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    -House 7-

    Smiling to himself as he signed his initials, Elliot moved a worn bookmark into place and closed the old notebook. He'd been keeping a daily journal for about the past 4 years... Only since his memory started going bad. He had to update it multiple times a day, just to have something to refer to when he got that nagging feeling of forgetfulness. Still, he wasn't the most graceful writer, so he tried to keep it simple and sweet.

    Setting his notebook aside, the undead man-child hopped to his feet from the couch where he'd slept-- against his better judgment-- continuing up the stairs and down the hall, knocking a short tune on each bedroom door he passed. He had to make sure everyone got out of bed and all that. Not for any particular reason, he just didn't want to be the only one awake. Elliot thrived on interaction, after all... There wasn't much that he hated more than feeling lonely. In fact, his need for affection was almost on par with his hunger. Not quite, though.

    At that thought, Elliot tromped right back down the hall and down the stairs, making a sharp turn towards the kitchen. At the center of the table, untouched by any of his housemates, was a bowl of apples. The others were disgusted by the mere idea, so he had them all to himself, which was nice. They didn't do much for the hunger, really, but they tasted okay and worked as a good distraction for his stomach, so he liked them. Grabbing one of the redder fruits, the little zombie set to munching away as he waited for the others to join him. Everything aside, it was a good un-life.
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  2. Nixon Skyes - House 3
    Ah, yet another day among the dead. Nixon Skyes, one of the many that were up and moving, had been up since...well, forever. It's rare that the teenager actually closes his eyes and 'goes to sleep'. Most of the time, he roams the neighborhood at night and sees what he can get into. The night life was quite interesting, to say the least. If he were to share even a small portion of the things that he'd witnessed, one simply wouldn't believe him. It was that bizarre. Letting out a sigh, Nix leaned back in the chair that he was sitting in. Much like a senior citizen, the bruised boy was sitting on the porch of House 3, rocking back and forth in the rocking chair that decorated it. He was silent as his ruby red gaze travelled across the expanse of land in front of his home. He watched as others like him, young and old, moved around, stopping to talk to one another or pick up a fallen limb. He winced inwardly as he saw two zombies bend down to pick up their respectful hand, or what they thought was their respectful hand. All the teen could do was hope that it was. Too many times has he witnessed people picking up the wrong limbs and then switching when they pass the person who actually has their limbs. It was saddening to watch for he knew the struggle.

    [Rosie is a W.I.P. In all honesty, I have no idea how to start for her.]
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  3. Xavier fell to the ground with a thud as he was thrown inside the the wall. He had to think for a moment if he was even going to get up, probably should before the scavengers try to loot me for spare parts. Hauling himself to his feet he looked around at the town of others like him. He saw various zombies wandering around some more intact that others....

    Some of them were actually kind of frightening. His eyes widened as he saw a zombie who looked like Frankenstein. Well when you think about it Frankenstein was actually a zombie. He assumed this particular zombie had taken bits and pieces of other zombies as his parts rotted. Deciding to steal clear of the zombie he kept looking for someone who knew how this place worked.

    Finally his gaze landed on a boy his age sitting on the porch of a decent sized house. Cautiously he made his way over to him. "Um I just got dumped inside this place, is there someone I should talk to?" He said flatly. If he had come here before dying he might have asked the boy to 'take him to his leader' and hopefully get a laugh, that was the old Xavier who had died with him the first time giving way to the new Xavier.

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  4. House 13 - Patches

    A muffled squeak came from under Patches' bed covers as she jolted awake. All but her glowing, red eyes and fine brown hair were coated in silky bandages, as usual. That's the way she liked to stay... hidden... she knew she looked hideous underneath. She didn't dare reveal herself to anybody, and always kept quiet.

    Patches was breathing heavily; if it still worked, her heart would have been pounding too. For some reason, she kept having nightmares recently. Well. It depended what you considered a nightmare. In Patches' case, it was a pair of scary eyes screaming at her to wake up... wake up from her dreams where she was a normal human again. She missed being a human... but... she could barely remember anything from her pre-zombie life. The most annoying part to her was that she could remember how she burnt down her own house, and her along with it, whilst trying to cook pancakes...

    "Hmmfff..." Patches mumbled underneath her bandages, delirious with tiredness once the shock of waking up had worn off.

