Zombie slaughter rp (title to come later)

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Location: Maine, U.S.A

Date: 2016, six years after the outbreak

The human race was doomed from the beginning,once the initial outbreak hit there was little question of that. The "Walking death" Infection, or TWD as it was being referred to, spread so quickly and thoroughly that over half the population was decimated in just under 3 years. The infection ripped through the population, civilian as well as military, leaving the United states defenses weak and helpless. Some of the survivors banned together, but it seemed like the zombies were somehow attracted to larger groups and soon they out numbered the Humans.


-Types of Zombies-

Type 1, Roamers: These are the slow moving lurkers that seem to be stuck in a constant mindless loop. Often times they can be seen trying to do the simplest of things - and failing terribly. The Roamer type zombies are much more deadly at night. In the cover of darkness they can sneak up on unsuspecting Humans. Although they are slow and dumb they're still deadly.

Type 2, Sprinters: Aggressive and fast as all hell; The sprinter type zombies will work for their meal. If they get you in their sights they will stop at nothing to attack and kill. Unlike their slow cousins they have much better hand eyes coordination.

Type 3, Thinkers: The most vicious of all the undead; The Thinker type zombies have the ability to plan ahead and in some cases even out smart their prey. While they can't talk or drive a car or read, they do possess enough brain function to do more than just chase kill and eat. Sometimes the thinkers can be found making crude weapons or traps.

The RP will start/take place in Maine, on the coast. Think abandoned lobster shacks and Light houses. Zombie slaughter on East Coast U.S.A.!!

*Players should remember that in this world supplies are somewhat limited. Gas, food, guns, cars, ammo, and water are like gold. Shelter - especially during the night - is a must, sleeping in the open is suicide.

This is just a basic outline to a basic RP. It's zombie killin' Time!

Post your interest and if there is enough, we'll start accepting characters. Don't worry about CSs yet, I'll post a skeleton later.