Zombie Loan

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  1. Both Shito and Chika are seen sitting outside of the dorms as chika close hid eyes thinking of what to do for the day. Shito stands as he walks to the door. " Where you going? " Chika said as he opend his eyes. " Whats it to you? " Shito said as he looked over his shoulder to chika. Chika just gave shito a glare, shito just shrugged and walked inside and up to his room. Chika looked up to the sky as he sighhed. " How much longer do i have till my debt is paid... " He said as he laied back and just relaxed only slightly. Shito sat on his bed as he closed his eyes placeing his hand on his head yawning.
  2. Kita comes out of her dorm room, decends the stairs, and goes outside the back door of her dorm building. She looks up at the sky too and blinks her eyes a couple of times. Then she walks over to a tree that's in the back where she is and sits down, takes out a log book Bekko had given her 3 nights ago, and begins to look through it.
  3. Chika sits up and decides to stand. He sees Kita sitting by a tree so he decides to sneak up on her. He slowly walks up behind her as he looks over her shoulder. " What you got there Kita? " He said as he smiled hopeing he scared her.
  4. Kita "Huh?" She looks up at Chika quickly, him having startled her a little and she says "I..it's a log book. Bekko gave it to me the other day. He told me to look through it this week and study it. W..Why do you ask?"
  5. " Does it have my debt payments in it? " He asked as he got curious.
  6. Kita "Your debt payments? Hm.." She looks back at the book and turns to the page where his name would be. She then hands the book to Chika.
  7. Chika's face just drops at how much he still owes. " How does bekko expect me to come up with that much!!? " He exclaimes as he dropped the book.
  8. Kita blinks and catches the book seconds after when Chika drops it. She then says "Well there are our assignments of course. Though we haven't gotten one in the last two days. But as Bekko said to me the other night when he gave me the log book to look over, there suddenly could be as close to ten back to back cases after a short break such as this. But yeah. And Shito's debt is pretty high too still."
  9. Chika just shook his head. " How bout we go zombie hunting gopher. " He said as he smiled thinking bout the money he would make to pay his debt off with.
  10. Kita nodded shortly and then stood up and placed the log book inside a bag she brought from her room outside with her.
  11. Chika smiled and nodded. " Well shito and me are going off to bekko's you should come too. " He said as he walked to the dorm.
  12. Kita "Okay Chika." She follows him as they go to get Shito from his room.
  13. Shito is allready outside of his room. " You guys ready to go to bekko's? " He asked not really careing if they were or not. " No shit shit-shito " Chika said and luaghed.
  14. Kita slightly rolls her eyes at the way Chika answers Shito and then she says to Shito "Yeah Shito. I'm ready."
  15. Shito nods then starts the way down the stiars and then out the door. Chika followed close behind as he placed his hands behind his back.
  16. Kita follows as well thinking about Bekko while on the way there, him having told her that night that he had been feeling awkwardly concerned for the past week and had been feeling that something wasn't right but he couldn't pinpoint the location of any disturbances near them on his computer.

    Bekko at his office punches the wall hard with his fist feeling frustrated, as it had now been three days sense he got the disturbing feeling that something was wrong, but he still couldn't get any information.
  17. Chika and shito both arrived at Bekko's and opend the door. They both walked up the stairs as they looked in seeing bekko in his frustrated state.
  18. Bekko, having not noticed Chika, Shito, and Kita already entered his room at the Zombie Loan office, punches the wall again 2 more times.
  19. Both chika and shito stare a bekko with a look of like what the fuck is going on, on their faces. " Ahem! " Chika intintionally cleard his throat to get bekko's attention.
  20. Bekko, hearing Chika clear his throat, looks behind him at the three of them and then says "Hey Chika, Shito, and Kita." He then sighs and sits back at his desk.