    I suppose I should go and eat... but... unnng... this bed is so warm...

    After a few minutes of extremely hard thinking to decide on whether to leave the snuggly embrace of the bed covers or not, Patches finally wrenched herself out of bed, checking over her bandage-coated body.

    Arms... still here... legs... still here... fingers... still h- aw... someone stole my right pinkie... again.

    Looking upset for a few moments, Patches eventually got over the loss of her finger, and trudged to her feet. Out of all the compound, Patches was always teased how her walk looked the most 'zombie-ish' out of everyone. It wasn't her fault her legs were a little loose... her walk was a somewhat drunken, derpy stagger.

    Managing to walk down the stairs successfully - not falling down and breaking her arms off like yesterday - Patches stumbled out the door. The outline of a smile formed under her bandages as she watched a bird tweet and fly by above House 13. Picking up a book, Patches did what she liked to do best in the mornings: read whilst sitting on the porch to her house, watching the birds fly by...

    Shame she wanted to eat the birds at the same time, though... being a zombie... kinda sucked.

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  5. James - House 7
    The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and everything was normal. The dead walked around the small neighborhood, occasionally stopping to pick up their limbs. James, on the other hand was anything but normal. His hunger was stronger than usual, which wasn't good. All he could think about was food such as hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken, brains, and the occasional chunk of human flesh. Clutching his stomach with one hand, he walked over to his calender. He saw that today was the 3rd, the day his sister would be coming over. Fuck, thought James. Not today, any day but today. Before he knew it, the scenery changed. He sat in the kitchen with his little sister sitting across from him, her bright green eyes shining as she spoke. "I can't believe it's so warm today, it's such a change for on-" she paused, cocking her head sideways. "James? James? Are you okay?" The next thing he knew, he had his teeth clamped onto her neck. He wasn't sure how he got there or when he moved, but he tore at her flesh with no remorse. His hunger beginning to fade...

    James woke up with a start. God, had he really had another dream about that? It wasn't that it was scary, but just the thought of eating his sister.. that's what bothered him. She was the closest human he knew, and not to mention his sister. He wouldn't dare hurt her but those dreams nearly brought him to it. He could just imagine what she would taste like.. fresh food. James shook his head, "Dammit, James! Get your head in the game. You are not eating your sister." he scolded himself before throwing the blankets off of him. After counting his limbs, he stood up only to have his arm detach and fall onto the floor. This day was off to a rough start. First with the dream and now with the arm? James sighed, using his attached arm to rub his face. The living dead boy bent down to pick up his arm, feeling the stitches in his gut give way. He cursed, pressing his arms against his stomach.

    Making his way towards the door, he managed to leave his room and walk down the stairs without dropping his arm or his intestines. He walked into the kitchen to find Elliot already awake. Figures, thought James. He sat across from the other zombie. "Mind grabbing the first aid kit for me? As you can tell, I've lost my arm AND my guts." He asked bitterly.

    (I'll post for Eloise later.)
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  6. Logan & Luke

    House 7

    Logan let out a low groan as he sat up from his bed, opening his eyes to wake himself of his 'slumber', if that's what you wanted to call it. He did a check on the seams on his neck by running a finger across them quickly, then stood up as the bed gave a small squeak in the loss of his body weight. "Aye! Luke! Get up already, you lazy bag of rotting meat.." he muttered at his twin, throwing a pillow at him. He jumped out of the way as his brother came up swinging, a laugh escaping his lips as he escaped out the door. Luke made a low growl in the back of his throat, chasing his childish brother down the hall and stairs, his bedhead sticking up all over the place. "Logannn!" Luke yelled, looking around the living room, his eyes scanning the room for any movement. There! The curtain shuddered slightly, and Logan's hand was just barely visible in the crack. "Really? Has your brain rotted away that much to make you think that was a good hiding place?" Luke called sarcastically, stomping over to whip the curtains out of the way and pounce on his brother. Logan cackled, hitting Luke in his sides so he could get free, and he ran into the kitchen. He quickly dodged Elliot and nonchalantly leaned on the counter top, his eyes fully awake now and wide. That's when Luke slid into the kitchen, pointing an accusing finger at him. "It's aliiiive!!!" Logan shouted, before dodging a flying plate.
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  7. Nixon Skyes - House 3
    Watching the land before him, his eyes was drawn to a body that suddenly appeared on the ground. Oh look, a new addition to the neighborhood, he thought as he watched the other male silently. In the beginning, there were many new additions. A few every week, he would say. Nowadays, they didn't get newcomers as often as before. The reason why is something he never figured out. Or thought about, actually. His thoughts were interrupted as he watch the male get up. It was quite entertaining, watching him take everything in. Being put in a neighborhood made for people just like them was a lot to take in when one first got there. The corners of his lips twitched upward slightly before disappearing as he was approached.

