Zombie Roleplay?

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  1. Would anyone be interested in starting a literate Zombie/Post-Apocalyptic roleplay with me? :D
  2. I would.
  3. Sweet! Wanna plot it out or should we just jump into it?
  4. Yay, another person :D
  5. ill be up for it...
  6. Are we doing this as a group RP or..?
  7. ....literate means people who can read. putting it on an internet forum is sort of like asking someone in a swimming pool if they're wet.

    in any case i'm down for zombie mayhem. let me go dust off 'The Corpseman'
  8. Well, I meant literate more as in the ability to reply with something more than a few sentences. I don't know how many RPs I've had ruined in the past because people can't take the time to write at least a paragraph.
  9. Know the feeling. You should be safe from that sort of posting on Iwaku, that being said; my experience of everyone here is that everyone puts a shitload of time and effort into their posts.

    Would totally be up for a zombie RP; it's how I first got into forum RPing. Between all the games I'm involved in, however, I fear I don't have the time to commit to such a game.

    So I'll just lurk at the sides, looking on sadly at all the fun you guys are having running from flesh-eating monsters. D:

  10. Aww, alrighty! Feel free to jump in whenever you want if you happen to clear up your schedule :)
  11. Lots-a people. Any ideas for a plot?
  12. Make it a jump RP and "the last poster to post doesn't die!" >:D And see who survives?
  13. I was thinking we could follow a group of survivors as they trek through zombie-infested America. My main character is a female named Genevieve who wields a machete. I also have a few other characters that'll appear now and then. I had the idea that these few characters could have lived within a small town which has managed to withstand the zombies for awhile but in the recent past, has also become infected. This is where the group could meet up with my characters and then allow them to travel with them as well.

    This is just an idea of course. Anyone feel free to speak up and input your two cents as well. I'd really like for this to be fun :D
  14. I'll be defiantly be interested if you won't mind having me. Think my character would be a sweet, nice girl who turned a 180 in personality since in order to survive, she had to kill her family since they were infected in order to survive. Only she was the lone survivor who wasn't infected. She tries to be optimistic but she can't forgive herself for killing her family and wanting to keep living instead of joining her family. Not much two cents but just some thoughts.
  15. Very nice background :D
    Of course we don't mind, you're free to join!
  16. Thanks :) I look forward to seeing how the story unfolds. Would the government try to save who they can or would they basically lock themselves up inside a nice safe vault where they are pretty much safe for the most part? My inner writer is trying to surface so I apologize in advance if I get too pushy and whatnot.
  17. Well the idea I had was that the government was the reason why the virus escaped into the community. Perhaps they created it to use in biological warfare if ever needed, and it escaped either intentionally or accidentally. After the damage gets worse and they realize they are unable to control the rapid spread of the virus, they withdraw themselves from the problem and, like you said, lock themselves up. Though, I do think it would be interesting if a few scientists went rogue and decided to continue searching for a cure, forming a small organization or so. It would be cool if someone's character was actually one of the scientists.
  18. Hm, that would be interesting. :) Among all the chaos ensuing, there's a group of scientists out there trying to correct their mistake. Also since I am a very apologetic person, sorry if I stepped on your toes by chance.