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    Here we are, in yet another post-apocalyptic world. It's a pretty common theme isn't it? After all, who couldn't love a story about killing zombies? I'll bet you the zombies don't like it. Of course, we'll be doing things a little differently this time...

    In this story, you are the zombie. The undead, groaning mess with an insatiable taste for flesh. Of course, it would be rude to just go around munching on everything in sight... You've more class than that. You're different from your undead brethren of other post-apocalyptic stories. You still have your thoughts, your speech, your emotions... You're most certainly dead, and sort of falling apart, but you're still a person!

    Though, honestly, those pesky emotions are probably why you haven't managed to wipe out the living population, yet... In fact, you've let them herd you and the others of your kind into quarantined sections of different neighborhoods, where you'll live out your unlife until you quite literally rot away.

    You shouldn't complain, you're lucky they didn't put you down for good. It's just that there's not much point in them doing that. Everyone's already infected, so aside from you and the others getting the munchies, you're not that much to worry about. Plus, most people are uncomfortable shooting something still capable of holding a conversation.

    It's been years since the whole zombie concentration camp thing began... The humans have gone on with their lives, only occasionally dumping any new dead at the entrance before they turn. They sometimes send in food, too, but it's never very good. But hey, this is your life now.

    Sort of.


    Okay, so, that's pretty much it. In this RP you will be playing as a zombie living in one of these quarantined neighborhoods. Of course, human characters are also allowed. There's bound to be a few rebellious teens curious enough to sneak into a quarantined area to hang out with the zombies. The unalived won't mind too much, they're pretty tame, these days, and they like the living company. At least, until they get hungry.
    Obviously, this is meant to be a silly and fun thread, so have at it!

    Below is a rough map of the quarantined neighborhood.

    There is a large electric fence surrounding the premises, but as humans have stopped worrying about the zombies, there is no electricity to the fence and there are many holes cut into the wires for the undead/living to slip in and out.

    • [tab=Undead CS]
    -Image Here-
    History: (Optional)
Logan Renee - Zombie - 16 - Male - House 7 - Pansexual (Tart)
Luke Renee - Zombie - 16 - Male - House 7 - Gay (Tart)
Nixon Skyes - Zombie - 17 - Male - House 3 - Asexual (Kitsune)
Elliot Rose - Zombie - 17 - Male - House 7 - Gay (Kaz)
Patches - Zombie - 18 - Female - House 13 - Unsure (Jakers)
Raleigh Autumn Warner - Zombie - 19 - Female - House 13 - Pansexual (BlueSkies)
Xavier - Zombie - 17 - Male - House 3 - Straight (andrew21234)
Klaus Holand - Zombie - 34 - Male - House 13 - Pansexual (Skooma)
Rae Suzanie Maxwell - Zombie - 21 - Female - House 13 - Straight (HelloBeautifulChild)
James Madison Ross - Zombie - 18 - Male - House 7 - Bisexual (Ruby)​

Aiden Applebaum - Human - 17 - Agender - Demisexual (Gore)
Rosie - Human - 7 - Female - Too Young (Kitsune)
Eloise Ross - Human - 16 - Female - Straigt (Ruby)
Mika Braun - Human - 17 - Female - Pansexual (Lizzy)

You may add to the CS at will.
If you have any questions feel free to ask in this thread.
Also, since this is my first RP, I'd love some feedback. c:
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  • [​IMG]

    Name: "Logan Renee, pleasure to meet you."
    Gender: "Thought it was fairly obvious? Male.."
    Age: "16 years of age, and slowly rotting."
    Sexuality: "Pansexual. No, i'm not attracted to frying pans."
    Personality: "Eh, I'd like to say I'm pretty laid back, and I like to crack jokes whenever. I'm not one to start any fights (Unlike my brother) and I can hold my tongue when in touchy situations. I'm also pretty friendly (Again, unlike my brother), and I'm known to being an air head. Then again, isn't every zombie?"
    House: "House 7, in which I room with my brother, Luke, and...."(Will add on to this if any more people wish to be roommates.)
    Cause of death: "Mmn, I was driving when it happened. It was chaotic and my brother would not stop pestering me about my unsafe driving. There were tons of people screaming and running around like banshees, and I the smart one didn't even bother to buckle my seat belt. I was panicked alright?! Anyway, to make things short, I killed me and my brother in a car accident and he just can't seem to let that go. What a baby."
    Injuries: "I got my head chopped off 3/4 of the way, so I just sewed that sucker right on up and ta dahhh! I look like a ragdoll! Oh, and my right eye is red and black....creeeeepy."
    History: "Hmm, things get a bit fuzzy (I mean, my brain is rotting away ya know.. "Excuses, excuses.." Shut up Luke!) but I remember some of my childhood. It was an average one, except of having a pest of a brother that looks exactly like you, and things were pretty neutral. Nothing really stands out.."
    Other: "Luke is my twin, and frankly, I wish he'd just rot away already. Though it is fun to help out in his little schemes."