    At the male's question, the white-haired zombie was silent for a moment. It was like he was thinking of an answer, which was ridiculous. He already knew the answer so he didn't know why he was silent. Finally opening his mouth to speak, he said in a monotone voice, "Not that I know of." It was silent again, the only noise was the creaking of Nix's rocking chair. "Oh, welcome to the neighborhood, by the way," he said as a welcoming, though it didn't feel like one for his voice held little to no emotion or the warmth that usually comes with greeting someone.
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  8. Xavier could respect a person with no emotion, he really could, but could this guy be a little more friendly? "Um thanks I guess," he mumbled, he unlike the other boy had a more human voice, it was not the same as his voice before he died, but close. Xavier really wasn't sure what to do now, should he find a place to stay? Get to know more people? Or just try to leave this awful place? Although suicide was always an option, maybe one of these zombies had a gun handy, or maybe a razor blade...no that wouldn't work Ronnie's have had there head chopped off before and still lived, well not lived exactly.

    So far he had not figured out how a zombie could die....like be completely dead like going to the afterlife dead not a walking corpse dead. This was one of the main reasons he had not tried to kill himself, he didn't want to be stuck horribly disfigured. If he had to live this awful life he might as well live it fully intact unlike some zombies he had seen who were missing body parts or were horribly disfigured. Finally he came back to the present putting his thoughts of killing himself aside for a while. Gazing at the male once more he rolled his eyes and slowly turned away from the unfriendly boy.
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  9. Elliot watched in quiet curiosity as James was the first to make his way down stairs, idly eying the areas the other zombie was obviously having difficulty with. He only realized that he should be helping when he was told to. "Oh! Of course!" He chirped dropping the apple and scrambling off to find the kit. He wasn't sure why it always seemed to be out of sight, as often as they needed it...

    "I got it, I got it!" He continued as he spotted the familiar case atop the fridge, reaching his arm up in attempt to reach it. Growing frustrated in his lack of success after a few hops, he groaned and switched arms, stretching the limb as far as he could. This proved to be a bad idea as his own stitches were pulled loose. Suddenly losing all feeling in his forearm, Elliot watched in dejection as it fell to the floor. "...Don't got it..." He mumbled, taking a step back to pick up his limb. "Lemme... Lemme just get my stepping stool..." He sighed, setting his arm on the counter.

    It was around that moment that he barely dodged a collision with Logan and blinked a few times as the twins went about thier morning ritual. "--Hey, don't break the plates! We don't have many left!" He whined, pointing an accusative fingers at Luke. They didn't really need plates, but it was nice to have them. "Alright, you've had your morning destruction. Get the First Aid kit down so James and I can fix ourselves. 's probably one of you that put it out off my reach, anyway..." He huffed, all pouts since he lost his arm. It was a real mood killer.

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  10. James

    The zombie let out a sigh of relief when Elliot jumped up to get the First Aid kit. It was never fun to keep having to sew yourself back together. He much rather preferred sewing than just sticking it back on. At least he didn't let it all hang loose like some zombies he knew. He watched the other walk over to the fridge and reach for the first aid kit. But to his utter surprise, as the other zombie was reaching for the kit, his arm completely detached and fell to the floor. "It's alright. If you can't get it, I could try, not sure if I could get it without spilling my guts though." James sat his detached arm on the table and used his working arm to poke at his gut. If he were human, he wouldn't be able to poke around on his stomach like this. Then again, if he were human, his arm wouldn't have fallen off.

