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  1. Hey i was wanting to do a Zombie loan roleplay. Zombie loan is about a group of people whome have made a contract with a ferryman to stay alive even after death but to stay that way they need to find people that have a black ring around their neck gain money to pay off the debt, the contracted zombies also have the black ring so they could be hunted by others for profit. There are illegal contracted zombies so they would be worth more than regular people with the black ring around their neck. Who is interested in taking part in this roleplay?
  2. I am interested^^
    I loved watching Zombie Loan^^
  3. Allright i will play as Chika Akatsuki. and ill make the rp in the jump in.
  4. Okay cool^^

    I'll be Kita Michiru then and I kind of want to be Bekko who works in the Zombie Loan office sense I like his character too^^lol
    and I might make an OC later on as well. I haven't made an OC for Zombie Loan yet. Or sense I never came up with an anime for my OC characters Yvette and Montgomery, even though I used Montgomery in a lot of RPs in the past I might consider them OCs of mine for Zombie Loan.
    But yeah I might make another OC other than Yvette and Montgomery that I can also use for Zombie Loan as well.

    But yeah to start and troughout the RP I'll RP Kita Michiru and Bekko. And If I use OCs as well, I'll add in the OCs I'm going to use later on.
    And sense you're RPing Chika, who do you want to RP his partner Shito Tachibana?
  5. Sure i will rp as shito.
  6. allright ill make the rp.