    Name: "Luke Renee, what do you want?"
    Gender: "...Well do you really need to see proof?"
    Age: "16 years old."
    Sexuality: "Well aren't you a curious little twit. I'm gay."
    Personality: "Agh, such a naive question. Well, obviously I'm not the nicest person you're going to meet, and I didn't plan to be. Er, I'm sarcastic and mean in general. That's all you should really know."
    House: "House 7, where I live with my shitty brother Logan, and....." (Will add on if this house gains more people.)
    Cause of death: "Go ask Logan! He's the dumb ass who couldn't wear a seat belt, resulting in him losing most of his head, and killing me as we crashed into some stupid woman's van. He should have paid more attention like I told him to! He never listens.."
    Injuries: "Well, since I was smart enough to wear a seat belt, I only deeply cut my throat, so only a few stitches. Same thing going on with my eye. It's some weird infection me and my brother got."
    History: "Ugh, I always had to be the bigger brother in this twin relationship thing. Logan is such a whiner, and when he was small, he was a big crybaby. Our childhood was pretty normal, nothing that needs to be mentioned really."
    Other: "I love to play pranks on the living and unliving. Pranks in general are fun, and really, I'm just a trouble maker."
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  • [​IMG]
    "I was born sick, but I love it."

    | Name |
    "No one really says my full name. It's just Nix this and Nix that, now."
    Nixon Skyes

    | Gender |
    "Do I look like a girl to you? Be honest."

    | Age |
    "Died a year before I was an adult. Oh well."

    | Sexuality |
    "I was never interested in those things."
    Asexual (Panromantic)

    | Personality |
    "I can be a bit of an airhead."
    Nixon is pretty....emotionless. He's always adorning a calm or bored expression and it rarely seems to change. The teen never truly learned how to keep his mouth shut. This doesn't mean he's talkative, no. It just means that he has no filter. Whatever is on his mind at the time, he'll say. Many people take this as him being rude and mean, but he's just blunt. He can be empathetic at times, which ties in with his no filter. Nix isn't one to get angry easily and, when he does, he's like a child, sulking and pouting in a corner somewhere.

    A lot of the time, you can find him in a random place, staring at one thing or another. He gets distracted very easily and has a short memory. He is prone to daydreams and just being an overall space cadet. Among that, Nixon can also be a bit oblivious when it comes to certain things.

    Even though he might not have many, Nixon is fiercely protective (and possessive) of his friends. He has a strong sense of loyalty and applies it to the ones he holds dear to him.

    | House |
    "It's very spacious. That's probably because I live alone."
    Number 3

    | Cause of death |
    "I wasn't liked by others."
    Nixon had been, in short, beaten to a bloody pulp by a group of people who never really liked him.

    | Injuries |
    "It's not as bad as everyone else around here."
    He has a set of broken ribs and many bruises decorate his pale complexion.

    | History |
    "Everything's a bit of a large...blob."
    Nixon didn't have a great childhood. Because of his appearance, he was considered a freak by many and was avoided like the plague, which is why he didn't have many, if any, friends. This led to people disliking him to the point that, on the way home one night, he was bombarded, beaten to a pulp, and left for dead. This was around the time that the whole apocalypse was taking over the world. When Nix opened his eyes, he didn't feel like groaning with pain when he moved. Later, he realized that he had been infected when he was founded and taken to one of the many concentration camps. He's been there since then.

    | Other |
    "I'm a bloodsucker, too."
    According to others, Nixon can pass off as a vampire.
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  • [​IMG]

    Elliot Rose
    "Just... Call me Elly, okay?"

    "At least that hasn't fallen off..."

    "It's a good thing I only died when I did. I didn't think I'd make it this long!"

    "Er, well, you know.. B-boys are pretty and mumblemumble..."

    Having grown up in a hospital, Elliot has always been rather sheltered and childish. He's usually very nice and polite, but can have quite the temper when provoked and isn't above biting. It's really best for everyone to just avoid that. Elly likes to spend his free time reading whatever he can find. He enjoys comics the most, and will read the same ones over and over. Temper and appetite aside, he is a very hug-able boy, and likes affection. He feels it's a shame that he can no longer feel warmth, but he still enjoys cuddling whenever he can.
    "M-my temper's not that bad, I swear...."

    "This house is nice enough. My roommates are okay, too."

    Cause of death:
    "I'm okay, now, though! Sort of..."