    Before he knew it, the twins came running into the kitchen. They were a little bit crazy in James' opinion, always wrecking the house or destroying the plates or cups. Wherever they went, chaos followed and James has had too much chaos go on in his life. He watched as Luke flung one of the plates over at his brother and as Elliot pointed a finger at Luke. James sighed, lifting his hand to rub his face. "Can you two go a day without destroying things? We'd have a lot more things in this house if you two didn't go around destroying everything. Also, if one of you don't mind, could you grab the First Aid kit for Elliot and I? I frankly think we need it."

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  11. Luke scowled at his brother, and Logan was just laughing. He quickly moved towards him and caught his arm, held his arm tightly around Logan's head, and ruffled his hair roughly before letting go. "So not fair. I wasn't even ready." "That's the point, doofus." Luke rolled his eyes and looked at Elliot and James, who currently seemed to be falling apart at the seams. Literally. "Logan was the one who put it up there." Luke huffed, leaning against the counter. Logan just smiled mischievously and easily retrieved the plastic box, handing it to Elliot. Luke was looking at James, who seemed exasperated. "Gee, who pissed in your cheerios?" A totally unrealistic thing to say, seeing how they didn't eat cereal, but Luke had said it a lot to Logan when they were alive. Logan just chuckled and looked back at Elliot and James. "Need any help? I can help with the sewing." Logan offered, and Luke immediately reached up to check his stitches around his neck. Damn! A quarter of an inch off. "Logan you broke my stitches." Luke muttered, punching his brother in the arm.
  12. "Ahhh, you two behave before I knock your heads off!" Elliot huffed, moving the first aid box to the counter next to his arm. It was far too early, and he was far too limbless for all of this ruckus. "Luke, sit and be good. Logan, please help." He pretty much ordered. Most of the other zombies were fine when they started losing pieces, but for Elliot it was absolutely nerve wrecking. He could still feel his arm there, but it wasn't there, and he didn't like it at all.

    Then taking a moment to calm himself down, Elliot took a few deep breaths as he worked on opening the first aid kit with one hand. Sometimes he considered just Superglueing his arm on, but he wasn't sure how well that would go over in the long run... "Do James' first." He spoke to Logan, not really giving him a choice in the matter of helping. Then looking back to Luke, he narrowed his eyes. "Don't touch anything. Got it? Good boy."

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  13. a i d a n

    They had already slipped on their dirty shoes, worn from a couple years of constant travel and treachery from nature. A white, baggy hoodie adorned their top, turned the lightest shade of pink from a clothing mix-up in the wash long ago. Dark jeans, ripped at the knees, clung to their legs as they walked quickly, quietly. Cloudy ice-blue eyes flickered to and fro as they approached the tall fence, crowded by a cluster of trees that provided a perfect cover for the wide hole that had been made there.

    Aidan had managed to get up before their parents and throw on their clothes, to travel out to where they felt most accepted. Despite the very real danger of the hunger of the zombie folk, Aidan found themselves feeling very safe around them. They had visited various houses by now, but at that time, felt the strongest connections to the folk in House 7. The boys were fun to be around, in their opinion.

    Aidan stopped before they went through the fence, crouching down and glancing all around behind them to check that they weren't being followed. They had to be very careful at all times, make sure that they wouldn't get caught. Even if they did look somewhat .. dead, the smell of life couldn't be mistaken, and they even had to be careful in the zombie neighborhood.

    Aidan, after spotting nothing, ran a hand through their silver-white hair and, with cat-like steps, slipped through the hole in the fence. House 7 was past House 8, but they could sneak by pretty easily. They'd probably have to get through by a window though, to be safe.

    With light taps of asphalt, they did a quick run around House 8 and stood themselves up a little taller, huffing a breath when they were out of sight. Success! Now they just had to get the attention of the zombies. Spotting a window, they walked towards it and slowly let their fingers creep up onto the windowsill. Peeking over it, they found that they had come to a good spot - Elliot, Logan, Luke, and James all were fooling around in the kitchen.

    They rolled their eyes. Even dead, you could still be pretty full of life. They found the quality in these silly boys and it could be both funny and stupid.

