Zombie Survival Roleplay? ((Anthro Optional))

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  1. Heya folks! Furasian here with one of his rare yet rather conventional roleplay interest checks. I am just gauging the demand for a anthro optional zombie roleplay.. Should I get interest, I'll start it up! For inquiries on plot and setting, feel free to drop them off in your replies and I will answer accordingly
  2. This should be in the Interest Checking Section, unless, of course, you're expecting someone else to dish it out.
  3. GAAH dumb phone. I'll work on submitting a request to staff during my lunch break. Thanks @Crow! That's what I get fer rushing
  4. Sounds fun! What kind of themes can we expect? Any particularly important tropes you plan on invoking?
  5. Looks interesting

    Count me in :3
  6. Its really in a thinking machine right now, but I was considering starting off in a fictional modern "American suburban" setting. Zombies shambling around every major street, cars both wrecked and still in-tact abandoned on the side of the road... From there I got a couple ideas in mind depending on how far the RP will go.
  7. I'm game for that!
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  8. So basically the walking dead?
  9. @sgbros1 A lot of things can be compared to big titles, I'd like to say it will not have much similarities when comparing to the Walking dead series. I feel it will have a lot of our own pizzazz.
  10. Interesting idea. Perhaps it could be achieved through/explained by werewolves and whatnot?
  11. There are all sorts of explanations for anthro canons! The handwave, for example, which is my favorite; see Zootopia logic, where we just don't question the parallel evolution (because it's not important for the story at hand). In anthro-friendly roleplays like this one, there are good old humans, too, and they're just like everybody else.

    Werefolk would be a good trope to invoke if you were writing something a bit more fantasy, just like how a lot of science fiction furry universes describe anthropomorphs as genetically re-engineered humans, or even aliens on occasion (though decidedly less often).

    But this sounds like a modern setting, and since we don't have science or magic to explain furries, and since anthropomorphs are here presumably because the author wants them to be and not because they are some kind of plot device, I think the handwave is the best bet.
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  12. Well looking around I am happy to see there's some interest drifting around. I'll see to it that we have a little more of something to work with tomorrow.

    On the note on anthro backstory I was considering going with the policy our friend @Samsterious pointed out.. But if people are interested in some sort of reasoning I can put together some science fiction elements.. Zombies are there so it's safe to say we're not really considered a 100% modern role play due to that fictional element ((unless zombies become real one day))
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  13. Sorry guys I kind of gotten side tracked. Its in the works but we wont be seeing and OOC threat tonight... It will come up before the end of the week! While one waits I will put in this classical zombie game video:

  14. Here Ya go folks! Sorry for the delay.
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