    His left arm falls off from the elbow, sometimes, and he's missing a chunk of his side, but it's nothing to worry about.
    "It's kind of embarrassing, but it could be worse. I know one guy who has to keep his head sewn on!"

    Having always been a sickly child, Elliot literally lived in a hospital. The doctors were managing to keep him alive, but when the zombie infection spread and everything momentarily went to hell, he didn't last long without the treatment. When he woke up in the same hospital bed, he felt better than he'd ever known was possible. He managed to figure out what was going on from a few discarded newspapers, but the hunger was the biggest wake up call. He ended up staying in the hospital for about a year, living off whatever he could find to eat. Of course, including other patients... This lasted up until the hospital was raided by the Quarantiners, and he and the other hospital occupiers were herded to the closest zombie camp, where he continues to spend his days.
    "I like it here better than the hospital. The hospital was just depressing, you know?"

    Elliot is the only zombie he knows that likes apples.
    "Don't judge me, it's not a bad thing!"
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  • [​IMG]

    Name: "T-they call me 'Patches'... I can kind of see why... I sort of forgotten my real name..."

    Gender: "I-I'm a girl, although I suppose I don't blame you if you can't tell... Do all the bandages hide my... um... it doesn't matter."

    Age: "I think I'm eighteen... I sort of... lost count..."

    Sexuality: "...I haven't really thought about that... it's not like anyone could love me like this, anyways... but... I... it doesn't matter..."

    Personality: "I don't really talk a lot, and I'm pretty shy and easy going... which kind of makes me the main victim of the other zombies' pranks... ehhh... I did ask nicely for my finger back... but..."
    ((Very quiet and shy, and is seen as quite strange. She's also pretty 'derpy', and barely knows what's going on half the time, and gets very forgetful.))

    House: "House 13... 13's unlucky, isn't it... how ironic..."
    ((13? I'm undecided though, if anyone wants to pair up/me to join their house then I'm cool with it.))

    Cause of death: "...I don't really like to talk about it, it's super embarrassing... but if you have to know... I... kind of burnt down the house whilst trying to cook... a-and I sort of burnt with the house... h-hey! D...Don't laugh...!"
    ((Was badly burnt in a tragic cooking accident.))

    Injuries: "...I look horrible under all these bandages, my skin's burnt just about everywhere... and it's kind of wasting away still, I had to get someone to sew my arm back on a few weeks ago... being a zombie is hard..."
    ((First degree burns pretty much everywhere.))

    History: "...I sort of lived alone for a while after my parents left me to live by myself, and I was training to become a vet... I always loved animals, and some of them didn't even run away from me back when I was human... but now they treat me like I'm a monster... oh, wait."
    ((Lived alone, lived a fairly normal life, and adored nature until her life completely changed... well, by 'changed' I mean it changed into her being dead.))

    Other: "...'Other'? Um... well... I really do love nature, but being a zombie kind of pushed me to eat that squirrel yesterday... I was also okay at singing, but now it just sounds muffled underneath all these bandages... some people think I look scary... but I don't mean to!"
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  • Ahh, I love all of your characters, so far~ <3
    Of course, they're all accepted. c:
  • Everyone's characters are so cute~! >w<

    And I finished up Nixon. I'm quite happy with him~ ^^
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  • [​IMG]

    N a m e

    Aidan Applebaum

    "With an 'a', not an 'e'."

    G e n d e r


    "Decided a while ago that neither were me."

    A g e


    "Ripe old age."

    S e x u a l i t y

    Demisexual {Biromantic}

    "Better whip out the flowers before you whip out your .. yeah."

    P e r s o n a l i t y

    Aidan seems like a subdued individual. They seem to constantly be tired, as if they hadn't gotten a lot of sleep in a week. They tend to seem depressed sometimes, when life at home gets very stressful or things just pile on too much. They seek platonic love from others constantly, mostly their friends in the quarantine zone, since they have rare few friends outside of there. They tend to be good at comforting others themselves, too, and they can easily provide realistic, but comforting prospects and advice to those that they care about. Sometimes, they can have emotional breakdowns that can leave them immobilized - unable to do anything, demotivated entirely. They call these times their 'shut-down modes', where everything just drops and they can't even get the motivation to move. They seem to have endless patience, but an inability to be angry - which can be very damaging for them in the long-run. Their habits of internalizing negative emotion have left them broken inside, and it won't be long until shut-down mode isn't enough - and more drastic measures will take place.

    "I'm tired and sometimes sad, and other times I can tell puns that'll take years off of your life. Trust me, I don't even know who I am."