    Feeling a little safe now, they tapped on the glass window and stared in, eyes flickering from boy to boy. They hoped it was an okay day to come in. They had a feeling their parents would be pissy to them that day, and they wanted to get out as soon as they possibly could. This was really the only place they had to go.
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  14. Xavier had observed that some how a living girl had managed to get into this awful place. For the most part this place was not easy to get out of....and Xavier wanted out. Sure the living would probably find him and bring him back again, but he would simply leave again. He really had no reason to stay here, and he really didn't want one. Sure deep deep deep down inside of him he sorta kinda maybe on a good day wished he had a friend, but for the most part he just liked being alone...

    Xavier nonchalantly wandered around the edge of the fence trying to find where the girl had entered. Finally his found a gap in the fence. This would have been perfect...except for a few things. The the gap was small so he would either have to squeeze through or push the fence apart. If he squeeze through the gap he would probably fall apart in the process and although he would never admit it he was actually quite weak. Even when he was alive he had been weak, now as a zombie he could barely hold a book for a few moments. Many zombies were quite strong, he wasn't sure why he didn't share the ability his comrades shared. He decided he would wait for the girl to leave and when she did he would ask the girl to hold it open while he escaped. Hopefully the girl would do it without question, but if she gave him any grief he would threaten to zombify her.....
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  15. James

    He had chose to ignore the comment Luke had made and directed his bright green eyes towards the other two. Even though he had too much pride to admit this, the comment Luke had made actually got to him. The thing actually bothering him was that damn dream. All morning he had been trying to push it out of his thoughts, but failed miserably. Why would he even dare think or dream about eating his little sister? He wouldn't dare hurt a hair on her head. But he couldn't help but think that it was his brain causing all this, it was probably turning to mush without him knowing. God, he didn't want to be like some of the zombies around here.

    When Logan offered to stitch him up, James agreed. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind if you helped. Just please, please, don't do anything dumb while stitching me up." He said to the twin. Though, even if James didn't want Logan to stitch him up, he really didn't have any say in the matter. Elliot had already ordered for James to be stitched up first.

    Hearing a slight tap at the window close to him, he looked over to see Aiden. Oh great, another human. He hoped he didn't do anything stupid to Aiden. He'd hate himself if he did. Glancing over to Logan, he nodded over to the window. "I think they want in here. Would you mind opening the window to let them in before sewing my arm and gut back together?"

    (It sucks. I apologize. I've been super busy lately. I'll also post Eloise eventually.)​
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  16. Ella slipped through the hole in the wire fencing, and after quickly checking for anyone watching, she headed along the street. She had been fascinated by the zombies ever since the community was started - she was a scientist at heart, and she loved to observe the undead, even though humans weren't technically allowed in.

    Suddenly she noticed a zombie nearby the fence, and she nearly jumped out of her skin, startled. "Oh! Um, I'm sorry - I didn't realise anyone was around." She looked at him. "I'm Ella." She held a hand out to the member of the undead, who actually looked kinda lonely now that she thought about it.
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  17. Nikita Winter
    It was bright and warm, yet she couldn't feel anything. Her limbs strapped to that them bed as they pushed her out of the ambulance. What happened? Why wasn't she in the medical care anymore? All unanswered questions until they unstrapped her and she saw the Quarantine sign. This couldn't be. This wasn't happening to her. She turned her head seeing some guys with guns. Her eyes teared up and she realized she couldn't feel her heart beat anymore, or at least it was below 10 beats per minute.

    '' Urg Gurg,'' she tried talking and nothing came out of her mouth. She placed her hand over her mouth as one of the nurses smiled to her, '' It will come eventually, don't worry!'' she said as if it was the most natural thing to her. Of course she didn't care. She saw this everyday. Well that wasn't case for everyone. She could see her family in the car not too far. Why weren't they coming to see her? This was too much for her to handle and she wanted to cry despite the lack of tears in her eyes.

    '' Mum,'' she managed to murmur seeing her through the glass as she limped towards it, but the fear was obviously there. '' Duad,'' she tried saying her voice much deeper as she placed her hand on the window, but all they could see was a hungry monster gurgling and salivating at the window and the father sped off rolling on her foot as they cried, to sadden and scared of their dead daughter, but she couldn't feel anything despite wearing only converse with a bit of fresh blood covering them.

    Her little sister was there, and she couldn't help but stare at the car rolling away.

