first everyone are shitting their pants because of some unholy things coming for them! But then they slowly start to understand it, and fight back better. Some has seen war, and some hasn't, so different reactions that way as well. The inexperienced barely dare to do anything at all, while the veterans don't know what the fuck is going on, but they know what they're doing anyway. So a mix.
    Then feel free to join in on the discussion! Or just sit around and wait until we get something hammered out :P
    I would prefer to keep this as a Low Fantasy thing, with no magic and stuff... Even though making it High Fantasy with the Necromancer not quite controlling the zombies, but is kind of powering them to keep them alive? Or rather, keeping the virus working, perhaps? Thus the survivors have to get to the Necro, kill him, and the zombies will start falling.

    Though that almost sounds too simple o.o
  12. How about..

    During the Black Death, an Alchemist tries to cure it by using the Philosopher's Stone. This, however, backfires, and he creates a bacterium (or virus) far worse than the Black Death. After killing its victims, the newly "enhanced" Black Death brings them back from the dead with a craving for human flesh.

    Er.. yeah, pretty bad, I know.
  13. Necromancer can fit quite well as low fantasy too, though, if you make them a similar style to European witches, with curses and rituals more than outright magic. As for simple, I tend to find a simple plot to be better for Zombies as it leaves space for the survival and fear parts. Too much plot in a zombie rp and the Zombies become very much secondary to the story.
  14. The philosopher stone can only convert base metal to gold in the original legend, so mixing it with real events and getting its use wrong isn't something I at least think should be done. If you intend to give an already established item a different purpose its best to leave out mention of other established things or you end up with a harry potter like situation.
  15. I know that, but Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist used the Philsopher's Stone in totally different ways from its original origin. I wanted to go more for that.
  16. Yeah, I figured you were taking inspiration from FMA. I dont remember it's use in harry potter besides that it was different to the original lore. You also mentioned the Black Death though, so I think it would be best to change it to a fictitious disease in a fictitious location if we were going to go with that, to avoid aforementioned Harry Potter scenario. FMA is OK because it's a fictitious environment.
  17. I actually like the idea of using the Black Death as the thing getting worked on by the mage. And it should within your criteria as well, Karakui, as it's only one historical thing ;P
  18. Hooray! I contributed!
  19. Alright so we're going with a malicious zombie raising version of the Black Death? Neat. Since it showed up again in Madagascar recently, the conclusion to the RP could be a film cliche style "The End...?"
  20. Oh, just had a thought. What if a wealthy noble (or king?) requested the alchemist to find a cure to the Black Death as his child got infected with it. But well, the treatment is not working out well since the child became a zombie... But that's a secret. The noble has been keeping the child locked in his castle, out of people's eyes. Though the servants are starting to suspect that the noble keeps a demon in the castle. Weird rumors start to spread. The noble's name is Dracula.


    Eventually a curious servant makes the mistake of entering the forbidden room.
    P.s. Dracula only in the name, no vampire stuff. He should probably be a good guy.
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