Zombies, anyone?

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  1. Hey there, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a "go with the flow" kind of Zombie roleplay? As in, we'd have the main goal of reaching a safe zone, but what ever happens along the way can affect the outcome.

    I can't be on so often, what with work and family, but I'll be on as often as I can. So I totally understand if you can't post everyday, it's not a big deal, stuff happens. I would like people who are able to write at least one or more paragraphs, no one-liners please.

    Anyway, I was thinking of going with zombie infection that starts off with some sort of drug or something, so people who've used this drug would turn into the first zombies and then it's transmitted through bites and exchange of fluids (haha, gross). After creating characters, I'd like the roleplay to start of with "A normal day in the life of (your character)" scenario, where you go through the things your character would normally do. Go to school, work, hang out at home, whatever. Then we'd go into a day one of the infection where things are already getting crazy. Our characters can meet up, maybe they go to the same school or had the same idea of a place to hide? However they get together, eventually all of the characters would get into their group and form relationships within the group.

    Deaths would occur, of course, but not without the permission of the person controlling the character. If you want to make more than one character, feel free. I'd like everyone to have at least one "main" character that won't die, so extra characters and NPCs would be the ones to die.

    I just want this to be a fun, laid back roleplay for people to enjoy. Action, comedy, occasionally horrifying. Let me know if you're interested ^~^ If there's enough people for the roleplay to work, I'll get started on making a set-up.

    Edit: I forgot to add, this is loosely based off a story I've been trying to write, but I keep getting writer's block with it, so I'm hoping that the roleplay will help me get through it :3
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  2. Can their be a Loner not apart of the group?
  3. Sure, that would be fine ^~^
  4. Well, I'm going to be starting the OOC pretty soon, I'll post a link here once it's done and if anyone's interested they can hop in ^~^
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