    [ @Kitsune : If you want, Rosie could be that little sister! She died of Heart Failure (sudden death in her sport) ]
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  18. " My backpack holds a lot of things! I don't wanna hurt you!..."
    Elizabeth blinked her eyes open and yawns as the sun started to shine through her room. She rubbed her eyes and hopped down from her bed and changed her clothes then grabbed her pink backpack and Mr. Tubbles the stuffed polar bear. She went downstairs and ate an apple that was in the fridge before smiling at her mom and dad. "Hi mommy, hi daddy! I'm gonna go exploring today ok?" she said with a giggle before kissing the two pictures of them and leaving the house making sure she had enough food and water in her backpack if she just so happened to get stuck somewhere. The small girl put on her mask and pulled her hoodie over her head that had cute hanging ears from it, which swayed in the faint breeze that came every so often. She began to walk down the dusty and quite streets, seeing zombies walk around every so often. Today would be the day that she would explore where all the zombies were going to be held! She always wondered how they lived and what they did everyday...Hoping that she wouldn't disturb or alert them in any way.

    It took about an hour to reach to where she needed to be, but she was a bit confused on which one to go get a glimpse at first. From what she learned before, there were twelve different rooms she could go to so she picked number seven since it seemed like it was the closes. She sneaked up to one of the windows and let her purple eyes over to see what they were doing. They looked human almost...well except for the sewing on limps and very pale skin. She smiled, they were very interesting to her...she wish there were actual humans like them. "Wow.." she whispered to herself before slipping and falling. "Ow!" she said out loud and gasped before hiding. "Oh no.." she said. She didn't realize that she signaled other zombies too, well...it's not the first time she got into some messy things.

    "I wish I could see my family..I know they're out there..."
    Oscar flipped and turned in his sleep, he hated sleeping because he would almost always dream about the group of guys raping him over and over and over again. Once the dream got the the part where he was stabbed, he jumped straight up in his bed and huffed hard only jumping when he heard Elliot knock on his door. He sighed and calmed his breathing down before getting out of bed and opening his door, "I hate sleeping..." he said to himself and walked downstairs to where everyone else was causing a little commotion. "All the other zombies that are in the movies don't have to sleep! Why do we have to?" he basically asked himself before he walked into the a little ways away from Elliot who was stitching himself up. He was lucky that he didn't have any broken off limps or anything...yet. He figured having to fix himself up every once and awhile would be a pain in the ass that he didn't want. When he heard a sound and a loud reaction, he turned his head towards the window and blinked. "What was that...?" he asked.
  19. Natalia
    Natalia wandered around the streets, wondering where to go. She missed her mommy. How long had it been since she saw her mommy? She didnt really know, but she still couldnt help the feeling that she missed her so.

    She doesnt remember when she died, but she remembered how. She kept replaying the scene in her head, like a broken movie. The dogs teeth, the way her vision went red. She could remember the pain as the doggy munched on her tummy. It was why she was always so hungry, she could never keep enough food in her stomach.

    Natalia sighed. She knew other dead people had homes, but she didnt. She was always wandering, always moving. She felt tired, but her body never shut down. She had to keep moving, to find her mommy, to get back home and make everything better. Her mommy probably missed her.

    She wandered around a house that seemed vacant enough and leaned against the back of it. The house was worn and brown, made of what seemed like wood, probably cedar. The backyard faced a forest, which loomed ahead of her like a beast. She would never go back into a forest.

    Not after remembering over and over how she lost everything.
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  20. Mika squeezed her way through the hole in the fence. She wasn't looking at where she going exactly and tripped over what could have been a root sticking out of the ground, though she only tripped over her own foot she'd just tell someone it was a root to cover up the fact that she wasn't very coordinated in the morning and was still half asleep in a way. Plus, it'd kind of save her some embarrassment. She grunted as she fell by someone's feet. Actually, make that two pairs of feet.

    She sat up, her hair still slightly messy from getting up, but she didn't bother with it; her mother wasn't there to scold her for it and in a way she as still grieving a bit.

    "Oh...hey there." She greeted simply to the girl who appeared to be trying to shake hands with a zombie. Said zombie looked almost as lonely as Mika herself felt-unless she was reading him wrong.

    ' Ow. Why do my boobs suddenly hurt? I know I didn't fall that hard...' Was the first of her many strange thoughts of the day.
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