Zombie Tales IC Thread

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  1. Xavier landed on the ground when the men dumped him into the town. Pulling himself up he looked around at the small town which would now be his home. He saw others like him, undead who could still think like a human, walking around the town. He e noticed there weren't a ton of them but enough to have a small community. He could have really cared less about being part of a community though all he wanted was a decent place to stay while he decomposed.
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    Today was quite a beautiful day. It was peaceful as Nixon sat outside his house, watching his neighbors walk around, groaning as their limbs fell off yet again. As he watched one fellow neighbor pick up their arm, he could only hope that the arm actually belonged to the zombie. Too many times he witness zombies seeing their body parts attached to other zombies as they passed by. They would then switch limbs and get them sowed back on. It was a daily occurrence.

    His thoughts were interrupted as he heard a body make contact with the pavement near him. Nix's eyes travelled until they landed on the newcomer. Yet another zombie had joined the little town that was slowly growing. Not one for greeting others, the white-haired teen acknowledged the other male with a slight wave. That was basically all the welcoming that he was going to give. Someone else, no doubt, will be more friendly and sociable. It just wouldn't be Nixon. It never was Nixon.

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  3. Ella slipped through the hole in the wire fencing, and after quickly checking for anyone watching, she headed along the street. She had been fascinated by the zombies ever since the community was started - she was a scientist at heart, and she loved to observe the undead, even though humans weren't technically allowed in.

    She sat on the curb of the pavement and took out her notebook from her bag as she glanced around her. A few zombies were being dropped off, but she was a little wary of the newbies, so she turned her gaze away. Her eyes fell upon a solitary undead nearby, and she smiled, making some notes on the state of decay. One day she would publish a book on her findings.
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