Zombie attack how will you live

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  1. hey how would you live in a zombie take over?????
  2. Slow zombies or fast? Plague zombies or cursed?
  3. Ocha is right. We need to know what kind of zombies are there, before there is a viable answer. Though, having lots of food and water would help.
  4. You know we take this shit seriously when we have multiple contingency plans based on the type of zombie that's running amock.
  5. ok there slow and fast zombies and they are plagued you and 4 poeple are stil alive"you pick the poeple you like with you" and you start off in a small town in Utah you got food,map,one hand gun,litter,lock pick and 2bats. food will last you one week and you have 14 bullets plus 7 in the gun.
  6. Stay with the group always and use the gun only in emergencies. I'm not gonna lie when it comes to situations like this, I'm scared to be alone.
  7. most poeple are i would only take one girl with me out of the group and go off with her.
  8. Why? Well I guess the less people the better, especially if the zombies can smell humans. This topic keeps reminding me of Dead Frontier lol