    H i s t o r y

    Aidan, though born biologically as female, never grew to be a girl or even feel like they were a girl. They certainly didn't feel like they were a boy either, and so they grew up confused. When they learned about the existence of non-binary, gender-neutral, and agender individuals, Aidan knew that they had found a name for their feelings, and has identified as agender ever since. Their parents don't agree with this, and constantly try to get them out of their 'phase' and into the role of their biological gender, but Aidan simply cannot feel it normally. They face shit from their parents a lot, basically, and they hate being at home due to this. They sneak into the quarantine zones quite a lot nowadays, since the zombie folk seem so much friendlier than the people outside.

    "I know, I'm such a rebel, but home just isn't home to me anymore."

    O t h e r

    "People sometimes mistake me for a zombie, if you want me to be honest. I wear a binder a lot, sometimes not when I just don't feel like it - lucky for me, I have a smaller chest. I love raspberries and rabbits, and piercings. And. Yeah. All that good stuff."
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  • Ahh, they're adorable~

    Character accepted, of course. c:

    That reminds me. When I was working on this thread I collected a whole bunch of pictures of zombie-like characters. Here's a link for anyone who would like to just pick one out~ http://imgur.com/a/ufEj2
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  • [​IMG]Name:
    My full name is Raleigh Autumn Warner. I think...

    I'm a girl!

    Hahaha! I'm old enough to drink! Wait. Wrong life changing, privilege gaining age. Boo... (19)

    Never really had a boyfriend/girlfriend. I guess I could love anyone.

    I'm not really all that exciting. I like playing tag and other games with my fellow zombies, so I guess I'm playful. I'm a little sad because we're all stuck in this tinny place, with no one else, but I've heard that some of the zombies have human friends who sneak in. I'm kinda a book nerd, and I'm polite to most people, but I have anger issues. Serious anger issues. And I ramble... I'm kind-hearted, according to my brother. And passionate about stuff.

    I live in house 13 with my brother, Tobby!

    Cause of death:
    Plane crash? I was going to see my dad. Well, me and my brother were. Bad storm, engine problems, turbulence...darkness.

    I've got cuts on my face (window seat.), and some in other places like my arms and legs, but I cover those up. And my eyes turned white after the crash. But I can still see out if them.

    I can't remember anything from before I was a zombie. Only flashes of the accident. My brother does, though. But he won't tell me. He said that it should stay in the past.

    Well, not much to mention. I've been at camp since it began, though!

    (I'll put up her brother, Tobby's, tomorrow.)
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  • Think I'll put up a human tomorrow....>.>
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  • At least a few more zombies and a couple more humans, and it should be alright to start. c:

    Raleigh's accepted, BlueSkies~

    A pair of zombie twins, a pair of zombie brother and sister... Now we just need a pair of zombie/human relatives. xD That would be a little awkward. "Guys, stop talking about eating my sister!"
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  • That made me laugh so hard
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  • Kaz this looks awesome.....I'm in
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  • [​IMG]
    ( With more cuts and bruises on his body)

    Name: My name is Xavier, although it really doesn't matter

    Gender: I have a penis now figure it out

    Age: I was 17 when I "died"

    Sexuality: um I had a girlfriend once

    Personality: Before my mother killed me I was a pretty happy go lucky guy I guess. Then she hit me, at first I wanted to survive and thrive stitching myself up, now I really don't care. I sometimes try to get myself killed, or killed again. The only reason I always wuss out if the fear that I will just go poof and not exist anymore, I guess this "life" is better than nothing.

    House: Um I just got here so I really don't know where I will be staying although I really could care less

    Cause of death: As usual I was fighting with my mother, she got mad and hit me knocking me down when I cracked my head open. Instead of taking me to the hospital she just let me bleed out, when I woke up she was gone and I haven't seen her since although I could really care less where she is.

    Injuries: Well my head is cracked open from when my mother killed me, I also have a decent amount of cuts on my body, I used to stich them up but now I could really care less....

    Other: none

    I'll post a pic tomorrow, sorry guys my laptop sucks so I am on my ipad and copy and pasting pictures on here sucks. I usually post pictures on my computer at school and have had snow days the past two days, again sorry
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  • @andrew21234 -- No picture yet, is fine, but could you tidy up the format a little and add your character's commentary, as all of the other CS's have? c: Please space it out a little, at least. It's really hard for me to read, otherwise.
  • Yeah I can do that! I'll do the commentary tonight and the format tomorrow if that's alright Kaz. Can I have my guy be a new arrival?
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  • Yea, that's fine. c:
  • Would anyone like a little human sister?

    If not, she'll just have imaginary siblings .3.

    What's the age range that you'd prefer @Kaz before I make my human?
  • Anywhere between 6 and 60 would be fine, I think. c:
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