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    Welcome to Zombie Thread, the thread where necromancers grow more powerful by building up their zombie army. Now, how does one gain more zombies for their army? That is quite simple. Every so often, a hoard of zombies will wander onto the thread (I'll do this on a random basis), and it is your task to claim those zombies before the other Necromancers get to them.

    You can claim just one group per hoard by laying claim to it in a post(first come first serve), but do remember that not all zombies were created equal, and the early birds might pick off the more powerful zombies.

    I Mean; Just Look At All the Different Zombies (open)

    Zombie TypeAppearanceDescriptionPowerlevel
    Rotten Zombie[​IMG]The rotten zombie is the most basic and abundant unit. The runt of the litter, they are nearly useless in combat due to their lack of speed and coordination. Unless they hoard together, it is unlikely you will be defeating anyone with these. They do however have a unique property which allows them to fuse to create greater zombies while under the control of a necromancer.1
    Zombie Fighter[​IMG]With much improved intelligence, armor, speed, and skill with a sword, a zombie fighter is every bit as powerful as an ordinary soldier. These zombies are intelligent enough to fight in formations and follow orders more complex than simply destroying.11
    Zombie Assailant[​IMG]The Zombie Assailant gives up its armor for much needed mobility and stealth. With the skill and mind of an assassin, these zombies are the perfect hit-men for the mere mortals who think to use their political influence to defy your zombie army.31
    Zombie Marauder[​IMG]Practically the personification of madness, the Zombie Marauder is a hulking brute compared to any of the zombies you've had before. It might not have any armor, but its skin is extremely hard, and its chainsaw tears through zombies, tanks, buildings, whatever you need it to honestly. With this guy on your side, the sheer terror might leave the enemy waving white flags, not that it will care.109
    Zombie Commander[​IMG]All the raw destructive power of a marauder, now with armor, minor magic, and a brilliant mind. The Zombie Commander commands the respect and admiration of your troops, leading them to glorious victory over your foes. With this loyal commander at your side, you need not even attend battles. Your army will be well led.255
    Curse of the Pharaoh[​IMG]The Zombie Commander may lead armies, but this ancient Egyptian spirit once controlled nations. Not only are his magic skills leagues above your commander, he has some powers of dominion, allowing him to control those with weak will. With this ruler at your side, nations will fall to your might.500
    Demonic Lord[​IMG]You've graduated from zombies now. This is a demon, from hell... Needless to say, you won't find much that can match this guy's might, ferocity, and cruelty. The Demonic Lord cares little about controlling anything, leaving that grunt work to the lesser minions. It just wants to destroy in the most violent and terrifying manner possible, merely waiting for you to unleash its fury. With this guy by your side, even the heavens will have difficulty challenging your authority. You are a monster.1500
    Custom Zombie[​IMG]This is, the ultimate power. The Custom Zombie is a malevolent force that can manifest itself in any form you desire. There are no further limits to break, as this zombie has any trait you could possibly desire of it. Some rumors call it a god of sorts. Others say that left uncontrolled it will slowly rend reality. There is a god at your side, you realize you are controlling a god right? What does that make you..? Even with all this power, do you still lust for more?5000

    Now don't think that your achievements will go unnoticed, because The National Association of Zombielord Informants meticulously tracks the armies of all the up and coming Necromancers. You can access their database below to get up-to-date information on the status of the zombie armies.

    NecromancerRottenFighterAssailant MarauderCommanderCurse of the PharaohDemonic LordCustom ZombiePassive BuffTotal Powerlevel
    Cwolf0615130153     4%404.3
    Alphakoka68541    11%395.9925
    Gen. Gwazi Magnum74113     4%300.3
    Nim389 1    8%265.41
    Azeroth Margican80102     4%262.6
    Immortal_Chaos54 11    10%213.4
    ☆Luna☆11231     4%183.3
    Zoltac6571     4%180.18
    ❖Shlavekt❖3921     4%95.94
    Archwar473      1%80.8
    ET312      1%53.53
    Group Stats73867163    8242435.7525
    Rotten Zombie Conversion Rate
    4th Wall Breaking Notes (open)
    If you want to join even though the thread midway, just lay claim to some zombies and I'll put you on the board like everyone else. I've actually done some work to balance this game by creating probability distributions and creating spreadsheets that take random arrays to generate hoards, and I intend to actually keep track of everyone's army. If you have any questions about this game, feel free ask questions in the thread. Also, I will be a player in this game, but I will only exist as a means of collecting zombies that people leave unclaimed for too long. Lastly, this game is designed to last an extremely long time. I'm expecting people to not have a custom zombie for over 3 months even if they play daily.
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  2. Woop woop.
  3. I wonder how long I will be able keep up my current goal of naming my zombs...
  4. Here you go guys, a small-ish batch to start the day.
     Group Size123456
    Group 12Rotten ZombieRotten Zombie  
    Group 26Rotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten Zombie
    Group 31Rotten Zombie  
    Group 44Zombie FighterRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten Zombie 
    Group 55Rotten ZombieZombie AssailentRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten Zombie
    Group 65Rotten ZombieRotten ZombieZombie FighterRotten ZombieRotten Zombie
    Hoard Size23      
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  5. Group 6 please
  6. Honestly... Group 3...
  7. A rather large hoard is here!

     Group Size1234567
    Group 16Rotten ZombieZombie FighterRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten Zombie 
    Group 24Rotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten Zombie   
    Group 36Rotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten Zombie 
    Group 44Rotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieZombie Fighter   
    Group 54Rotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten Zombie   
    Group 67Rotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten Zombie
    Group 75Rotten ZombieRotten ZombieZombie AssailentRotten ZombieRotten Zombie  
    Group 81Rotten ZombieRobber Zombie     
    Group 94Rotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieZombie Fighter   
    Group 106Rotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten ZombieRotten Zombie 
    Hoard Size47       
    Warning: A criminal has been seen hiding nearby! Watch your surrounding!
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  8. 6 please
  9. Group 4 please.
  10. Auto-claim remaining zombies.

    Notification: The criminal has been apprehended.
  11. I dont understand what the criminal is
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